Unfinished Business Pt. 02


(Thanks to Drewau for editing. Comments and feedback are always welcome and appreciated. Summary in case you didn’t read part 1: A husband and wife come to an old B&B to help ghosts with their unfinished business.)

Finally, about eight in the morning, we decided to go down and check out what the B&B had to offer for breakfast. Rachel decided to bring the files on the ghosts so that we could read over them and not be playing catchup whenever we encountered one. So far we had gotten lucky and were able to guess what each needed. Some were more complicated issues than others though. And some, however boring, didn’t even actually need sex to resolve their unfinished business.

We help them just the same. As Rachel frequently says, “Our main job is to help them pass on, supernatural sex is just sometimes a perk of the job.”

When we arrived in the kitchen Ava, our hostess, was busy cooking. Ava was about 40 but looked great for her age. She had jet black hair that reached to her mid back. She was lean and slim, but had the kind of strength you typically saw in yoga instructors. Which, she actually was on the side.

Her style said just about everything about her. She was a flower child at heart. She wore pastal colors on loose fitting dresses. It was obvious that she didn’t believe in underwear as she frequently had nipple slips and her skirt loved to trace the line of her backside. She didn’t dress that way to be slutty, she just genuinely believed in being as free and comfortable as possible. I imagined she would walk around nude if she didn’t run a business.

“Good morning!” She chimed brightly.

“Good morning!” We returned.

“Have you met any of our long term residents yet?” Long term residents was Ava’s term of endearment for the ghosts. If it were up to her, she would let them stay forever. Be she knew they were stuck here until someone helped them to the other side.

“Yes. Quite a few actually.” Rachel said. And we’ve already helped them pass on.

Ava was pleasantly surprised by this. “Really? Most people scream and run away in fear.”

“Oh, quite the opposite. All of the encounters have been great. There is one though that I haven’t figured out. One felt me up in the hallway upstairs. It got me incredibly turned on, but I never actually saw them.”

“Yeah, that’s probably Frank. He was a mental patient here back in the 1800’s. He had a bad habit of running around and lifting women’s skirts and maturbating at dinner. They ended up having to restrain him during meal times.”

Rachel and I thought about that for a second. What could his unfinished business be? We sat at the kitchen table with our backs to the window and Rachel fished out his file.

As we skimmed the contents, a couple college aged girls came downstairs. Ava greeted them and then they joined us at the table. They extended their hands and introduced themselves.

Mei Ling was a cute little asian woman about 20, with short black hair that curled around her face. She was slim and short. Ruby was about the same age with pink haired pulled back into a braid. She was about average sized, but had breasts that begged you to stare. They were barely contained by her light pink spaghetti strapped tank top, that showcased her miles of cleavage.

When we introduced ourselves, their faces light up instantly. “You’re the Sexorists!” Mei Ling exclaimed.

We both growned inwardly. A national magazine had coined the term after an interview with us. It was wrong on multiple accounts. One, we weren’t exorcising demons. Those things were pure evil and we stayed miles illegal bahis away from them. And two, it made us sound like sex was our only tool to set these spirits free.

“Hold On.” Mei Ling darted from the table and bounded up the stares, followed closely by Ruby. I couldn’t help but get hypnotized by her breasts as they bounced away.

No sooner had they left than I heard a zipper begin to lower. It didn’t take long for me to realise it was my own. I glanced beneath the table and saw a beautiful red head with bright green eyes and freckles staring back at me. She pulled me out beneath the table and began to suck me to fullness.

Rachel noticed almost as soon as I did. She quickly searched through the files until she found her. Eloise. First generation Irish imigrant to the U.S. Was killed by her husband when she got caught blowing their house guest under the table.

Rachel new instantly what needs to be done. She leaned over and whispered into my ear. “Try not to let on to her presence. You need to let her finish without getting caught. Getting caught is what got her killed.”

I looked at my beautiful wife who just encouraged me to continue receiving a blow job under the table. I wondered how many wives would have done the same. But then I realised what she was asking. I had to play it cool and blow my load without anyone at breakfast noticing. I was going to say something, when the coeds bounced back into the room.

