Under Her Spell


The air was on the cold side of autumn cool but the sun of the day had warmed the earth enough that a low, silvery mist hung over the darkened estate. The sun was a memory in the west with only a faint glow of the last of its radiance visible. Stars gleamed in the purplish blue dome of twilight as it steadily darkened, more twinkling through with each minute that passed. The moon hung low in the sky; clear and visible yet seeming to almost skulk against the darkening sky as it was a dull yellow rather than a brilliant illuminating white. It was as if not even the high, far orb wished not to draw too much attention to the wicked things that stirred on Halloween. The light it cast down on the once well-maintained lawn, the jagged, grasping, towering walls of the hedge maze, the scattered stone benches and statues that lay about here and there, did not drive the shadows back but seemed to deepen them.

Here and there figures moved over the grounds; some in pairs with thin, faint beams stabbing the blackness from their flashlights, only to be swallowed up by the growing night. There were other pairs, two groups of three, and several lone shapes that slipped around those with the lights or followed them as they cautiously gained ground. Hunting those who dared the wild and fey night. The cries of the hunters and hunted sounded like shotgun blasts in the stifling quiet of the night before falling away as the lucky ones escaped or becoming the gruesomely fascinating sounds of the feast of the monsters.

James Dixon’s heart was beating fast as he moved with careful haste along the long, paved driveway that snaked through the mist dewed lawns towards the expansive mansion that lurked at the heart of the secluded land. He knew the wall they had parked by and the yawning open, worn gate they had passed through were not that far away, barely even a mile. As good as ten with what might be out there. They’d almost made it to the house. Now would be when they were in the most danger outside, just when they started to feel they might have passed the hungry sentinels of the forbidden manor.

James was tall, though not greatly so, only an inch over six feet and he had a build that was strong but lean. Hardly skinny, his body was agile and well-defined muscle under his clothes; the results of a high school baseball career. The twenty-year-old still played for his college team but devoted himself to his studies as well; James had few illusions about the likelihood of becoming a professional athlete. His tawny hair started to curl at the ends when it got to ear length, a little bit past that now. His bright jade-colored eyes moved quickly to scan the gloom for any hint of movement. His skin was a peaches and cream tone that he was sure was almost a beacon in the dark, not that he had much showing. There was faint stubble on his sharp, cleanly featured face. He was dressed in well fit jeans that were barely snug, a plain grey t-shirt under a light jacket of slate gray, and worn blue Chuck Taylors. He licked his lips and looked back at the smaller shape moving with him, just within arms’ reach. Which might be too far if one of the beasts came upon them. Or too close. She didn’t need him checking and he knew but he couldn’t help it. She mattered too much to him and he wouldn’t even be here without her.

The athletic young woman behind him raised a thin eyebrow at his look, “Don’t watch me, look out for yourself.” She smiled, her teeth a brilliant flash of white against the darker tone of her lips and her smooth mahogany skin. Her eyes were a light hazelnut brown with a bright spark of life and vitality in their depths. Her voice was just above a whisper but it felt far louder in the tension of the night, of the knowledge they were being hunted. She was beautiful, stunning he thought, with fine features that were almost sharp. Her ink black hair, done in a multitude of tiny braids that from a distance might be taken for locks of hair, framed high cheekbones and a smooth jawline that led to a delicate chin. She’d done a little modeling and might even be able to make a real go of it. She was on the tall side for a woman but not strikingly so. Her body was toned and agile, the product of good genes and a passion for kung fu that she’d discovered as a young pre-teen. She joked that she’d never go far in either martial arts or modeling because her tits were too big but admitted no one had ever complained besides her. A modestly full figure, high, pert breasts that were a plush handful each and a perky ass that was worth grabbing. Her limbs were shapely and strong, rounded and feminine but strong with lean muscle under satin skin. She was dressed much like he was, though her jeans were tighter and hugged her toned legs. Her dark red jacket was zipped up, emphasizing her figure, and the hem of the purple button down, one of his, underneath it could be seen falling down to her thighs. Twenty-one-year-old Cammy Jones wiggled her flashlight in one hand, ‘I’m wearing anal yapan gaziantep escort Mother Nature’s night camo, remember?”

He goggled at her a moment and then snickered, “I can’t believe you said that.”

