Unexpected Encounter


On a sunny afternoon I went to play a round of golf with my buddy. Afterwards we went to the restaurant located on the golf course to have some drinks and dinner. We sat at the bar and ordered some drinks while waiting for our table. The bartender was a woman in her late 30’s. She is smoking hot. She is about 5.6, close to 130 lbs, very nice round ass. The kind I like to call “a substantial booty.” She has D cup breasts and very very hard nipples. Her tee shirt was very tight on her and her shorts were very very short. Add light brownish-blonde hair and blue eyes to that and any man is bound to lose his senses around her.

I am a frequent customer of hers. For the last few weeks we have had engaged in normal chit chat about whatever. At times I had sensed a little hint of flirtation from her but seeing a big rock on her finger always made me reject that idea and blame it on my delusions. But tonight the flirtation was a bit more obvious. I was a little confused but at the same time very turned on by her advances as well as her attire. She was wearing a plain black rather deep v-neck tee shirt tucked into her tight short short shorts. Her shorts were clinging to her nice round sweet “substantial” butt so well that her thong was visible. For over 10 minutes I literally followed her with my eyes as she bent over to pick up something or stretched herself to reach for something on higher shelves.

One by one guests were getting seated. One of my buddy’s client called and he stepped out of the restaurant to take the call. I continued to talk with her about her day.

I asked, “So what does your husband do?”

She kinda rolled her eyes and said, “He runs a sales division for Taft Electrical and is having an affair with American Airlines and Double Tree.” She chuckled and I smiled.

“So what airlines are YOU having an affair with?”

This caught her off guard. She blurred out “None yet”

I smiled and looked at her straight in her eyes, smiled and asked:

“Well when you’re ready let me know I know a good one”

She turned a bit serious and showing curiosity and interest said:

“Oh really now. What if I am ready right now. Can you set me up with your airline?”

I almost choked but managed to say “Well yeah its right here and its ready”

I looked around and noticed that my friend was still outside on the phone. The table porno was not ready yet. I looked over at her a couple times. She was smiling and biting her lower lip while filling up drinks for other customers in the dinning room. Finally I asked her:

“Do you guys have a wine cellar?” and she said with a smile, “We sure do.”

I said “I am a wine collector. I’d love to see what sort of red wines you have in store.”

She said, “Come back let me show you.”

She signaled her manager to cover for her while she took her break early. I followed her sweet wiggling ass as we went through the “employee only” door and into the back where there were several office doors. She stopped in front of the “Storage” room, turned around looked at me, winked, smiled, open the door and walked in. I waited for a few seconds, forced the thought of that rock on her finger out of my mind, and followed her into the storage room. First thing she did was grabbed the back of my head and kissed me hard on the mouth. Her tongue forced its way inside my mouth and touched mine. I noticed that her hands were bare. She was no longer wearing her ring. While we kissed our hands were roaming each other’s bodies. I caressed her ass, her waist, her lower back and her breasts. She paid much attention rubbing the front of my pants but also grabbing my butt and squeezing my cheeks. Pushing me more and more into her.

A few minutes of groping she pulled back and looked me straight in the eyes. She gave me one of those wicked naughty smiles while biting her lower lip. She got down on her knees, took my pants off, slid my FAT hard cock out of my boxers and swallowed the whole FAT fucker down her throat. When fully aroused I am close to 7″ long which is not much but I am about 4″ thick. I shave my crotch, cock and balls. I have large heavy balls and a huge swollen head. I looked down and saw how much my cock was filling her mouth. How her soft lips looks wrapped around the FAT thickness of my thick fuckmeat. After a few licks and sucks she pulls my cock out of her mouth and says:

“Oh God you’ve got a big FAT one. I can think of so many things to do with it. Its fucking huge. I am gonna love fucking it”

At just the sound of those words I must have twitched and grown an inch. As she finished her words she stuffed my fat “cockmeat” back into her hot warm wet sucking mouth and started sucking me hard and massaging my balls. With the other hand she was stroking the foreskin of my cock back and forth. She sucked my balls one at a time until I was ready to cum. I placed my hand in the back of her head and shoved my cock in her mouth deep until I could feel the tip of my cock slide inside her throat and hit the back of her mouth. That was it. I shot gobs and gobs of cum down her throat. She couldn’t swallow all of it. Some of my thick white cum started dripping out from the side of her mouth but like a good girl she kept her mouth wrapped around my cock. When finally I was done and started to get a bit soft she took my cock out of her mouth, cupped by balls, looked up at me, smiled and said:

“Ummm you taste very good.”