One carrying the magazine that housed our article, and the other her cell phone. I instantly leaned forward and dropped a clothe napkin in my lap. It was already getting hard to think straight as blood was diverting from my brain to my head.

“Can you two sign this for me?” She handed it across the table to us. I wasn’t going to argue, even if I disagreed with the contents of the article. I took a pen and began to sign. I started to cum when I got to my last name and Eloise swallowed every drop.

I grunted and nearly ripped a whole in the paper trying to finish. I cleared my throat and said, “Sorry, I got a cramp in my leg all of a sudden.”

As Rachel began to sign, I realised that Eloise wasn’t stopping. She was determined to suck another load out of me. This was going to be an interesting breakfast.

“And can I get a selfie with you two?” Ruby asked.

“Yeah, me too.” Mei Ling added.

Ruby bent at the hips next to me. Her massive hanging breasts merely inches from my face. I couldn’t help but glance at them briefly. Mei Ling cuddled up with my wife, and Rubby took the photo of the four of us.”

“OK. Everyone take a seat. The tofu eggs are finished.” Ava announced. As part of her hippy nature, Ava ran a completely vegan establishment. If you were under her roof, you weren’t even allowed to bring meat into the house.

She spooned the fake eggs out onto everyones plate and returned to the stove top. “The Tempe Bacon will be ready in a few minutes.”

We started to eat, and that had to of been the most interesting breakfast I had ever had. And it wasn’t because of the tofu. That tasted just like eggs. I had never mixed food and sex before, let alone had someone secretly blowing me under the table.

About mid way through the meal, I groaned way to loudly as I came a second time. “So good! These eggs are so… sooo amazing.”

Everyone stared at me like I was crazy. That is, until Ava let out a yelp. Everyone looked over and saw the back of her dress lifting on it’s own to expose her exquisite butt. It was perfectly tan, and something told me that she wasn’t the tanning booth casino siteleri type.

She looked over her shoulder and smiled. “It looks like Frank is at it again.”

Suddenly her hips jerked back as if a guy had pulled her back onto his shaft. She gasped, but in no way looked distressed. We all watched wide eyed as she was screed from behind by nothing. Then her top pulled to the sides exposing her breasts. Invisible hands massaged them and pulled on her nipples.

The whole scene was so incredibly hot that I grabbed Rachel’s hand and came a third time in Eloises’ mouth. Thankfully, this time, everyone was so focused on Ava’s show that they didn’t notice my obvious orgasm face.

Ruby began filming the erotic display with her phone as Ava seemed to enjoy every minute of it. Mei was brave enough to stand and walk over to get a better look.

She stared closely at the tits being mauled before moving behind Ava and dropping to her knees. She looked over at us in awe and said, “I can see her pussy stretching around an invisible cock.”

Seconds later, Ava screamed out her orgasm and Mei covered her mouth in shock. She saw cum erupt from nowhere inside the hostesses pussy. She then placed her hands on the floor and leaned in for a closer look. Her mouth slightly agap.

Suddenly, she stopped moving forward, her eyes went wide, and her mouth grew a little wider. My keen eyed wife pointed out the penis shaped bludge in the girls cheek. I was worried that she was being taken against her will, but the look in her eye told us that she was more curious than anything else.

Sure enough, she actually began to take part in the activity. She grasped where Franks butt would have been and helped guid him deeper into her mouth. As soon as I saw the bulge stretch into her throat, I felt Eloises tongue do a swirl around my shaft and I came again.

And yet she still refused to stop. If this was her attitude while alive, no wonder she got caught.

Suddenly, we heard Mei choke briefly, and then saw her swallowing over and over again. Frank must have just cum down her throat. Mei fell on her butt, finally having been released. She finished swallowing before saying, “That, was awesome. I wonder what’s next?”

That was a great question, as we could not see Frank. There was a silent uneasiness and fear in the air. None of the girls feared what could come next. On the contrary, they looked excited, the fear was anticipation of the next surprise.

