Two’s Company, Three Is Just Greedy


I walked into the busy pub, bought my drink and settled into a corner of the room to wait for my mate to arrive. He was late as usual and so I took the opportunity to take a quick look at the talent that was in the pub. It was a popular place and there were the usual crowd of sweet young things all displaying cleavage, body jewellery and ‘en vogue’ body art.

Then I saw her.

There at the bar waiting to be served was the sexiest woman I had seen for years. She just oozed a sensuality that put the young airheads in the bar to shame. She was blonde, voluptuous and held herself with poise and assurance that spelt confidence and a lady who knew what she wanted. She was in her late forties and was dressed in an elegant dress and high heeled shoes (as usual the shoes are in, I just can’t help it Sue).

I watched the woman pay for her drink and then continued to survey her movements so our paths would ‘accidentally’ converge and I would have a chance to speak to her.

I am normally shy when it comes to making a move but this woman was so spectacular that I just had to talk to her. If I let the chance go by I would never forgive myself.

I made my way through the crowd to where the woman was stood. As I approached I steeled myself for my opening line, I didn’t want to fall at the first fence.

The woman looked at me haughtily and my confidence took a bit of a dive. I walked up to her with as much confidence as I could muster and smiled. To my surprise her haughty expression melted and was replaced by a smile of her own. It turned out that she was waiting for a friend too and she hated to be stood alone in a crowded pub.

I was her saviour!

We chatted for a few minutes, her name was Sue and she was a professional lady and lived close by. She was planning to meet a friend and like my mate, she was also running late.

As Sue and I chatted my eyes were constantly drawn to her impressive bosom. The dress she was wearing showed her magnificent cleavage off to perfection. I couldn’t help but admire it but I dread being caught out by the delicious Sue. Of course it was inevitable that I was going to get caught and when I was lifting my eyes north after a quick glance Sue looking right into my eyes.


I watched in horror as Sue went bright red. I’d obviously embarrassed her and as a result she passed her glass to me and made an excuse about going to the ladies.

That was it I’d blown it.

I made my way back to the bar and ordered another drink. Just as I was stood there my mate arrived timed just as I was at he bar and so I was manoeuvred into buying him a drink too.

As we waited for our drinks I was surprised to see Sue walking over to us.

I mustn’t have embarrassed her too badly after all.

I introduced Sue to Dave and noticed with a wry smile to myself that he was as attracted to Sue’s big breasts as I was when I caught him taking a long admiring look. It was obvious that Sue quite liked Dave too; most chicks do since he’s six foot four, muscular and black.

I ordered Sue a refill and we made our way back to our original position. I explained to Dave that Sue was waiting for a friend and that if it was ok with him we could keep her company until the friend showed.

After an hour and several more drinks had passed it was obvious that Sue’s friend wasn’t going to come. Not that Sue seemed bothered at all because since the incident where she’d caught me looking at her tits she’d been positively flirting with me. In fact she’d flirted outrageously with both Dave and me, even making innuendo about the size of black men’s’ cocks!

We decided to move on to another pub and Sue suggested a place she knew that was nice and quiet so we could all have a proper talk. We readily agreed as Sue seemed to be a little bit pissed and her dress was beginning to gape more and more which meant that there was even more of her beautiful breasts on display and both Dave and I were very interested to see just how much Sue was going to show us.

We got a taxi and the 3 of us were sat on the back seat together with Sue in the middle. She giggled and told us what nice gentlemen we were and shocked us both by placing her cool, elegant hands on our thighs and squeezing.

I don’t know how Dave felt at that moment but my cock was getting stiff with the proximity of Sue’s body and the pressure of her hand on my leg. Also her perfume smelt divine and I was aroused by her soft feminine scent as much as the physical contact between us. Was she coming on to us or just being friendly?

It didn’t take long for me to find out though because Dave, who was always more forward out of the pair of us was feeling Sue’s thigh through her dress and was nuzzling at her neck.

Judging by Sue’s closed eyes and the contented smile on her lips she wasn’t averse to his attentions either.

As I watched the action next to me Sue suddenly opened her eyes and her gaze locked with mine. As Dave continued to massage her thigh Sue moved towards ataköy escort me and offered her face for my kiss. I kissed Sue gently and then slowly parted her lips with my tongue and kissed with more passion.

