Subject: Uncle Curt 1 This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boys and young men discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of sex between consenting underage boy and adult males. Take a minute and donate to Nifty so we can all continue to enjoy such a fantastic site and keep it going!! __________ My name is Timmy and I have just reached my 11th birthday. I’m about 5′, 2″ but I am growing every day, according to my mom. I have blonde hair, cut short but not too short. I also have green eyes and the biggest and best smile anyone could ask for (again, mom’s opinion). I live in a small neighborhood in the Midwest and have been here all my life. My mom and I live by ourselves as Dad left when I was a baby. We have a good life, although I have kept a secret for some time. I like boys. Not like someone “liking” a walk in the park. I mean, I really like boys. I realized this some months ago but I’m not exactly sure how I realized it. I also discovered my body has been having some changes that weren’t all that bad. For one, my dick suddenly got much bigger than it had been, or so it seemed. It also started to get hard, at any time day or night. I enjoyed rubbing it but didn’t know what else to do. I tried not to rub it when anyone was around. I knew that much that it wasn’t a polite thing to do. When my mom would go out, she had always asked Ms. Gwen to sit me. Having a babysitter wasn’t all that bad and Ms. Gwen was a nice enough lady. However, for some reason, at the age of 11, I decided one day that I didn’t need a babysitter anymore and asked my mom about it. “What do you mean you don’t need a babysitter?” she asked nicely one morning while we were eating breakfast. “Well, I am 11 years old,” saying it in a mature sounding voice. “Yeah,” she continued with a look of surprise. “While that is true, I would rather have someone of an adult age to be with you while I am away.” We sat at the breakfast table and didn’t say much. “Hey, I’ve got an idea,” she said. “What about that nice boy down the street? Curtis, is it? He seems like someone you could get along with”. I wasn’t sure if Mom had ever realized the change in me, particularly the gay feelings I was having, so I didn’t know what she meant by that but figured it was probably a harmless comment. “He seems like a nice boy but he would still be a babysitter, wouldn’t he?” I asked. “No, not if he was a `buddy’ just staying with you while you did your homework or watched TV or whatever. When he went to High School here, he was an award winning swimmer,” Mom told me. “Now, I think he’s a junior at college, so he’s not old-old. He’s certainly younger than Gwen, maybe 22 or so. Being a swimmer, you both would have that in common.” I started to think about Mom’s proposal. Curt did seem like a really great guy. I had done some research and found that in the past, he was the best swimmer in our High School and had won several awards and a scholarship to college. There were several boys in our neighborhood who were close friends with him, or at least they seemed like Uncle/nephew relationships. One or two actually called him `Uncle Curt”. I, however, had not won any awards, since I was only 11 years old and swam on the team at the Y, which wasn’t exactly professional, but still fun. I got to wear my white Speedo, which was my favorite. All of my friends on the team wore speedos as well and we all got a good opportunity to see how we were doing in the “puberty” department. I think I was winning at that one, or at least most of the boys I knew would tell me that. None of them however, including me, changed in front of one another so it was still somewhat of a mystery. But, the size of the bulge would give us a hint. There were some pretty big `hints’ on my team. Anyhow, while thinking of all that, Mom acted like she had asked me a question. “Mom to Timmy,” she said, smiling. “Did you hear what I asked?” “Sorry,” I said. “Thinking of something else. kocaeli escort What was the question?” “I wondered if you would like to have Curtis over as a `buddy’ while I go out this Friday.” I wasn’t against the idea and, after all, he was younger than Gwen and most important, he wouldn’t be a `baby sitter’ and who knows. “Sure,” I told her. “Maybe he can show me some swimming techniques he uses in College that can help me on mine”. Mom made a phone call and set it up so I would no longer have a babysitter but a buddy staying with me on Friday. I felt more grown up than ever. Friday rolled around and Curt arrived at our house, walking down from where he lived. I had seen curt playing with two or three boys from the neighborhood, especially my best friend, Steven. They all were usually kicking a soccer ball around or just chasing each other. Everyone seemed to be having fun. Mom let Curt in and he stopped at the front door and looked towards me. I was in the kitchen getting something out of the refrigerator. Curt stood about 6 feet, slim, short cut brown hair (typical swimmer cut) and well built in the chest, another swimmer give-a-way. I hadn’t really taken a good look at Curt but realized he had a bulge in his jeans that was really nice, not too big but not too small. I realized the Refrigerator door was still open — and also that I had started to get a boner. “Hey, sport,” Curt said. “You want to refrigerate the whole