Two Wheel Desires Ch. 01


Arriving at the Regency Building, just off I-69, on the northeast side of Indianapolis, I checked my watch before exiting the car.

“7:20, same as yesterday.” I thought to myself. “I can’t believe how regimented my life has become.”

Grabbing my purse and tan leather attaché, I strode briskly towards the front of the four-story building. Constructed of poured white concrete and dark tinted glass, it seemed like I spent more time at work than I did at home.

“I’ve got to get out of this rut.” I thought, pulling one of the huge glass doors open. “Life is going to pass me by and I won’t have a thing to show for it but a big bank account.”

“Woohoo!” Exclaimed our receptionist, Evelyn Saunders, when she saw me approaching.

The stocky black woman had been Regency Investment Group’s receptionist for almost twenty-five years, rarely missing a day of work. Evelyn was my one bright ray of sunshine that I looked forward to each morning.

“Did that skirt come with a warning label? She jested with a big grin as she donned her headset.

“It’s too short, isn’t it?” I replied, blushing. “I knew it was too short when I bought it!”

The tan business suit, one of a dozen I owned, did look great on me. I’ll have to admit that, even though the skirt was much shorter than what I was used to wearing.

“No! No!” Evelyn responded. “Not with those legs, Hon!”

“If I had legs like yours I’d be showing them off every chance I got.” She added. “I bet your husband hated to see you leave home this morning.”

“He didn’t even notice me.” I countered. “He was too busy polishing his damn golf clubs. He’s going off on another of his golfing junkets with his buddies this weekend.”

“Maybe you oughta take up golfing?” Evelyn suggested. “I bet he’d notice you then.”

“Just between you and me, I don’t really care if he notices me or not.” I confessed, trying my best not to display a frown. “The more we’re apart, the better we get along.”

“Well, there’s more to life than just working all the time.” Evelyn stated. “I know you’ve been working weekends and staying late of an evening.”

“I know, I know.” I agreed. “That why I’m giving serious consideration to buying a motorcycle.”

“YOU! On a motorcycle!” Evelyn exclaimed. “Now that’s a sight I’ve got to see!”

“Well, don’t hold your breath.” I asserted. “I’m just considering it. I haven’t made up my mind just yet.”

“You gonna get some tattoos and join a biker gang?” Evelyn kidded.

“Hmmm. I never thought about that.” I replied with a laugh. “I just might.”

An incoming call interrupted our conversation. Giving Evelyn a wave, I proceeded towards the elevator, heading to my fourth floor, corner office. Our morning conversations were sometimes the highlight of my day. The rest of my workday was usually spent in meetings, monitoring our investments or chatting with our most prestigious investors. It was all business, all damn day long!

Even though I’d just turned thirty-two, I often felt more like fifty-two. At least I still had a good figure, not as great as when I attended college but not far from it. At five foot, seven, my weight was well within proportion. My shoulder-length blonde hair I was considering having cut to a short shag to make it easier to care for and manage. My once bright green eyes seemed to have faded over the past two years along with my vision. I blamed both on way too many hours staring at computer monitors and investment reports. I’d resigned myself to wearing gradient tinted eyeglasses to help relieve the stress on my vision.

Stepping off the elevator, I ran into Frank Bauer, Regency Investment Group’s president and CEO. He smiled even though I could immediately tell he didn’t quite approve of my business suit. His sturdy figure and grey-black, salt and pepper hair gave him a threatening but distinguished look.

“Got a minute?” He asked, putting his arm around my waist. “There’s a couple of things I need to cover with you before I take off for a long weekend.”

“Sure Dad.” I answered with a smile. “Your office or mine?”

“Let’s go to your office.” He replied. “The coffee bar’s closer to your office.”

Stopping at the coffee bar, my father fixed us both a cup of coffee before proceeding on. It was my second cup of the day but certainly wouldn’t be my last. I was addicted to caffeine and nicotine, my only two vices. I drank coffee by the pot and smoked cigarettes like they were going out of style. I thought of both of them as substitutes for sex, which I wasn’t experiencing nearly enough.

My husband, Gary and I slept in separate bedrooms, which was his idea, not mine. He claimed I bothered him too much toss and turning. I don’t think he realized it was because I needed his attention and affection. Sex was something we engaged in every few months or so, usually after he’d been out drinking with his friends or watching porno movies.

Entering my office, I set about booting up the bank of three computers on my L-shaped desk.

“Don’t you think that skirt’s a bit too hd porno short for someone your age?” My father remarked, pointing at the hemline. “Not to mention for someone in your position?”

