She couldn’t believe it. She was finally going to get laid. FINALLY.

She licked her lips with anticipation as she glanced in the rearview mirror and saw that he was following her. Well, she would hope so. She had made the offer quite clear. It didn’t matter that he was someone else’s boyfriend and that she was someone else’s girlfriend. She couldn’t wait anymore. She couldn’t stand another night of touching herself, sliding her fingers into her wet pussy as she dreamed of a lover caressing her, turning her head into the pillow so her parents wouldn’t hear her cries.

When she arrived at the park, he pulled in behind her. She giggled with anticipation. How was it possible that boys didn’t want to have sex? She’d had so many boyfriends, but they all just wanted to hold hands and cuddle after a few touches. She was 18 … red curly hair … pale skin … not skinny but with curves … full ass … what was she doing wrong?

He grabbed her hand and pulled her behind the tree. He kissed her and she started to tug at his jeans. He pulled her down to her knees and placed her on her back. She felt her shorts being tugged off as she kept her eyes closed tightly … then she felt … wait, what was that? He was on top of her then, thrusting in and out. At least, that’s what she thought he was doing. She couldn’t really feel anything. Was she having sex? Or did he miss? Did guys miss? She concentrated … yep, there was … something there. His hands kneaded her breasts and she could tell he was getting more excited by his breathing. Could he tell she was confused?

No way, she thought. This is NOT it. She grabbed one of his hands from her breast and moved it around to her ass. She slowly guided it so that he was touching her asshole. She started to get a little excited when he jerked his hand away and returned it to her breast.

With a shudder he rolled off of her. She could hear his breathing in the dark. She stared at the constellations in the sky. Was that the Big Dipper?

A few awkward moments later and she was in the car on the way home. Damn. So much for her first time.


She pulled into the parking lot of the convenient store and walked in.

“Girl, you look like crap. What happened?” Her best friend was never one to beat around the bush.

“I fucked Jack.”

“Get out! Captain of the football team? He is so fine. I can’t believe it. How was it?”

“Horrible. I felt … nothing … “

“But he looked so …”

“Not up close.”

“Stop thinking about it. There’s a party tonight at Julie’s. You’re coming. I’ll pick you up in 45 minutes.”

She laughed. She was definitely not coming. Not yet.


She fell back against the bed, the hair at the back of her neck wet with perspiration. She sucked her fingers as she pulled them out of her pussy. Maybe everyone was crazy, and that’s just all there was. Maybe there was something wrong with her. She pulled her skirt on, leaving the panties on her floor as Bostancı Escort she let the cool summer breeze dry the wetness between her legs.

By the time she got to the party, it was pretty late. She didn’t recognize most of the people, and her best friend spotted the guy of the hour and made a mad dash to the next room. Feeling a little awkward, she grabbed a beer and saw an open spot on a couch back in the corner.


She jumped, because she hadn’t seen him there. But she knew him instantly. He was in a few of her classes, and they were friendly enough, but they weren’t exactly friends. He was the kind of boy you talked to everyday but never really saw outside of class. Quiet and shy, but still able to make her laugh. He always asked how her day was … cute if he’d become a little bolder.


She pounded the beer, trying to make sense of the evening. She should be overjoyed. She should be satisfied. Instead, she was frustrated.

She closed her eyes and put her head back on the couch. If this night would only be over already.

Suddenly, she felt the couch shift and a weight move next to her.

“Bad day?”

“You would not believe me if I told you.”

“Can I help?” Was he flirting with her? Or was he just being nice? He was always so nice.

“I wish you could.”

Her head was swimming with the beer she’d just inhaled, so she kept her head on the back of the couch. Eyes closed, she tried to figure out just how she was going to let him down easy.

She let out a gasp as she felt a hand on her thigh, right below the hem of her skirt. It was very hot and seemed to burn her skin. He was next to her then, breathing in her ear.

“I’d like to try.”

She turned her head very slightly, and his mouth was on hers. She was about to protest when his tongue entered her mouth forcefully. It was …. nice. Hell, it was more than nice. Her mind began to wander, thinking about what else he might do with that tongue. That’s when she felt it … a growing wetness dripping down into her ass. She turned her head and leaned into the kiss, exploring his mouth.

Slowly, he moved his hand up her leg until it was resting on her hipbone. She whimpered just a little as he brushed his hand across her pussy. She felt her heart start to race.

“You’re so wet. I always thought you would be.”

His voice sounded different, deeper than she ever heard it in school. It was raspy, and made her the pulse between her legs jump.

“I think that … um … may be your fault.”

His fingers entered her, stroking and teasing, in and out, until she was sure she was going to die. It was as if he knew her, where to touch, how to touch. She moaned into his mouth, and his tongue plunged deeper.

Suddenly, he pulled his fingers out of her. She opened her mouth to protest.

She looked up just in time to see him put his fingers into his mouth.


