Turning Twenty

Big Tits

***All characters depicted herein are of age, 18 years old at least, and all activities portrayed are consensual. Enjoy!***

“Wake up. Wake up, Frankie,” hears a young woman, stirring from a deep slumber, as her girlfriend pulls back the curtains, opening the bedroom to a blaze of sunlight basking all in a glare, as the girlfriend turns to announce to the woken woman, “Come on, get up, babe. I have a day planned for you for your birthday, and it would be a shame if the birthday girl didn’t show.”

Straining her eyes in the blinding, new light, and rubbing away crusted sleep from her eyes, Frankie, 20, still mostly asleep, asks, “What? I don’t… huh?”

Pleasant, 22, sits next to her girlfriend on the bed, and asks her, “Are you awake?,” and tries to catch and maintain eye contact with the sleepy girl, remarking, “Awake enough,” and tells her, “We have to get you ready. I have arranged something special for this afternoon which I think you would enjoy.”

Frankie, not fully taking anything in yet, groans tiredly, “Hmm? Special?,” and blinks a few times to focus on what’s happening, and, more awake now, she fixates on Pleasant’s face, beams a smile, and says, “Hi,” cutely.

Pleasant sits and stares into the newly woken woman’s eyes, and she leans in closer, and tells her, “Happy birthday, Frankie,” and they kiss.

After enjoying the kiss for a moment, Pleasant pulls herself away, and Frankie gratefully says, “Thank you, Pleasant.”

Pleasant smiles broadly, almost laughing, and she says clearly and seriously, “I love you.”

Frankie returns the sentiment, saying, “I love you too.”

Pleasant authoritatively, like a mother addressing her child, tells Frankie, “Now, come on. I really do have a day planned for your birthday with a lot of people, starting with this afternoon, so, please, I need you up and ready as soon as you can.”

Frankie, rebelliously, asks, “Does that mean we don’t have time for…” Trailing off her question, she reaches a hand down into her panties to rub her clitoris.

Pleasant stares as she follows the movement of Frankie’s hand, and almost drools as her mouth hangs open, watching as this delightful young woman hypnotises her. Under the birthday girl’s sultry spell, Pleasant leans in for a second kiss, and compromises with her by saying, “I’ll give you five minutes,” and presses into a passionate kiss and embrace, shuffling more centrally on the bed and shifting the sheets aside as they go.

As the birthday girl continues to rub her pussy inside her panties, Pleasant breaks their kiss and pulls off her panties and pushes up her pyjama shirt to reveal her perfect tits. Pleasant leans down to pay attention to the birthday girl’s bare boobs, feeling her undulation as she continues to rub herself down below.

With Frankie working on her clit, Pleasant begins to tease the birthday girl’s labia with her fingertips whilst she continues to work her tongue on her nipples. The attentive girlfriend feels the wetness and arousal of the birthday girl and plunges her fingers inside to rub up to her G-spot to excited moans.

As Frankie has her clit and G-spot stimulated, Pleasant climbs up her girlfriend, altering her angle below and increasing the pressure of her play, and proceeds to passionately kiss her again. The birthday girl writhes and moans beneath her partner in sheer delight as an orgasm builds, waiting for release, and Pleasant further increases the pressure of her fingers against her G-spot, clasping Frankie’s hand beneath it against her clitoris, and bringing the birthday girl her first orgasm of the day to a contented moan.

After enjoying their kiss for a moment more, Pleasant gets up off the bed, and says, “Right, that’s done. Now, please, I need you in the shower.”

Frankie reluctantly shuffles off the bed and walks out, wittily remarking, “Oh, you need me in the shower? You could have just asked.”

Pleasant laughs and replies, “You are so bad.”

Frankie calls back to her, “Yeah, but you love it.”

Pleasant thinks aloud, “I… do love it,” and tidies the bed.

That afternoon, Pleasant takes Frankie to their first port of call for the day, a nightclub, which Pleasant has hired out for the afternoon outside of it’s usual operating hours, with access she been entrusted with by the owners. Frankie asks, “It’s a bit early to be going for drinks, isn’t it?”

Pleasant explains, “I’ve been in touch with some friends of mine to arrange something for you. You can go up to the staff room and change into this,” handing her a sports bag, “and, while you’re getting ready, I have a few things to do which should be ready when you are. When you are ready, come and join me on the dancefloor upstairs. I’ll see you in… ten minutes?”

