U – Chapter III


U – Chapter IIIHis mobile rang and he rose from the bed to answer it. U lay back on the bed and watched the porn. The scene had changed now to a chamber where a woman was naked and bound to a St. Andrew’s Cross. Two men in Nazi uniforms stood on either side of her while a uniformed female stood in front. She held a flogger in her hand. “You filthy Resistance bitch!” the uniformed woman screamed. “You think you can use your sex to entrap my men? I’ll teach you”. She raised the flogger and flogged her captive across her ample breasts. The captive screamed as the flogger came down hard on her breasts and nipples. U heard him answer into his mobile. “We’re ready” she heard him say. She lay back and wondered what delights canlı bahis lay ahead. He returned to the bed. “Stand up” he whispered. “I have a little surprise for you”. U stood up. He led her by the hand and positioned her at the end of the bed. He placed her hands behind her back and handcuffed her. No sooner had he done this, then there was a knock on the door. He went to open it. U’s heart beat faster. She had only ever done one-on-one. He opened the door and a tall, blond women slipped inside the room. He closed the door behind her. U studied her. She was quite tall, with shoulder-length blond hair and wore a dark trench coat tied at the waist. She carried a small holdall. She was exceptionally good-looking bahis siteleri and U estimated she was in her late twenties or early thirties. The lady surveyed the room which by now was s**ttered with various sex toys. The scent of cum hung heavy in the air. She looked at the screen and smiled. “Ah, Nazi porn! I approve” she said. Her accent was not Irish and U guessed she was German or Swiss. “I am The Countess” said the blond, standing in front of U. “I’m Urslut” U replied. She had no sooner spoken when The Countess struck her hard across her breasts. “You will speak when spoken to!” The Countess said in a calm but superior voice. The Countess undid her coat and let it fall to the floor. She was wearing a black canlı bahis siteleri basque and thigh high boots. She placed her hands on U’s breasts and gently caressed them and teased her hard nipples. “Would you liked to be fucked by both of us?” The Countess whispered. “Ok yes” replied U. The Countess reached inside her holdall and pulled out a long, thick, strap-on cock. She slipped it on and smeared some lube onto it. As she did, he took U and made her kneel on the floor facing him as he stood. He took her face in his hands and slowly pulled her towards him. His cock was erect and she took him in her mouth. The Countess knelt behind her and slowly slid the strap-on in her ass. He took the phial of poppers and inhaled before offering them to U and The Countess. They both inhaled deeply. All three felt totally sexed-up and began to fuck. He pulled U close to him and she greedily took all of his cock as The Countess fucked her hard from behind.

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