Two Italian Girls


I was walking back to my office after lunch when, passing two young girls, I heard one of them say, “Could you spare five dollars, mister?” I stopped and looked at them. They looked about eighteen, were dark-haired and well dressed. In fact they were the best dressed beggars I’d ever seen.

“You have got to be kidding,” I said, and starting to walk on. But then I stopped, turned around and walked back to them. I had a closer look at them. They appeared to be of European extraction, Italian perhaps, and one of them, the taller of the two, was quite stunning. Her dark hair was long, straight and parted in the middle. Her features were delicate, her skin pale, her eyes big and brown, and her body slender. She wore a white blouse – I could just make out a white lace bra underneath it – an amber-coloured, pleated, knee-length skirt, black tights and black leather shoes. Her companion wasn’t quite as pretty. She had olive skin and a rather prominent nose, but a pleasant face and a cute smile. Her black hair was curly and fell around her shoulders, and her body was curvaceous. She wore a blue polo-necked woollen top, the front of it tight over her big breasts, a brown suede skirt and pink sandals.

“Have you girls ever done any modelling?” I asked.

“Modelling?” said the shorter girl, giggling. The taller girl just stared at me.

“Well, how would you like to make some real money? How does 300 bucks sound?”

“And what would we have to do for 300 bucks?

“Just pose for some photos.”

“What sort of photos?” asked the taller one.

“Just photos. Nothing out of the ordinary. I’d want you both to undress of course.” I smiled. “Come on, I’ll make it 500 bucks. It’ll be the easiest 500 you’ll ever make. It’ll be fun.”

They looked at each other, and the shorter one put her arm around the taller one’s shoulders and whispered in her ear. They walked off a little way, and looked like they were arguing. It was pretty clear to me that the shorter one liked the idea and was trying to convince her friend. They came back.

“Whereabouts?” asked the taller one.

“Back at my house. I’ll drive us there.”

They looked at each other again. “A thousand,” said the taller one.

I shook my head. “Five hundred, take it or leave it.”

There was another brief conference between them. The taller girl was still looking a bit reluctant but then the shorter one said, “We’ll go, but only for an hour.”

“Fine,” I said. “Let’s go.”

I began to walk towards my office with them following me. On the way I phoned my secretary and told her I had decided to take the rest of the day off.

We reached my building a few minutes later. I led them down into the basement carpark and we got into my car.

On the way home I asked them their names. “I’m Franca,” said the shorter one, “and this is Nina.” I learned that, while they had been born here, their parents were indeed Italian. I also learned that they had just left school, and neither of them was working. Franca wanted to be a hairdresser, she said, and Nina an actress.

Arriving at my house I unlocked the door and led them into the lounge room. “What would you girls like to drink?” I asked, opening my drinks cabinet. “I’ve got scotch, bourbon, vodka, wine…” They both looked at the array of bottles. Franca asked for a Cinzano and orange juice and Nina was, after a while, persuaded to have the same. I went and fixed their drinks – adding a good dash of vodka to them too. When I got back they were both sitting on the couch with their legs together, looking a little nervous.

“There you go,” I said, handing them their drinks.

I walked over to the cabinet where I keep my photographic equipment and got out one of my digital cameras. I sat down on a chair facing them.

“So, how long have you two known each other?”

“Oh, about…” Franca looked at Nina, “..about two years?” Nina nodded.

I raised the camera and took a few photos of them. “And, do you have boyfriends?”

Franca giggled. “Well, I do, sort of. Nina doesn’t.” Nina frowned.

“Come on, smile for me,” I said. Franca tilted her head to one side and smiled cheekily, brushing the dark curls away from her face. There was no doubt she was a lot more into this than her companion, so I started to concentrate on her. “That’s good. Put your hands behind your head.” She did so, her ample chest thrust forward. I pointed the camera at it and she ran illegal bahis her hands over her breasts. Nina watched this performance with a rather unimpressed look on her face. I broke off taking pictures and went and fixed us some more drinks. Alcohol, I had found, was one of a photographer’s most important tools.

I decided it was time to get things moving along and picked up my camera again. I turned to Franca. “OK, take your top off.”

I saw Franca glance at her friend, somewhat impishly I thought, and without any hesitation pulled her blue top up and over her head. She wore a sturdy looking bra of black satin, the straps of which dug into her shoulders as they held the weight of her tits.

“Right. Now pull the front of your bra down.” Franca slipped her fingers into the cups and began to pull them down until her breasts half spilled out, as big as I had imagined with fat brown nipples to match.

“Nice,” I said, starting to get a hard-on.

I now turned my attention to Nina, whose cheeks were flushed and who seemed to be a little under the influence of the drinks. “Your turn.”

Nina stared at me, glossy black hair falling over one side of her face, and at first she didn’t move. But then she looked down at her chest and, with obvious reluctance, unbuttoned her blouse and drew it off. As Franca and I stared at her (with equal interest, it seemed to me) she reached behind her back, unhooked her white lace bra and drew it off, revealing a pair of small, pointy tits with upturned, pinkish brown nipples. She sat back, staring stiffly ahead as I snapped some pictures. I saw how skinny Nina was, the ribs visible at her sides, and also that she had a navel piercing with a gold ring in it.