Roughly ten minutes later, Frankie, now dressed in a purple and black lace bodysuit, black lace suspender belt and stockings, ankle-high black leather boots, purple and black lace elbow-length gloves, and a purple lace robe, leaves the staff room and heads upstairs Magosa Escort to the main club room.

When Frankie walks through the door into the club, she approaches the dancefloor, to the sight of Pleasant standing amongst a large crowd of naked men. Pleasant slowly raises a hand and beckons to the young woman, and, Frankie struts towards her, a little nervous in the presence of so many naked men, who cheer and whoop with every step. Standing in the centre of the dancefloor, Frankie quietly asks Pleasant, “What’s going on?”

Pleasant explains to her, “I wanted your first ever birthday present from me to be something truly special. Something you would remember. Something you would truly love. I arranged with all these lovely men to come and meet you today.” Frankie turns around to look at everyone as they begin to close a circle around her, getting themselves hard in front of her. Pleasant asks, “Have you noticed how many men there are?”

Frankie looks around, and, with her back to Pleasant, the Mistress whispers in the birthday girl’s ear, “There are twenty men; one for each and every year you have been alive, and they’re all here to cum all over you.” The Mistress places a hand on the birthday girl’s shoulders, and commands, “Kneel.”

At this point, Frankie notices the dancefloor has been covered in rubber gym mats, easier on the knees than the bare, vinyl floor, and Frankie begins to appreciate the thought and effort that has gone into planning this, arranging nearly two dozen people to meet, even friends, on a weekday afternoon, and to book the venue, and to think about her comfort. Frankie obliges, and obeys the Mistress’ command, kneeling down, and sitting upright, as the Mistress massages her shoulders.

The Mistress addresses the room, announcing, “Just to reiterate, now that our lady is present, I’m pleased to see you have formed a nice, neat circle. I want this circle to act as two queues, from where those at the front will approach Frankie on either side. Whether you masturbate yourselves, or let Frankie do it for you, is for you and Frankie to decide, but, when you cum, move to the back of your queue and allow the next man to come forward. When you do cum, do it on her face or in her mouth; any that falls elsewhere will be cleaned up later. There will be no penetration, except for blowjobs, which Frankie will do as she is comfortable, and, hands off; I’m going to be here to hold her in place, and will keep things safe for everyone so we can all enjoy ourselves. Are we all clear?”

The men all reply to the Mistress with an emphatic, “Yes, Mistress,” followed by some laughter, cheers, and some horny moans and groans as they psyche themselves up.

The Mistress rubs her hands from Frankie’s shoulders, up her neck, and pulls under her chin to get her to look up at her, and she asks the birthday girl, “Same goes for you. Did you get all of that?”

Frankie smiles excitedly as she gazes up at her girlfriend, and she says, “Yes, Mistress,” with a giggle.

The Mistress’ hands rest under Frankie’s ears to allow her to look around again, and she announces, “Okay, then let’s begin,” and she looks in turn at the nearest two men, and invites them, “Please, step up.”

Frankie looks up at the first two gentlemen as they approach her, and excitedly beams a smile as she watches them wank off their cocks right in front of her face. The guy on her left, quite tall, squats a little and widens his stance, and Frankie bites her lip with a moan in anticipation, as the guy on her right walks even closer and leans his cock closer to her cheek. Frankie’s instinct is to turn to look at him, but, the Mistress turns her head to face between the two guys, and the man to her right shoots a load of cum across her face, landing up the side of her nose and on her forehead.

Frankie giggles as the man to her right is replaced by the next, and the man to her left moans, and demands, “Open wide,” and, barely as she opens her mouth, he shoots his load, at first onto her upper lip as he aims down, and then some thick spurts into her mouth. Once he finishes, she swallows, and the man to her left is replaced by another guy.

These next two gentlemen wank fast for Frankie, almost in unison, pumping their cocks hard. Together they lean above the waiting woman’s cheeks and spunk thick loads onto her cheeks, up into her eyes, forcing her to close them, and she feels more cum spill onto her forehead before the warm sensation of their cocks wiping against her cheeks.

She feels the Mistress wipe her eyes with her fingers, and opens them, still slightly sticky from the ejaculate, but sees the next two gentlemen walk up, and the guy to her right let’s go of his cock and holds his hands behind his back. The Mistress tells Frankie, “Looks like he wants you to wank him off.” The birthday girl happily obliges, and takes his cock in hand, and the guy on the left lets go of his cock too, and she takes his in hand.

