Two Heads are Better than One Ch. 02


That afternoon, John and Kandy dressed casually for their dinner date with Cedric. As she dabbed a bit of her favorite perfume behind her ears, she turned to John. “Do you think Cedric will like me? After all it’s been a while since he had a sexual relationship with a woman.

John turned to her and winked, “With your sexy red hair and gorgeous body he won’t be able to resist you. As for me, I’m just going along for the ride.”

“Yeah right, don’t look now dear, but you’re drooling. I know you can’t wait to see him fuck me.” She blushed and giggled as Kandy pointed at John’s dick, “It looks like your cock agrees.”

“What can I day doll it has a mind of its own. Wonder how Cedric will do with this threesome? ”

“We’ll we are about to find out, we need to go as time is a wasting.”

The two of them drove off talking about what might happen when Cedric had his first threesome. They soon pulled into the restaurant and walked inside. Kandy looked around and didn’t see Cedric.

She turned to John and said, “Looks like he is not here yet. I’m nervous, why don’t we find a table and order us some drinks while we wait.”

“You’re nervous, and I bet Cedric is having second thoughts, or he got lost. Are you sure you gave him good directions dear, after all, you get lost going around the corner?”

“Smart ass, I looked it up on Map-Quest, I didn’t want both of us lost. Then again, that might be fun, because I’d have to use my cell phone and say ‘cum’ find me.”

“Oooh if you keep talking dirty, we might have to have you for dessert first and eat dinner later.”

Kandy laughed, “I’ll make a deal with you honey, I’ll stop talking dirty if your quit teasing me.” John motioned for the waitress as he leaned over to Kandy, “Deal.”

He then told the woman to find them a secluded corner for some privacy. She escorted then to a table in the corner and asked them if they wanted a cocktail.

John looked at Kandy and she replied, “I’ll have a Pina Colada.”

“If you have them, I’ll have a Mojito cocktail.” Since their backs were to the door Kandy kept turning around and surveying the place for Cedric. After a while she turned back around and took a sip of her drink, hoping her shaky hand wasn’t too noticeable.

Her mind was screaming, “Oh God, she couldn’t wait to kiss Cedric and show him what a real woman feels like.”

John and she were talking when Cedric walked into the restaurant and looked around for Kandy. Her red hair caught his eye and he felt his cock throb.

“Blimey, she is more beautiful than I imagined!”

Cedric approached the table without saying a word. When he was about half way there Kandy spotted him and rose to her feet to welcome him. He pulled her gently into his arms feeling her heart beating as anxious as his.

With a thick British accent, and a smile that lit up his whole face, Cedric greeted her. “Hello babe. God, it feels great to finally meet you.” He then reached out his hand to the man at the table with her. “Hello, you must be John? I’m Cedric.”

John shook his hand hard and welcomed him to America. He told him to take the seat at the booth across from Kandy. “We already ordered our drinks.”

As John motioned for the waitress again he asked, “What’s your poison?”

Just then the waitress arrived and Cedric replied, “I’ll have a Bud Light.”

As he was waiting for his drink Kandy gazed into Cedric’s blue eyes. She saw a hunger and knew it was meant for her. As her mind wandered to what would happen after dinner, she realized that Cedric would rock her world.

Cedric caught her ogling him. When he looked into her seductive green eyes antep escort he saw a magical gleam. He hoped it meant she was going to turn his empty world around and bedazzle him with her charms.

Cedric looked at John then back at Kandy. All of the sudden he felt overanxious and giddy like a teenager on his first date and about to have sex. He swallowed hard and whispered, “I don’t have much of an appetite. John I hope this won’t offend you John, but I can’t wait to see Kandy’s hot naked body.”

John replied, “We are all friends Cedric, nothing you say will make me feel uncomfortable in any way. However, I need to eat something before we ravish Kandy.”

Kandy’s stomach growled and she blushed. “I can’t wait either, but as you just heard, I need to eat…food this time fellows. Oh yeah, I was reading your mind Cedric. Later dear, I will eat you.”

Cedric took a quick drink of his beer to hide his embarrassment as he readjusted his pants to hide his growing member.

They all tried to contain their composure as they sat through dinner. Cedric spoke of his flight and what his plans were while here in Tennessee.

John laid his fork down and saw the waitress coming over to the table. When she got there he said, “Tell the chef this was a superb meal.”