“Oh…I’ve still got the legs for short skirts.” I responded, trying to brush off the comment. “Beside, you never know when showing them off might influence one of our major investors.”

“That’s not the way we do business!” My father retorted. “The Regency Investment Group was founded on good, solid investment strategies with integrity and honest business practices. As the vice-president of this firm, you’re expected you to uphold those values.”

“Cut the sermon Dad!” I interrupted before he could say anything more. “I was only kiddin’ for Christ’s sake.”

We spent the next hour and a half going over some new investments we were considering and discussing financial reports. It was starting off like just another typical day.

Sitting behind my desk, I couldn’t help but be occasionally distracted by one of my screensavers. It was one of those Harley-Davidson screensavers from their website. It displayed several of their models even though only a couple struck my interest. My imagination went so far as to allow me to picture myself sitting astride a low-slung, extended fork chopper. Common sense brought me back to reality, knowing a chopper was out of the question.

Settling in with my third cup of coffee of the morning, I scanned the stock and money markets for any changes that needed closer scrutiny. Nothing much out of the ordinary seemed to be happening. With the firm’s numerous and large amounts of money invested in commercial real estate, I decided to review the week’s report on our holdings. Leaning back in my comfortable, leather chair, I propped my feet up on the desk.

“Kaitlyn, have you got a minute to speak with Trey Morgan?” Heather Gibson inquired, standing in the doorway.

“Yeah. Sure.” I responded, looking up from the report.

Heather had been my secretary for just a short time but she seemed to be working out great. Her only bad habit was spending a little too much time primping her hair and make-up, which she did at least a dozen times a day. Heather was drop-dead gorgeous at twenty-one and five foot, nine with coal black hair that fell halfway down her back. She had the figure most women would give up an intense orgasm for. Her breasts were perfect and her legs long and slender. She had the brightest blue eyes I’d ever seen, which captivated your attention.

Trey Morgan stepped into my office just as I was swinging my feet down to the floor. There was no doubt he got a good, long look at my legs. His eyes seemed fixated on my skirt’s short hemline.

“Hope I didn’t come by at a bad time.” Trey muttered, still staring at my legs.

“Not really.” I replied.

“Have a seat.” I offered, gesturing to the casual chairs in front of my desk.

His eyes finally diverted their attention away from my legs as he walked towards the leather chairs. I took advantage of the moment to scan Trey’s tall, masculine form. Even though he was wearing his work clothes uniform, I could tell he had a fairly muscular build. His slacks fit him snug, showing off his tight butt.

“Oh yeah!” I thought to myself. “I’d definitely kiss those asscheeks!”

As he sat looking at me, I took a minute to take in his extremely handsome facial features, especially his cold steel blue eyes and rugged complexion, not to mention the small cleft in his chin. His dark hair looked thick and rich, the kind you love running your fingers through. Trey was one of our maintenance technicians, skilled at doing just about everything. I wasn’t sure but I thought he was either twenty-two or twenty-three. I also remembered hearing he was engaged.

“Lucky Bitch!” I thought, allowing my jealousy to get the better of me.

“Is this business or pleasure?” I asked, breaking the silence. “Should I close my door?”

“Oh no!” Trey answered. “I just thought I’d stop by and…well, Evelyn mentioned something about you buying a motorcycle.”

“Oh yeah!” I laughed. “I’m not sure if I’m really gonna buy one or not. It seems a little stupid…I mean, for someone my age, don’t ya think?”

“Geez! No!” Trey countered. “There’s more babes buying bikes now than ever. They’re not just riding along as passengers anymore. They’re gettin’ their hands on the handlebars and taking control.”

“I’m a little past the babe stage.” I affirmed, feeling myself blushing. “I was thinking I might be a little too old.”

“Nah. No way.” Trey contradicted with a big smile. “I could see you ridin’ a hog, even a chopper.

“A Big Dog or maybe a Vengeance!” I exclaimed, laughing.

“Sounds like you’ve been watching a lot of cable TV shows on motorcycling.” Trey assumed. “You might wanna consider a Harley-Davidson though. Choppers aren’t as easy to ride as they look.”

“I’ve been shopping online at the Harley-Davidson website whenever I get a chance.” I confessed. “I’m not sure which bike would be right for me though.”

“Well, sex izle the Sportster is about the least expensive if you want something on the small side.” Trey stated. “But you’d probably get tired of it after awhile.”