She tried to grab him, but he stood up Anadolu Yakası Escort to walk away. Disappointment flashed through her until she saw his hand held out for her.

“We should go somewhere a little more private.”


She followed him up the stairs, eyes following as he climbed. The throbbing between her legs was intensified with each step. How had she not noticed his ass before? Would he let her …?

He closed the door and she stood looking at him.

“Come here, beautiful.”

He kissed her gently as he unbuttoned her sweater. She unclipped her bra and stood in front of him exposed.

He dipped his head down and took one of her nipples, sucking gently. She felt her nipples stiffen as he pulled her into his mouth, grazing her with his teeth. His arm held her close, and she could feel him against her. She felt the stickiness on her thighs as her breath started to come out in gasps. She instinctively brought her hand under her skirt, wanting to feel her wetness.

He pulled off his T-shirt and fell to his knees, moving her hand. He reached underneath her skirt and placed his hands on her ass. He pulled her forward forcefully so that she nearly lost her balance. When she righted herself, his tongue was exploring between her legs. He sucked on her clit slowly. She moved in his arms.

Did she dare? She moved one of his hands from her ass and guided it to her most intimate spot. Rather than jerk away, he ran his hand through her stickiness and started tracing circles around her asshole. Just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore of the wonderful sensation, he plunged his finger into her gently, and she came with a loud cry.

She fell to her knees and grabbed him, wanting to taste herself on his tongue, in his mouth. Her saltiness was a distinct taste, but mixed with his breath, she tasted sweet. She moaned into his mouth, his hands holding her hips close to him. Her hands reached lower, looking for the button on his jeans.

Her hands brushed his bare skin as she pulled down his jeans, and she felt him exhale. She looked up, trying to remember how she’d gotten there. His face was flushed just a little, but he was wearing a sly grin. He knew what he was doing. He knew what he was doing to her.

As she released him from his boxer briefs, she tried to hide her shock. He was so large. And hard. She wanted him in her mouth, to spill down her throat.

She pushed him down onto the floor, not bothering to make her way to the bed. She couldn’t wait. She ran her tongue across the tip of his cock and tasted a sweet drop of him. She pulled him into her mouth then, slowly bringing him in and out, running her tongue around the base with each thrust. His breathing became heavier and he placed a hand on her head to guide her. With a moan, she pulled away, dropping lower so she could take his balls into her mouth. The sharp gasp she received told her she was doing something he liked. She traced them with her tongue Ataşehir Escort and slowly moved lower … tentatively … a little lower. Looking up shyly, she saw his head tipped back and his mouth slightly open. She continued until she found the place she was searching for and traced a small circle around the opening. He thrust his hips then and she penetrated him with her tongue, thrusting in and out, tasting him. She moaned into him as she became more excited.

He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up, his tongue entering her mouth. So he liked it too … their tastes mingled together.

He reached into his jeans and pulled out a condom. She was so ready for him and her body ached at not being touched. She slowly tugged on her nipples as she watched.

He pulled her up onto the bed and started to lay her down onto her back. She looked into eyes and shook her head. She slowly turned herself around so she was facing the headboard, on her hands and knees.

Her eyes closed, she felt him thrust into her, filling her with pleasure. She could feel every inch of him moving within her. His hands on her hips, he pulled her closer and she cried his name as he went even deeper than she had thought possible. She tilted her hips upwards and he whimpered, holding her tight against him.

He started pulling in and out, slowly. She could feel the sweat from his chest on her back. The sensation of his sliding into her, with the wetness dripping down her thighs, was getting to be too much. She reached one hand around and grasped his shaft, feeling him enter her, imagining his view in her mind, of his hard cock disappearing into her.

The feeling inside her was building with each thrust. She wasn’t sure if she could take it any longer, but didn’t want him to stop. The words no and yes mingled on her tongue as she opened her mouth and came out …

“Please. Oh please.”

His hand reached down and began touching her clit, hard and wet. She felt his mouth on her back.

Her cries became louder as his thrusts started to come faster. She opened her mouth, but he read her mind.

“Oh God.”

He cried out with a groan as she came, body shaking. The shudders continued, each one causing her to clench her pussy around him. He gasped each time.

After a few minutes, she turned to look at him. He looked peaceful. She was pretty sure she had the same look, the look of someone properly fucked. His lips spread into a grin. She decided then and there that her goal in life would be to put that smile on his face, and to wipe it off.

“You’re amazing.”


The next morning, she rolled over and opened her eyes. It was a sunny day and the light played across her stomach. I guess she’d forgotten to put on her pajamas last night. Hm … last night … What did she do last night?

The thought hit her all of a sudden and her breath caught.

Her body still ached a little when she turned just the right way. She did it a few times, just to feel the pull deep inside. She could still feel him …

She smiled on the way to the shower, knowing exactly what she would think of while she touched and teased. She had a date. Not with the captain of the football team. With someone unexpected … What would they say at school?

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