ucking Wife While Her Husband Tied


ucking Wife While Her Husband TiedHi im Rena, married to David, whose family owns 6 jewellery showrooms across the state, after marriage we moved into a posh locality, so we can spent our happy times alone, and away from our parents. David is quite good in bed and we both have a good sex appetite. Unfortunately David has to travel to 2 other jewellery showrooms that are quite far from our city. Sometimes he will be gone for two weeks and I would really miss him and his cock.As we are very active in sex, David had brought us all kinds of sex toys and materials. Some of them include a variable length vibrator, dildos of various sizes, a two headed dildo that can penetrate both my pussy and my ass at the same time, bondage toys like leather ropes, masks, whips to spank my ass and also David’s ass. We often try out different positions and other stuffs that can be done between two lovers.One of David’s biggest fetishes while having sex is to fuck me, with all my ornaments on me. He likes the sound of bangle tapping against each other, the sound from the small beads of my anklets while he fucks me harder. He likes to see my manglasutra bounce along with my boobs while he pounds my pussy.And his biggest fetish is my belly chain, he likes when I wear them and walks around the house shaking my ass. In fact he has specially made me a belly chain that has an extension from my belly button to my pussy. He always rubs that extension on my pussy and it drives me crazy.It was Wednesday night and David had returned home after a week. Both of us were excited and david said to me to wear some of my ornaments and be ready for the nights fun, while he took a bath. I was nude in no time and had already worn some bangles in both my arms and anklets in both my legs, I was standing in front of the mirror, the manglasutra was always present around my neck, so only the belly chain remained. While I was locking the hooks of the belly chain by looking at the mirror, I saw a pair of eyes with a cap covering the head, watching me through the window in the mirrors reflection.I didn’t panic as I knew that those eyes belonged to the security guard of our colony. All the women in the colony knew that the security guard peeps into their room while they change dress or having sex with their partners. It was a turn on for all of us. It was even rumored that he was fucking two wealthy bitches of our colony. I had seen him peeping on me in many occasions and a couple of times when having sex with David.The eyes disappeared, when david entered the room, with a towel around his waist. He hugged me from behind and I could feel his moist skin touching my bare back and his hard cock poking my ass. I turned around and removed his towel to see his hard cock saluting my beauty. “How do I look my love” I asked him. “like an Egyptian queen”. He was right, with all those ornaments in my nude body, I was looking like an Egyptian queen who could even turn on the dead mummies.“So do you want to dominate or to be dominated, huh” I asked him.David: I shall always obey my queen.I knew he wants to be dominated tonight, so I casually walked to the table shaking my ass and took the whip in my hand. I came around him and spank his gently with the whip, “ off to the bed my slave”. He jumped and moaned in pain and pleasure. I led him to our bed, still spanking his ass. Our bed was designed to hold straps and it had poles and holes to tie any of us on to the bed. I made him lay on his back and began to tie his left hand to the left of the pole with a leather strap and his right hand to the pole on the right. I did the same with his legs. Now he was completely bonded to the bed.David’s cock was standing upright and I ran my hands all over his cock and balls, he was shivering and I let go of his cock. “please don’t stop” he pleaded. But I had other ideas in my mind. “ha ha, if you want my hands of your cock, you must earn it Mr.” “what should I do my queen” david pleaded. I jumped into the bed and place my legs over his shoulder like 69 position and lowered my pussy into his face.But I stopped just when his nose poked my pussy, I could feel him breathing into my pussy. I raised my hips and my pussy above his face, he was about to lick me. But I wanted to tease him. David was pissed. I again lowered my hips and this time my ass hit his nose and just when he was about to lick, I lifted my hips again. I repeated this act a few times and all this time david was pleading to get a taste of my pussy or ass. I thought to end my teasing as I wanted his lips on my pussy more than him.David was working his magic on my pussy and his tongue was going deeper into my pussy. Still I haven’t touched his cock. I decided to return the