Trials Ch. 02: Round One


Becky and Kelly drove together to a local bar where they knew some hot guys would be. Kelly was hoping to find a guy she knew and had hooked up with once before, but Becky was looking for any guy that caught her eye. The whole car ride all either of them could talk about was Justin and his pills. They still couldn’t believe how well they seemed to work. Becky was in the passenger seat, and she couldn’t keep her hands off her giant tits. They pulled up to the bar, and walked in knowing they were going to do well. Kelly saw her guy sitting at the bar as soon as they walked in, and went over to him.

“Hey Trevor,” Kelly said as she walked up behind him. Trevor turned around to see who had spoken, and his eyes went wide as he saw Kelly. She smiled to herself as she watched his eyes fall to her tits, and hover there for a moment.

“Uh, hey Kelly,” Trevor said, bringing his eyes back up to her face, “you’re looking great.”

“Thanks,” Kelly smiled at him, “so are you. What are you up to tonight?”

“Just hanging out,” Trevor said, “what about you?” He couldn’t seem to help himself from glancing down at her tits every few seconds.

“I’m just stopping in for a quick drink,” she said. “Maybe afterward we could go hang out, I think we would have a lot of fun.”

“Ya, sure,” Trevor nodded eagerly. He had slept with Kelly once already, and knew how good she was in bed, but there was something different about her tonight, something in the chest region. Meanwhile Becky was chatting up a guy named Daniel that she knew from a class last year. He also seemed to be noticing her tits quite a lot. Becky had several drinks, and then left with Daniel, but not before Kelly had left with Trevor. Kelly turned to Trevor as soon as they were in her car.

“Here,” she said, handing him the big dick pill, “take this.”

“What is it?” Trevor asked hesitantly.

“It’s like a Viagra, but better,” Kelly said.

“Uh, I don’t need Viagra,” Trevor laughed.

“Just take it, trust me,” Kelly said, “you’ll thank me when we’re done, I promise.”

“Babe, I could stay hard for you for hours,” Trevor said, “especially with how good you’re looking tonight.”

“Do you see how big my tits are right now?” Kelly asked, and cupped them in her hands. Trevor just nodded dumbly, staring down at them. “Well, that’s from a pill, and this pill is going to make your dick bigger, but just for tonight. Now take it.” Trevor looked at her with wide eyes, and then shrugged and took the pill. Kelly popped the orgasm pill in her mouth, and drove them back to the sorority house. When they got there, she found that everyone else was gone, and took Trevor to her room. By the time they got there, she was already feeling an intense tingling between her legs. She quickly undressed, and Trevor did the same. Kelly pushed him onto her bed, and pulled his pants down.

“Whoa,” Trevor said when he saw his own dick, “what was in that pill?”

“I told you you’d like it,” Kelly smiled, and then took his cock in her mouth. The last time she had hooked up with him his dick had been about seven inches, now it felt like eight at least, maybe even a little more. She blew him for a few minutes, and then climbed on top of him. His dick felt amazing inside her, and she began to ride him. She could feel her giant tits bouncing around, and thought it felt awesome.

She came faster and harder than she ever had before. It felt amazing. They fucked for nearly an hour, switching positions, and both cumming multiple times. Kelly was thoroughly impressed with Trevor’s stamina, not having given him any pill but the big dick one. By the time they were done it was the best sex Kelly had ever had.

At the same time, Becky had gone to Daniel’s dorm room. She had snuck him the pill back at the bar, as well as taken her own. She was feeling horny as hell, and wanted to get to sucking his dick. She tore her top off, loving the way her tits jiggled, and got down in front of him. She tore his pants off, and his hard dick sprang up. It was about six inches, which was good enough for her. She leaned in, and started going to town on him. She was much more into it than she normally would be, and she knew the pill was working on her. Now she wanted to see if it had worked on him too. She realized she didn’t know what his usual cumshot was like, so she would have nothing to compare to.

“Hey,” she said mid blowjob, “how big is your load usually?”

“Uh, pretty big,” Daniel said, “but nothing you can’t handle.”

“So, like, one shot, or a bunch, or dribbles?” Becky pushed.

“Uh, usually like one shot and then dribbles, I guess,” Daniel said. Becky nodded, and then went back to work. She worked his cock like a pro, and soon enough he was squirming about.

“Oh shit,” he moaned, “I think this is going to be a big one, oh man, holy shit.” He let out a loud groan, and started firing thick ropes of cum into Becky’s mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could, trying not to lose any. She counted four solid ropes before he was done. She kept blowing him well after he had finished cumming. He seemed seks hikayeleri confused, but he was still hard, and Becky just kept going.