Wanking two cocks at the same time feels Kıbrıs Escort like such a rush to Frankie, and she leans over to the guy to her right and takes the head of his cock into her mouth as she continues to stroke him. The guy to her left groans as he nears orgasm, and Frankie turns to take the head of his cock in her mouth instead as she strokes a huge load into her mouth. She swallows, licks the head of his cock, and lets him go, as the man to her right reaches orgasm, and she moves her mouth back to him to receive a hot load of spunk, swilling it around her mouth before swallowing.

The next gentleman to Frankie’s left steps up and immediately leans onto her cheek and splats spurts of spunk around her cheek and down onto her chin before being kissed on the head once he finishes and walks off.

Two fresh guys stand in front of Frankie, and she leans her head back in waiting for what’s to come, looking up at the Mistress, who watches the gentleman wank before the two women, and she looks down to Frankie, and warns her, “Here they come.” The birthday girl closes her eyes and feels her entire face showered with a pair of warm, thick loads. Some pools on her eyelids, and Frankie sits blind to what’s happening, awaiting the Mistress to wipe it away, but hears her say, “They’re coming faster for you now.”

Frankie soon feels shot after shot, spurt after spurt of spunk plaster her face all over. The thick goo sliding down the sides of her face as Pleasant guides it back up with her hands. More and more men masturbate for Frankie and contribute their cum to the birthday girl, and the Mistress eventually says, “All twenty have cum now.”

The Mistress contains all the cum she can on her hands as she rubs up the birthday girl’s chin and cheeks, and she commands, “Open wide for me,” and scoops spunk into her mouth, clearing her eyes, and holding her glazed face as Frankie swallows every drop she is fed, giggling naughtily as she does so.

Frankie looks around at all the men gathered around her, and the Mistress asks her, “Did you have fun?”

Frankie looks up at the Mistress and says, “I did. Thank you, Mistress,” and looks out to all the gentlemen gathered, and says to them all, “Thanks to you all, too,” and she asks, “Can we go again?”

The Mistress says, “Unfortunately, we can’t. We have to tidy up and leave for when the club staff come in to get ready for tonight’s shift,” to boos and jeers from all the men, followed by laughter.

Frankie goes to stand up, helped to her feet by some of the gentlemen, and she turns to the Mistress and gives her a hug and a kiss, making the Mistress’ face sticky as she does. After the kiss, Pleasant says to the birthday girl, “Oh, now I’m getting sticky too! So, I guess that means we get to have that shower together when we get back home.”

Back at Pleasant’s house, after the two women have showered, they walk into the bedroom, and Frankie asks, “What are we doing tonight?”

Pleasant picks out an outfit for the birthday girl from the wardrobe, and replies, “We’re meeting your family at a restaurant for a meal, then, we’re going back to your parents’ house for drinks, and I hear there are presents for you to open. Here, wear this,” and she hands her an outfit.

That evening, Pleasant takes the two women to meet the birthday girl’s family, as she said, sitting down at their booked table with Frankie’s father, George, 45, her mother, Lucy, 41, her brother, Craig, 19, and her childhood best friend, Tiffany, 19. They dine, and catch up with each other about the going’s on in their lives, and laugh at gossip about friends and celebrities, celebrating being together for Frankie as she turns 20 years old.

In good spirits, everyone journeys back to Frankie’s parents’ house, and, upon entering, they all take seats around the dining table, except for Lucy, who brings everyone some celebratory drinks before disappearing into the living room. Moments later, the mother returns with her hands laden with wrapped parcels which she places on the table in front of her daughter, and says, “Happy birthday, Frankie.”

Everyone else joins the sentiment by cheering in chorus, “Happy birthday, Frankie!”

Lucy sits down, joining everyone else, and Frankie feels special surrounded by her family, friend, and girlfriend, and she says warmly, “Thank you, everyone,” and she opens her presents. Some unusual choices to be given by family, such as lingerie, sexy outfits, and a beautiful evening dress that looks and feels rather expensive, and designer. Frankie feels eager to flaunt her flirty side with all of her presents, but refrains, and gratefully says, “Thank you, so much.”

Seemingly out of nowhere, Pleasant pulls out another parcel for Frankie to open, about a foot squared and a couple of inches deep. Frankie takes it, feeling a surprising weight to it, and tears off the wrapping paper to reveal a felt box. She lifts off the lid to unveil a gorgeous, very expensive looking, silver, diamond-encrusted Lefkoşa Escort necklace. Frankie gasps as her face glitters and sparkles from the glinting shine from the stones, and she stares unbelievingly at it.