pleasure güvenilir bahis and was about to suck his cock. The tip of the cock had just entered my mouth and I could taste his precum. Suddenly a figure dashed into our room.It took me a few seconds to realize what it was. It was a man dressed in full black, the only part of his body that was visible outside was his eyes and his lips. I suddenly recognized the eyes and the cap covering his head, it was not actually a cap but a face mask. He was the guy peeping into the room earlier, I misunderstood as the security. I was shocked and didn’t realize that, I was chocking my husband by sitting on his face. I immediately stood up.He asked me to get out of the bed. I did so, but many things were going through my mind like, who was this man, what was he doing here, how did he get in, was he going to hurt us, can my husband over power him. just then I realized he was tied to the bed. I looked at him and he was struggling to get free from the straps, but he was unsuccessful. Those leather straps are of good quality. I regretted for the good quality leather strap and also for tying him up. If it was me, who was tied to the bed, my david would have saved me.Out of nowhere the man pointed a gun at me. I was frightened and trembling in fear. My husband was shouting for help, but of no use, the house had sound proof glass. The man spoke “don’t do anything foolish, I will be off if you give me all your valuables.” His voice was deep. He looked at my husband and said “ wow, I think you did the hardest part of my job by tying up your husband, now its only you”. He moved towards me with the gun pointing at me. He seems to enjoy my body as he neared me. Then he grabbed both my hands and used the wrist restraint in the bondage kit and tied up my wrist. Both my hands were restricted to motion.David was shouting and pleading to the guy “ don’t hurt her, I will give you whatever you want, please don’t hurt her”. He was angry and shouted at him by pointing the gun “shut up you fool, or I’ll blow your head off”. David was silent and he was sweating in fear, his cock which was hard like a rock, was limp now. He turned towards me and said “ you are making my job very simple, I can see that all the ornaments in this house are in your body, is there any ornaments left out”.I stood silently watching David. “answer me” he shouted. “ no, that’s all we have now, the rest are in my bank locker. If you don’t believe me, you can check the house” David answered for me. “okay then, remove all your ornaments” the thief ordered me. Just then he realized that my hands were tied. “looks like I have to do it my self”, he said and advanced towards me. I was afraid and stepped back. “ relax bitch, I just want your gold”. I stopped when I hit the table behind me. He approached me and went for my gold chain in my neck. Out of nowhere I cried “ please don’t take this chain, its my manglasutra, you can take all the other gold”.I didn’t think that he would listen to me, but he did, he left my manglasutra and went for my bangles. Just then he realised his mistake, he had tied my hands, so he had to untie me. But he changed his mind and went for my belly chain. The hook of the chain was just above my pussy. He touched the hook of the chain and the soft material of his leather gloves was rubbing my pussy. I controlled myself. David was watching helplessly. He was not able to relies the hook so he went on his knees and used his teeth to undo the hooks. Since it was too close to my pussy, his lips were touching my pussy, I couldn’t control myself and I shivered and moaned in pleasure.I was ashamed of myself, but I couldn’t control as David had stopped midway sucking my pussy. It was still wet from davids sucking. The thief was still trying to unhook my chain, the more he tried, the more his lips touched me and I was shaking. “stay still bitch, I cant remove this hook”. “im sorry, but your lips are touching on my sensitive spot” I replied. “hmmm, even you had made my sensitive spot hard” he stood up and pointed to the tent in his pants. “ I haven’t had some fun in a long time and since no one is going to disturb us in the night, lets have some fun then” he said and went and sat on a chair near the bed.I dint get him, he opened his zippers and took out his hard cock, I was a bit bigger than David’s. “come and suck it bitch” he ordered.David shouted “you cant say that to her, she is my wife you bastard”.He was calm and looking at me “ come and suck it bitch”.“No I won’t do it” I shouted.He just pointed the gun onto David and “ suck my dick or I’ll shoot your hubby”.“No please don’t do that” I cried.