Finally, it came with Ruby. Her top was randomly pulled down beneath her giant breasts. Her nipples were like giant erasers standing perfectly erect. They flexed and moved as Ava’s had under the force of the invisible hands. A nipple stretched out as if an invisible mouth was sucking it.

Ruby was moaning almost instantly. I sometimes wondered if bigger breasts were more sensitive. It would make sense as there was more skin with more nerve endings. The nipple compressed slightly, as if it was being gently nibbled on.

Ruby couldn’t take it anymore, and her hand reached inside her shorts and began to play with herself. Her high pitched groan was like music to my ears and I came again. But there was still no relenting from Eloise.

She did change one thing up though. I felt her mouth move to my testicles and suck them in as she continued to jack me off. I leaned back and closed my eyes in ecstasy. With all that was going on, I was the least of everyone’s attention. And, if someone did notice my responses, they would likely contribute it to the spectacular show that had just erupted poker siteleri in the kitchen.

The invisible mouth pulled off of Ruby’s breast and, seconds later, her breasts spread apart and closed around something thick and invisible. Her breasts bounced up and down as they jerked of the ghost penis. Ruby was moaning loudly now and was followed quickly by Mei, who had stripped off her shorts and was fingering herself on the kitchen floor.

Mei’s hips bucked wildly in the air as her body shuddered through multiple orgasms. Ruby was coming right there along with her, completely soaking her shorts. Frank wasn’t far behind as bright white cum appeared from nowhere and covered Ruby’s face and chest.

Before Frank could move on to my wife, she took the initiative. Rachel stood and called out to him loudly. “Frank Libel, you don’t have to force yourself on me, because I want you.” She pulled her shirt off. “You were scorned and rejected all of your life.” She undid her jeans and peeled them off. “You made many mistakes and had many issues.” She released her bra and dropped it to the floor. “For once in your existence, don’t steal your pleasure.” She dropped her panties and stood butt naked in the middle of everyone in the kitchen. “Let me give it to you as a gift.”

Rachel reached out to the air as if she could see exactly where he was. She hooked her arms around his invisible neck and used it to hike her right leg around this his hip. She moaned as she felt the invisible shaft enter her, and she latched her other leg around him.

Rachel was now floating in the air, invisible hands pressed into her flesh to support her. She slowly spun in circles as the ghost slid in and out of her. Her breasts flattened against her chest, and then stretched as invisible lips sucked at her nipples.

Seeing my wife floating around in the nude in such ecstasy was more than I could handle. I looked down and saw those bright green eyes over freckled cheeks staring longinglgy at me. My balls still in her mouth where she slowly and tenderly ran her tongue over them. Her hand seemed to move in slow motion as it slid up and down my shaft.

Suddenly, I felt my balls contract and an explosion of pleasure began to rise within me. I yelped too loudly, and got Ruby’s attention. She quickly moved the table and rushed around to see what was going on. She got close just in time to see me erupt. My cum sprayed all over her breasts and shirt, with plenty left over to cover Eloises face.

As my head began to clear, I started to worry that we ruined Eloises ascension by her being discovered. But she stood, naked as the day she was born, smiling the prettiest smile, before her inner light completely consumed her and she disappeared in a literal flash.

Her transition almost kept us from seeing Rachel’s climax as cum magically filled her spread pussy. She screamed and moaned and arched her back as she began to be lowered to the ground. As her bliss subsided, a figure made of pure light kissed her tenderly on the lips, and then disappeared.

Everyone just stood silently in awe of the moment. Finally, I bent down and helped my wife to her feet. We sat back at the table, and everyone joined us. They weren’t just in awe of the incredibly sexy orgy that just happened. None of them had seen spirits pass on to the other side before. The sight was actually even more beautiful and transcendent than sex itself.

It took several hours of talking at the table before we realised that we were still quite naked and exposed. No one was in a hurry to cover back up. After what we experienced together, clothes meant nothing.

“Can we help you release more ghosts?” Mei Ling asked respectfully.

Rachel answered soberly. “As long as you remember that this isn’t about sex. Our main job is to help them pass on, supernatural sex is just sometimes a perk of the job.”

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