“Believe it, babe.” She glanced back over their shoulders at the hedges behind them. “Besides, I can take care of myself. And I’ll keep you safe from the monsters, sweetheart.”

James shook his head slightly, a smile on his lips. “Cammy the Vampire Slayer? I can see it.”

She opened her mouth to speak when there was a growling bellow from the grounds on the other side of the hedges, followed by a pair of female shrieks. The two young lovers turned to face the sounds, drawing away and moving back towards the steps that led to the front door of the mansion. There was the sound of running feet approaching them and a crashing of branches that accompanied another bellow as the creatures cut off the escape of the fleeing women. The women shrieked again, met by a pair of growling grunts as the creatures that had snared them moved in. “No! No, don’t! Keep away!” That was the last before the monsters were on them and the sound of bodies being borne to the ground, of cloth ripping, gasps, whimpers, and growls that spoke clearly with no words at all.

The two of them looked at one another and turned together to rush up the steps to the door, the concerns of stealth forgotten. James’s longer stride led him to the door first and though it was unlocked, he had to bang his shoulder into it, flinging it open with a dull thud. Cammy pelted in behind him and pivoted to push back against the door. The two of them caught a glimpse over the hedges from their higher vantage point of two larger shapes with furry heads over two smaller ones on the ground, hands pawing and clawing, and then the door shut with a sepulchral crash and cut off their vision.

James and Cammy leaned back against the door, both breathing heavy. The younger man made his breaths slower, deeper. His heart was pounding and he felt a thrill of adrenaline still in his veins. That had happened so close. They’d heard and almost seen . . . and it had come from out of nowhere. They hadn’t even known the monsters or their victims had been there. That had startled him more than anything, the sudden burst of noise and action from near stillness. He’d thought it was all more distant. “That was a little intense.”

“Yeah,” he glanced over to see her raising her eyebrows and nodded, “it was. Damn, that was so close too. We almost could have reached out and touched them.” She let out a long breath and grinned, “Got a rush out of it.” She looked over at him and bit her lower lip, “You know, we made a lot of noise with the door . . . anything in here . . . .”

He grimaced, “Knows we’re here.” James took a look around, stepping away from the door. There was a small space they were in now, with a doorless closet for coats that was empty, dust and cobwebs in the corners. Past that was a much larger room; a huge grand hall and foyer with a large staircase that dominated it and led up to the second and third floors. The walls were plastered and painted with large light fixtures here and there that glowed faintly; whatever power fed to them barely enough to make their bulbs cast anything brighter than candlelight. The foyer was for reception and had few furnishings; merely going back into the body of the aging, massive house. Here and there along the walls there were open doors; yawning spaces from which poured light as well as one on either side of the great staircase on the back wall. No one or thing had yet appeared despite the noise of their entrance. And yet all was not still. There were noises from the nearest room on the right; a murmur of voices and of faint movement. From somewhere deeper in the house music could be heard playing faintly; a sweetly sinister melody that floated on the air with a melancholy intimidation and warning.

“I know that music,” James muttered. So familiar and so, well, haunting.

“Tchaikovsky,” Cammy said after a few beats. “Overture to Swan Lake…but most people know it better as the opening to Dracula. Bela Lugosi Dracula.”

“Oh.” He had to smile a little at that. “Nice atmospheric choice.”

Cammy spoke softly as she walked past him into the foyer, “Come on, baby. We’re not getting closer to the end standing here.” She took his hand and he followed after as the two of them walked into the space that was open but had an almost claustrophobic feeling due to the grand staircase taking up so much of it. They moved with slow care, trying not to make noise on the aging hardwood, for they knew they were not alone and there were things in the dark mansion that hungered for them. Their quiet feet drew them closer and closer to the first lit doorway. As they neared, it became clearer the room was occupied. They heard a low male voice let out a soft anal yapan gaziantep escort bayan moan and exchanged a look. Cammy arched an eyebrow, James nodded, and they slipped forward enough to peer into the room.