Dave had now gotten his hand under Sue’s dress and had pulled the hem high up over Sue’s thighs. I was delighted to see that Sue was wearing stockings and by this time she had her thighs spread as wide as she could manage in the cramped conditions in the back of the cab. I was fascinated by the contrast between Sue’s milky white thighs and Dave’s black fingers.

Sue stopped kissing me and asked the driver to go to a different address rather than to the pub we had planned to visit. She told us in low tones that we could go back to her house straight away if we had no objections.

Objections? There were none from us!

As we travelled the last mile or so back to Sue’s house she was kissing each of us in turn and was massaging both our stiff cocks through our trousers. Mine felt huge and stiff as Sue rubbed me further and further towards an orgasm. I was in danger of spunking my load right there in the back of the cab. I’d never been in such a situation before and the prospect of sharing my ideal woman sexually with Dave in a hot threesome was very exciting indeed.

I was thankful when we arrived at the large house on a quiet suburban side road simply to give my bubbling cum a chance to recede. I paid the taxi driver, who just winked at me and wished me a pleasant evening before he drove off grinning from ear to ear. The dirty bugger knew just what was going on in the back of his cab and what was in store for Dave and myself.

I caught up with Sue and Dave at her front door. Sue was giggling and trying to get her key out of her bag but Dave was running his hands all over her body. Pulling up her dress to grab her arse and then mauling Sue’s tits in his big black hands.

Finally Sue opened her front door and we all went inside. Dave didn’t waste any time and immediately grabbed Sue. I stood and watched as he towered over Sue and held her tightly in his big bear hands. He kissed Sue hard and I could see her begin to squirm and then reach out to feel the massive bulge in Dave’s trousers.

She undid the buttons and unzipped Dave. Then she reached her stylish fingers into the opening and scooped Dave’s big, thick prick from its prison. It wasn’t even stiff yet and must have been at least 8 inches long as it dangled heavily in front of Dave. Sue just moaned at the sight of the thick, gnarled cock.

‘Mmmmmmmm, baby. I want to taste your big prick.’ She said in her dulcet tones.

I continued to stand and watch as Sue hiked up her dress and squatted in front of my friend. She wanked Dave’s cock and then licked his big purple dome. She was moaning as she licked him and complimenting the size of his cock.

‘It’s fucking huge, God look at how thick it is.’

Dave was standing all tensed up. He held Sue’s blonde head gently and slowly fucked her mouth. He had to be gentle as if he’d been rough he would have choked the poor woman with his girth and length of cock. As it was Sue’s lips were stretched tight around Dave’s member as she struggled to take it into her mouth.

‘Yeah baby, suck me. Go on take me in your mouth if it fits,’ he replied.

I couldn’t watch any longer and I hurriedly stripped right there in the vestibule. Once I was naked I went to the pair and showed Sue my own not inconsiderable sized cock

‘Oh yes two cocks.’ She released Dave’s big prick and shuffled round to take me into her mouth. ‘Oh boys I am a spoilt bitch.’

As Sue licked and sucked my cock Dave stripped himself naked and then pulled Sue to her feet. He picked her up in his muscular arms and carried Sue over to a sofa. I followed and together Dave and I peeled Sue’s dress off and helped her remove her soaked thong. Sue kept her high shoes on and was also wearing a black basque that had been hidden from view earlier.

‘Look at the slut all dressed up like a whore,’ Dave said to me grinning.

I reached out and pulled the bra cups of the basque down and watched in amazement as Sue’s full, heavy tits fell out.

‘Man look at the size of those big tits,’ was Dave’s only comment as her globes bounced into view.

‘36ff,’ was Sue’s answer to the unspoken question.

I had to touch Sue’s big tits and was soon licking them and sucking on her stiff nipples.

As I was occupied with Sue’s breasts Dave was feeling Sue’s thick labia and fingering her hard clit. Sue sobbed with the pleasure she was receiving from Dave’s attentions and her hips began to buck involuntarily as her body cried out to be fucked.

Sue pulled my head up from her breasts and kissed me passionately as her lust reached higher and higher levels.


My black friend then pushed Sue back onto the sofa and knelt on the carpet. He held Sue’s thighs wide and her cunt gaped open all pink and wet. Dave slurped at Sue’s wetness with his ataköy eve gelen escort long tongue and probed deep into her body. Sue convulsed and gulped as Dave licked her clit and pushed his black fingers into her.

