Unexpected Duties


Another day debating; she was a strong woman, very opinionated. She had a strong voice and always wanted to be heard. This was my second day with her.My name is Bill, I’m thirty-three and have a background in the army and then security. Never been married, never wanted that kind of life, tied me down too much.A few weeks ago there were riots and as a member of parliament, Ms. Jools MP was appointed to take charge.Not all MPs are given bodyguards, but on this occasion because of the severity of the situation and her position, I was appointed as not quite a bodyguard, but someone who makes sure she is not in harm’s way when she is traveling from place to place… a minder of sorts.When given certain duties I always thought it a good idea to check some background on the person I am supposed to be looking after. Now she… Mis Jools is a lady of fifty-four years of age; has been divorced for seven years. Has her own country house, and a few very expensive luxury cars, but due to the nature of her work, mainly lives in hotel rooms.    She has held her current position for three years. During these last few weeks, I found out that I’m the fourth assignee to her.On a less professional level from me, her appearance has no bearing on how I carry out my duties around her. She is a lady, could have been a man. But if I was to describe her, she is diminutive, so small that if you saw her from the back she would appear to be a teenager.It’s when you see her face you can tell she is of some age. But her body is quite well-formed, with nicely shaped legs, and a bust that looks just right for her slim shape. I think she is blond, but she dyes her hair jet black I’m sure.  It’s when she opens her mouth; she has such a powerful voice, and she’s loud with it. She walks with authority, and holds her head high, o and she smokes like a chimney.Before I got this post, I was told that one of the three previous… minders… left and the other two were fired by Ms. Jools.My first day with Ms. Jools went as expected; I was introduced to her and was very surprised that she took very little interest on a personal level. She was polite but seemed distant, and very formal.As I mentioned… my second day with Ms. Jools and our first in this hotel. From a distance, I could see her in the conference room, but to be honest, even if I could not see her, people certainly heard her.It approached ten-thirty in the evening and other MPs were slowly leaving. I noticed Ms. Jools walk towards the exit where I was. She came through the big wooden doors and out of the corner of her eye she looked at me and said, “Let’s get out of this bucket of shit!”She had a very confident quick walk; I followed but kept my distance.The journey up in the lift was… well, one-sided. I did not talk. She did, but it was not directed toward me. She talked like she was venting her thoughts out loud, “Effin idiots the lot of them,” “Not one person has a clue about how to take control.”She looked at me, slow down then back up, and continued, “And that… that… wanker chairman, he may as well have twat tattooed on his forehead.”My duty ends upon seeing Ms. Jools safely into her room. This means entering and checking no intruders are in there and then leaving.I opened the door while she stood back; she seemed to be still steaming about something, she said, “Fuckin bunch of ignorant halfwits have no idea what they’re talking about.”I entered first and her secretary Stella who was an elderly lady sat at a table and had a few folders scattered around. While I went to check the other rooms Ms. Jools went to talk to Stella.It must have been brief as on my return Stella had gone. Ms. Jools was on the phone, and I heard her say, “Just kocaeli escort go away,” to whoever she was talking to. She then with a clenched fist and her face on fire thumped hard on the table three times, and on each thump shouted at the top of her voice, “Fuck!” She kicked off her shoes, which landed meters apart. She took off her jacket, which was part of a two-piece suit. Threw that over a chair and lit up a cigarette, and while she smoked that, she took her skirt off too. She said, “Hey… hey you.”I went to her, and she pointed up towards the ceiling, she said, “Take the batteries out of that fuckin thing, and check the other rooms.”These were smoke detectors that she wanted me to turn off. I got a chair and slid out the battery compartment, good thing these were not hard-wired in, and then went to check elsewhere. And all the while I was doing this she murmured out loud. Not talking to me, just abuse towards some of the people at the conference.When I came back from the kitchen area, she said, “Get me a scotch would you, no ice, make sure it’s a large one.”She got a phone call while I made her drink. This just seemed to set her alight even more and caused her to burst out loud in her replies. She had got up and walked about kicking the furniture.And to my surprise, she took off her blouse and threw it across to me as I walked toward her with her drink. She continued with her call. I put the drink down and placed her blouse with her jacket, I asked, “Will that be all, ma’am?”She didn’t acknowledge me; she continued to rant on the phone. I could not help but look at her while I stood there. She didn’t have any stockings on, bare legs, her slip which was well above the knees, and a bra barely worth putting on, as her tits would have stood firm from what I could see.Her body was amazing, lightly tanned, and her steely blue eyes were so piercing, and if she looked at you your blood ran cold.  