True Friendship


True FriendshipTrue Friendship(And how my life became what you see today, lover of men and women)Because this was the first incident that changed me and the way I saw life & sex, there would be so much to tell you, but later stories have already been written and published. This story puts all the others into a better perspective.To move things along I will give a brief history of a man my late husband had known for many years, whose wife was left paralysed from the waist down and in an institution, due a problem while she gave birth to twins. Their home was a big old farm house on a (working) hobby farm and my husband had nickname Reef because they had smoked so much, back in the day, could not look after his wife too and he had no other family to help. His aging parents were another concern, not an asset. I sort of knew Reef’s situation but it really hit home one night when after a party in a nearby city, Bryce and I ended up driving Reef home. He insisted that we come in for a night cap and assured us he had whatever we were drinking. Not a great sign for a single man now with empty nest syndrome. The twins were off to college. Add the upkeep of the farm, aging parents nearby that counted on him regularly, it was a sad situation to see such a nice person to be in. We sat around the kitchen table, Reef with a beer, me with white wine and Bryce had a Crown and Coke. I know Bryce had heard Reef’s woes before but he sat there drinking his Rye, letting Reef pour out his guts to me about how tough his life had been. I was in full agreement. It did sound difficult and I encouraged him to continue talking. I looked at Bryce who gave me “love you” signal and I then physically turned more toward Reef to let him know I was interested and listening. Reef began talking about the things he missed doing with his wife and how over the years it all seems like fantasies. This might have been the first innuendo, but was far from the last. Reef was a talker and all I could do was nod and say the odd “Oh yeah!”, and that was his cue to keep going with his story. Each time the drinks were finished Reef got up, still talking and started pouring more wine. He took Bryce’s glass and made him and new drink while grabbing another beer for himself. Okay, I admit that I probably drank too much and got tipsy at the party, but the drive back had refreshed me significantly, but now a couple of drinks again, I was back to tipsy.I thought no need to worry, Reef is way passed tipsy. He’s closer to inebriated. When he just started talking again at the table I leaned in intently wanting to listen, but found my eyes drooping and my thoughts wondering. Until he said……”and so sex has been off the table since the twins were born.” The first thing my mind said was Reef wants sex on the table? I thought WTF! Wow that is a long time. Then he began rambling about friends wanting him to hook up with single, divorced, or widowed women, which he clearly stated, “I am not looking for someone to love. I have my wife that I love. I also do not want someone who might want to love me, because I cannot and will not return it!”It was an honorable thing to say, even if he was hammered, but I figured he must have meant it because he was too drunk to come up with that on the spot. I also noticed how tall he seemed to be sitting, like he was proud of that stand he was making.Reef bahis siteleri went outside to check on the a****ls, which usually I later understood meant a quick stroll around the yard while he had a smoke.I started to tell Bryce that I thought it was really something that Reef was able to be so staunch in his marriage vows, but my hubby busted out laughing. I was indignant that he was taking this so lightly, treating it as though trivial. “Dear, what you are saying has been his story all along, but I swear if you lean over anymore, and if he doesn’t stop looking at your legs, and your ass every time you get up and move about, or he staring at you even just sitting there. When Reef gets focused on your cleavage, it’s like a radar guided missile. He is zoned in to your boobs, it’s a wonder he remembers where he is in his story”So I asked, “So what am I supposed to do, then?”Just go with the flow and relax. He’ll likely get too hammered to stay awake and then we can leave. Just let him ramble. It’s all good.Then just as we heard Reef on the wooden floored veranda, Bryce gives me one last piece of advice, “And if he’s looking, give him something to see, (or) think about and then you can see what I mean about losing where he is in his story.” So we were laughing as Reef came in the door. When he questioned the laughing, Bryce told him that I said with all that has happened, Reef must find it hard most of the time, which I asked her if she had seen something, meaning a bulge in his pants.Reef looked down at his crotch and then at us, saying, “She very well may have seen something. It isn’t easy talking about sex while looking at this beautiful woman!”Bryce, who seldom misses a beat, chimes in with, “I bet you would rather be having sex with this beautiful woman and talking about her later!”This was not quite the exact reversal of the words and wasn’t his best quip, but that sure set the tone for the rest of our conversations.“Bryce, you know I would, but, “turning to me he continues, “Caryl, it would not be love. It would only be sex, just a physical relation”. Then turning back to Bryce, “Why are you so calm about us having this conversation, anyway?”“Because my dear friend, for that last 4years I have been experiencing ED (erectile dysfunction – no hard on that lasts) and it has been getting worse, so Reef, this was not planned but…..”We sat in silence for what seemed a long time, but of course reality was it was probably only moments. I broke the ice with, “Well, I think I need more wine.”Reef grabbed our glasses and turned to the counter. I looked at Bryce, trying to ask him with my eyes…..WTF?He responded with, “Just play along. You know you want to, your nipples are giving you away.”I looked down and sure enough, my nipples were rock hard and pressing through the lacy bra and I was put on nipple alert. “Reef is going to love that. And if you undo another button, it would be great”, Bryce whispered. I managed to undo the button before Reef turned back to the table with our drinks, and when he turned back to get another bottle of beer for himself, I squeezed my nipples making them even more noticeable. I don’t think Reef had sat back at the table for a minute before he was staring at my breasts. Whether it was the hard nipples trying to pop through my blouse, or the ample cleavage that was now exposed to him, he couldn’t canlı bahis siteleri take his eyes off me. The conversation stalled, by cerebrally we were all wondering