Two Bi-Curious Couples Meet Pr. 01


Hi All, Special thanks and very positive feedback to samfunboy89 for his editing. Please note this story contains same-sex scenes. If this is not your cup of tea, do not read further. Please vote if you like and comments are always welcome.

Prelude One

Always open to new adventures, my wife and I paid our first visit to a bar a few miles from home, intending to have a few drinks and frolic in the motel room, spending ‘Adult Time’ away from the kids. Outings such as this give us the opportunity to try out new things. From time to time, my wife will bring along sexy clothes to wear and new sex-toys to play with. On occasion, we experiment with new role-playing scenarios.

It was during one such break that Lisa first introduced me to anal sex. Sure, I’d fucked women (and others) in the ass before I met her. But she was the first to break in my ass: licking, sucking and eventually fucking my virgin hole. These overnight stays refresh and pep up our love life; they bring us closer together by giving us the space to overcome our sexual inhibitions and explore sexual taboos.

Anyway, this trip seemed to be no different. We got into our hotel room, and Lisa hid her bag of goodies in a drawer as we changed for the night’s outing. I long ago learned not to peek inside her toy bag. But every so often, like a child too impatient to wait for his Christmas presents, I would open her leather tote bag and take a sneak preview. On this occasion, she caught me rummaging through it and yelled at me for ruining the night’s surprise. She startled me and I turned around holding the one item that I did not suspect she had brought with her. My dick stirred as I turned toward my angry wife.

“Oh, I see,” she said mockingly, “Want to play early, do we? Can’t wait to get drunk before I use that on you, hey?” she said.

She smiled lasciviously as she grabbed the item I had been guiltily holding: a black strap-on harness with seven-inch rubber cock facing outward and slimmer, five-inch cock pointing in the opposite direction. She liked to penetrate herself with the smaller dildo while fucking my ass with the larger cock. Oh yes, I was all too familiar with her favorite dual-pronged dick.

I wanted to say something but could think of nothing sensible to utter as she sashayed away from me, waving the dual-use as she went. As she walked to the bed, her 44-DD breasts jiggled in seeming irritation inside the black, satin push-up bra containing them. Her legs were sexily clad in black fishnet stockings and matching garter, highlighted by matching black crotchless panties. My cock hardened with each passing second.

She then came back towards me, pointing at me with another of her ‘cocks’, she thrust it into my hand and I, unresisting, accepted it. Her painted red fingernails closed around the rubber cock in my hand and she began to lick and kiss it, raising it to her face.

“Do you like my cock, then?” she asked, her tone a mixture of sarcasm and contempt.

“You do, don’t you,” she added, licking the thick cock head, traces of her lipstick smearing the dildo.

Watching her hold and lick the rubber phallus was getting my own cock increasingly hard. Sensing my excitement, she began to caress my thigh with her free hand, creeping up toward the growing bulge within my slacks. When she reached my crotch, she wrapped her fingers around my concealed and now fully hard cock and cooed,

“MMmmmm, so you DO like my cock.” She gripped me tightly and jerked her hand up and down. She pushed the fake cock, her cock, toward my mouth. “Lick it with me,” she hungrily said.

She pressed the cock to my lips as her tongue licked around the head and reached my upper lip. The only way I could return the attempted kiss was to snake my tongue atop the head of the dick to reach hers. Lisa responded heatedly by squeezing my cock hard every time my lips and tongue slid across the head or shaft of the fake dick.

With one hand still holding onto the base of the cock, my other felt its way quickly down her hips to her exposed pussy. I pressed my middle finger to her vulva and felt her getting wetter. The more I kissed and licked the fake cock, the wetter she became. My finger slipped easily into her pussy and I slowly finger fucked her in rhythm with her jerking my cock. She became wetter and more impassioned as I eased a second finger into her. My horny wife pushed the toy between my lips, forcing me to suck the cock. Her juices soaked my fingers as she slowly fucked my mouth with her sex toy.

I eased a third finger inside her and we watched each other’s eyes and took turns now fully sucking this realistic rubber phallus.

“Fuck me,” she whispered. “Fuck me now!” Her voice grew in volume and became hoarse.

Hurriedly, I undid my pants, dropped my slacks and underwear to the floor then excitedly pushed her down onto the bed, burying my cock deep inside her wet pussy. Still she sucked wildly on the fake cock, even as I fucked her harder and faster. The thick cock in her mouth muffled her moans and pants. Etiler escort She pulled my face down to hers forcing me to suck the cock with her as I pounded in and out of her. Shoving the cock head into my mouth, inches of the shaft disappearing between my lips, Lisa screamed out and flooded my cock with her explosive orgasm.