“Yeah, that’s what I was thinking.” I agreed. “I don’t want something in a starter bike. That’s pretty much what a Sportster is. I’ve ridden before, although it was back in my college days.”

“That’s cool.” Trey stated. “At least you’ve got some experience on the pegs.”

“Well, it was a small Honda.” I clarified. “I think it was a Rebel or something.”

“Nothing wrong with a Honda.” Trey avowed. “They’re not bad motorcycles. They’re just not a Harley.”

The two of us sat for over an hour talking about motorcycles, not paying any attention to the time or other tasks we should be working on.

“I’ve got a friend who’s a salesman at Richert Harley-Davidson up in Kokomo.” Trey stated. “They’re having a sale this weekend if you’re interested.”

“Hmmm. Maybe I oughta drive up there and see what they’ve got.” I asserted. “It wouldn’t hurt to at least take a look.”

“If you’re really interested, I’d be happy to go up there with ya.” Trey suggested. “I can introduce you to Rick and make sure he treats you right.”

I took a minute to consider Trey’s offer. Maybe I was thinking more about spending time with him than I was about the purpose of going to the dealership. I felt myself being entranced more and more by his fantastic looks and charm.

“Sure. Why not?” I finally responded. “What time and where do you wanna meet?”

“Well, they’re talking showers tomorrow so we’d probably better drive up.” Trey replied. “My fiancé wants to use my truck to help move her sister so you’d have to drive.”

“That’s not a problem.” I spoke up. “I can drive.”

Trey jotted down his address in Westfield. It was right off Highway Thirty-One on the way to Kokomo. We agreed I’d pick him up at 9:00am the next morning.

I spent the rest of the day trying to concentrate on business matters but my mind kept drifting off to the next day’s trip to the Harley-Davidson dealership with Trey. I was still unsure about purchasing a motorcycle but I felt I was closer now than ever to actually buying one. I hoped, with Trey’s help, I could find one that was best suited for me.

Saturday morning, the weather was just as Trey had predicted. It was raining hard when I left my waterfront home in Geist. By the time I pulled into Trey’s driveway in Westfield it had slowed to a constant drizzle.

For the day’s activities, I’d selected a silver satin blouse and black leather slacks that fit me like a glove. As usual, I’d slipped on black high-heels to give my height a little boost. I wanted to look my best but not too provocative for Trey.

I didn’t count on meeting Trey’s fiancé, Michelle but she was at his home when I arrived. She looked me up and down from head to toe when Trey introduced us. She was very cute and very young, not much over nineteen, if that. She was about my height with long brown hair. She had a great figure, her slender waist being her most prominent asset. Her breasts were small but they didn’t take anything away from her girlish figure.

“I like your outfit.” Michelle complimented me. “Very…sexy.”

I thanked her, trying my best not to blush from embarrassment.

“That outfit’s definitely gonna get you a good deal on a bike.” Trey remarked putting his arm around Michelle’s waist and pulling her tight against him.

“Yeah. I’m sure it will.” Michelle added in a snide tone. “Rick likes older women.”

“What a bitch!” I thought. “She surely can’t be jealous of me, not with her figure!”

Once Trey and I were on our way north my nerves settled down with a cigarette. As traffic thinned out I was able to run the speed limit on the four-lane highway.

“Man, this car is one, sweet ride.” Trey commented, running his hand over the soft leather seats of my Mercedes SL500 roadster.

“Yeah. It’s not bad.” I agreed, resting my hand on the gearshift knob. “The depreciation isn’t nearly as bad as a lot of other cars on the market.”

“I bet not.” Trey asserted, gently resting his hand over mine. “Sort of like a Harley. The depreciation is hardly noticeable if you take care of it and don’t tear it up.”

“What about a chopper?” I asked. “I’m betting they depreciate a lot the first few years.”

“Yeah, for the most part they do.” Trey replied, squeezing my hand just a little. “You’d look really hot on a chopper though. It’d be worth the expense.”

“I bet you were really hot when you were Michelle’s age.” He remarked with a sly grin.

“Hah! Not really!” I laughed. “I was…let’s just say I was slow in developing.”

Rather quickly, I thought of a couple of questions about motorcycles to get the conversation diverted away from anything sexual. Trey removed his hand from on top of mine, allowing my nerves to settle a little, although I did miss his touch.

Richert’s Harley-Davidson dealership was located altyazılı porn just off the highway at the southern edge of Kokomo. Pulling into the parking lot, I couldn’t help but notice all the motorcycles parked in front of the building. The rain had stopped halfway there and it must have really brought out the riders.