She went and sat with her legs crossed. She took a sip of her drink in between her conversation. I felt it rude to ask her again if I could leave. So just stood and tried not to be looking at her when she did glance at me.I could see she was getting frustrated and red in the face, with an angrier tone towards the end of the call.It was only another three minutes but seemed like an hour. She ended the call, and said, “Fuck you… fuck you all.”She threw the phone towards a chair, where it bounced off and landed on the floor.I took a step towards it to pick it up and she said, “Leave it… fuckin leave it there.”I almost felt afraid to ask, but I did, “Would that be all, ma’am?”She took a long deep puff on her cigarette, blew the smoke slowly out, and said, “Got somewhere to go have you?”I said, “If you do not require me any further this evening.”She was still distracted and did not reply to me. She stood and faced the window. We were quite high and the reflective glass meant no one could not see in.I watched her as she stood and looked out at the city lights. That was the first time I had seen her back. She had a tattoo that covered half her back. A golden eagle, wings wide, and claws out like it was about to land on and hook its prey. The colours were very vibrant.She said, “How dare they… bastards!”She slipped her slip off and stepped to the side of it. Then as she turned she had undone her bra and tossed it. She walked towards me and said, “What… never seen a pair of tit before!” I looked away sharpish.As she walked through to the bedroom, she said, “I’ll give you two minutes to cancel whatever you’ve got on tonight and then come in there.”Fuckin hell what does she expect of me? I didn’t have any plans; I was just going to go have a couple of drinks and sleep.I kocaeli escort bayan walked to the door of the bedroom and stopped. She had taken her knickers off and lay on the bed. She looked at me, lit another cigarette, and said, “Little overdressed, aren’t you? Doesn’t bother me. Just get your cock out.”I said, “I’ll get fired for this, ma’am.”She sat with pillows behind her, one leg outstretched and the other bent. She placed both hands on her knee with a cigarette between her fingers.She said, “There are no cameras in here, and who are you going to tell… your mummy.”I stood motionless. She, in a really loud voice, said, “I’ve had a real shit day, now come over here and do as I’ve said.”She did frighten me, but at the same time, she was so arousing. I started to strip, and she shouted again, “Fuckin hurry up before I lose the will to live.”     I hurried and was naked by the time I reached her side of the bed.She reached out and grabbed my now rampant cock. She leaned forwards and blew smoke over it. She looked up and said, “Good… at last a decent size cock. Not the pencils I’ve been provided with of late… hope it works properly!”She pulled and started to suck on my knob. She looked up at me while she sucked me off. I placed a hand on her head and she spat my cock out angrily and said, “Don’t touch me, don’t you ever touch me unless I have asked you to do so. Do you hear me?”My hand shot off and I nodded, she went back to sucking me off. In between, she smoked her cigarette while she blew me. When she had finished the cigarette she repositioned herself on the bed.She lay flat with her head on a pillow; she raised her knees and opened her legs, and said, “Now as you eat me, make sure you do a good job. You may touch my legs only.”I got onto the bed, she looked so fuckable. It was just what came out of her mouth that was the problem. Extremely petite, but amazingly formed, as I mentioned, she was tanned but had no tan lines. Her tits were superb and I could see some hardening and protrusion of her nipples. Clean pussy, just a landing strip that was jet black too.I went down on her and started to eat her out. I had my hands around her thighs and pulled her pussy tight to my mouth. I enclosed her clit and sucked on it. I kept an ear out for how she sounded so I could gauge my progress. Her hips began to move up and down and her head swayed left to right.I carried on as she said, “That’s it… that’s good.”Then she pulled hard on my hair and made my face come off her. She said, “Cock in now.”I said, “I don’t have a condom, ma’am.”She threw her head back and combed back her hair with her fingers and