Traveling New Bi-Ways… Ch. 03


Traveling New Bi-Ways With Friends Ch. 03

I awakened during the night. We had all moved into more comfortable positions. Both D and Ken were sleeping soundly. I decided to get out of their bed and return to my mini-suite. Before I fell back to sleep, I lay there wondering what would happen next.

I awakened later than normal. I took my shaving gear with me to the shower by the pool. D and Ken were already swimming laps. I called “Good Morning” to them as I turned on the shower. I planned to swim some laps after cleaning up. When I came out of the shower, Ken was sitting on the edge at the other end of the pool and D was swimming slow laps. I liked watching her nude form move through the water.

She stopped swimming long enough to call, “The water’s great! Come on in.”

“Thanks, D, I think I will.” I slipped into the water and swam down to where Ken was sitting. I stopped and looked up at him, “Morning, Ken. You’re kinda quiet.” He smiled, “I was just thinking about something that is sort of important to me. But we can talk about it later.” The reference to “we” puzzled me. I didn’t say anything else as I resumed swimming.

D and I swam until Ken tossed a small soft ball at D. It hit right in front of her face. It must have startled her because she swallowed some water and started coughing as she stopped swimming. She picked up the ball and threw back it towards Ken. She then splashed water on him. Ken laughed as he slipped into the pool. He tried to dunk D, but she slipped away and swam towards me at the other end of the pool. Ken swam up behind he and grabbed one of her legs. She grabbed one of my arms as Ken tried to pull her under the water. I lost my balance and all three of us went under. All three of us were coughing and laughing at the same time as we tried to regain our footing.

Before Ken could get his balance, D dunked him. As he tried to stand back up, I ducked under water and pushed his feet out from under him again. Then I did the same to D. They both jumped me and shoved me under the water. We were like a bunch of kids playing grab-ass and having a grand water fight. There seemed to be an extraordinary amount of “accidental” touching and groping of various body parts.

The water fight ended with all three of us hanging on the edge of the pool, laughing and gasping for air. We helped each other out of the pool and in drying off. Ken said, “Jeez, I’m pooped, but that’s the most fun I’ve had in awhile.” D replied, “It’s good to be silly once in awhile.” As she said this she popped Ken on the butt with the end of her towel. She dropped the towel and, and with a laugh, took off running across the courtyard. Ken let out a yell and began to chase her. When he caught her he wrapped his arms around her. She was shrieking and he was laughing. He picked her up and carried her back to the pool. He dropped her in the water and jumped in after her. They laughed and shrieked and splashed and wrestled until they ended up in a clinch that became a hug and a kiss. I left them so they could have a private moment.

I went into the kitchen and started some coffee brewing. There was some orange juice left from yesterday morning. I found the eggs and some sausage. D and Ken came in as I was turning the sausages. They were holding hands and looking like a couple of kids who had gotten caught raiding the cookie jar. “How many eggs would you like and how would you like them, fried, scrambled, omelet, raw?” There wasn’t an answer so I said, “Fried, it is.”

D and Ken started bustling around, getting place settings out, pouring juice, making toast, etc. while I fixed the eggs and finished cooking the sausages. Amazingly enough, everything was ready at the same time. We sat down to breakfast at the table in the courtyard. It was pleasant eating breakfast and chatting with best friends. The fact we were nude wasn’t even noticed. We were laughing about the water fight earlier. Ken said, “I haven’t played grab-ass in years.”

“Speaking of grab-ass, Ken, what were you thinking about this morning? You said it was important to you and that you wanted to talk about it later.” Ken paused his eating, “I don’t know if grab-ass is the correct term.” I decided to press ahead. “Is it about your interest in trying anal intercourse.” Ken paused again. He looked at D, “Well, I . . . ” D put her hand on his and said, “Ken, I told him that you were interested, but you didn’t know how to broach the subject.”

Well, I didn’t want to upset or offend anyone and I had hoped it would be rather spontaneous.”

“First, Ken,” I replied, “I’m not offended. When I arrived here Friday evening, I had no idea that I would perform, and enjoy, oral sex on you and that I would participate in group sex, which I also enjoyed, with D and you.”

“Second, I don’t know if spontaneity would lead to a first time. I don’t want to sound cold blooded, but a certain amount of planning is necessary.” Ken said, “Well, D knows of my interest and we’ve included anal play in a lot of our sex, but if you aren’t comfortable Escort or interested . . “

“Ken, I’m not only interested, I’m intrigued.”

“But,” Ken began, “But. . .” D giggled at the unintended pun.

