Treality Stories Vol. 02 Pt. 06


Our adventures in love — Your cock is much too big so says Zoe with the silky 38Ds

At her instigation during a Roadtrip to ADL in Treality Stories Vol. 01 Pt 8, Sparkling Red and I have been talking about our past Top 10 lovers which is just so liberating and quite fun for us both as it turns out. We both come up with some fundamentally different insights which often causes us both to pause and great ‘light bulb’ moments or breaking into giggles. For sure it’s just our perspectives about events that may have involved alcohol — but some of Sparkling Reds insights are quite game changing for how I viewed my own previous adventures seeking love! Hearing of her adventures, particularly the one about her Number 3 – John with the Schlong, did cause some jealousy which quickly disappeared as most of those were as she says were ‘a lifetime ago’ and seem a lot better now than the reailty of the day.

After conniptions breaking up with Mia in Sept, my online dating service recommended “Silky Leaves” may be well matched. She is a naturalised Chinese lady in her late 40s.

She is amenable to a date lunch on the Foreshore nearby. She parks behind the Tower and we walk down together. She turns out to have a Masters from Uni SA where my Masters is from and she is obviously highly intelligent and her accent is not too bad at all. In fact she is quite Ozzified and great fun over a vino. We walk back a couple of hours later but she begs off coming upstairs to see the view saying she need to pack as she heads back to see her parents for 6 weeks. I assume this a brushoff and never expect to hear from her again.

I am surprised to hear back from her when she lands in Sydney and did I want dinner at her place that night: a Sunday … Dinner turns out to be great chinese meal of duck. She has a huge german shepherd that lives inside. He seems to like me though. I ask her out again and she says yes to another Foreshore.

Dinner is great and she wants to see the view … Dancing is good fun and a good time is had by all. She invites me to dinner again. A habit is forming here and she’s never asked about work and she’s an EL1 with another Department. Dinner is great again and she wants to see if I’m any good massaging so she takes me up to her formal lounge and she pulls off her top saying at this rate I wasn’t going to! I am surprised to find two superb 38D breasts which were actually not just a surprise but a complete surprise in a beautiful lacy bra. Massage starts and she has simply the mostsilky skin I’ve ever, ever experienced. I am thoroughly enjoying the feel of her skin when she arches up unclips her bra and rolls over saying “Since you’re not doing it …”

Wow, these are full and firm 38Ds aching to be massaged given the state of her dark brown nipples. She can feel how impressed I am and asks if we can this somewhere more comfortable. She has a fantastic waterbed and a body that is also a complete surprise. Things are going really well and she has protection so its game on. The only disconcerting part of the foreplay was the german shepherd walking in and out and at one stage even licking my feet. Gross, so he gets locked out!

Then a small problem arises, despite lots of massaging and great foreplay Zoe has considerable trepidation over the size of my cock!

I am significantly bigger than her ex chinese husband and bigger than anyone else even Aussies she’s had sex with!

She comes out with “your cock is much too big” but is keen to try him though as she loves kissing and licking him.

However, she is right — my Ole Fella can only slip his head in and absolutely no further! She is so apologetic and is clearly embarrassed about her issue… She believes it is vaginismus and so I research it. We try everything with positive but non-penetrative results and she is very encouraged and so invites me for a romantic weekend in Woollongong after her week working there. Sadly another whole life changing saga starts the day prior and the other nightmare starts. First problem is my phone is taken off me and it’s the only place I have her number as it turns out. After questioning, I am allowed to log on and turn on OoO and I email her saying I can’t make it.

I doubt I will her from her again after that saga and I haven’t. She didn’t make the Top 10 btw!

Sparking Red being a lady of many words says:

Yes I like your Zoe story.

She is right your cock is much too big – but it’s just perfect for me. Mojo is so beautiful.

Oh the joy of dating in the nation’s capital!

Sparkling Red, I thought you might like to hear my story of the treality in trying to find love in CBR as per our AO Date Night vidcon! I have already told you the story about meeting ‘Mia’ via Military Brotherhood Bike Riders Association. I only went on one ride with them before the Chapter folded, sigh. Without that though I wonder if I would have got to meet her! She certainly got me out of my shell — very much like your Number 2 and you I agree.