She scooped all the cum from the side of her lips and licked it all up. She continued to suck my cock preventing it from going limp. At one point she even slid my cock inside her v-neck cleavage an let me feel her warm soft breasts. I started to get hard again. In a few minutes of her sucking, stroking, and fucking my cock with her mouth and tits I was hard as a rock. After a few minutes of sucking I placed my hands on her shoulders, guided her to stand up, kissed her lips and started to take off her shorts. Once the shorts were down and off her I slid my hands around her tiny waist and turned her around to face away from me. I didn’t even bother removing the thong. I simply guided her to bend over and rest against the big food rack. Spread her legs wide and moved her thong to one side exposing her puffy pussy lips which were dripping her, her hard clitty and her gorgeous sexy ass crack with dark pink puckered ass hole. Like a mad man I started to lick and suck her pussy, her clitty, her swollen pussy lips and even tight little ass hole. I licked and fingered and sucked on every sexy part of her body while she was bent over with her ass sticking out.

I then got up, spread her legs wider, and shoved my FAT hard thick cock deep inside her tight little pussy. Sliding it all the way up to the hilt and then pulling it out leaving just the swollen head inside her pussy. Since I had just came so much it took me almost half an hour to shoot my 2nd load. I had to grind my crotch into hers, fuck her sideways, upwards, downwards, hard, very very hard, slow, and any other variations that I could think of. I lifted her one leg to the side and fucked her tight pussy that way too. With every angle and with every thrust I made sure to grind her hot hard clit with my swollen head or thick shaft. She came so many times we lost count.

“Oh God fuck me with your fat cock. God its so fucking huge, so fat and so hard. Fuck me. Just ram that monster inside my pussy. I need a good fucking. Please don’t stop fucking me. Oh shit yes yes fuck my horny pussy. Just shove that fat fucker inside my pussy please”

After almost 20 minutes of fucking her pussy she said:

“You need to cum soon ’cause I have to get back to work.”

I said “Work your pussy muscles and milk my cock.”

We tried for a few more minutes but she was getting very tired standing in an awkward position. She finally said;

“Just slide that bad boy out of my cunt and put it in my ass. Just fuck my anus. Its very tight. I need you to come inside of me. Cum in my ass hole. Put the fat fucker in my butt quick and Just fuck my tight ass.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I slid my pussy cream-dripping cock out of her pussy, spread her ass cheeks, exposed her anus and shoved my cock up her pink puckered ass deep, hard and up to the hilt. She said:

“Easy baby I am an anal virgin. Be gentle with your fat fucker in my ass please.

This lady was deprived. That did the trick though. Knowing that she was anal virgin made my cock swell up, get thicker, fatter, harder and bigger and I shot the biggest load down her anus. I shot so much cum again some of it leaked out of her anus and slid down into her pussy and onto my balls. All she could do was muffle her screams. I could hear her curse, swear and enjoy my fat cock deep inside her anus. A few minutes after I had came in her ass and she had already came several more times I slid my cock out of her anus. She turned around, looked at me, smiled and got down on her knees to suck my cummy cock clean with her wet tongue. She sucked me dry in no time.

She got up. We both put on our clothes and kissed each other without saying anything. She slowly opened the door and went back to her bar duty. A minute or so later I walked out and went back to my chair at the bar. My buddy was returning from his phone call when we got called for our table. I smiled at her, paid my tab and walked over to our table. Throughout the dinner my friend kept asking me why the fuck I had a stupefied evil grin on my face. All I could tell him:

“Life is Good”

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