We sat quietly for a few moments. “Ken, would you want me to use a condom?”

“No, that really sounds cold and planned.” D spoke up, “Ken, I would like to be there, but if you want privacy, I understand.” Ken replied, “No, you should be there. And, ah, speaking of planning, what do we have for lubricant?”

The tension was broken and we relaxed. D said there was some massage oil in their bedroom and she also had a tube of lubricating gel. “It sounds as if you’ve done some planning, D,” Ken laughed. It was decided that the lube and oil would be put in the weight room. We all thought the exercise mats or the weight bench would work out best. There was an air of anticipation as we cleaned up the kitchen and the dishes.

We tried to go about some normal activities. I did some more customer service reports, D tried to read her book and Ken got dressed and went out for some wine that was on sale. When Ken returned, we decided we were fooling ourselves and that all of us were eager to proceed.

We went to the weight room. Ken was still dressed so D and I proceeded to strip him. This added activity helped everyone relax. His shoes and socks were first off. D was unbuttoning Ken’s shirt while I was unbuckling his belt. I pulled his pants and skivvies down together. As his semi-erect cock popped out of his underwear, I kneeled in front of Ken. I took his cock into my mouth as I pushed his clothing down to his ankles. I sucked it like it was a straw in my favorite drink. I really liked feeling his cock get hard inside my mouth.

D touched my face. I stopped sucking while Ken lay down on his back. I resumed sucking his cock while D kneeled over his face. Ken put his arms around D’s hips and pulled his face into her cunt. I was running my tongue around the rim of Ken’s cockhead when D grasped the cock. She leaned over, positioned her mouth over the cockhead and proceeded to swallow Ken’s cock. She deep throated the cock in one steady motion. She did this about three times then rolled off Ken. Ken rolled around and positioned himself over D in the 69 position. He resumed sucking D’s clit as she sucked his cock.

I don’t know if Ken intentionally positioned himself on his knees but this was about as spontaneous as the situation would get. I watched them pleasure each other for a bit, then I picked up the lubricating gel and moved around behind Ken. I kneeled on the mat by D’s head. As I was getting ready to lube Ken’s ass, she stopped sucking his cock. She turned her head and smiled and winked at me. She then looked at my cock and opened her mouth. I was able to move around and get lower as she moved so she could suck on my cockhead.

I put some lube on my finger and ran it around Ken’s asshole. I pressed some into his pucker. I lubed the finger again and pushed it in. I sawed my finger in and out then replaced it with two fingers. Ken moved his hips a bit. I then went to three fingers. I was twisting them around in Ken’s asshole. He had stopped eating D’s cunt and D has stopped sucking my cockhead.

I lubed my cock and rose up onto my knees behind Ken. D reached up and grasped my cock as I guided it towards Ken’s virgin ass. I placed my cockhead against his pucker and pushed lightly. Ken pushed back. D moved out from under Ken and was on her knees beside me. I pushed harder. Ken sort of hissed between his teeth as his asshole started to stretch and admit my cock into his ass.

“I’m going to go slow and steady, Ken. Tell me if you want me to stop or pull out.” Ken grunted, “No, I’m o.k. Keep going.” D was rubbing one hand on Ken’s ass as I continued to push. I felt my cockhead move past Ken’s sphincter ring. Ken sighed, “That feels better. Stop a minute. I want to get used to the feeling.” I waited until Ken moved his ass, then I slowly pushed my cock as deep as I could. I stopped. D asked, “How does it feel, Ken? What does it feel like?” Ken replied, “It first felt like I was being split open. It feels better now, sort of a stinging sensation in my asshole, and my gut feels full.”

I asked Ken it he was ready for more. He said, “Yes, I’m ready.” I started to stroke my cock in and out of his ass with a slow steady motion. D asked, “What does it feel like to have your cock up someone’s ass?” I replied, “It’s warm and tight. As tight or tighter than any pussy that I’ve ever been in.”

“Does a man’s ass feel different than a woman’s ass?”

“I don’t know, D. I’ve never had anal sex with a woman. This is a first for me, too.”

Ken asked my to stop and pull my cock out. Ken said, “Lay down on the weight bench so I can straddle you.” I knew that weight bench would become part of the action. I laid down on the bench. Ken straddled my hips. D lubed my cock again, then held it upright while Ken positioned himself. D guided my cock into Ken’s asshole as he slowly Escort bayan sat down on it. He gasped as his ass bottomed on my hips. “Are you o.k.?”

“Yes, it feels so big and it is in so deep.”