Justin walked in the following morning and found the girls all chatting excitedly. He had spent the night with Cassie, but he was eager to get his first round of results. The girls did all look like they had enjoyed their evenings, so Justin guessed his pills had worked as he had designed them to. But he still needed actual data to back it up. The girls all stopped talking as Justin walked in, and turned to him. All of them were looking at him in a very different way than they had the day before.

“Uh, so how did it go?” Justin asked, unsure of how to ask them about their sexcapades last night.

“Amazing,” Kelly said with a big grin. “The big dick pill and orgasm pill both definitely work.”

“The big load pill works,” Becky added, “so does the horny pill.”

“I think the horny pill works too well,” Liz said, more to the other girls than to Justin. “I fucked Jason three times last night, and I was still horny as hell.”

“How did he like that?” Becky laughed.

“I think he was done after the second time,” Liz said. “But I made him stay hard.”

“You made him,” Lindsey laughed.

“Ya,” Liz nodded, “I blew him until he got it up again, and then fucked his brains out some more. And I could totally tell he was struggling the third time. When he came it was like a little tear drop.” The girls all laughed at that, but Justin just rubbed his neck uncomfortably. He had never heard his hot older sister talk about fucking in front of him before.

“You should try the big load pill,” Becky suggested. “I made Daniel cum twice, and both were big. He said he usually cums a normal amount, and both loads were a lot.”

“Can we take more than one pill at the same time?” Kelly asked, looking interested.

“I think so,” Justin nodded, glad to move on from his sister fucking a guy three times in a row. “But we have to run the initial trials first. Once I know they’re definitely safe by themselves, then we’ll start mixing and matching. In the end I hope to make one pill that does it all.”

“That sounds awesome,” Kelly sighed, staring off into the distance with a dazed lustful expression.

“What about you,” Cassie asked Justin. “Since you’ve been taking the long term pills, what would happen if you take the one time pills?”

“Well, theoretically it should work the same way,” Justin said in his usual clinical manner of speaking. “So, my already enhanced dick would be even more enhanced, and so on. But I haven’t tried it yet. I will eventually though.”

“I say we try it right now,” Kelly said with a big naughty grin. “Let’s give you the big dick pill, the big load pill, the endurance pill, and see if you can handle all five of us.”

“Uh, hold on,” Liz said, looking alarmed. “I don’t think I want to be part of that trial.”

“Oh, right, four of us then,” Kelly added with a wave of her hand. “And Liz can watch and take notes.”

“I think that sounds like a lot of fun,” Cassie said, “I’m in.”

“Me too,” Lindsey added, “I’ve been wanting to see Justin’s huge cock. I want to take a horny pill too though.”

“Hold on,” Justin interrupted, knowing they were going much too fast. He was confident in all his work, but he was also smart enough to know not to rush the trials. Now that he had his participants, there was no need to move things faster than might be safe. “As much fun as that all sounds, we need to run more trials first.” He could see the disappointment in their eyes, and felt bad. “But, I guess we can start by trying one of the pills on me,” he added, unable to resist the offer. “Uh, which one should I take?”

“The big dick one,” Kelly said.

“The big load one,” Becky said at the same time. They looked at each other, and then both burst out laughing.

“I think we should give him the endurance pill,” Lindsey said. “I mean, if we’re all going to be joining in that is.”

“I’m not,” Liz said, still looking weirded out by the idea of watching her little brother fuck her friends.

“Ya, ya, we know,” Kelly rolled her eyes, “you’ll be watching and taking notes.”

“I never agreed to that you know,” Liz pointed out.

“Well, everyone else is going to be getting it on,” Kelly said. “So if you’re not going to participate, the least you can do is monitor, and take notes. I mean, Justin does still need to track everything. This isn’t just fun and games after all.”

“She’s right,” Justin said, not meeting his sister’s eye. “Someone really should take notes.”

“And the rest of us are going to be having wild sex,” Lindsey laughed. “So we really need you to watch Liz.”

“Fine,” Liz sighed, looking defeated, but also pretty excited.

“Good,” Kelly nodded. “Now get those horny pills out. I haven’t had sex with a girl in a while.”

“I never have,” Cassie said, looking a little embarrassed.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fun,” Kelly said, and gently caressed Cassie’s cheek, making her sex hikayeleri blush. “I promise,” she added, in a voice that was almost a purr.