The sarcophagus’ outer shell was golden and gleamed dully in the dim light that came from the ceiling fixture but it was dark within, gaping open and empty. On the floor before it lay the body of the explorer; his khaki pants were loose around his legs and his clothes hung loose on his bones, the grinning mount of his skull agape, and his pith helmet still on his head. There was a heavy wooden chair near it and in it sat a man, wrapped loosely in white linen wrappings that held him in place despite looking neither strong nor tight enough for the task. He was Caucasian and older than them by no more than ten years, if that. He was healthy looking, fit, and with a thin but well-trimmed beard on his face. His face was stricken yet fascinated as he stared at the sight before him, “Oh, God. Judy . . . don’t.”

His wife, a pretty woman a few years younger than her husband, looked up at him from where she knelt on the floor with a shameful and excited blush on her cheeks. Her garments were askew; her blouse undone and her bra pulled down to her let her tits free; her rosy nipples were hard and her breasts heaved with arousal. The blond locks that had been up in a bun were loose about her face and her eyes were glazed with desire. “I’m sorry . . . no, not sorry, I . . . regret you’re hurt.” Her skirt was underneath her on the floor having been fully undone and pulled away and her pale blue panties were visibly damp. “But . . . I must.” She turned her head back to the figure towering over her. “I must serve my pharaoh. I must please him.”

The mummy Amenhotep, restored to vigor and flesh by taking that of the explorer, nodded to her, “Then return to pleasing me, woman, before I take your husband’s life in my anger.” He smiled and let out a groan as the she leaned forward and her red lips spread and sealed around his thick, veiny, black cock. His skin was several shades darker than Cammy’s and his head was clean shaven, though he had a tight goatee on his chin. The wrappings that had kept his desiccated form together before his resurrection were mostly torn off of him but a few loops of white linen were still draped over him. His body was strong, powerful, and hard. His manhood was long and thick and his balls hung low, heavy with the seed of the ancient king reborn. Other than the few remaining scraps of wrapping, he was naked and sculpted muscle moved under his dark skin as he reached out to grasp the blonde’s hair and guide her in sucking and worshiping his rod. “Ahh, yesss, good. Very good.”

She let out a happy coo around the thick meat that stretched her lips, letting him pull her head down onto him, taking him past her mouth and into her throat as he fed his cock to her. Her left hand reached out to pump her husband’s dick on his chair; his own tool rock hard despite seeing his wife servicing the mummy with such . . . eagerness. Her right slipped low and into her own panties, toying with her sex. Watching from just outside the doorway, James swallowed and felt his own manhood stiffening in his pants. God damn . . . that was . . . it was fucked up but it was sexy. Sexier than he wanted to admit. He felt Cammy’s hand tighten on his and his eyes flicked over to see her looking on the scene intently, her tongue slipping over her lips.

Judy’s head bobbed up and down on the pharaoh’s dark meat, now slick and glistering with spit and pre-cum. He was groaning, his toned ass flexing as he moved his hips to push as much as she could take into her willing throat. Then he suddenly stepped away from her, his dick slithering out of her mouth, Judy gasping and coughing as it came free. “Your worship pleases me, but I want more.”

“More?” Her husband looked up in sudden horror, “You can’t!”

“I will, and you will watch and see how much she loves it, white man,” the mummy smirked. He pulled Judy to her feet, the blond woman going easily and lifted her up to place her on the explorer’s desk, “You want me to fuck you, don’t you?” Judy bit her lower lip and nodded. Amenhotep scowled and lifted her legs up with one mighty arm, the other swinging to give her ass a stinging slap that made her yelp. “Speak! I must hear, your husband must hear, what you want!”

“Oww! Yes, yes, my pharaoh, my master!” She blushed and looked at her husband, “I’m so sorry, honey, but . . . but I need this, need him.” The married woman turned her imploring face to the tall black man, “Please fuck me. Fuck my pussy with your big black cock. Take me, make me yours!” She ran her hands down and lifted her legs together to slide her panties up them and then bent her knees to let them fall to her feet and off. Judy spread her legs, “See how wet I am for you? Please, fuck escort gaziantep anal yapan me!”

The tied man let out a groan that was both aroused and despairing as the dark skinned man stepped up between her readily spread legs. “Watch her now. Watch her as I claim her as all white women should be, as they were in ancient days when the Barbary raiders brought your ancestors to our shores as slaves and tribute, as it shall be again!”