I am far too shy to be able to pickup women in a bar and ataşehir escort that did not work at all after hanging out in what I thought were great venues! Even with Don the Flying Dutchman as wingman that did not change! Thankfully the online site that suggested you had also yielded Rosemary, Zoe, Kerri, Fifi and even Mia says her too! None of the others yielded anything other than fraudulent credit card charges!

So no joy on finding women in CBR bars, so what were my dates like?

You said you had several flops but mine were quite odd given the nature of the female predators in our fair nation’s capital! None of these warrant a story of themselves but collectively they might yield insight or at least give you a laugh and a CCG knowing they ring true about moi at least!

With the posting to CBR in early 2012, the Ex had not wanted to go with me given it was for only 12 months. But it was way deeper than that. Her words and actions were becoming worse again towards me in public and in private. She says now I didn’t even ask her to come! Of course she was supposed to come. Great opportunity to network as a team and be the power couple! But no, I went to CBR unhappy and open to finding love! That openness came crashing down in the face of 12 hour work days juggling fast paced operations across the globe for getting on top of deploying overseas and doing study too!


There were no women of note until my property manager K took to dropping in Sunday afternoons to watch a sunset and share red bubbly and a dip on the balcony when I’d get back from Mums or bike rides around the lake… She was 10 years or so older and did the platinum blonde act down to a tee. Her main motivation I think was access to intell on people movements for work rather than romance at all. Certainly there was no sex but she was so much better than drinking alone! She hooked up with a wealthy pastoralist Peter via work after his wife died and I presume they’re still together.


She was the most bizarre date for drinks on the Foreshore so far! It started well despite her being obviously older than her online profile age and photos.

I am happy as she is far better looking in person! She seems happy with me not being a nutter too. A lovely glass of rose and great conversation is happening.

She was from the UK still with an accent even after 20 years! We’re finishing our first drink that she bought when she asks what rank in the Public Service was I. I let her know I was a Doctor but not in APS but military still after being in the APS over a decade ago.

I don’t think anything of it and go to get another glass of rose. By the time I get back she’s now preoccupied with her phone and dismissively tells me that she is a two star in the health department and she thought I wasn’t a real Dr and just a “soldier boy”. The date went downhill rapidly!

Her last comment on heading off was “even a free drink wasn’t worth her time”! Then a tirade was unleashed on me online and I blocked her sanctimonious Public Service ass. The Rose was nice and on the walk back to Jardine St, Fifi rings as we know for just one bizarre night!

The best part of that date was a call from Fifi wanting to know if I was free as she needed to be f¥€ked! I was so put out with NotPat I said yes despite her having no tits, horrible blowjobs with teeth and a sloppy pussy! I never did that again!


Real name escapes me now. She was middle level executive with Coles who rolled out the latest tech and sales innovations from US in Oz. By the time we’d setup a date for drinks, she’d been moved to Melbourne and we did the date on a trip back to Canberra! A lovely lady who made jeans and white t shirt look great. Fit, smart and a Harley 500 rider I think she would have been fun to get to know! Geographic impossibility though. I caught up with her during MotoGP and she looked great on her bike but less so with boyfriend!!

Kerri and Rosemary you have separate story about. Both were lovely ladies but not with the spark we got on our first meeting! Both were beautiful but one went to Brisbane and the other wanted to move to the central coast. Geographic impossibilities too.


Don the Flying Dutchman’s running partner was a stunning looking Army Major and perpetually on the hunt for fresh meat! She was the one who thought Baldwin’s Apple Pie bourbon was “better than sex in the mouth”! She would come to Dons Friday night drinks at the Public in Manuka …

She’d just got back from cruising with her family and at about 2100 says I need a f¥€k and so Don and I even helped her pick one on Tinder… 10 mins later our choice shows up and they leave 5 mins after that with her smiling Thank You at us both! The following week, she tells Don and I all about how it went with far too much detail!

She then pointedly looks at Don and I and says “So I’m going to f¥€k one or both of you tonight, who’s in!” Thankfully I have a beautiful lady coming for another AO Weekend and I decline her ataşehir escort romantic offer. I still think she wants to f¥€k me though!

