Twelve Hours Pt. 14


5:30 – 6:00

It was November and without an access to a mobile or even just a watch, it was difficult to tell what time it was. It was only after we went back downstairs to the main foyer that I realised it was almost 6 in the morning already. I was told that “there were 5 more rooms”, though, meaning that the fun was nowhere near over.

“Come on, sweetheart,” Lily touched my arm as we were walking downstairs now towards the foyer. The romantic expression came across as practically inappropriate now and I burst in laughter. She ignored this. “We’re going to the conservatory now,” she informed me.

The conservatory was exactly what you would expect: lots of windows and a glass roof. One just barely make out a garden in the dark outside, but it was still mostly pitch dark out there. The lighting flooded the room in natural yellowish tones.

There was no furniture, though. Just a sizeable mattress on the floor, which looked like it was pulled of king-sized bed.

Lily was the first to sit down on the bed. “We’ve got, what, half an hour?” Alyssa addressed her from behind my shoulder.

I turned to her, frowning. “Half an hour before what?”

Sofia sat down next to Lily on the mattress. “We’ve got another guest coming,” she announced, quite matter-of-factly.

“WHAT?” I was not sure myself why I roared this out, whether this was amazement, puzzlement or some kind of angered shock for not being ‘in’ on everything tonight.

Sofia chuckled. “We’re not gonna tell you before—’ she hesitated, before they arrive.” She nodded, pleased with herself for not giving away the sex of the person coming.

“Don’t ask, honeypot,” Alyssa spoke into my ear, “just kill the time and fuck us.”

I shook my head and sighed. “Witches,” I spoke under my breath getting down to the mattress. “Alright, have it your way.”

“Awww, girls,” Lily said, her voice taking an apologetic, understanding tone. “We just made him stressed out. He just needs some pussy to relax.” She winked at Alyssa.

Alyssa’s eyebrows went up and, without a single word, got on all fours on the mattress, stretching her legs. “Come on then!”

Somewhat reluctantly, anxious about who the hell was to be arriving in half an hour, I knelt behind her. But they were right – as if by a magic wand, the moment that cock slipped inside her pussy, the worries went away. She moaned and looked back towards me to see my relaxing expression. “Told ‘ya.”

Pussy around one’s cock really does take worries away. Her insides pushing against me, yet again, this was all that mattered for now. To the left of Alyssa, Lily was kneeling and Sofia was sucking one of her tits already. I stretched my hand to Alyssa’s shoulder, slowly picking up speed of my thrusts. I slipped my arm down to cup her right tit. Moaning quietly, she reached towards Lily’s pussy and with her open palm, began rubbing her, first gently. Lily’s reaction was strong – she arched her back and let out a loud gasp. Her tits looked gorgeous on that sexy slender body. As Alyssa began pressing harder against her clit, I automatically increased the speed of my thrusts, now panting loudly. Sofia moved in for a hot akkent escort passionate kiss, shutting Lily’s moans up. I kept fucking Alyssa at a regular speed, but could see that the girls had some ideas…

Alyssa lied down on her back in front of me. I wasn’t quite sure yet what they had in mind. I let them lead me. Sofia kneeled behind Alyssa’s head and kissed her briefly before pulling Alyssa’s legs up high and holding them up. Lily pointed me to get closer to Alyssa’s ass now up in the air. When I did, first she pulled my dick inside her mouth, kissing and sucking slowly and passionately. Her tongue and wet mouth were incredible. But this was just a pause, a prelude. She pulled it out and pushed it flat against Alyssa’s pussy. This way the entire length of my cock was rubbing against it. I groaned – the sight and the sensation of that was incredible. My undershaft was running against that twat and Lily ran her tongue on its upper side while Alyssa was already closing her eyes in pleasure and purring. For a few moments, it all became quiet, like that moment just before a thunder can be heard. I placed my arm on Lily’s back, and felt just a glimpse of the “romantic” from earlier before Alyssa arrived in my house.

It was just that, though – a glimpse. She was not just licking it, but pressing hard, trapping my cock between her mouth and Alyssa’s slit. I growled – this was fucking hot! and triggered the automatic faster movements of my hips – like jerking myself off, but with mouth and pussy – much better! Never before had I felt the existence of my cock’s slit on top of it that much as when her lips would brush against it.

Eventually, she pushed it for me inside Alyssa, eliciting easy loud moans from her. This angle felt real good – it was real tight and real hot. I moaned, too. Lily’s tongue was already licking her clit. I was moving inside her slowly, dipping it in, those veins on my dick coming back up moist with her juices. Lily pulled it out and stuck in her wet mouth, sending shivers up my back, then put it back in again. We did this a few times, after which I was beginning to feel that feverish tingling in my balls that I so like whenever trying something new. Alyssa reached up towards Sofia’s tits, squeezing them, getting hornier and hornier.

And then Lily did something extraordinary, one of the highlights of this entire night. First, she just kissed my chest and worked her way up to my lips to kiss me, quite passionately. This was a genuinely hot, romantic-feeling kiss that took me aback. Again, I wondered? A passionate romantic angel or a slut to fuck? No time to wonder, though – she pulled out my cock and pressed it again against Alyssa’s pussy like before. Then she rose to her feet and, facing Alyssa, stood just in front of me right above her pussy. Then slowly she bent her knees crouching down until her pussy pressed against my cock, trapping it between her pussy and Alyssa’s.




My heart was pounding already. The dick seemed to start moving on its own, heated up between the two wet young pussies. I needed to see this! Lily put her arm around me akkent escort bayan allowing me to look down her body at this spectacle. The pressure, the tightness and friction as my throbbing manhood was grinding and pushing through under the weight of Lily’s body. Suddenly out of control, I let out, “Oh wow, just FUCKING WOW!” wheezing and panting. They were gasping and moaning already, and watching me with blissful contentedness.