Ken lifted his ass a bit. “That feels better. I can control the depth and speed.” Ken started to pump his ass up and down my cock. All of those hours that he had spent developing leg strength were being put to use. D moved around so she was kneeling beside the bench. She rested one hand on my thigh as we watched Ken’s cock bob and wave as he pumped away.

Ken varied the speed and depth of the penetration. When he bottomed, he would groan, “Oh, that feels good.” I reached out to D and put my hand on the back of her neck. I rubbed her neck a moment, then slid my hand down her back to her beautiful ass. I rubbed her ass cheeks, then slid my fingers down her ass crack and between her thighs. She opened her thighs so I could have access to her cunt. I slipped a finger between her cunt lips and moved it back and forth along her damp slit.

I pushed up on D’s ass. She stood up and I asked her to move around so I could eat her cunt. She straddled my head. She was facing Ken, who had stopped to watch us. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her cunt down to my waiting tongue. D bent over from the waist and braced herself by putting her hands on the edges of the bench by my legs.

I was happily licking, kissing and sucking D’s cunt lips and trying to reach her clit, when I heard Ken sigh, then groan, “This too much, it’s too good!” I stopped feasting to see what was going on. D had most of Ken’s cock in her mouth. I reached out with one hand and ran a finger around one of D’s nipples. I gave her nipple a little pinch, then buried my face back in her delicious cunt.

Ken started to pump my cock in and out of his ass again. D held herself steady as he also pumped his cock in and out of her mouth. On the up stroke, he was fucking her face and on the down stroke he was fucking his ass. D’s cunt got juicier and tastier.

Ken stopped again. “My legs are like rubber. I’ve got to stand up.” As Ken stood, his ass slid up my cock. There was a soft pop as my cock dropped out of his asshole. And as he stood, D kept his cock in her mouth as she rose from the waist. This action pushed her cunt down and back on my face. I was able to bump her clit with my nose. Ken pulled his cock out of D’s mouth and started to walk around the room.

D stood and removed her cunt from my face. I turned sideways and sat up on the bench. D sat beside me. I spread my legs and looked down at my still hard cock. Ken’s cock was bobbing in front of him as he walked about. I reached out and grasped his cock. “Come here, I need a meat snack.” As Ken stepped closer, I guided his cock into my mouth. I bobbed my head, enjoying the feel of the cock shaft as it slipped in and out of my lips.

I took Ken’s cock out of my mouth and offered it to D. She took it and started licking it from Ken’s balls to the tip. I looked up at Ken. He was smiling as he watched us service his cock. His chest was wet and shiny from sweat. I returned to his cock. I tried to suck one of his nuts into my mouth, but his sack was too tight. So I joined D in licking him from balls to tip and back.

D stopped licking and commented, “All this effort and no one is even close to cumming.”

“Yeah, I want to feel cum shooting into my ass.” D was idly running her fingers over her cunt. “I want to feel cum shooting in my pussy. Let’s make a sandwich.”

“That works for me,” I replied, “I just want to shoot cum.”

D looked at the bench. “That’s too low. We can adjust the massage table.” After the table was adjusted, D lay down on it with her hips at the edge. She spread her legs, then she placed her hands on either side of her cunt and spread her lips. I would have liked to have been able to continue eating her out, but D had other ideas. She looked at Ken. “You’re the sandwich filling, but fill my pussy with your cock.”

I dropped to my knees and, once more, sucked Ken’s cock. I ran the tip of my tongue around the rim of his cockhead and tickled the V on the underside. Then I applied some hard suction. I felt Ken’s cock stiffen a little. I removed my mouth and watched as he guided his cock into D’s cunt. I watched them fuck. D was holding and squeezing her breasts. I felt my cock stiffen.

I stepped behind Ken. I applied some more lube to my cock. He stopped fucking D until I could get my cock lodged deep in his ass again. It took several starts and restarts before we got our motion coordinated. Ken would bottom in D’s cunt at the same time I bottomed in his ass.

We slowly picked up the pace. D was beginning to ‘mew”. Ken was grunting and panting. I was grunting and panting. The smack of pelvis against pelvis and pelvis against ass set the beat. The smell of sex and sweat filled the air.

D was now rapidly fingering her clit. Her “mewing” was getting louder and she was twisting and thrusting her pelvis. Ken’s motion was Bayan Escort changing into short rapid strokes. The short strokes and rapid movement of Ken’s ass caused my cock to stiffen. I could feel my balls tighten as my cum started to boil out.