said, “Fuckin hell dick-head, I’m clean, I take it you are too?”I nodded and in a low tone I said, “Yes, ma’am.”She threw up her legs in the air and said, “Well… what you fuckin waiting for a gold-plated invitation, or are you gay?”I said, “No, ma’am… I’m not gay.”She stared at me as if to say ‘come on then.’She lowered her legs as I climbed up on top of her, she said, “Don’t lay on me, don’t touch me, just want your cock fucking me… got it.”I pushed myself up so as not to lay on her, and I slipped into her. She said, “Wait.”I had my cock in her and stopped. She raised her legs high and grabbed them with her hands, and said, “Okay… fuck me, and make sure it’s me that cums.”I began and a minute later she said, “I said, fuck me, don’t fuck about with me, fuckin fuck me.”I speeded up and began to thrust harder, her pussy was nice and snug. I wasn’t sure I was going to last too long but tried to make her cum. My arms were getting tired almost cramped. I had become hot and started to feel the perspiration on my forehead.It had been a while and I was glad izmit escort to hear her say, “Come on harder, I’m nearly there.”I thought I was doing okay, and never had any complaints, her phone rang, and she said, “Go get that, I’m expecting that call.”Right in the middle of fucking I had to go and get her phone. I gave it to her and she answered it. She said to whoever it was, “Wait a minute James.”The bloke must have kept talking and she shouted, “I fuckin said wait, didn’t you hear me.”She pressed the mute button and then said to me, “Get that back in me, I won’t be long with this dick-head.”I placed myself back into her and began slowly fucking her. She began to talk on the phone like she was having a conversation with someone over dinner.The way she talked was amazing, her breathing, and her concentration was just so… so normal. I looked down and could see my cock going in and out of her. I felt a tap on my head, I looked up and she indicated she wanted a cigarette. I again pulled out of her for the second time and helped her to light one.I returned to my new duty as a human dildo. She was on the phone for five minutes, and she had slipped further down the bed and lay more flat. And as I fucked her, her hips came up in time so we were fucking each other.There were times when she had outbursts, shouted down the phone, and gave this James a good telling off. She shouted so loud her pussy contracted and tightened on my cock, it felt great.She was thrusting so hard I thought she was going to cum, and I heard her say, “I want both those reports early tomorrow morning. And make sure I have them.”She threw the phone to the side and it fell off the bed. I saw her eyes close and the way her face looked, she was going through an orgasm, she whimpered and moaned. Two minutes later she opened her eyes and said, “Get off.”I said, “I’ve not cum yet.”And with both her hands on my chest she pushed and rolled me off her, she said, “Idiot, you’re here for me, I’m not here for you; if you need to cum go jack off in the bathroom.”She lit up another cigarette and said, “And while you’re in there run me a bath.”I wasn’t going to jack off or wank or anything. I went and ran the water for her bath. I heard her shout, “Get me another large scotch, no ice.”I threw a towel around me and made her drink. And then I began to understand that if she treated her men this way that’s probably why the other guy’s left. And I too just after two days felt used, should I stay? I thought I’d see out the week at least and then re-assess.I took her drink through and she said, “Pass me my phone. And what’s that thing around you, gone shy have you? Don’t know why, you could mount that thing in the natural history museum.”I picked up her phone and gave her both her drink and phone.I said, “Your bath will be ready in ten minutes, ma’am.”She said, “I like lots of bubbles, and make sure the water is hot.”I did leave my towel on and walked back to the bathroom. Poured in the bubble-bath liquid and made sure I poured in more just to be on the safe side. The water was hot and the bath was ready. I went through and told her, “Your bath is ready, ma’am.”She sat up on the bed, cigarette in one hand and she went through her phone in the other. I was about to turn around and go to sit in the lounge when she without taking her eyes off the phone said, “Where you going?”I replied, “Nowhere, ma’am, I’ll be here in the lounge.”Without moving her head, she glanced at me, just a quick flick of her eyes to me then back to her phone, she said, “What, you can’t bear to be in the same room as me. Do you not like me.”Her eyes were back in my direction and she continued, “Is that because I didn’t let you finish… didn’t let you have your happy ending.”I said, “No, ma’am I’m fine.”Her eyes were mainly on her phone, but for a second they pointed to the end of the bed as she said, “Good, you can be fine in here then. Stand there.”

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