house? Close that door”. He said it in a nice way but firm and I closed it. I saw Mom’s face and she was already liking Curt. Mom and he talked about rules and when she would get home. This was going to be a late night. “If you get too tired, you can always sleep over. I’ll just wake you up tomorrow when I get up,” she said. “The guest room is available”. “I appreciate the offer,” Curt told her. “We’ll see how tired I get”. They both smiled at each other. Then, she walked over to me in the kitchen, leaned over and kissed me on the forehead. “Awe, mom,” I said sounding embarrassed. Curt just smiled. As soon as mom left, Curt walked into the family room and found the remote, turning the TV onto something. We both sat on the couch and watched for a while. It got to be 9 PM and Curt turned to me. “Timmy,” he said. “Your mom said you should take a shower at 9 and could stay up until 10 but you have to start now if you want to have any time after the shower”. I agreed and got up to walk into my room. Curt followed me. “Do you need any help with anything?” Curt asked. I looked over and he had a sort of `devil’ look in his smile. “I don’t know,” I answered. Why did I say that, I thought? I don’t need help — but admit the idea of him `helping’ me somehow was interesting. I wasn’t sure why I thought that but I was feeling strange. “OK,” he said. “You let me know if you do” and walked back into the family room to continue watching TV. I went into the bathroom and started to take my clothes off. After my shirt was off and as I reached for my pants, I looked in the mirror and had the thought that I actually wasn’t such a bad looking boy. Not `buff’ or anything like that but not a skinny dweeb either. Some of my friends said I sometimes acted like a sissy (the word fem was used on occasion) but I didn’t care. I was who I was and was comfortable in my skin, even if I didn’t know what that meant at the time. I dropped my pants and reached over to the shower to turn it on. I heard a knock on the door. “You OK in there?” I heard Curtis say in a quiet kind of voice. I decided to try something with my new `buddy’. “Sure,” I said. “You can come in if you want”. Curt opened the door and realized I was in my white brief underwear and stopped. “Sorry,” he said, looking away. “I didn’t know you were almost naked”. “Geez,” I said to him. “You probably wear as much when you’re swimming. It’s no big deal”. I saw him turn his head back towards me and his stare go down to my dick and realized I had somewhat of a boner, half kolej escort hard. It was rather obvious. “Are you glad to see me or is that a banana in your pants?” he asked, laughing as he did. It put us both at east as I continued to turn the water warmer until steam started to come out of the shower. “Again, if you need help, I’m your boy,” he said. “I can reach all the right places”. Somehow, his language, his body, his voice, all were turning me on. Now I definitely had a full blown boner in my briefs. “Why don’t you get in and warm up,” he said. “I’ll get a wash cloth and some soap to help us”. Now, it was `us’ who were going to take a shower. I had never had anyone, particularly this good looking as this guy, ask me anything like what he was or tell me anything like he was but I turned into the squeaky, fem, sissy some of my friends said I was. “OK,” was all I said and I grabbed the waistband and pulled my underwear down and off, leaving them on the floor. I jumped into the shower quickly and slid the shower door closed. I couldn’t tell what was happening on the other side of the shower door as the steam fogged it up but I eventually saw a large body coming back into the bathroom. I figured it was Curt and it looked like his tall body was getting close to the shower door. He slide the door back and poked his head around the corner. “Are you doing OK?” he asked again. He seemed so shy, so friendly and yet so confident. I shook my head and as he walked around the door and into our larger than normal shower. I turned away, realizing I had a boner and not sure how he would react. He closed the shower door behind himself and turned towards me. With my back to him, I felt his hands on my shoulders. It felt like he had a wash cloth in one of them. “OK,” he said. “Let’s see if I can give you one of my special `Uncle Curt’ showers.” With that, he started to pour soap on my shoulders while rubbing and adding soap, getting it all bubbly. As he massaged my shoulders, he moved his hands down to my back and it felt wonderful. I had never had my back rubbed before, certainly not naked in the shower and certainly not with such a handsome guy. What was coming over me? Curt continued to soap me all up, quickly going over my butt and down to my legs. He slowly massaged both of my legs and then stood up. “OK, I’ve got your back soapy. Turn around so I can do your front,” he said in a whisper. I froze. Curt, realizing my embarrassment, calmed me. “Don’t worry about your boner,” he said. “I have one too. See?” Now, I know this sounds crazy but, up to that point, I hadn’t even considered that Curt was also naked! I quickly realized that common sense said he would be but at my age, it was all about what my boner looked like and if I would be embarrassed if he saw it. That seems strange but any of us who remember how self-centered we were at that age would understand. Still, I