I braced and balanced myself against Ken’s back, stood up on my toes to drive my cock as deep as possible into his ass, groaned, “Arrgh!” and started shooting wads of cum deep into Ken’s ass. My action shoved Ken’s cock deep into D’s cunt. D started a loud orgasm and Ken yelled, “I’m cumming!” Ken was clinching his butt muscles as he blasted his cum into D’s pussy. His ass tightened around my still pulsing and twitching cock.

I leaned forward against Ken’s back and he leaned on D’s belly. I don’t know how long we were like that but finally we began to move and separate. I pulled my now softening cock from Ken’s ass. Ken straightened up and his cock slipped out of D’s pussy.

I looked down. My stomach and pelvis were shiny with sweat and lube. My pubic hair was matted with lube. My cock was coated with lube and cum and a string of cum was hanging off my cockhead. Ken’s back and chest were shiny with sweat. His ass was covered with lube and my cum was starting to trickle out of his asshole and run down his thighs. His pubic hair was matted with pussy juices and cum and his cum coated cock was still semi-hard. D’s nipples were hard and standing up. Her whole torso, from hips to shoulders, had a pink flush. Her legs were akimbo. Her blonde pussy hair held flecks of cum. Her lips were bright pink and puffy. Ken must have blown a load of cum large enough to completely fill D’s love tunnel. Cum was leaking out.

D was still lying on her back. She was twisting one of her nipples, To no one in particular she said, “Wow! Now that was a memorable fuck!” Ken piped up, “A memorable double fuck.” I replied, “A memorable ass fuck.”

We eventually helped each other clean up in the shower. We didn’t talk much. There was a lot of sighing and smiling, very little body part fondling, and no grab-ass.

We just took it easy until dinner time. The weekend was ending just about like it began. We sat around, chatting and drinking a couple of brews. Ken grilled some steaks, I cut up potatoes for french fries and D put together a green salad. We opened one of the bottles of wine that Ken had purchased that afternoon.

I raised my glass in a toast. “Good friends, good wine and good food.” D added, “Good sex and good times.” Ken said, “amen.”

“Speaking of sex, Ken, “how does your butt feel.”

“It’s a little sore and tender. But it is worth it.”

“How is that,” asked D. “I’ve never felt sensations like those I felt today. It hurt at first, but when I could control the speed and depth, it felt really good. I almost blew my load when you started giving me head when we were all on the bench.”

“My pleasure,” D smiled. “Then your sandwich idea was fantastic.”

“Would you do it again?” D asked. “I’d like to try it again some time, especially now that I know what I can expect to feel.”

“Do you think I would enjoy it?” This from D. “I think you would.”

The conversation drifted to other topics. “Let’s take this to the spa.” The three of us got up, gathered the glasses and the wine and headed for the Jacuzzi. No one worried about terry wrap arounds.

We sat in the warm water, sipped wine and chatted some more. Finally, I asked D to sit up on the edge of the Jacuzzi. She moved up on the edge and I moved between her legs. “It’s time for dessert.” I filled my mouth with chilled wine, spread the lips of her pussy and placed my lips over her clit. D went “ahhh” as the chilled wine touched her clit. I gave her long licks and sucked on her clit. Ken said, “My turn.” He moved into position and proceeded to bathe D’s pussy in wine, kisses, and nips and nibbles. We took turns savoring D’s pussy.

I told Ken to sit beside D. I moved between his legs, filled my mouth with chilled wine and slurped his cock into my mouth. I continued to suck as his cock grew. I ran my tongue tip around the rim of the cockhead and concentrated on tickling the sensitive V. Ken’s ball sack was relaxed enough that I was able to suck both of his nuts into my mouth at the same time. I very tenderly rolled them around with my tongue.

D had slipped into the water beside me. She was licking Ken’s cock shaft. I watched her lick and suck on the cockhead before she slid her lips down to the base of his cock. Her nose was buried in Ken’s pubic hair and her chin was almost touching his balls. When she came up for air, I said, “You’ll have to teach me how to do that.” She gave me a little smile, licked her lips and deep throated Ken’s cock again.

She patted my butt and said, “Your turn. Sit up there.” I sat beside Ken. D grasped my cock and began licking me from balls to tip. She gave the V a lot of attention. She placed her mouth over my cockhead and slowly pushed her mouth down my cock. She stopped and moved her tongue across the bottom of my cock shaft. Then she pushed her lips down to the base. She then clamped her lips tight and slowly pulled her lips back up my cock. When she reached the cockhead, she took my cock out of her mouth. “How was that?” All I could say was, “Jeez, D!”

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