“Uh, ok,” Justin said, still totally surprised at the turn things had taken. “I’ll take the endurance pill, and, here, who wants horny pills?” All the girls quickly took the pills from Justin, including Liz, which surprised him even more. “Ok then, uh, I guess we can start then. How, uh, I mean where,” Justin was looking around nervously at the hot girls around him. They were looking at him in a way that was making his brain not seem to work right.

“We can go to my room,” Kelly said, standing up. “I have a king sized bed, and I even have a comfy chair in the corner for Liz.”

“Gee thanks,” Liz said sarcastically.

“Ok, lets go do it then,” Lindsey said. “I’m already starting to feel pretty horny.”

“Me too,” Becky nodded. “But I did take one earlier.”

“Oh shit,” Justin said, realizing she had taken the same pill twice. “Oh well, just try to monitor how horny you’re feeling I guess.” Becky nodded.

“Come on then, lets get this party started,” Kelly said, and walked out of the room. Everyone followed her up the stairs. They passed two other very hot girls coming down the stairs, and they both looked at Justin with puzzled expressions. They continued up to Kelly’s room, and then they all went in. Lindsey, Cassie and Becky all jumped on the big bed, and then Kelly laid down and looked at Justin. Justin looked over at Liz, who turned away from him, blushing slightly. He turned back to the girls on the bed, and his eyes went wide as he watched them begin to undress.

Shirts and pants began flying around the room. Justin watched as one huge pair of tits after the other came out. Everyone’s big tit pills were clearly still working. Then went the panties. Justin looked at all of their pussies, not quite believing he was actually here. He had hoped to get girls to help him with his trials. He had even hoped he might get to sleep with one or two of them. Now he was staring at a bed with four extremely hot naked girls, all waiting for him to fuck them. And to top it all off his sister was going to watch.

“Well, are you just going to stare at us all night or are you going to fuck us?” Kelly said. Justin quickly pulled his shirt off, and then began unbuckling his belt.

“Wait,” Becky said, and he stopped. “Why don’t you let us help you with that part.” He walked over to the bed, and then six hands were moving across his body. Lindsey and Becky began taking his pants off. Kelly got up behind him, rubbing her hands on his shoulders, and he felt her big tits press into his back. They undid his pants, and then pulled them off. Justin was already hard in anticipation, and everyone stared down at his cock as it came out.

“Wow,” Lindsey said, staring wide eyed at it.

“Holy shit,” Becky laughed. “that’s way bigger than I expected.”

“Nice,” Kelly said sexily.

“I told you,” Cassie added from behind the others. Justin glanced over at Liz, and saw her sitting in the chair, and staring with wide eyed at his cock. She had already seen it once, but she looked just as impressed this time. Lindsey and Becky both placed their hands on it, and began jerking him off. Then Becky leaned in and took it in her mouth. She took more than half of it, and then let out a cough around his dick, and stayed there. She tried to push further, and then came off coughing.

“Fuck, I can’t even deep throat the whole thing,” Becky said, looking surprised and a bit annoyed.

“I doubt anyone could,” Lindsey said, and then leaned forward and took the first three inches in. She tried for a while, and then came off and Becky went back in. Becky was able to take much more than Lindsey, and Cassie earlier, but still not the whole thing. Kelly moved down beside them, and then she took her turn. She took about half, but it felt better than the others. She was doing something with her tongue that felt incredible.

“What about you Cassie?” Lindsey asked. Cassie was sitting behind them, fingering herself as she watched them.

“I tried,” Cassie said, “I took it about as far as you.”

“Liz, didn’t you say you deepthroated Marcus Peterson last year,” Becky asked Liz. “He’s about this big right?”

“Uh, a little bit smaller actually,” Liz said, eyeing Justin’s cock with an expression he had never seen on her face before. “but ya, I did.” Justin couldn’t help but imagine his hot sister sucking his cock. The idea that she might be able to take it further than the other girls just made it hotter. He glanced over at her, saw nothing but huge soft tits and nice plump lips, and quickly looked away.

“Well, are you going to give this one a try?” Becky asked her. “Someone has to be able to take this thing all the way.”

“No,” Liz said, sounding more offended than she looked. “I’m not going to suck my brother’s cock.” The way she was staring at it suggested she might be less opposed than she was letting on.

“Your loss,” Kelly said, laying back on the bed and spreading her legs for Justin. “I guess you’ll just have to be the scribe then. Are you ready for me big boy?” She looked up at Justin with a sexy look. He got on the bed, and moved up to her. Lindsey and Becky both helped guide his cock to her pussy. They rubbed it against her pussy at first, and Justin was amazed at how hot and wet it felt.