Her nails dug into my ass cheeks as she screamed out, “Cum in me! I want your cum in my pussy!”

I tried to remove the toy phallus from my mouth but Lisa just shoved it in deeper and ground her hips, forcing my cock ever deeper inside her hot and soaked cunt. Her quick and aggressive actions stunned me and I immediately flooded her pussy with my cum. She reacted almost violently, shuddering, as she came again and again in quick successions.

Her pussy was soaked with our orgasms. I stayed on top of her while my drained cock relaxed and shrank inside her. She grasped the fake dick, slick from our spit, and tossed it to the floor, shoved her tongue between my lips, mashing our mouths together. She still felt horny, that much was obvious.

When our lips parted and she said huskily, “Eat my pussy!”

It wasn’t a request, it was an order, and I knew she wasn’t joking. She pushed my head down her body and spread her legs wide to greet me, exposing her wet pussy with our cum leaking out of her. Unwisely I hesitated and she roughly pushed my head between her legs, forcing my face into her pussy.

“Eat!” she demanded.

So I did.

– – –

I ate her until she came again and again tasting her juices and mine. She buried my face in her crotch and lifted her hips up to make sure I gobbled up the multi-flavored cum dessert. The further my tongue drove inside her, the more our juices flowed from her heated pussy and down my throat.

Finally, she had cum enough and lay back on the bed exhausted. I crawled up to her and we kissed long and deep. She drifted off to sleep and I held her tightly to me. My semi-hard cock nuzzled between her ass cheeks and I cupped one of her large and lovely breasts as sleep crept up on me too.

I awoke a couple of hours later, feeling Lisa’s lips sucking lightly on my cock. I lightly moaned running my fingers through her hair. Realizing I was now awake, she gave my balls a light squeeze and my cock head a final kiss. She slid alongside my body until our lips met once again. She was almost naked, still wearing the crotchless panties, stockings, and high-heeled shoes, so I was able to feel her breasts against my naked chest and massage her ass cheeks as we maintained our lovers’ embrace.

Breaking our kiss she licked then whispered in my ear, “Let’s do it.”

“Do what?” I asked.

She purred while lightly playing with my cock, “Suck a real dick, of course.”

She blew into my ear playfully. Such a long time has passed since I sucked a dick. I considered her request before speaking. Not to let on that I was (very) interested in her proposition, I put up a false front. After a few feeble attempts to reject the notion, I gave in to her desire. We discussed and agreed how to make sure we got the right man for both of us and how we would control the situation throughout. We also agreed that either could back out at any time if so desired. The experience should enhance, not damage, our relationship.

I went down on her again and she had a quick mini-orgasm before showering and dressing while I showered and dressed. Then we headed out into the cool night breeze toward the bar. The place was a block away from the hotel (we planned ahead of time so we could drink and not have to worry about earning a DUI) and we walked casually toward the establishment, holding hands and enjoying each other’s company.

Once inside the joint, we sat at the bar and even though the time was nearly midnight, the watering hole was pretty crowded. A general mix of people was there. Couples, singles, and groups of men and women sitting and chatting, dancing or playing pool. Lisa ordered beers and shots as I went to the pool table and placed some quarters on it then rejoined to my wife until it was our turn to play.

Lisa was attracting a great deal of attention. Her low cut blouse and tight bra showed off her generous breasts. The slit in her skirt was high enough for those who dared to see much thigh and the sexy garter holding her fishnets in place. I could tell she really liked the roving eyes. Every so often her hand would sneak to my slacks and give my hard cock a quick squeeze to let me know she was aroused. She was pleased to note my excitement as well.

Our turn on the pool table finally came but since there was only one challenger, I wanted my wife to play since she is much better than I. She won a couple games, perhaps because the guys were watching her jiggling tits as she leaned over to take a shot or maybe the slit of her skirt showing more and more leg. She played along with the guys, doing nothing to discourage their lecherous glances and, perhaps because of her teasing as pool playing technique, Etiler escort bayan she won all her games.