“Oh GOD!”


“Oh YES!”

“AW FU—!” Alyssa’s moans were eventually stopped. Sofia holding her legs up all this time just couldn’t watch this idly anymore and face-sat Alyssa, grinding her pussy hard against her. She was right there in front of me, her superb tits swaying gently, her eyes closed, lips parted, being eaten out.

Lily wanted to taste my cock eventually. I kept pressing against Alyssa’s pussy, but Lily stepped away, kneeled and went back to licking the girth before pushing it back inside her friend. By now, Alyssa was unbelievably wet in there; her insides vibrating against me. I was getting goose bumps here. Lily was acting now in a lovemaking fashion, kissing me passionately, building up the fire in me.

It worked. I grabbed Alyssa’s legs now, taking them away from Sofia, getting a better angle while Lily went over to suck Sofia’s firm tits. Spreadeagling Alyssa, I went in soooo deep there, nice smooth, gliding moves. She was shouting already, switching my “mind” from romantically oriented just seconds ago, to gutter-like. Silly bitch, doesn’t she know that such yelling will just get her pumped hard? My hard rod got shoved in hard with newfound ferocity. Faster and harder into that wet welcoming stretchy hole. Oh yeah! She was now screaming loudly, grabbing on Sofia’s ass, but there was no escape here. Lily came back to me kissing me, making me just speed up my slamming into Alyssa.

She came, convulsing, writhing and squirming just as I leaned over to kiss Sofia. Myself, herself and Lily went for a series of kisses and Alyssa, her face buried under Sofia’s ass, went ignored, left to her moaning, gasping and cumming.

I did not offer her any mercy. “Eat that pussy!” Sofia ordered her, wanting to cum herself, grinding herself anew onto her forcefully. I renewed cramming my dick into Alyssa’s pussy. Lilly kept kissing me, my neck and my chest and spitting down on my cock ravishing Alyssa while Sofia was clearly getting what she wanted, pressing that pussy hard down on her, jiggling and circling her ass, now shouting obscenities, coming seconds later, letting those juices wet Alyssa’s lips, chin and cheeks.

I retracted from Alyssa and looked at Lily. I lied down on my back, pushing my cock up to the right angle to the mattress. “You,” I said. She really drove me horny with that pussy-cock-pussy idea before and I wanted her before the “guest” arrived. “Be a reverse cowgirl,” I instructed her.

She didn’t even flinch. Just laughed and was straddling me already. Sofia helped hold my cock, stroking it against her pussy lips, getting her ready, tantalising her. Me, the sight of her young tight ass was fantastic.

It escort akkent had to go in eventually. She descended slowly, panting loudly. “Use it,” I told her. I wanted her to go against it. She started first almost painfully slowly, moaning quietly, in stark contrast to just before. Sofia was pleasuring her clit already. Her bent legs started working and soon that pulsating, dripping wet pussy was getting fucked. I wrapped my hands around her and closed my eyes. It was hot; she knew how to get me as deep as possible getting the best angle. The view of that cock and her ass from her rear was amazing: made me feel like an animal, mating, impaling a female.

But the animal wanted more. Her legs were strong, but not male-strong. We needed to go faster now and slam harder. “Come on, girl! We need to harder!” I barked. She stopped, obediently.

“Alyssa, hold her arms.”

“Sofia, rub her pussy. Hard.”

A few minutes of silence passed before I began. When I did, my hips were moving up hard, my balls slapping against her ass and my dick crashing inside her without abandon, stretching her ruthlessly. Her ass and thighs were shaking already and she wasn’t so much shouting as gargling sounds out. “Y-Y-Y-Aaaa-AAAA!!”

Sofia was doing her job not only rubbing that clit but also licking and sucking on it; she also went for her tits, sucking their nipples and biting them on occasion.

Alyssa held her tight, immobilising her, ensuring that my dick would rip through her and she would simply take it. She pulled her head by her hair hissing into her ear, “Come on, bitch, you’re gonna cum for your master, eh? Eh?!”

Lily managed to wheeze back, “Yyyyaaa!”

“What did you say? Didn’t hear ya!” Alyssa landed hard slap on her tits. “Come on, bitch, take that cock and answer the question!”

“Yyy—” Lily kept trying, but failing to manage a word, getting those tits slapped, getting them abused. Sofia sucked one of them in, at a roar from Lily’s throat ripped through the room; the combination of the wet and the fire of her slapped tits was clearly having an effect. Sofia spat on her tits for good measure.

“If you can’t talk, then we’re gonna need to shut you up, won’t we?” Alyssa threatened, and with that, she rose to her feet, grabbed Lily’s head and pushed it hard against her pussy while Sofia found her tits and pinched her nipples, hard. Lily had no language anymore, and was just a guttural, hoarse-voiced beast.

“On your feet, bitch!” I commanded her. I wanted to finish standing up. By now, I was as wild and inhuman as she was. “Stand next to the window,” I ordered her. Spitting and wheezing, she got up shakily to her feet and spread her legs wide as ordered. I landed a fierce slap on her ass; she shrieked in pain and pleasure. My hand found her pussy, pressed hard and rubbed powerfully. She shouted.

I pushed in. Another loud shout. Sofia and Alyssa ducked under her and began the hard sucking and squeezing of both of her tits. The dick began shoving in, splitting her open while my hands kept slapping her. “Beg for more!” I howled.

“Moo—” she gasped. “Mo—” She came, arching her back falling into my arms, pushing her tits forward. Now close to her, not stopping fucking her for a second, I marched her towards the window, pressing both of her tits against the window, squeezing them flat, pumping up inside her burning hot pussy, convulsing around me. She came twice, growling, half-present, before I let her slide to the floor.

Good girl.

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