about the possibilities. Bryce and I had discussed a situation where I could have a sexual boyfriend to take care of matters that E.D. prevents. The whole physical sex and not love sex had been examined by Bryce and I on several occasions but we didn’t know of a situation where that might work. There was no way I was going cuck my husband. This was his wanting me to be fulfilled, not humiliate him. It didn’t matter, as long as I told him, or if he saw/watched me doing it. He just wanted to know it was done and with who, so he wouldn’t run into someone and not know what they know, like they had sex with me and my husband didn’t know it. “I’m not sure if it is the beer, the conversation or what, but your wife is getting sexier,” Reef stated to Bryce. He had obviously seen the change in my cleavage exposure or how visible my nipple had become. He may not have been sure it wasn’t like this all along. Bryce responded, “You’re just getting hornier.”Reef laughed and replied, “Maybe so”.Bryce motioned for me to lift my skirt hem up and show Reef some leg and probably stocking top lace too. I thought okay, let do this and pulled my skirt, but it was stuck to me and the kitchen chair, so that when I really tugged on it the skirt, it lifted up and showed Reef my g-string. He had seen enough of the lacy bra that he would now know that my bottoms matched the tops. He later told me that he had imagined me standing before him wearing just the bra and panty set. I realized what I had done and made an attempt to pull the skirt back down a bit, but Reef, lifting his hand flipped it up saying, “Ah, don’t do that. Just leave it”. The words were slurred and Bryce and I both saw Reef’s head bobbing and nodding from all the alcohol.Bryce suggested we go home then, so we left, but not before giving Reef a hug and kiss on the cheek good-bye. Then as we went out the door Reef grabbed me for another good-bye kiss and planted it on my lips and he reached down grabbing both hands full of my butt. He tried to push his tongue into my mouth but I pulled back. Reef then went into my neck to nuzzle. Bryce took the opportunity to ask if Reef kissed ok. I gave him the “I don’t know” sign, which Bryce said out loud, “Well find out then!”I moved my head to allow Reef a path from my neck to my mouth as I now laid my lips to his. He immediately pushed his tongue into my mouth and wildly roamed about, exploring with his tongue. He then pulled his tongue back but left his lips in contact with mine and pressed into my face and kissed me hard, but with some tenderness kisses intermittently and then I felt his tongue again. I thought to myself if he can kiss this well when he is drunk, a bit more sober could make for an amazing make out partner.As we were driving away Bryce commented about the kiss. I was telling him how I thought he could be an amazing kisser if not so drunk, because drunk, he was very, very good. “I saw that. The way you let him grab your ass and feel it up told me you were enjoying it”, Hubby noted. At that point I realized that I had felt Reef grab my ass, but when we were kissing I just gave myself over to him and his actions seems appropriate and nothing I was concerned about. canlı bahis Now that Bryce mentions it, I had just let another man play with my ass while he French kissed me.Later that night, when Bryce made love, my husband was able to enjoy our lovemaking more as we discussed what happened and the possibilities that could happen. It was all mostly fantasy, but Reef felt very different. I was told that if I wanted to try Reef as a sex partner, Bryce was okay with it. He admitted he was hoping it might go that way this evening, but Reef was too out of it to be much good for very long. We didn’t discuss it again, until Bryce heard from Reef.The following Wednesday Bryce gets a text from Reef inviting us over for a BBQ on Saturday. Bryce told me but we never made decision if we were going to go. We were interrupted and never got back to it till later that evening. I asked Bryce what he thought about going. He responding as analytical as expected. He would be going for fellowship, camaraderie, getting drunk and a buzz, and hanging out. With me, he said, “Reef will be watching to see any indication that things will progress from where they were left off from the other night. He told me that I might as well admit that I was going to be hit on and if I drink enough or get enough of a buzz, or a combination of all these factors could well culminate in me wanting to have sex with Reef too. He then added, “Because there is no doubt that Reef wants to bang your pussy!”I was shocked to hear him say that, but saw the smile on his face and realized he was right. If I go there it has to be with the notion that I very well might end up in bed with my husband’s friend. That was a fact and to say otherwise was either a lie or I was being cruel and abusive towards Reef. Especially when I admitted to myself some of the outfits I thought about wearing and the possible effects they might have, I had to come to terms with the fact that I wanted another man’s penis in me and Reef should be the one. This was something I had adamantly stated would never happen and now it seemed quite feasible.The RSVP was YES!I cannot speak for everyone, but I know that I was anxious to see what the day would bring. Bryce and I started that day by going to the provincial park near here, where I have since had many, many photos taken of me in the following years. After we found a semi-private location and I had drank a nice cold vodka cooler, Bryce convinced me to take my bikini top off while I was sunbathing. I was in just enough of a mood to try it. Nowadays it’s customary to be topless, if not naked, lol. As I was laying there, feeling sun being soaked in y my skin, the warmth on my nipples and out conversation turned to what might occur later that evening. I was wet and Bryce knew by the way my legs were wiggling and being rubbed together.Finally Bryce just came out and asked me, “Well, do you know what you are going to wear. That will tell the tale. Will it be a guessing game, will she or won’t she, or will your clothes say to Reef, I want you hard, horny and between my legs?”Once more I was surprised by the phrase that Bryce used. He normally didn’t talk that way. But then I realized. He talks that way in bed to me when we play, because he gets and is horny. That’s why now. Bryce is horny too. Great! So Bryce is horny I am Horny. And Reef, he is definitely horny. Okay my mind made up, I knew what I wanted to wear, because now I knew for sure I was going to fuck Reef tonight! Or at least……. I was now admitting it. Let me know if you want to hear about the BBQ and if there may be other chapters too.

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