One of her challengers was a guy who came in alone and sat next to me at the bar before putting his quarters down on the table. We talked while he waited his turn to lose, having a couple beers. He was good-looking, nice enough, and when my lovely and sexy wife came over again and again to grab a shot or take a sip of beer, he was considerate when she joined in on our conversation. I enjoyed watching his eyes zero in on her cleavage, as Lisa would lean over to hear his responses. She watched him too, nothing was said, but a smile creased her luscious lips.

Lisa’s teasing continued and she gauged my reactions to her overt attempts to catch his eye. I simply smiled at her. His turn playing pool finally came and she beat him too. Even though he knew she was my wife, he wasted no opportunity to ogle every inch of exposed skin she flaunted. My wife played another game and finally lost to her next opponent. She sat next to me, leaning over to aid the conversation Mike and I were having, taking the talk in a more sexual direction. Admittedly, I was turned on watching his eyes as my wife would inch closer, showing her awesome cleavage, the tops of her heavy breasts more pronounced as she leaned over to add a saucy comment and to hear Mike’s increasingly agreeable replies. When he excused himself to go to the bathroom, Lisa excitedly whispered to me that he was getting a hard-on and she loved teasing him.

“Maybe…” she trailed off. I again smiled at her, thinking about what she was implying.

Taking that as a ‘Yes,’ she started to ask our newfound friend more personal questions on his return. In response to his increasingly affirmative answers, Lisa showed him more tit and encouraged me to pull her low cut blouse down to expose her bra to him (and the hard nipples pushing through the flimsy material). She quite openly stroked my cock through my slacks. The more we liked him, the more risqué the conversation became. Casual physical contact between Lisa and Mike began and soon escalated. Lisa boldly took his hand, tracing his pointer finger along the edges of her bra asking if he liked the material.

Finally, Lisa said to me, loud enough for him to hear, “I like him and I think you do. Ask him.”

I was momentarily stunned but smiled at her, kissed her briefly then turned to Mike. I am sure he was turned on because I glanced down and noticed the growing impression he was forming in his jeans. Though we were still sitting on bar stools and people were around us, I am sure none of our racy conversation was overheard.

I asked rather plainly, “So, since your separation four months ago, when was the last time you had a blowjob?”

Lisa leaned in closer, emphasizing her voluminous chest and staring openly at his growing cock. She looked him in the eye and licked her lips waiting for his response.

He blushed, looking at both of us, “My wife didn’t like to suck dick. I can’t remember the last time she went down on me.”

“Would you like me to give you one?” asked Lisa excitedly.

He was stunned but totally fucking turned on. “Hell yeah!” came his quiet but eager reply.

“MMmm” Lisa licked her lips as she responded.

“Oh,” she added almost flippantly, “Have you ever had two pairs of lips on your dick at the same time?”

He looked from her to me a couple of times. Taking a quick drink of his beer, he shakily commented, “Uh, no.” He paused then added, “On second thoughts, I don’t think I can do this.” He avoided her eyes.

Lisa reached over and lightly squeezed his cock, “You don’t have to DO anything, just lean back and enjoy.” She paused for effect then added, “I have to use the ladies’ room. You two guys talk it over.”

And with that, she took herself and her tits off to the bathroom. Mike and I watched her curvaceous ass sway seductively from side to side as she swayed off.

“Is she serious? Are you serious?” he asked me incredulously.

I explained that this was a fantasy of hers and I would have my fantasy fulfilled at some time in the near future.

He asked me, “Have you ever had a guy suck your cock? Have you ever sucked a cock?”

I replied that yes I had and the experiences (giving and receiving, I whispered) weren’t bad, kind of fun, very exciting. Though, I admitted to him, I have not swallowed – yet. I added with a wink.

We sat quietly in thought until Lisa returned with another button of her blouse undone.

He whispered to me, “I’ll do it. I’m horny and yeah, I do need a blowjob.” Almost red-faced with embarrassment he added, “I never had two lips on my cock before, so it’ll be new to me too.”

He trembled upon answering but I did see him nervously look down at my pants. I did the same and saw his erection pushing anxiously through his jeans. I said nothing but rose as Lisa appeared and she noticed we were getting our things together, preparing to leave. I did manage to glimpse escort etiler a pretty brunette looking at us and smirking, though not unkindly. Mike and I rose from our bar stools to greet my wife.

She excitedly wrapped her arm around my waist and beamed at Mike, “So, we are going to do it?”

He shrugged nervously. “Yeah. I guess so,” he said, smiling shyly at Lisa.

“Thanks Mike,” she said, leaning up to peck him on the lips.