I think she’d kill me, so I’m not going anywhere near her, trust me …

Nutter Alert.

The only date I had that I felt afraid of was this one. Profile photo good, words all good. In fact she was seriously overweight, obviously 15-20 years older, her son was in remand after being stabbed. Her other son was midway in doing 15-20 for armed robbery and assaulting police. She happily chatted away and thought our cuppa was great and asked when could we meet again! No way!


Of all the dates in CBR, she was the most normal and most promising.

She did ‘operations instructor training’ with the federal police. Hmmm that’s different …She was fit, smart and a great dancer. The weekend before we met for the first time, we met up for a cuppa at Mollys in the City which turned into a session of lots of bourbons before heading to Papparichs for Malaysian and dancing at King O’Malleys.

5’9″ with blonde hair in black leather trench coat, she cut a fine figure and she could dance and kiss. Its now 0300ish and we’ve had a great first date. I ask if she wants to Uber back to my place and I can drop her in Gungahlin tomorrow. She begs off as she needs to have an 0700 start on the Range Complex at Majura.

I laugh and say I was going to be out that way at 0800 anyway, I was happy to take her there too. She laughs but heads back to her place alone.

I text her asking whether she’s free the next weekend — which was when I came down your way, yay. Nothing back for several days!

Finally I get a text saying she enjoyed the night, but not the hangover and didn’t think there was a spark! I had and I know she had too. So while doing the training with a hangover would have been bad I reckon she did a profile check at work and perhaps something must have come up! I didn’t know I was that interesting!


In any case, I found the perfect smile that weekend with a lady calling herself Mimbabe and my life changed forever …

The end of the affair latino style

After all the above being discussed, Mimbabe asks me about how the affair with Mia ended as my story in Vol. 02 Pt 02 was pretty brief? I was happy to but then found a great original story by Bedtime Storyteller which seemed to have been written about Mia and I! Quite freaky! So here’s a far more interesting version by Bedtime Storyteller to see what Sparkling Red thinks.

This story is about one of the hardest decisions in my personal life I have had to make. I had found that loving a latino woman involved lots of passion and drama at a number of levels. She was and is a beautiful woman who had just turned 50 — like the Australian currency that year! That made it easy to pick a suitable birthday present but she was very uncomfortable about my wife and I separating. She had called our relationship off twice and at the time the Ex found her texting in Dec 2016 we had only just hooked up again to see if there was still a fire there. Obviously there was but I couldn’t get her to stop texting me every 10 minutes while I was in Adelaide and then when we had gone to visit my daughter in Perth. To this day I have no idea how she got access to my phone but she did and the whole affair was out in the open. It did not go well!

With the boot on the other foot the tirade was immense to say the least. The Ex keeps it from Sarah although things are strained with me sleeping on the living room couch. On return to Adelaide we ring the families and I confess to the affair, while The Ex contrary to my desires and explicit direction not to confesses to her affair of 30 years before almost to the day! It was all most bizarre. The Ex seems mollified but wants to know when will I make a decision as to Mia or her. She is willing for me to stay if I choose her! I had not expected that reaction given the earlier tirades! In quite bizarre negotiations it is decided that I will decide by the Australia Day weekend after I meet with Mia .

‘Do I look like a woman who would cheat on another woman’s husband?’ Mia asked the reflection staring back at her.

She sighed and flipped up the visor, knowing the answers to her questions already. Of course she was. She was sitting in the parking lot of her lovers apartment block and he was in the Penthouse, waiting for her. She also knew this was going to be one of the most difficult days she’d have to get through in a long time.

Waiting for her was a man she had loved and wanted for six months, a man who freely admitted how wonderful they were together, a man who was married but no longer in love with his wife. Jardine Man was everything she had ever wanted in a man, and today they would discuss whether they’d see each other anymore. Well, after they had incredible, memorable sex. No sense in wasting the opportunity, particularly when she was pretty sure he was probably planning to call it quits today, too. He is my Super Macho Hombre! anadolu yakası escort A military man that one can look up to, involved with buying the latest high tech equipment with the Americans on the fast jets. I don’t really understand it at all but he does an awful lot of travel to Brisbane, Newcastle, Melbourne, Singapore for a conference and twice to California. He must be good at it.

