Tried it and liked it


My name is Carlos. I’m 23 years old and just recently graduated from college.
I was brought up on a farm so at an early age I was exposed to animals mating.
My first such encounter was with our dogs. We had 2 male labradors named Mutt
and Jeff.

When I was 18 I saw Mutt mounted on a female dog that belonged to
one of our neighbors. I was fascinated and as I watched I got a boner. I took
my dick out and started playing with myself. Mutt really seemed to be enjoying
himself and I was able to cum really quick. I was suddenly knocked down to my
knees and when I looked back I saw it was Jeff. He jumped up on my back and
began to hump me. It scared the hell out of me and as I tried to get him off me
my dick got hard again. Jeff kept humping me as he gripped me around my waist.
I felt something wet on my leg as Jeff climbed off me. I quickly got up. My
dick was hard as a rock as I looked at Jeff licking his cock. He must’ve cum on
my leg. I noticed how big his cock was which scared me that he tried to fuck me.

I ran back to the house. I went up to my room and looked out the window. I
noticed Jeff had mounted the same female dog and was fucking her. I took my dick
out and started masturbating. I thought back to Jeff having mounted me and for
some reason fantasized it was me Jeff was fucking outside. I quickly came.

As the next couple of weeks passed I watched a stallion mate with one of our mares.
I couldn’t believe the size of his cock I saw hanging down. I masturbated as I
watched that. I also saw our bull mounted on one of our cows. I masturbated while
I watched that also. Mutt and Jeff fucked a couple of other female dogs that
belonged to other neighbors. I masturbated every time I saw any of the animals
mating. I began to wonder if all this was normal for a kid to get excited watching
animals fuck.

My dad and I took my cousins to the zoo one day. It was hot out and most of the animals
stayed in the shade and weren’t even visible. I was entertained watching some
monkeys playing. At one point it looked like one of the monkeys was playing with
himself. My dick got hard as I watched him. The monkey seemed to be looking right
at me as he continued to play with himself. Some people that had young daughters
walked away but I was mesmerized as my cock seeped cum in my pants. My dad was
sitting on a bench when I realized I was the only person still there watching.

All of a sudden another monkey came out and mounted the one playing with himself.
He was actually fucking him in the ass. The speed with which the monkey gaziantep escort reklamları was humping
was unbelievable. My cock seeped more cum as I watched. I couldn’t believe this
monkey was actually letting the other one fuck his ass. I suddenly got an itch in
my ass as I felt my cock release its cum. I was embarassed and walked over to
where my dad was and told him I was ready to go home.

I couldn’t get that image of the monkey being fucked in the ass out of my mind. The
next day Mutt was trying to mount a female dog but she wasn’t allowing it. I had
learned that they only allow it if they are in heat. Well if that is what it is
called I started feeling like a bitch in heat as my ass began to tingle watching
Mutt try to mount this dog. Images of Jeff mounting me when I was 18 also raced
thru my mind. I began to masturbate with all these mixed feelings and images running
thru my head. I had an intense orgasm that I didn’t want to end.

My dad said he needed to go into town and would be back in a few hours. I watched
him drive away while Mutt and Jeff sat next to me. I decided to take a walk around
the farm. The dogs followed me. I saw the bull trying to mount some of the cows
with no luck. But it got my cock hard seeing him try. The stallion was also trying
to mount one of the mares but she kept trotting away. My cock was hard so I took
it out and just kept walking. The image of the monkey getting fucked in the ass
came to me again.

I was suddenly startled when I felt something on my dick. I looked down to see Jeff
licking my cock which was seeping cum. It scared me as I fell back. When I tried to
get up Mutt had mounted me and knocked me back down. He gripped me and began to hump
me. Jeff was trying to get at my cock. I was scared but at the same time excited.
My mind kept going back to the monkey getting fucked in the ass and I began to wonder
what it would feel like as Mutt kept humping me. I felt him cum on my leg as he
climbed off. I got up and Jeff quickly got to my dick and began to lick it. My cock
was still seeping cum as I watched Jeff lick me. I suddenly came without warning as
Jeff continued to lick me.

Mutt climbed up on me and knocked me to the ground again. He gripped me around the
waist and began to hump me as Jeff watched. I had just cum and couldn’t believe my
cock was getting hard again. When I felt Mutt cum on my leg again I quickly got up
and started running back to the house with Jeff following me. Mutt stayed back
licking his cock. gaziantep escort resimleri I went into the house. Our dogs are allowed in the house but I left
Jeff on the porch as I sorted out all that had just happened. My cock was hard again
thinking about it all. I started playing with myself as I pictured Jeff mounting me
and me actually letting him fuck my ass. I had the most intense orgasm of my life.