“Come and suck my cock then”I looked at david and he nodded. türkçe bahis I went near him and he pulled me down and lowered my head into his cock. Thick bush of hair was surrounding his cock and it had a strong musk. I could see that his balls were huge and hanging outside his pants. With no other option left, I began to suck on his cock. The taste of his precum along with a bit of salt was filling the taste buds of my mouth. His hands went onto grab my boobs and played with them. He was saying all kinds of nasty things.“yes yes, suck on it bitch, show your husband what kind of a bitch you are.”Normally such a comment should have made me cry, but it didn’t. I liked it and made me hornier. He must have understood it as I was sucking his cock harder and deeper. He continued saying such nasty things. I was enjoying his cock and his dominance over me. Thank god that David couldn’t see my face and the pleasure in it as I was facing away from him. my nipples were being pinched and a moan escaped from my mouth as I was sucking him.He stopped me and asked me to suck on his balls, I obeyed him and started to suck on his huge balls. I had sucked Davids cock many times, but I was finding it difficult to get his whole balls into my mouth, they were huge. He pulled my hair and again guided me to his cock. This time I sucked his whole cock in worked my tongue around his cock head. I must have done a good job as he soon started to moan and I could feel his balls aching and his cock trembling.“I’m going to unload in your mouth and you must drink till the last drop” he said and kept his hands over my head and pushed me more into his cock. I had swallowed Davids cum many times, but by looking at his huge balls I could tell that he was going to unload a huge amount of cum into my mouth. I was ready and didn’t want to disappoint a man with a gun in his hands. In no time he shot his cum and the first shot hit my throat. As he continued I was finding it difficult to swallow his huge load. He continuously cummed for 6 or 8 seconds. I liked his taste and swallowed every last drop.“keep sucking my cock, don’t stop” he said along with an moaning sound. I obeyed and sucked him, still a few drops were left in him and swallowed all in. his cock started to get limp in my mouth and he took it out. I looked at him to see what he was upto next, then he said “looks like your hubby likes to see you sucking other men’s cock” and smiled. When I turned to look at David, the first thing I noticed was his hard cock. I couldn’t believe that David got hard by seeing me suck another man’s cock.“I’m sorry dear, I just couldn’t control myself” David said embarrassed.“why don’t you suck on your husbands cock and make him cum, just like you made me to cum. So that I can get my cock hard again by watching you in action”.Getting his cock hard again means, he was planning to fuck me, oh god. I thought that he would leave me if I made him cum. I can’t go against his will, he will point the gun again at David. I better do as he says. David too couldn’t say anything.I went and climbed onto the bed and started to suck on davids hard cock. The taste of the cum I had just swallowed and the taste of davids precum was mixed and it somehow made me horny. I was sucking David’s cock by sitting on the bed with my knees and my ass was pointing to the man in the mask. I was working my way on to david’s cock when I felt a sting in my ass cheeks.It was him, he had the whip in his hands and he was spanking my ass checks. I couldn’t say anything. I continued sucking David. He continued his spanking. Moments later the pain vanished and pleasure took its place. I wanted him to spank me harder. But I didn’t tell him, I didn’t want him to judge me as a whore.His spanking stopped and I felt his finger on my pussy, it was wet, he must have licked his finger before rubbing my pussy. He knew how to play with a pussy as it was evident by the way he massaged my pussy. I was in heaven. I started to moan as I sucked david, I wasn’t bothered about david anymore. Just when it was going good I felt another finger on my asshole. The pleasure just intensified. I stopped sucking david for a moment and moaned out louder.“Keep sucking his cock you bitch” came a loud voice. I obeyed and lowered my mouth to suck david, David shifted a bit up and my mouth was over his balls. He wanted me to suck his balls. I understood and started to suck on them.Then I felt both his hands on my ass checks, spreading them. Seconds later I could feel his tongue on my pussy. It was rough and covered a whole lot of my pussy. My hips were shaking in pleasure. I moaned sucking onto David’s balls. David was watching him from the corner of his eyes.He shifted again, güvenilir bahis siteleri telling me to suck his cock, I did so. I knew he was close. Meanwhile the strange man was putting his tongue deeper into my pussy. I could feel him in my inner pussy. Just