tyraone day me and a close frien of mine named tyra came over to my house for a little get together and she decided to spend the night. me and tyra were close friends since we were k**s so this was expected.as the night wore on i began to pay more attention to her. we are both 20 years ol but it had veen around 3 yrs since i last saw her. she had lucious pink lips a nice perky set of 38C cups a flat stomch that she loved to show off when she turned around you could see her large blck ghetto booty anybody would die for.tonight she wante to tease me and i could tell by the way she türkçe bahis wa shakin her hips on the other girls and smiling at me so after all the alcohol and food was gone we dance for about 2 hours then the party was over.once the last person left i walke into my bedroom ready to collapse on my bed thinking tyr was in th guest room but as i entered the room i was caught by surprised to find tyra laying on my bed clothes off and legs open exposing her shaved black cunt. i could see her juices glistening off of it. she said “are you just gonna stand there ” soon as she youwin giriş said tht i took off my tank top and exposed my perky 40 DD tits and then removed my skirt which left me in only a thong showing off my lightskinned curvaceous body . i then crawled on the bed until i was completly on top with her in between my legs.i kissed her ans he immeditely took one of my tits and sucked on it roughly causing me to moan softly she pulled my tit out and said ” so i see you like that bitch now lay on your back” i quickly did as i was told eager for what would youwin güvenilir mi happen next sh ripped off my thong. sbe thwn quickly dove into my pussy and sucked on my clit making m moan loudly i then felt her put a finger deep into my pussy and drove it in and out quicly then applied more pressure to my clit as she added a second finger ” OH MY GOD DON’T STO-OOOP I-IM CUMMINNNNN.” i yelled to the top of my lungs surely scaring my neighbors . i then gently pushed he fce away from my cunt as my orgasm subsided i then lyed her down and eagerly dove into her soking wet cunt until she roughly pushe my fce deeper into her cunt whike she came and i eagerly at her juices once her orgasm subsided i moved up and we kissed passionately. nw you see why our frienship is so good!!!please leave comments and i will continue to write more stories

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