I continued to masturbate watching the animals fuck. I also let Mutt and Jeff mount me
now and then with my shorts on. I was almost getting up the courage to let one of them
fuck me in the ass. I was afraid to do it though with my dad nearby in the house. Or
even a neighbor stumbling by looking for their dogs that always roam around our farm.
I was definitely getting an itch in the ass though.

A couple of weeks later my dad woke me up to let me know he had to go into town and
would be back in the evening. I said ok and drifted back to sleep. When I woke up I
realized I had a wet dream of being fucked by the monkey at the zoo and my underwear
was soaked with my cum. I remember it feeling so good and how incredible it felt as the
monkey drilled me at an incredible pace. I woke up when I felt the monkey cumming
inside my ass.

I got out of bed and washed up. I then went to get a bowl of cereal and sat down on the
sofa to eat my breakfast. Jeff climbed up on the sofa next to me. He was licking his
cock which I could see was peeking out of its sheath. My cock got hard. Images of the
monkeys at the zoo and the wet dream I just had got my ass tingling. Damn I so wanted
to see what it would actually feel like. Just for the heck of it I took my shorts and
underwear off and sat back down on the sofa. Jeff’s ears perked up as he looked at me.
My cock was rock hard and was seeping cum. Jeff put his head on my lap and began to
lick it. I shot a load in about 30 seconds as Jeff kept licking.

By then Mutt had come over also as if smelling a bitch in heat. Both their cocks were
peeking out of their sheaths. I was scared and excited at the same time. I figured if
I was going to find out what it feels like to get fucked in the ass it was now or never
while my dad was gone. I still had a couple of hours before he was due back. I stood
up to see what the dogs would do. Jeff walked up to me and started licking my cock
again. Mutt walked behind me and climbed up on me trying to mount me. I allowed myself
to fall forward on my hands and knees. Mutt then mounted me and started humping me. I
could gaziantep escort sitesi feel his cock against my ass as he tried to put it in me. I then felt him cum on
my leg as he got off me.

I was still scared and got up quickly. Mutt’s cock was dangling down and it was huge.
He also had a ball at the end of it. He walked behind me and climbed up again knocking
me to my hands and knees again. Mutt gripped me and started humping again. The images
of the monkeys and my wet dream were going thru my head when I suddenly felt Mutt drive
his cock up my ass. He started fucking me as I cringed in pain. He fucked me fast for
about 30 seconds when I suddenly felt something wet inside my ass. Mutt pulled out as I
realized he had cum inside me. I quickly got up again. My asshole was hurting but my
cock was hard as a rock and I realized it felt good when I felt Mutt cum inside me.

Jeff suddenly climbed up on me and quickly mounted me as I landed on my hands and knees
again. He quickly started humping me and I felt him enter me faster than Mutt was able to.
As he started fucking me fast it wasn’t hurting as much and it started to feel good as I
felt his cock fucking me. Images of the monkeys came to me as Jeff continued to fuck me.
My cock was leaking cum all over. I felt Jeff grip me tighter and I yelled in pain as I
felt something else enter my ass. Jeff then really began to fuck me harder as I got over
the initial pain and it started feeling good again. Jeff then quit humping as I felt him
cum inside my ass. It felt good. I was surprised as Jeff continued to pour cum inside me.

I tried to get up but realized I was stuck to Jeff. I panicked as I felt Jeff still
cumming inside me. It still felt good feeling all that cum inside me but it scared me
that I didn’t know why I was stuck. After about 20 minutes Jeff pulled out of my ass.
I felt cum run down my legs. I quickly got up but Mutt knocked me back down. I tried
to get away but he was stronger than me and was able to mount me. He started humping
and got his cock in me quickly. As he started fucking me my cock got hard again. It
felt good and for some reason I started trying to meet Mutt’s thrusts by pushing back
as he fucked me. I suddenly felt Mutt grip me tighter as he lunged forward.

I realized that Jeff had gotten his knot inside me and Mutt now was able to do the
same thing. I wasn’t as scared now as I felt the knot get bigger and Mutt fucked me harder.
I felt Mutt cumming inside my ass which triggered my cum from my cock. I kept pushing back
against Mutt as he kept cumming inside me. After about 20 minutes Mutt pulled out of me
and I came again as the knot slipped out. Cum ran all down my legs. I quickly got up
and went to wash up and clean the area before my dad got home. My ass was pretty sore but
I realized I enjoyed getting fucked in the ass just as much as I did in the dream.

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