The walk to the hotel was relatively quick, each of us wondering how our sex play would go. Entering the hotel room, Lisa wasted no time kissing me hard and pulling our newfound friend within her hug and kissed him lightly on the lips. Mike and I groped Lisa’s body, feeling her tits, ass, waist, hips, and whatever else we could touch. Occasionally our hands would meet and we quickly sought other parts of Lisa’s shapely body. I heard a zipper become undone and looked down to see my wife fish out Mike’s hard cock. As she turned to face him, I removed her blouse and began undoing her skirt. Mike had his pants and underwear around his ankles and he had thrown off his shirt. Lisa sucked on each of his nipples and fondled his cock as she patiently allowed me to slide her skirt down her legs and toss it aside.

I was kneeling behind Lisa and I leaned forward to kiss and lick her ass as my fingers roughly felt their way to her soaking pussy. Mike lifted his legs, one at a time, to help Lisa remove the rest of his clothing. He sat on the edge of the bed and Lisa leaned forward to begin licking his cock and balls, slowly stroking his hard pole up and down, up and down. I quickly undressed and held my cock next to Lisa’s cheek, stroking myself slowly, watching as she sucked his cock head then taking his shaft slowly deeper between her moist lips.

Lisa’s eyes locked onto mine as she released his dick and eagerly sucked mine in her mouth. She sucked my dick then Mike’s and alternated her deep sucks between the thick dicks in front of her. Looking deeply into my eyes, she drew both cock heads between her lips and licked each of us simultaneously. Our cocks rubbed against each other as she pleasured us with her hands, tongue, and hot wet mouth.

Moans reverberated throughout the hotel room accentuated by her sounds of awesome and noisy cocksucking. She released our dicks and seductively said to me, “I need your help.”

Hearing no objection from Mike, I knelt beside my wife and deliberately took my time, grasping his hard meat, slowly stroking his hard and wet shaft. My wife and I kissed as I continued stroking him. With a free hand, she sought her pussy and slowly fingered herself intensely watching me. I felt his cum-heavy balls in my one hand as my other brought his dick nearer to my lips.

Lisa plunged her fingers in and out of herself as she panted out loudly, “Suck his cock. I want to see you take his dickhead in your mouth. Suck it for me, honey. Be a good cocksucker. Make me proud!”

Her breathing was labored, as was Mike’s, when I eased his dick head between my lips and I slurped loudly. Taking more of him in my mouth, I slowly bobbed my head up and down, taking more and more of his dick and hard shaft between my open and cock-starved lips. I licked his cock, tongued his shaft and sucked softly on each testicle. Slowly, I sucked in his cock head and my lips descended down his shaft, sucking in more inches with every downward motion of my lips. Lisa reached under the bed and pulled out the dildo we shared earlier (I washed it before we left). Lisa was frantically rubbing her clit and began fucking her pussy with the realistic cock watching me avidly suck Mike’s five-inch dick.

Lisa was pumping her pussy so hard watching me suck the man’s cock I thought she would explode. “Fuck me! Fuck me honey! I need your cock deep inside me!” She panted frantically.

I quickly removed my lips from Mike’s cock. Lisa’s tongue replaced the empty space in my mouth and she invaded my mouth so enthusiastically her kissing was almost bestial. She tore our mouths apart, pushing me aside, physically aching to have my cock inside her. Without words needing to be spoken, I understood and quickly knelt behind her, spreading her ass cheeks as I lined my cock up to penetrate her dripping pussy. Lisa took over the cocksucking duties for me, greedily sucking on Mike’s dick. My horny wife, was almost yelling at me to fuck her hard, her voice, she was almost trembling with lust. Her lewd requests snarled at me between her rapid sucks on his cock head and throbbing shaft.

“Oh, I see.” I smiled while easing the fake cock out of her drenched pussy, bringing it to my lips and licking off her cum from the phallus.

Mike was lying down with his elbows propping him up so he could watch my wife’s awesome cock sucking talents. Our eyes locked as he watched me lick and suck her juices off the toy. I slid the rubber member into her pussy again and offered the dick to Mike so he could lick off her juices.

My wife looked up and, still stroking his cock, she took the slick dick from me and brought it to his lips. Mike’s mouth opened as she slid the wet dick around his lips and touched the tip to his tongue. My wife must have tasted good to him as well because he took the cock into his mouth and sucked avidly, cleaning the fake cock of her cum.

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