“I will. Does anyone want dessert?”

The three of them looked at each other nodded in agreement and laughed. John then told the waitress, “No thanks honey.”

John pulled out Kandy’s chair and the three of them left the restaurant with Kandy between them.

Cedric opened the car door and helped her in before sliding into the seat beside her. John got into the drivers seat.

It only took a few minutes to drive to Cedric’s hotel room. During the trip Kandy laid her right hand on Cedric’s leg and her left hand on John’s thigh. “Oh my God,” she thought as she sat between two handsome gentlemen.

Arriving at the hotel John stopped and parked the car. He then turned to his wife, drawing her close and kissing her with a passion that took her breath away.

After that he pushed her toward Cedric and nodded, “You’re turn man.”

Cedric looked into her eyes, put his arms around her, and pulled her close, kissing her deeply. As her arousal intensified, her nipples swelled and juices soaked her panties.

She licked her lips seductively and purred, “Okay boys, let’s play!”

Cedric took out his room key and headed toward the door. John helped her out of the car.

Once inside the room both men move closer to Kandy. While John stood in front, Cedric got behind her. As their bodies touched, the men began to tantalize her with their fingers.

Cedric began to think and wonder, “Am I doing the right thing?” After reassuring himself he shook that idea from his mind, “This is my night to find out what I’ve been missing.”

Kandy noticed Cedric’s uneasiness. She looked at John for assurance then back at Cedric and told him to strip and lay on the bed. Once he did that she removed her clothing and climbed onto the bed next to him.

It looked as if Cedric was going to pass out when he ogled her naked body. She snuggled up close to him wrapped her arms around his neck and planted a kiss on Cedric that would curl his toes.

John watched as she kissed, caressed, and lovingly guided Cedric. He couldn’t get undressed fast enough. When he took off his shorts his dick was already hard and oozing pre-cum

“Oh God Kandy, you make me so fucking hot! That’s it doll, touch his dick, feel it swell and harden in your hands.”

Kandy stroked Cedric’s cock for awhile then lay back on the bed. antep escort bayan She looked at John and then at Cedric and squealed, “I’m all yours. Do whnt you want to me!”

As she lay there breathless in the middle of the bed, Cedric kissed her, and then bent down to suckle her left breast. John moved in and started to nibble at her right one, which was already standing erect. He watched Cedric for awhile before running his hand downward to Kandy’s throbbing pussy. With one sweeping action John plunged his fingers into her hot hole, covering them with her sweet nectar, then brought the fingers to his mouth, and sucked them clean.

As Cedric observed Kandy’s sexy body and caring attitude it dawned on him. This is what had been missing in his life, a woman. It’s too bad they don’t clone older people as he’d want a replica of Kandy. Cedric savored the moment, quivering all over. He stopped sucking her left nipple and moved downward. He wanted to get between Kandy’s legs and taste her delights.

The sheer thought of pleasuring this sexy BBW and with his tongue almost made him pass out. Cedric spread the folds of her labia apart with his thumbs. He inhaled the fragrance, the musky aroma was intoxicating.

When she felt Cedric’s tongue caress her pussy Kandy moved her head from side to side as waves of electricity surged through her body.

She then shrieked, “Eat my hot cunt!”

As Cedric devoured her cunt, John moved up on the bed and knelt beside Kandy’s head. After that he gently turned her head toward him. Then he took his hard cock in his hand and started rubbing it up and down the smooth soft skin of her face. It was as if he was marking his territory.

He then traced her lips with his pre-cum and commanded her, “Suck my fat cock baby. Show Cedric what a good little cock sucker you are.”

Kandy loved sucking cock. She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his cock eagerly, engulfing him until her lips brushed against his pubic hair. As she bobbed up and down John notices Cedric watching them.

John lets out and animalistic growl as Kandy sucked him off. He then looked straight at Cedric and shouted, “You’re next buddy!”

Cedric continued letting his tongue work his magic on Kandy’s clit as two fingers were inside her hot hole. Out of the corner of his eye he watched her suck John’s dick.

Kandy began to buck her hips wildly as she pushed her pussy into Cedric’s face. He grabbed her by the hips and held on then bit her clit gently. She covered his face with her first orgasm.

As Cedric watched, Kandy concentrated of sucking John off. She took his cock deep into her throat and then pulled all the way back out again, repeatedly. He started thrusting his hips fucking her mouth wildly. With her free hand, she fondled his balls, kneading them with her fingers.