She had spent the last fortnight since his wife had discovered my texts on his phone wondering what possessed her to keep seeing him. What made him answer her calls and agree to meet him when he could get away? What made her come up with increasingly creative alibis and excuses so she could spend a few stolen moments with this man? What power did he have over her that she found so hard to overcome?

She sighed again. It was the sex. And then there was the knowledge that he still found her so hard to resist, even after all this time. It was a power thing for her as much as it probably was for him.

She took one more drink of water and popped a breath mint, chewing it quickly and breathing in the warm January air to intensify the mint flavour. The mint might also help settle the butterflies in her stomach. Maybe. More than likely, it would take a few of his kisses. She checked her make up. Oh well, not much she could do about it now, Mia thought, as she quickly brushed her blonde hair. She looked good when she left the house this afternoon.

She got out of the car and shut the door, straightening her sweater and tugging on her jeans, wondering what had possessed her to wear her black boots today. Her feet were killing her, thanks to the two-inch heels which made driving difficult. But they made her feel sexy, and she felt like she deserved to at least try to look sexy today, all things considered. The sweater helped. It hugged her curves and accentuated her full bust, which she considered to be one of her best features. As she walked toward the Carrington’s lobby door, she patted the front pocket of her jeans, confirming that her pocket vibe was still there, just in case she decided she needed it.

Fortunately, the lobby was deserted and she quickly found the elevator and took it to the top floor. His room was on the hard right, and true to his word, he had left the door ajar. She hoped he might still be in the shower, because it would buy her a few extra minutes to mentally prepare herself before she saw him.

She tapped the door a few times as she pushed it open, and came face to face with him, his blonde hair still wet from the shower, wearing only tracksuit pants. His skin glistened, still somewhat damp. The bathroom door was open behind him, the bathroom filled with steam. She opened her mouth to say hello in response to his smile, but he kissed her before she had a chance, and the ‘hi’ melted into a moan as his tongue slid across her lip. A tingle spread from her stomach to her groin, accompanied by a rush of heat.

Jardine Man pulled her into the room and the door closed behind her with a click, his mouth busy on hers as his hands explored her curves. Mia lost herself in the kiss, her mind already thinking about how his mouth would feel on other parts of her body. At some point, she dropped her purse, unable to hold on to it any longer as her hands began to roam his body, reacquainting her with his flesh.

When they finally came up for air, she was standing next to the coffee table in the sitting area that looked out over an awesome view of Lake Burley Griffin. She slipped out of her boots and socks as Jardine Man stripped off his pants and sat down on the king size bed, noting that he had already pulled back the blankets before she arrived. He was lying down looking at Parliament House through his window when she reached the bed.

‘Take your clothes off,’ he said, always the direct one — which was why she loved him in the first place as her Super Macho Hombre.

She unfastened her jeans and wriggled out of them, kicking them aside, but leaving her panties on. She pulled her sweater over her head and tossed it on top of her jeans, aware he was watching her every move.

‘Now your panties and bra.’

She unhooked her bra and tossed it aside with her jeans and sweater, freeing her B-cup breasts from their underwire prison, then slipped her panties off her hips and let them drop to the floor.

‘Come here.’

Mia stepped out of her panties, walked over to the bed and stretched out beside him, anticipating the lovemaking that would soon follow. As much as she hated to admit it, she would do anything to make love with this man. He was incredible in bed, and she couldn’t deny him, especially today, most likely their last time together.

He lay there with his hands behind his head, watching the view and the corellas soar. It was Mia ‘s job to arouse him, and she enjoyed being able to take her time for a change. She lay beside him, propped up on one elbow, and traced patterns along his skin with the fingers on her other hand. On each trip around his body, she lingered in different areas, first his neck, then his nipples, his stomach, his thighs, carefully avoiding his ever-erect penis. After a few rounds, she began to use her whole hand, increasing the pressure on his skin somewhat. His breathing changed, and she knew her efforts were working.

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