I took a deep breath before exiting the car, still a little unsure if I was making the right decision.

“Don’t be so nervous.” Trey asserted, putting his hand to the small of my back. “These Harleys won’t bite you.”

Stepping into the large showroom, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There were so many motorcycles on display I couldn’t decide which to look at first. Trey and I started walking down the first row, scanning over each bike and checking price tags. Most of them were indeed on sale with prices marked down several hundred to a thousand dollars.

We weren’t the only ones looking at motorcycles. The dealership was packed with people shopping for bikes, accessories and clothing.

“I’ll go see if I can find Rick.” Trey commented, leaving me to shop by myself. “Don’t be afraid to sit on any of the bikes if you see one you like.”

I did just that, sitting astride several of the new Harleys in the crowded showroom. Some felt way too big; others actually felt a little small for me. I continued looking at the bikes, mingling with the other customers.

“Rick’s tied up with a customer right now.” Trey stated, returning to my side. “Have you seen any that you liked?”

“All of them!” I exclaimed with a grin as I checked out the price tag on a new Electra-Glide. “Although I’m not much into the touring bikes.”

“If you’re like me you’d probably be a lot happier with a street bike.” He suggested. “Maybe a Fat Boy or a Heritage Softail.”

“They’re great around town, riding out in the country and even interstate riding.” He added. “Or maybe a Dyna Lowrider, a Wide Glide or a Super Glide.”

“There’s just too many models to pick from!” I exclaimed. “They all look great!”

After drifting into the area where the used bikes were on display, I saw what Trey meant when he said Harley-Davidsons hold their value. The prices weren’t very much lower than the sale prices on the new bikes in the showroom.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.” A male voice spoke up, approaching from behind.

I turned around to see a tall, young man in his mid-twenties extending his hand to Trey. He was quite good-looking for a man built like a linebacker. He was very muscular with dirty blonde hair and soft green eyes.

“Rick, I’d like you to meet Kaitlyn McConnell.” Trey affirmed. “She’s my boss and next to the top dog at the Regency Investment Group.”

Rick extended his hand to clasp mine. I couldn’t help but notice my hand seemed trapped in his.

“Welcome to Richert Harley-Davidson.” Rick greeted with a sly grin. “You look like you’re ready to put some excitement between your legs?”

“Yeah. But I might buy a motorcycle first.” I quipped without thinking.

Both Trey and Rick caught my witty remark, laughing out loud. I stifled my laughter, blushing beet red.

Rick asked me several questions about the type of riding I wanted to do. Answering them as best I could, helped narrow down the choices. Price wasn’t really a factor but I wasn’t going to allow myself to spend more money than I felt I should.

“I’d go with a Low Rider or a Fat Boy.” Rick suggested. They’re both fantastic rides and about the same price.”

“How much?” I asked, taking his suggestion seriously.

“You’re looking at about eighteen-thousand sticker but I can probably discount either one five-hundred dollars and give you fifteen percent off on any accessories and clothes you want to purchase.”

“What about a Screamin’ Eagle Fat Boy?” Trey inquired. “If Kaitlyn’s gonna go with a Fat Boy, the Eagle would be the smart investment.”

“Yep, sure would. But you’re looking at another ten grand.” Rick stated. “I’ve only got one left in stock. The rest are all sold and we’re not sure when we’re gonna get another shipment.”

Both guys looked at me to see if I was interested. Even though we’d narrowed down my choices, I still felt somewhat overwhelmed with all the bikes to choose from. Spending almost twenty-eight thousand dollars for a motorcycle didn’t seem like a very smart move.

“Well…I guess it wouldn’t hurt to look at it.” I muttered hesitantly. “I don’t see myself spending that much money though.”

Rick escorted Trey and I out through the service area. Again, I was dumbfounded by all the motorcycles at the dealership. Worming our way through the maze of bikes, we made our way to the back of the shop.

The Screamin’ Eagle Fat Boy was shrouded with a custom-made cover. As soon as Rick took the cover off I knew I had to have it. The Autumn Haze and Abyss Blue motorcycle was chromed out to the hilt. Rick prattled on with his salespitch but I wasn’t listening. I was too busy lightly brushing my fingertips over the handlebars, gas tank and leather seat.

Swinging my leg over the fender I sat down in the seat and righted the bike off its kickstand. The balance felt absolutely perfect. My knees were bent slightly, allowing me to manage the weight of the bike with little effort.

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