guess I was a little shocked. I looked over my shoulder and realized he had a very nice looking dick, although I hadn’t seen very many (or any) since I was only 11. “WOW!” he exclaimed. “That’s some boner you have there”. We both stood looking at one another, boners bouncing with each of our pulses and his leaking fluid I wasn’t familiar with. Curt took one step forward and his dick was pushing against my tummy while mine stood up between his legs. Without missing a beat, Curt started to pour more soap on my shoulders and that wash cloth he had, working it into my shoulders and chest. I closed my eyes for a moment realizing how good it felt. His hands went around my nipples and lingered there, using the slippery soap to tickle them. With every `tweak’, I moved my hips a little and felt feelings I had never felt before. So far, I was really liking Curt’s idea. His hands continued down to my belly, smearing the soap all over, getting all of it sudsy. His hand got to the top of my hard boner and it stopped. “Is this ok?” he asked. I opened my eyes and saw konak escort that he was looking straight at me. I didn’t know what else to say and simply nodded. He moved his hands around my very hard dick but didn’t touch it. He kneeled down and started to move the soapy washcloth over my legs, massaging them front and back. It felt so great. I looked down for a moment and saw him kneeling and realized my dick was just about even with his head (and mouth). If I was prone to fainting (thank goodness I wasn’t), I’m sure I would have done so then. Curt moved his hands up around to the back of my legs to the bottom of my butt cheeks and then, moved and massaged my rear end. I realized my dick was now as hard as it had ever been. He stood up, grabbed the shower wand (on top of the regular shower, we had one of those removable things you could rinse yourself with) and started to wash off the soap. His hands were as gentle as ever. He turned me around so my back was towards him and continued to rinse my back and down to my legs. He kneeled again and finished the back of my legs, moving his hands back up to my butt again. I realized that my breathing had increased. He stood up and hung up the showerhead and, as he kneeled down behind me again, he whispered in my ear. “How was that?” he said in a sultry voice. “Gaaa…good….” Was all I could get out my now dry mouth. Curt moved one hand around my waist and gently grabbed my hard on. I jerked suddenly. “Sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean to startle you like that”. His hand started to move up and down my dick. I had never felt anything like that before but it really felt good. My breathing got more labored and the feeling kept getting better and better. I simply stood there and enjoyed what was happening. Curt continued to handle my dick, jacking it up and down and his other hand came up to my butt crack and ran his long finger up and down it twice, finally stopping at my balls. He fondled them gently for about a minute. I was in heaven. All of a sudden, I felt something start to happen in my body. It was a new feeling, something better than I had ever felt in my entire life. I looked over my shoulder at Curt, who was still kneeling down in back of me. He was looking back up to me. “Something is probably going to happen in a minute,” he said softly. “Just let it happen. You’ll really like it if you just let it happen”. I didn’t know what this was but I trusted Curt and realized it was way too good a feeling to not let it happen. Curt continued to fondle my hard dick. My breathing got heavier and my hips started to move forwards and backwards. It’s like I was fucking his hand. “Don’t be afraid,” he said. “I know it feels like you’re going to pee but, trust me, you won’t”. I took him at his word. About 10 seconds later, the feeling started in my toes and they curled all the way up. Then, I let out a squeal and my entire body felt so good and my dick felt great! I started moaning and having this feeling wash over me. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. I started shooting white stuff out of my dick and realized it was what I had heard was `cum’. The first one hit the wall of the shower and the rest of it oozed out of Curt’s fist that surrounded my dick. Most of the liquid ended up on my belly. It was the greatest feeling I had ever had. Curt never let go of my dick, or of me, as I started to come down off of my very first orgasm. He continued milking me while, with his other arm, held me steady. I realized my knees had gotten weak when I came and was glad he had embraced my body. I slowly looked back over my shoulder with what was probably the goofiest grin ever and Curt just looked up at me and smiled. “Like that, eh?” he asked. He stood up and turned me around. My dick was still hard. “Let’s get you — and the shower — cleaned up,” he told me. “We don’t need `the Mom’ seeing any of this” and he swiped the goo on the shower wall off with his wash cloth. Then, he gently washed the cum off of my front. He kept one hand on my shoulder as he did so. I could feel his boner touching the middle of my back. It was really cool! “So, what did you think of that?” Curt asked. I didn’t know what to do so I hugged him, letting his boner get squeezed between our bodies.

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