Then Lindsey guided him in. He felt his cock slowly push into Kelly, and they both moaned out loud. Her legs were spread wide, and in the air, and he took them in his hands. Her legs felt great. He started gently pumping his cock into her, as the rest watched. Becky moved over to where Cassie was still fingering herself, and got down between her legs. Cassie began moaning too as Becky got down between her legs and started eating her out.

Lindsey lay down beside Kelly, and started making out with her. Justin continued fucking Kelly, while watching Becky eat Cassie, and occasionally glancing over at Liz. Liz definitely looked horny, and was watching Justin’s cock pump in and out of her friend with a hungry expression.

“Fuck your cock feels good,” Kelly moaned, and then turned over. She stuck her ass out for him, and he went right back in. She seemed to be taking him easier in this position, and he was sliding in and out easily, so he picked up the pace. The room was filled with the sounds of all the girls’ moans, as well as Justin’s hips slapping against Kelly’s ass. Somehow her pussy felt like it was getting even tighter, and he grabbed hold of her waist and started fucking her as hard as he could. Her moans were getting close to screams, and then she fell forward, her legs shaking violently.

“Oh my god,” she cried out as she wiggled around on the bed.

“My turn,” Lindsey said, and was on her knees in seconds. Justin took her ass in his hands, and shoved his way in. She let out a little yelp, and pulled off of him. “Easy there big guy,” she said, “I’ve never taken a dick anywhere near as big as you.”

“Right, sorry,” Justin said sheepishly, and pushed back in much softer. Kelly must have been with big guys before, because fucking her had been easy. But Lindsey did feel much tighter. He wasn’t even getting his whole dick in her, and she seemed to be struggling slightly.

“That’s probably not the position for you,” Cassie said. “You should get on top.” Lindsey nodded, and moved forward until Justin’s dick left her pussy. Kelly got up and pushed Justin down, and then Lindsey was straddling him. She lowered herself down, and he could tell she was taking it easier this way. Justin was about to look back over at Liz, when a leg went over his face. A very wet, very sexy looking pussy rested inches above his face, and then lowered onto him.

Justin had never eaten a girl out before, but he knew the gist. He took Kelly’s hips in his hands, and began moving his tongue along her pussy. He was in total bliss, with one pussy riding his cock and another his face. He could hear so much moaning that he didn’t know who was who. He felt Lindsey’s pussy and legs begin to tremble, and thought she must be cumming. Then he felt her pussy leave him. For a second his cock felt cold from all the wetness, and then he felt tongues on it. Kelly was still sitting on his face, and he didn’t know who was licking his cock.

When the tongues stopped, he felt another pussy slide down onto him. It felt tighter than Kelly, but less tight than Lindsey, and then it was bouncing up and down. Kelly had started grinding her hips on his face, and he was struggling to lick her pussy the way he thought he should. He could tell she was enjoying it though, so he just kept doing what he was doing. When Kelly finally got off his face, Justin took a moment to look around.

Cassie was riding his cock, with her eyes closed and her head tilted back. Two girls were intwined next to him on the bed. He looked over for Liz, and was shocked to see Lindsey sitting there, naked and fingering herself. He looked back at the two girls, and his eyes went wide as he saw Becky between his sister’s legs. Liz was fully naked now too. Justin stared at her massive tits for a moment, and then watched as his hot older sister got her pussy eaten right next to him. He couldn’t believe how sexy her face looked. She looked over at him, and they locked eyes for a moment. The look on her face was hotter than anything he had ever even contemplated.

“I’m gonna cum,” Justin announced loudly, still looking over at his sister.

“I want to see,” Kelly said, and quickly moved over to where Cassie was riding him.

“Me too,” Lindsey said, and jumped back on the bed. Becky pulled back from Liz, and then all five girls gathered around. Cassie got off, and then Kelly and Becky both moved their mouths down to Justin’s cock. They each got on one side, and began moving their mouths together, up and down his cock. Justin let out a low groan, and then fired a big shot high into the air. It fell down onto Kelly’s face, and then he shot another, and another. Thick ropes of cum shot up into the air, falling down onto the girls. One shot even flew over to Liz, and landed on her massive tits. Justin laid back and enjoyed shooting the biggest load of his life all over five girls. They all laughed and cheered as the cum flew. Once he was done cumming, Becky quickly took his cock back in her mouth.

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