‘The bitch is pissing juice.’ Dave informed me as Sue kissed me, he showed me his fingers that were liberally coated with Sue’s outpouring

‘Spread me open baby,’ she panted. ‘I want to be ready for your big cock. Oh God I want that big black thing to fuck me soon.’

I wanked and watched my friend devour Sue greedily. He was giving her the good news with his fingers and tongue and it wasn’t long before Sue cried out that she was coming. She moaned and groaned as her body shook with her orgasm and before it had subsided I had moved to the place between her legs and replaced Dave’s tongue with my cock.

I pushed my fat cock into Sue and began to fuck her hard and fast.

‘Fuck the bitch, go on make the slut come,’ exhorted Dave as I pounded at Sue.

She reached out for Dave’s big cock. ‘Come on boys, fill me from both ends,’ called Sue moments before Dave pushed his meat into her mouth once more.

Dave and I used Sue as our fuck toy. I was pounding her slick cunt and enjoying the feeling of her hot, wet pussy gripping my cock hungrily. Sue was slobbering over Dave’s cock, kissing it almost as though she was worshipping the big black phallus. Her juice gushed from her body and her thighs and my cock were soaked as I continued to fuck the randy slut.

It was as I was fucking Sue’s cunt and Dave was in her mouth that I noticed something from the corner of my eye. I had seen movement and looked up to be totally surprised by the sight of a man, completely naked stood in the doorway and wanking his cock as he looked at us.

I pulled out of Sue instantly and shouted at Dave.

As both Dave and I sprang to our feet in alarm Sue merely laughed and said, ‘Do you boys mind if my husband joins us?’

Now this put a different angle on things as far as I was concerned. I was unsure about the whole set up here now. It suddenly dawned on me however that there had been no ‘friend’ coming to meet Sue at all and that Dave and I were the pawns in some bizarre sex game that Sue and her husband played.

‘The more the merrier,’ I heard Dave say. He didn’t give a shit about things like this.

I thought quickly and summed up with the fact that this one guy would be no match for the two of us if things got too kinky. I am quite a big bloke and can handle things but having Dave along too, all six foot four of him; well I was happy to go along with things for now.

‘Time for some black cock now,’ said Sue as she knelt on the sofa and pushed her hot arse high in the air.

Dave grinned and spread Sue’s arse cheeks, which caused her sticky labia to peel apart once more revealing her pink cunt.

Dave positioned himself behind Sue. ‘Stick it in me lover,’ she groaned as he pushed his big purple dome into Sue.

Sue’s husband was taking picture after picture with a digital camera as Dave’s cock slowly impaled his wife.

‘Oh God, oh God, it’s so fucking big,’ she groaned as Dave sank into her up to his balls.

‘Fuck her mouth,’ Dave responded, goading me back into action.

I fed Sue my cock and she was making muffled groans and moans around my meat as she was fucked slowly by her thick cocked lover.

Her husband just kept taking pictures and wanking his cock periodically as the two of us forced cock into her from both ends. He took close ups of his beautiful wife’s face as she was in the throes of ecstasy at the sensations rushing from the sensitive nerve endings in her tender cunt.

Dave held tightly onto Sue’s hips and gritted his teeth tightly as he began to increase the tempo of his thrusts.

‘Fuck she’s good,’ he groaned. ‘I love white sluts like this. They just love a length of black cock.’

Dave was certainly speaking the truth. Sue was panting as he pushed his ten inches fully home and then tried to push against her harder in an effort to push deeper still.

As Sue grunted at Dave’s efforts he pulled her up in front of him and reached round to cup Sue’s big white jugs in his palms. Once again the contrast between Dave’s black fingers and Sue’s milky white skin was erotic in the extreme. Sue’s head was thrown back in wild abandon as Dave pounded her cunt viciously and mauled her heavy tits at the same time.

Since I could no longer get my cock into Sue’s mouth I was stood behind the sofa facing her wanking furiously. Inevitably I was going to come and I was sent over the edge when Sue began to cry out that she was coming too.

As Sue came my spunk flew from my cock and landed with thick splats on her wildly swinging tits. Some of my cum caught Sue in the face and hair but she didn’t even register that she’d been hit. She had strands of white goo dripping from her chin and some of it was dribbling from her tits onto the material of the basque ataköy grup yapan escort she was wearing.

Dave couldn’t contain himself either and he began to cum whilst his cock was buried deep inside Sue. His body convulsed and as he pulled his cock from her it was still spitting more hot, thick spunk over Sue’s arse cheeks and up her back.