then David shot a whole load into my mouth. I swallowed them without wasting a drop.The man stopped for a moment and I felt his tongue on my asshole. Oh god, I was moments away from my orgasm and a few seconds later my pussy was overflowing. He took his mouth away, I didn’t turn back to see him. I was still sucking david’s limp cock.Suddenly I felt his cock on my pussy. I jumped out of the bed. He was angry. “I’m sorry, but I couldn’t do this in front of my husband, please understand me” I cried. He thought for a moment and went and sat on the chair. “okay, then fuck me by facing away from your husband, come and sit over my cock” he said.He was sitting in the chair and his cock was standing up. I stood there for a moment, then I saw him going for his gun. I immediately went over to him. “sit over my cock” he said. I turned to see david, he nodded.I spread my legs and sat over his cock, he had his hands on his cock and he guided his cock into my pussy. As I had cummed earlier, my pussy was lubricated. Still it was a bit difficult as his cock was a bit bigger than David’s. he was rough and in four or five strokes he was completely in me.He was strong and I was like a puppet in his hands. He was thrusting me harder and boobs bounced with each thrust. His hands were squeezing my ass. The bouncing boobs caught his attention and he started to kiss, lick and bite my breast. He played with both my tits while going in deeper in my pussy. All I could do was moan and enjoy the pleasure this stranger was giving me.“Look at your wife bouncing over my cock, her slutty pussy is asking for more. Just one cock of yours isn’t going to satisfy this whore’s pussy.” He said to David, I couldn’t look back. “you should let others fuck her slutty pussy “ he laughed. “don’t just moan you bitch, come and kiss me” he said.Only his mouth was visible and I kissed his mouth, he was a good kisser too. He played with my tongue and then let my tongue slip into his mouth, the taste of pan masala could be tasted from his saliva.Then suddenly it hit me, the pan masala. The security had the habit of having pan masala. Now it all came to sense, the familiar eyes, the strong body. The deep voice. All pointed to one man, and it was the security guard. But I kept calm as I shouldn’t jump into a mistake.We kissed for a few minutes and then he went on to kiss my neck, I too kissed his neck over his thin mask and bit his neck. “oho you are getting wild bitch, careful” he said and we kissed again. He began to thrust harder and in a few strokes I could feel his hot cum hitting my pussy walls. It was pleasure and nothing else.He pushed me up and he stood up, put his cock back in his pants and kneeled to undo my chain hooks again. His cum was dripping from my pussy. He unhooked the belly chain and then my anklets. “since I had a good time, im only taking this ornaments, don’t inform the police as it will affect your husband’s credibility”.He left and I let David free. We both consoled each other and decided to forget about the night. We didn’t inform the police as it would affect David’s credibility. But I had to get some doubt cleared. So the next day, when david was out. I waited for the security and when he appeared, I called him asking for help to move a table.When he was near me, I tried to observe if he is nervous. He was a bit nervous and then when I got the chance I moved his shirt collar aside and there it was, my love bite. A reddish mark in his skin. He knew I had caught him. I felt his fear in his eyes. He burst into tears saying that he was really sorry and he needed money for his family.I thought for a moment about the nights fuck and hoe he had satisfied me, the slut in me was awakening and I decided to use him to satisfy me, when David id away. He again went on saying that he will return the ornaments and don’t inform to the police.“you can keep the ornaments to yourself for the service you are going to provide me in the coming days” he didn’t get me at first, “ I will be needing your help when my husband is away from home, are you ready for it”. He got the meaning and immediately pulled me over to him. we were in the hall and his hands were roaming all over my body. I pushed him away “not now you fool, I’ll call you when I need you. David will be home soon, so be gone now.I had fun with him, while David was away and it was the best days of my life. When david returned after a week, he had a new belly chain with him. That night David was like a hungry tiger, fucking me wildly. I had a feeling that the best days of my life has just started.Hope all the girls had their panties dripping and all the boys had their cock shooting out cum. As always your comments are welcomed.

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