James eyes narrowed, his voice a whisper, “The Barbary pirates were in the eighteenth century, not -“

Cammy glared at him. “Shh!”

Amenhotep thrust forward and the bulbous head of his black cock drove into Judy’s pink core. She cried out on the desk, back arching, head going back, as her pussy was stretched and filled by the pharaoh’s powerful rod. “Oh, GOD! Oh, fuck, he’s so big! So strong! Stretching me, filling meee!” He bucked his hips again and rocked another inch into her, drawing another cry from the pale skinned wife. Three more times he thrust in to fill her deeper and spread her wider until at last he was hilted inside.

James felt Cammy squeeze his hand hard and pulled his eyes away as the mummy drew his long prick back almost all the way out of her in a slow, steady motion. His girlfriend’s eyes were bright and eager but also warning. She jerked her head and he blinked to shake himself out of the voyeuristic trance that had settled on him and nodded. The two crept away from the sitting room as Judy cried out again. More followed and the sound of flesh slapping together could be heard as he began to pound her but was fainter as the two of them headed towards one of the doors set in the back wall of the large foyer.

The young man glanced at the wide staircase that went up before splitting in two to reach to either side of the upper landing. He looked at Cammy and inclined his head towards it, whispering, “Upstairs?”

She shook her head, “The map said first floor.” They crept through the foyer as the sounds of sex covered those of their movement. Or so they could hope. Each soft step they took seemed like a thud and the faintest creak of the floorboards was like the crack of a whip. But so far, their entrance and passage was unnoticed. But for how long?

They passed another lit doorway and again paused. The charmingly sinister music swelled from within but now they could hear other sounds as well. It was a music room; stands for sheet music and even instruments set on or by chairs in an arc around a dais and a conductor’s podium. Sheet music was scattered on the floor about the podium as the tall, elegantly dressed man wearing a plain white opera mask groaned and leaned back against it, his pale hands gripping the angled surface hard. He wore a knee length coat in a dark blue with corded braiding in a dull yellow at the cuffs and along the wide lapels, a white shirt with a lacy ruffed cravat around his neck. His trousers came to mid-calf, but were open, and his hard, long dick jutted out into the air and over the women who knelt before him.

“Maestro, please,” one of them said, a pretty woman with creamy skin pleaded, her wide blue eyes behind thin framed glasses looking up at the man, her lips parted. She was full figured and was just shy of being able to be called plump with generous breasts that heaved in the air, sagging only a little now that they were free from her discarded coat and sweater that lay to one side of the dais. She was in her 40s likely but her face and body still pulled the eyes. Her hair was a pale blond that was swept up in a bun at the back of her head. One of her hands was wrapped around the base of the man’s thick prick, “Please, you must teach my Bella to sing.”

Bella, who looked to be in her twenties, nodded, her lips brushing the head of his prick. “Please, Maestro, Angel of Music.” He groaned anew as her pink tongue slithered out and over the head of his member. Her skin was smooth and silky with a light caramel hue that spoke of Hispanic heritage. Her shoulder length hair was dark and had a slight wave to it, swept back over her shoulders to expose her own perky tits to the masked man’s view.

He looked down at them and groaned, “How sweetly you plead for that which you need.” He reached down to slide a white gloved hand through Bella’s dark hair and take a firm hold, pushing his cock past her lips and into her mouth. The girl let out a soft squeal and then a coo as he fed her his dick. “You want to be my student? Then serving my pleasure would be prudent.”

This time it was Cammy who gave a soft snort, “Couplets? Come on, man.” Jason looked over at her and put a finger to his lips. She grimaced, “You know I’m right,” but then stayed quiet.

The Phantom gestured to the older woman, “If your daughter is to be my prize, she must be ready for my size. Prepare her to be fucked, Mother dear, to see if her voice can please my ear.” He stepped back away from the podium with a flourish, pulling his dick out of the younger woman’s mouth with a slithery, wet sound.

The blond smiled and then leaned in to kiss her supposed daughter. The younger woman cooed once more and then drew close, pressing their bare chests together, tongues entwining. Then she pulled away, “Momma’s going to help you, baby. It’ll be all right.” Her hands slid down to unfasten the button of the other woman’s jeans and zip them down, “Just lean back.”

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