Franca, who had kept her bra on up to this point but was surely craving attention again, unhooked it now and threw it on the floor. She turned to me. Freed of the bra her tits were pendulous. They made a great contrast with Nina’s boyish, almost flat chest.

“Right, lift up your skirts, both of you” Franca immediately took hold of the hem of her suede skirt and began to pull it up. It was so tight though that she did this with some difficulty, and she had to wriggle her hips before she could get it up to her waist, revealing a pair of white cotton panties. A thick black bush of hair could just be glimpsed through them, with a little curly tuft of it protruding above the waistband. Nina, having watched this somewhat awkward display, pulled her own skirt up rather more gracefully. Beneath it she wore a pair of skimpy, apricot-coloured panties. I took some more photos.

My throat was starting to get a bit dry. “OK, take them off.”

Franca, who seemed to be enjoying herself now, pushed her panties down her legs and kicked them off with a little flourish. Without me even asking her to, she spread her legs, and I took some close-ups of her fleshy, dark red cunt surrounded by a ring of thick black hair, as she helpfully held it open.

Nina had pulled her blue panties down too and they were bunched around her feet. Her legs were still primly together though. I ignored her, concentrating on photographing Franca, and after a while I could see Nina was getting a little put out by this. She obviously wasn’t used to being upstaged by Franca, and expected to get most of the attention when the two of them were together. Now her modesty was struggling with her vanity, and her vanity was starting to win. I could see her trying to get my attention, parting her legs a little so that I got my first glimpse of her crotch.

I continued to focus on Franca though. Nina slid forward on the couch, letting her legs open a little bit. I took pity on her and turned the camera toward her. “OK, Nina, spread your legs.” She stared at me with her big brown eyes.

“Go on,” I said to Franca, “why don’t you give her a kiss?”

At that point, something seemed to snap in Nina. She stood up, pushed her skirt down, and picked her blouse up off the floor. “I can’t do this,” she said, putting the blouse on hurriedly, getting her arms all twisted in the sleeves, then grabbed her bra and panties and ran out of the door.

Franca stared at me, her eyebrows raised and a look on her face that seemed to say she didn’t like this development any more than me. She put her top on, pulling it over her big tits, and wriggled into her skirt. “Wait, I’ll see if I can get her back again.” Then she was gone too.

I casino siteleri had to laugh. Franca, it seemed, had become my accomplice.

I went and poured myself a drink. Would they come back, I wondered. I gave it about a 50/50 chance. The fact that I hadn’t actually paid them any money yet was in my favour. And Franca had left her underwear on the floor.

After half an hour had passed I had just about given up hope, but then there was a knock at the door.

“Nice to see you again,” I said as I let the girls in.

“We’ll do what you want,” said Franca, “but we want a thousand dollars. And we want the money first.” They both looked at me with expressions on their faces as if to say ‘We’re the ones in control here’.

“No problem,” I said. I went into my bedroom and came back with $500 in cash. “Half now, half at the end,” I said. Nina frowned, but put her hand out for it. I held it back for a moment.

“But the deal is that, for this, you do whatever I ask you to.”

Nina stared at me for a moment, glanced at Franca, then said softly, “Alright.” I gave her the money and she put it in her handbag.

I mixed us another round of drinks, and got my camera ready again. “Right, strip,” I said, “everything off,” and took some shots as they undressed. When they were naked I told them to sit on the couch again, and knelt in front of Nina.

“OK, Nina,” I said, “let’s see it. Show me your pussy.”

I could see that Nina still wasn’t terribly comfortable with this whole scene, but she had a look of resignation on her face now. She slowly parted her knees as I moved in closer to get a good look. I saw that her pubic hair, unlike Franca’s unruly bush, was neatly trimmed, shaved at the sides and top, and her vulvae were a delicate shade of coral pink. It was one of the nicest cunts I had ever seen. “Beautiful,” I murmured as I snapped pictures of it. I saw that Franca was craning her neck to see it as well.

I spent the next fifteen minutes or so photographing them in every pose I could think of. I had them sitting together, Franca’s arm around Nina’s shoulders, both pairs of legs spread. Then I got them to turn around so they were kneeling on the couch with their butts toward the camera so I could get some clear shots of their arseholes, which were as different as the rest of them. The skin around Franca’s was a purplish brown colour, deeply creased and surrounded with squiggly black hairs, while Nina’s anus was a neat little pink hole, quite hairless.

I made Nina spread her pussy open with her fingers for a few shots. As she did this, Franca was gazing at her friend’s face and stroking her thigh.

“Franca,” I said, “now you can kiss her.”

Without looking at me, Franca kissed Nina on the cheek. Nina turned her face towards her and their lips met. Franca’s hand moved to Nina’s small breasts, her fingers brushing the compact little buds of her nipples. Nina’s face was flushed.

“Let Nina kiss your tits.” I said. Franca drew herself up so that her big, heavy breasts were level with Nina’s face, and cupping the left one in her hand offered the stubby brown nipple to her. Nina, with only the slightest hesitation, took the nipple into her mouth and began to suck it. It was such a lovely sight that I forgot to take photographs. My hand moved to my crotch and I rubbed my dick through my pants.

