Truth or share (short story)

Truth or share (short story)It just wasn`t fair! Tricia and Candace hadn`t reallly done anything, at least not yet. Granted they`d been caught together, naked, in the Mistress` closet when they were supposed to be scrubbing floors, but they only just begun to playfully pinch each other`s nipples and look for each other`s clits when their playful giggling had gotten them busted.The istress had no interests in their explanations at the time, tellinh them to save their words for the Dungeonmaster, into whose care they were summarily delivered. Now they waited, shivering, bare as they were found, chained at the neck to one of the infernal contraptions the Dungeonmaster kept in his lair for use on such luckless transgressors as themselves. As the two girls awaited questioning, türkçe bahis they strained across the slanting punishment rack, whispering to each other urgently, trying to get their storys straight. The clank of the dungeon door sent them swiftly back down onto their knees as they had been left. It they had dared lock up, they would have seen the Dungeonmaster`s evil smile. He loved stubborn girls.And stubborn they proved to be, as first Tricia and then Candace took her place, stretched taut on the tiltet rack, hip-to-hip, with her sister slave. The obvious pleasure with which their tormentor gazed upon their helpless bodies did little to comfort the girls, who knew him to be a man who enjoyed his work all to much.He wasted no time getting down to business. mobilbahis güvenilir mi The girls would promptly confess all their msdeeds together so that appropriate punishment could be exactly. Their suffering would only be worse if they resisted. When both began babbling out opposite accounts of how they came to be where they were found, he went straight for the whips, commencing with a solid lashing of the tits and pussies using a heavy flogger. They writhed and squirmed under the strokes, pleading for mercy, but he didn`t stop until both were nicely warmed up with broad swathes of crimson stripes down the fronts of their bodies. Now it was time to switch to a short bullwhip, applying it sharply to the newly tenderized youwin areas. The dungeon`s walls reverberated with screams, but the denials continued.Switching tactics, the Dungeonmaster laid aside the whips and rigged up a diabolical arrangement of ropes and clamps from hook swinging above the rack. The clamps bit hard on the girl`s sore and whip-swollen nipples even as the thin rope insinuated itself against their clits. Somewhere out of view behind them, they heard the ratcheting of a crank and the hook above them began to rise. The clamps pulled tighter. The rope worked deeper. The Dungeonmaster was almost disappointed at the speed with which the truth gushed forth from their anguished lips.Ah well, at least he would have the pleasure of administering the additional fifty strokes to their backsides for the crimes to which they had confessed. As they stood before him, chained under the bar, the only consolation for Tricia and Candace was the knowledge of their planned rendezvous in the kitchen for later that night.

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