John groaned louder as he prepared to shoot his load of cum down her throat. “Ooooooh fuck, Kandy, here it comes!”

When he was finished John laid down beside Kandy to watch what she and Cedric were doing.

Cedric wanted to fuck her badly, but when he looked at his cock, it was limp. With tears in his eyes her looked at Kandy and uttered. “I’m sorry honey. God what is wrong with me? Here I have a sexy woman ready for me to fuck and my dick isn’t cooperating.”

Kandy held out her arms to Cedric, “Awww honey, come here,” as she took him in her arms and kissed him.

“Don’t worry about that okay? Are you having fun?”

Cedric replied, “Ooooh yes, I’m having a blast, except for wimpy.”

“John and I are too, and that’s all that counts. After all baby, escort antep we have all night to make that cock cooperate.”

When they looked over at John, he was fast asleep. “”Poor dear, he’s been up since five am and was probably exhausted.”

Kandy looked at Cedric and asked, “Are you tired, baby?”

“No, not really. God I’m sorry baby, I wanted to fuck you so bad.”

“Well, I’m not a bit tired. Don’t worry about it honey, let me lie in your arms and snuggle for awhile.”

The two of them lay there listening to the rhythmic beating of their hearts, interrupted every now and then by John’s snoring.

They looked and John and laughed. Cedric pulled Kandy close and kissed her deeply.

She returned the kiss with all the passion within her, while her fingers reached for his cock.

Kandy stroked his member as their tongues did the dance of lovers. Slowly Cedric’s cock stirred to life. She then stopped kissing him and moved down and began sucking his dick.

“Ooooooh God! Keep it up! I have never been sucked like this before!”

She worked eagerly on Cedric’s cock. If anyone could make him climax, her lips and fingers could.

Cedric sighed and uttered, “I’m sorry love, for some reason I can’t cum.”

“You’re just too wound up and nervous honey. How do you cum when you are at home?”

“Since I have no woman in my life, I always jack off.”

Kandy looked at John, “I wish he was awake he’d love watching us.”

She then looked into Cedric’s eyes and said, “Hey, I have and idea.”

“What’s that, lovey?”

“Well when we are online, you always watch me masturbate while you jack off. Why don’t you watch me now and jack off?”

“Ooooh, that’s a splendid idea. Do you think it will work?”

“Let’s try it. After all, I can cum several times a night. God you make me so fucking hot!”

They each moved so they could observe each other and not awaken John. Cedric licked his lips and pulled at his cock as he watched Kandy play with her hot nipples and cunt.

Kandy loved watching men jack off, and loved performing for them. She spread her legs and taunted her pussy with one hand as her other one brought a nipple to her lips. She sucked her nipple and then held it between her teeth.

“MMMM, I love a woman who can suck her own nipples, keep it up, I think its working.”

Kandy then spread her legs wider and began finger-fucking her hot hole with first two fingers, next three, and then all of them, until almost her whole fist was inside.

She felt her juices run down the crack of her ass and uttered, “I love being naughty. Jack your cock hard baby! That’s it. Oooooh fuck, I’m going to cum again.”

Cedric watched Kandy climax. He then stammered, “I’m close love. Finish me with your lips.”

Kandy told him to lie on his back so that he could play with her cunt while she sucked him. After that she leaned over and took all of his cock in her mouth, sucking him deep and hard. With her free hand Kandy squeezed his balls and he erupted like a loose cannon, filling her mouth with a copious amount of sweet cum.

That triggered Kandy to climax again. When they were done they lay back in each others arms.

Cedric kissed her and said, “Thanks, I needed that.”

Kandy looked him in the eyes and uttered, “You’re welcome dear. Hey, want to know something?”


“I hope I showed you what you were missing in your life.”

“You have honey. You also gave me the confidence that when I return home, I can find a woman, and make up for lost time.”

“I’m glad,” Kandy yawned. “I’m getting tired.”

“Can I hold you while you’re sleeping, baby?”


“Okay, snuggle up against John and let me cradle you in my arms.”

The three of them slept that way all night, well almost. At six a.m. Kandy awoke and noticed that Cedric was slowly stroking his dick.

She ran her tongue across her lips and uttered, “I see that breakfast is ready.”

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