Up to this point I had been directing things, but now Franca and Nina seemed to forget all about me. I saw Franca’s hand move to Nina’s pussy, and Nina parted her legs to receive it. Franca began to stroke her slit, which I could see was wet. Nina was fondling Franca’s breasts. They didn’t notice as I unzipped my pants and got my cock out.

Franca’s smooth, round backside was towards me, and I put one hand against her left buttock. She didn’t seem to notice, kissing Nina’s flat belly as she now was, slowly moving down to her pretty cunt. Then her lips brushed the little strip of pubic hair, and her tongue began to lap her girlfriend’s pink slit.

I got bolder. My cock was hard and pointing at Franca’s plump, hairy cunt. My hand was still grasping her bum, spreading it so I could see her brown arsehole, and I let my thumb run along her thick pussy lips. Franca pushed back against my hand but offered no resistance as I pushed my prick against her and entered her. I got hold of her hips and began to fuck her, each forward stroke pushing her forward, poker siteleri pushing her face into Nina’s cunt. As I fucked her harder she began to moan.

After a couple of minutes I pulled out. I went into my bedroom and found a dildo. When I came back into the lounge room, I was pleased to see the girls had continued to kiss in my absence.

I told Franca to lie on the couch, and handed the dildo to Nina. “Fuck her with it,” I said. Nina took the dildo (a large, pink, quite realistic replica of a prick and balls which I used to use on my ex-wife) and, a little apprehensive, put the head of it against Franca’s pussy, then slowly pushed it in. Franca’s body arched as Nina began to slide the dildo in and out of her.

I bent down and whispered into Franca’s ear, “You like that, don’t you?”

I took a few shots of this then, putting the camera down, leant over Franca’s face, one hand against the wall. I was hard again and positioned myself so the tip of my cock rested against her cheek, a little pre-cum oozing onto it. I rubbed it over her face then, when she turned towards me, slipped it into her mouth. She took it in willingly, one hand reaching up to touch my balls, and began to suck me expertly.

Nina was watching this, and I noticed that she had started to fuck her friend more aggressively, really jamming the dildo into Franca, who was writhing and choking a little on my dick. After a while I pulled out of her and took a step towards Nina so that my hard cock, glistening with Franca’s saliva, was inches from her face. Taking her head in my hands I guided her red lips to it. She gagged a little as she took me in, but she managed it, and I fucked her pale, angelic face for several minutes.

I almost came, withdrawing just in time. I grabbed her by shoulders. “Get on the floor,” I said, moving her off the couch and making her get on all fours. I put my hands on her buttocks and spread them apart, and gazed at that pretty pink anus of hers, and then pressed my face to her bum and began to lick it. When I had got her hole nice and lubricated – I ended up by spitting on it – I held onto her hips and pressed the head of my prick against it. Nina let out a yell as my cock invaded her arse – her young butthole so tight it took a few hard strokes to get me all the way in. Franca was sitting on the couch, watching fascinated as I buggered her friend, and I motioned her to get on the floor. “Kiss her again,” I said, which she did, and it was while watching her tongue slip into Nina’s mouth that, with one particularly deep thrust, I ejaculated into her bowels.

For a few moments I maintained my position, my hands on Nina’s buttocks, catching my breath. Then I looked up at Franca and said, “Come here.” My cock was still held in the tight, hot grip of Nina’s arse, and reaching behind me I picked up my camera from the coffee table.

Franca was kneeling next to me now. “Okay,” I said to her, “clean us up.”

I slowly withdrew my cock from Nina’s arse – I was pleased to see some smears of brown on it, and around her ring – and pointed it at Franca’s face. She dutifully bent down and, taking my dick in her hand, licked the shit and pussy juice from it, then turned her attention to Nina’s slimy, slightly swollen arsehole, as I took photos. She was clearly enjoying herself, her tongue delving deep into her girlfriend’s anus. Figuring she deserved an orgasm after all her hard work, I ran my hand down her back, over her buttocks and underneath, my fingers slipping between her wet cunt lips, and finding her clitoris, rubbed it until she came.

I stood up, my legs a little shaky, and picked up my drink where I had left it and finished it off. I went into the bedroom and came back with the other $500, and handed it to Nina, who was sitting on the floor, looking a little dazed. “Thanks, girls” I said. “Good work.” I sat on the couch, still naked, and watched them dress.

I offered them another drink, and I’m sure Franca would have stayed for one, but Nina said she had to be getting home to her parents for dinner. “Tell you what, girls,” I said, “if you’re ever in need of money give me a call.” I picked my pants up off the floor, got my wallet out and gave them each one of my cards.

I closed the door and started to walk back to the living room when there was a knock at the door. I opened it slightly and saw it was Franca. I opened the door wider.

“I wanted to ask you something,” she said.


“I was wondering if I could get copies of the photos.”

I laughed. “Sure. Why don’t you come back tomorrow, say 2pm?”

“Alright.” She looked down at my cock and, grabbing it, gave it a squeeze, then smiling mischievously, turned and ran off.

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