Tropical Adventure


Standing on the second floor balcony just off her hotel room, face tilted up feeling the warm breeze of the tropical night embrace her body like a lover. Long silky tendrils of her hair brushed against her bare skin, softly caressing. A bead of sweat slowly trickled from her neck into the valley of her large, firm breasts. Her voluptuous body was covered in an almost sheer sun dress. A thin strap slowly slid down her arm causing the “V” neckline to slip down to expose an erect nipple. The hem of the sheer dress gently fluttered with the breeze at mid thigh, occasionally coming up high enough to expose the lush bare curves of her ass. Long, slightly tanned legs were slightly spread as she took in the beauty before her. Facing the ocean she drank in all the new sights, sounds, and smells of the tropical island, a shiver of excitement racing up her spine, for all the new experiences she would soon encounter on this tropical vacation.

The full moon was reflected off the ocean and the night seemed alive in mystery, from the bright moon a red hot heat along with tingles of pleasure engulfed her body as it went up in rolling waves of flames. As the voluptuous body in front of him went up in what seemed like the strongest orgasm he had ever felt; with her contractions squeezing his cock, the feeling so intense it almost brought both of them to their knees in pleasure. Unable to withstand such intense pleasure, feeling his balls tighten, he increases his tempo to a brutal force, slamming into her unresisting depth, pouring his hot seamen deep inside her yearning depth in short spurts until he was drained dry. Loud guttural groans of pleasure escape from his clenched lips as he too reaches his peak.

Slowly, reluctantly, coming back to earth from such an intense coupling, he urged her to stand up straight, pressing her sweat slicked back against his hard body. Rough hands now gentle massaged her breasts güvenilir bahis as his cock, still inside her now cum filled depth, slowly became soft. Now gentle, when once rough, and unrelenting he kneaded her sore breasts and whispered softly into her ear. His eyes scan the ground below, suddenly recalling the stranger, but only the faint scent of his cigar was left in the calm shadows of the tropical night. She turned to face him, causing his now soft cock to reluctantly slide out from its prison of pleasure. Reaching up she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, pressing her almost bare body against his. He slowly eased the now wrinkled sundress bunched around her waist to the balcony floor. They exchanged long soft kisses, no words passing between them. Relaxed and well pleasured they retired to the cool silk sheets of the bed just beyond the balcony. Wrapped in each others arms, they slowly drift into a restful sleep.

Bright sunlight streamed through the open balcony doors. The long white curtains were open revealing the beauty of the outside world, yearning to be explored. Sea birds could be heard crying to each in search of their morning meal. The couple entwined together as one in the center of the large bed slowly woke. During the night the silk sheet covering them had slipped off. Her eyes opened and caressed the exposed skin that was rough and masculine before her. Unable to resist the temptation her hands soon followed the path her eyes had traveled. Gently, so as not to wake up the sleeping male before her, she traced his brows, nose, and lips. His face relaxed in sleep, seemed younger and at peace. Unable to resist the temptation of his soft full lips she gently kissed his lips, taking the full bottom lip between hers; she sucked the shower’s strong pulses of water had brought them to attention.

Having finished washing her hair she turned and let the shampoo be rinsed out of her hair, türkçe bahis the lather sliding down her back. Still unaware of his presence, he watched as her hands came up and kneaded her breasts, gently rolling her nipples between her fingers. Watching her fondle her breasts caused his mouth to go dry. The clear shower walls began to fog up; unable to wait any further he quickly opened the shower door and joined her. The cool air from the open shower door caused her to squeal in protest. The protest died quickly, when he closed the door and enclosed them in the large marble shower. Urging her to turn her back towards him, he took a generous amount of conditioner and slowly and thoroughly worked it through her long hair. The rhythmic movements of his hands massaging her scalp were complete bliss. Her hair conditioned, he turned to the next task. Taking a generous amount of fragrant body soap into his hands, he rubbed his large rough hands together working up a lather. Inch by inch every part of her body was introduced to his lather filled hands.

One large hand moved slowly down her stomach towards her center. Long, strong fingers eased between her full lips causing moans of pleasure to start. She opened for him like a flower opening its dew dropped petals to the sun. One finger dipped into her moist depth moving in and out. She leaned back against his solid body and spread her legs further apart allowing him easier access. Feeling her relax, he added one more finger to his invasion of her honeyed depth, stretching her. The pad of his thumb found her hidden button, and began to slowly stroke her to orgasm. The multiple sensations of his fingers moving in and out of her depth and the attention to her button soon built her to her peak. Just as the spiral of pleasure began, he stopped his talented movements. Being denied her pleasure, she quickly turned and lightly bit his shoulder. By guiding her chin up, güvenilir bahis siteleri he brought her face towards his. He kissed her deeply in apology, hands holding her hips close against his body. The friction of his body moving against hers, was too much for her body, her skin overly sensitive with coming oh so close to the promised land of fulfillment. She all but crawled over his body craving the relief his talented body could provide.

He pushed her to the marble seat in the shower and urged her to sit down. He followed her down, kneeling on the shower floor. Her legs opened wide inviting him between her legs; the petals of her flower open wide, waiting for his possession. He grasped her legs and eased them up over his shoulders. Impatiently, she reached out and guided his head down, unwilling to wait longer.

Ever so slowly, he brought his face close to her heat, taking in her sweet scent gently blowing on her. Holding back was no longer possible. Her cries demanding attention could not be denied any longer. The desire to tease her had ended. Stiffening his tongue he plunged into her welcoming depth tasting her sweet dew. Sucking on her lips, stroking his tongue from her button to her bud, he explored her every inch. He held on and continued with his loving attention as she went up in flames, shattering into a million delicious pieces. Slowly coming back to earth, she guided him back up. Tongues met his tasting of her sweet dew.

Taking his hand she guided them out of the shower, leading him back to the bed. She laid back onto the silk sheets, coaxing him to join her. Spreading her legs wide she gave him the prefect view of her sweetly swollen lips. Unable to deny himself any longer he crawled onto the bed from the feet. Her hands reached out and grasped his hard cock guiding him into her heat. Plunging his whole length inside her and then completely out. He drove them both mad with desire. His forceful thrusts causing the head board to bang loudly against the wall with each rhythmic thrust. Sounds of their wild coupling filled the room. Losing control of his even rhythm, he stroked hard & fast bring them both to orgasm.

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