Sue was covered in our two deposits of cream and her husband was still taking pictures as we emptied our balls over his wife.

‘Rub it into your tits Sue,’ he commanded and Sue rubbed my spunk into her big globes.

She couldn’t rub it all in however and her breasts shone brightly with the sheen of my spunk drying on her soft skin.

Sue’s husband approached her and held out some sort of strap to his wife. It turned out to be a dog collar and Sue meekly fastened it around her neck. Then her husband attached a chain dog lead to the collar making Sue his obviously willing slave.

‘Sit on the sofa slut,’ he commanded and Sue meekly obeyed. He then produced a big rubber cock and ordered Sue to wank in front of us.

She was reluctant at first but her husband moved towards her threateningly so she began to rub the phallus along her labia.

‘Stick it in your cunt bitch.’ He ordered which Sue did immediately.

She began to enjoy herself now and rubbed her stiff clit as she wanked the big cock into herself. She looked exactly like the slut that her husband had said she was. Her blonde hair was in complete disarray, her make up gone, spunk drying on her tits and staining her basque. There was a damp patch on the sofa from where her juices had slid from her cunt down the crack of her arse and she was fingering her clit and pushing a rubber cock into herself. To top it off she was sporting a dog collar and lead.

As weird as the situation was both Dave and myself were aroused and our cocks were beginning to stir and thicken as we watched Sue at her kinky game.

We were fully erect again by the time Sue grunted with another orgasm and I wanted to fuck Sue again. I went over to her and sat next to her on the sofa. She stood and straddled my outstretched legs with her back to me. She squatted and her labia touched my outstretched cock. She sighed as she sank down onto my cock and then placed her feet on the sofa to give herself some leverage.

Sue began to slide up and down on my cock, her heels digging into the sofa and I helped her by holding her waist and lifted her up and lowered her back down as we fucked.

Her husband had the camera out once more and was occupied with taking pictures of his wife’s cunt being split by my cock as she squatted over me with thighs wide.

It only took a few minutes of this before my spunk began to surge along my cock for the second time and now I shot my load into Sue’s hungry cunt.

Her husband grabbed the lead once I’d come inside his wife and as Sue stepped away from me there were drops of my spunk dripping from her pussy onto the carpet.

Sue’s husband pushed her onto the sofa.

‘Move your arse forward.’ He ordered her so that Sue’s pussy was accessible.

Then Dave knelt between Sue’s thighs and pushed his big cock into her again. My spunk squelched around Dave’s cock as he forced his way into her and once he was fully embedded he lifted Sue’s legs high and hooked the back of her knees around his elbows.

Sue was completely at his mercy with the angle of Dave’s penetration allowing him to probe deeply into Sue’s body.

‘Oh God, it’s splitting me in two,’ she cried as Dave began to fuck.

Dave really gave it to his helpless victim. Her high heeled shoes were suspended and were swaying madly as Dave pumped and pumped at Sue’s cunt.

It didn’t take much of this before Dave began to groan and soon he was spitting more cum into Sue so that she had two loads of spunk inside her.

Dave pulled his dripping cock from Sue and she rose unsteadily. More gobs of spunk dribbled out of her as she stood upright but her husband was soon in control once more. He forced his slave wife onto her hands and knees and knelt behind her.

He introduced his own stiff cock to Sue’s opening and pushed into her.

Sue complained bitterly. ‘No, I’m too sore, my cunt’s tender,’ she cried as her husband slid his cock in.

‘Shut up you fucking whore,’ he replied and began to fuck his wife’s ravaged, spunk filled cunt mercilessly.

Sue was sobbing as her husband fucked her but I saw her hand sneak under her body as she fingered her clit nonetheless.

Sue soon orgasmed loudly as her husband fucked the squelching cunt and Sue fingered her clit vigorously. Her husband was hunched over her back fucking into her and holding Sue’s big wobbling tits in both hands as she came.

He grunted and bucked in reply and Sue received a third portion of hot spunk inside her body.

The last thing I saw as Dave and I dressed and let ourselves out was Sue laid on the floor completely bedraggled and spunk spattered from our first session with the three deposits of cum she’d received in her cunt slowly oozing from her gaping, red hole. She was lazily scooping it with her fingers and was slowly rubbing her clit with her slimy fingers.

Her husband was taking pictures still and it was obvious that their night wasn’t over because the man still had a hard cock.

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