Pleasant tells her, “Since we met, earlier this year, my life has been filled with happiness and joy; that’s because of how amazing you are. I wanted to let you know how I feel, but, it’s so hard to put into words everything you mean to me, so, this is a small token of the love I have for you; something to treasure and cherish the way I do with you. I love you, Frankie. Happy birthday.”

Frankie throws her arms around Pleasant, and hugs her tightly, sharing a kiss with her girlfriend, almost brought to tears by this gesture of her love. She says, “This must have cost a fortune.”

Pleasant holds the birthday girl tightly in her arms, and solemnly says from her heart, “It is worth every penny, but, it’s worth is nothing compared to you. You mean the whole world to me. I feel lucky and blessed to have met you, and, I would do anything for you.”

Everyone else around the table applauds the love these two women have for each other, and Frankie says once again, “Thank you,” and holds back some tears as she sobs into her girlfriend’s ear, “I don’t deserve you.”

Pleasant holds the birthday girl tighter, and rubs her back with one hand, and says, “I don’t deserve you. I love you.”

Truly feeling these words in a way she hasn’t felt before now, Frankie looks into Pleasant’s eyes, and says to her, with true sincerity, “I love you,” and they kiss deeply.

For the next hour, Frankie shares conversation and drinks with those closest to her in her life, feeling lucky to be in such company, and, also turned on. She announces to everyone, “I think it’s time for me and Pleasant to go up to bed.”

Lucy suggests to her daughter, “Oh, but, Frankie, we were hoping to spend more time together with you tonight.”

Feeling frisky, Frankie says, “I want to fuck,” and runs her fingers along Pleasant’s chin and jaw.

Pleasant, sensing the sexual desire simmering in the room, suggests, “Actually, Frankie, if you want to have some family time. I’m with you, all the way.”

Surprised, Frankie asks, “Yeah?”

Pleasant answers, “Yeah. One hundred percent. I would do anything for you, and, it would be an incredibly hot way to see out your special day.” She turns to address everyone else, and suggests, “I think we should all give the birthday girl a good time.”

Frankie’s brother, Craig, asks, “Including me?,” as his girlfriend Tiffany rubs his chest, looking excited at the thought of what might unfold.

Pleasant asks Frankie, “If you’re comfortable with it, of course.”

Frankie thinks for a moment, and turns to face her brother, and says, “I’m so hot for everyone right now. You better give me everything you’ve got, Craig,” and winks at him.

Craig shakes from the adrenaline rushing through him, and Tiffany purrs as she tells her boyfriend, “Yeah, I want to see you shoot a huge load into your sister like you do with me.” Craig almost cums from just hearing this, and everyone laughs.

Lucy asks, “Where should we do this? Living room?”

Pleasant says to Frankie, “That would bring back some memories for you,” to giggles from the birthday girl.

George suggests, “Why not our bedroom? It would be better to have the bed.”

Lucy reasons, “For six people, though? Bit of a squeeze.”

George says, “We would just be closer to each other,” and smirks at the suggestion.

Frankie moans and asks, “Okay, decided. Now, can we fuck?”

Everyone goes up to the master bedroom, and strips fully naked, and Pleasant sits up in the centre of the bed and beckons for Frankie to come and join her. The birthday girl mounts the bed and lays down between her girlfriend’s legs, snuggling up against her to get comfortable, cradling the back of her head against her crotch.

Pleasant looks down at Frankie, and asks, “Are you ready?”

Frankie arches her back and looks up at her and says, “Yeah, I’m ready,” and settles back down between Pleasant’s legs.

Tiffany and Lucy crawl up onto the bed on either side of Frankie, and take turns kissing her, and Tiffany says, “I think Craig should go first.”

Craig steps up and mounts the bed between his sister’s legs, hard and ready for his sister, but hesitates as he hovers before her pussy with his hard cock. He looks up at Pleasant, and she looks back at him, and tells him, “She’s waiting for you. She loves you, so much.”

Craig looks down at his mother and sister kissing, then his girlfriend and sister kissing, and he enters his sister’s pussy with his hard, fully-erect cock, long and throbbing as he fully enjoys the feeling of the inside of his sister’s pussy. Easing his entire length inside her, he picks up speed and pounds her to moans of delight from the birthday girl as she feels her brother stuffing her. Craig savours each sensation he shares with his sister, wanting to remember this feeling forever, building up quickly for an orgasm, holding it back as best he can, but unable to contain himself as he pumps his load deep into his sister’s pussy. Craig pulls out of his sister and cuddles up behind his girlfriend, and she turns to share a deep kiss with him.

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