Subject: Unforeseen Consequences – Chapter 1 (Gay/Incest) Fiction. (M/b) To keep this unique archive going please make a donation via fty/donate.html Unforeseen Consequence Chapter 1 My wild behaviour during my youth resulted a certain, rather incredible consequence, which I could never have foreseen, this was eventually to hit me by way of an unexpected and staggering surprise arrival at my door. I will tell you all about that in a while, but first let me give you a potted history about me. My early home life was fractured by the lack of any form of stability or certainty. My mother was addicted to many things, some of which were, alcohol, drugs and men. Growing up surrounded by all that and with no real motherly love left me numb. I had no `father’ so to speak, nor any meaningful male role model, just guys coming and going. My mother always avoided the subject of my biological father whenever I asked, and I never saw my birth certificate, so had no clue as to who my father really was. As I grew up, I saw my mother having sex (from giving blow jobs to full-on screwing) on many occasions, sometimes with more than one man at a time, sometimes it wasn’t even confined to the bedroom (depending on how drunk or high she and her partner(s) were). Seeing a naked man with a stiff cock walk out of her room to the bathroom was not unusual. Seeing a naked man in the kitchen after a heavy night was quite commonplace too. As I was getting older, 6 or 7, I suppose, I started to become interested in the men’s bodies, particularly their cocks and balls. It almost became an obsession over time. Some of the men, I’m sure, got a thrill out of parading around in front of me in an aroused or semi-aroused state. I was starting to resent their visits less. When I was nearly 8, one of my mother’s regulars `friends’ became very blatant and began openly stroking his cock in front of me. I wanted to touch it and I think he knew that. After a few occasions of that he came into my room one night and stood by my bed stroking his wet, glistening cock. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. As I looked at it my little cocklet got stiff too. He said, “I’ve seen the way you look at me little Timmy, the way you look at my cock. You want it don’t you. You want to hold it and kiss it. Maybe you want to lick it and suck it like your mother does. I want all that too little Timmy, but it could get me in deep, deep, shit.” I didn’t reply, I was just watching him roll the foreskin on and off and stroke what seemed to me to be a gigantic penis. When I said nothing he said, “How about it, little man, how about we have a bit of fun? We can only play if you want to play too, and you can keep a secret. Can you keep a secret Timmy?” I nodded. “Do you want to play some sexy games with me Timmy?” I nodded again, enthusiastically this time. He came closer his stiff cock was only inches from my face, I could smell it and I liked the smell. There was a drop of clear fluid coming out of the eye, I knew that I wanted to lick it off the tip. He said, “Your mother’s out cold, she won’t surface for hours, have a taste, your mum loves sucking me, go on, give it a try.” He stepped closed and his cock head touched my lips. Instinctively I licked it and the man groaned. He encouraged me to do it more and to take hold of him; I did, and my fingers wouldn’t go all the way round it. Using both hands I grasped it, I loved the feeling of his big hot man-cock in my hands, it felt so velvety yet so hard. I licked some more, and he encouraged me to roll the skin on and off the head and run my tongue under the skin. I loved it and became more adventurous and tried to take more and more into my mouth. I was just beginning to enjoy working his cock with my mouth and suddenly his body shook, and creamy stuff started spurting out of his penis and all over my face and into my mouth. I was shocked. The taste was odd, and it wasn’t pee, I knew what that felt and tasted like. He looked down at my face, streaked with his semen, and smiled. He said, “That was beautiful Timmy, you are beautiful, next time I’m going to make you feel just as good.” He cleaned my face with his tongue, pushing his cream into my mouth. Suddenly he apologised and left, whether he felt guilty or not I never found out. He visited me a few times over the coming weeks, he was loving and gentle and even started sucking me too. I really liked that. Why he kept apologising I couldn’t work out. I loved sucking his big manly penis. He just loved it when I worked my small tongue under his foreskin. In hindsight I think I was falling in love with him. One night, a couple of months later, we had been enjoying each other for an hour or two. He kissed and cuddled me before licking me all over, even my bottom and into my hole. I was shocked but delighted by the sensations. I passionately sucked him again, but just after he squirted his cream all over my face and into my mouth there was a scream and commotion from my mother who had staggered into the doorway. Yelling all the while, she called the man things I had never heard before, nor understood. She was looking around trying to find something to strike him with. He charged from the room pushing her to the floor on his way through, calling her a “worthless slut” who didn’t “deserve such a beautiful child”. After she had picked herself up, she came staggering into my room and approached the bed and with one almighty swing she slapped my slimy face, which knocked me sideways, she called me a “dirty little queer” and said that I always spoiled her chances with men. From that moment I truly hated her. She left me in tears, I think I cried for days. I never saw that man again. I was quite heartbroken. Life with my mother went downhill rapidly and her abuse of me escalated, she would strike me and encourage her men to be cruel to me too. As soon as I legally could, I left home. I had nowhere to go and drifted from squat to squat, getting in with a bad crowd. During all this I was uncertain as to my sexuality and for a few years had a few minor random `relationships’, but nothing really satisfied me. I seemed to be attracted to both males and females and invariably ones younger than I. One relationship with a 17-year-old girl (Lynn) lasted longer than most, eventually we fell out though, mainly because of her increasing drug habit and, maybe also, my increasing desire for male company. I couldn’t stay with her and I finally voted with my feet. At the instigation of a social worker friend I was lucky enough to get onto a mentoring programme and was assigned an absolutely marvellous mentor, a very patient and caring man who encouraged me to develop my skills, he introduced me into the world of computers and technology and, as luck would have it, I seemed to have an natural affinity. It put me on my feet financially and emotionally and as this was during the embryonic stage of the I.T. revolution I couldn’t help but do well. Right place, right time, right skills and keen. My career went from strength to strength, and eventually I started my own I.T. business. It took off quickly and I soon had numerous young techies working for me, not surprisingly all were male, and most were barely out of school. Many were absolute geeks, but some were really cute. I had sexual encounters with a couple of them, but mainly I tried to keep my sex life separate from my work life. I was gradually being drawn mostly to guys, younger guys. But more worryingly my eyes were being drawn to pubescent boys and my wonder about their burgeoning sexuality was starting to feed my fantasies. Rarely did my mind or eyes drift lower down the age scale but occasionally a 10/11/12-year-old beauty would catch my eye and it would make me think, `I wonder?’….. Unforeseen Consequences….. One miserable rainy day I was disturbed from my work by the doorbell. I work from home as do my team of techie nerds, and occasionally documents and parcels would come by courier, so I was not unduly surprised by the doorbell. In cooler weather, I usually work in joggers or shorts (always commando) and a loose tee-shirt. In the summer I would often work naked, a condition I preferred, but as it was still spring, I had some minimal clothing on, some barely decent, very thin, shorts and a tee-shirt. It gave me a buzz to answer the door to a sexy young courier while scantily clad. I was not usually disappointed. I opened the door only to find a very wet bedraggled boy on the doorstep, he looked so forlorn that I felt a lump in my throat. He shyly looked izmit escort bayan up and said, “Mr Tim Walker?”, somewhat startled I nodded and said, “Who’s asking?” He reached inside his coat and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper and handed it to me. As I opened it, I discovered it was a certificate of some kind. As I scanned it, I realised that it was a birth certificate, and I trained my eyes across the columns…. Name and Surname: Luke SMITH Father: Timothy WALKER, Mother: Lynn SMITH The other text just faded from my view as my mind spun and I reeled backwards. Then a little voice said, “I’m Luke, I’m your son.” I nearly had a heart attack, but somehow held it together and after a deep breath said, “Come inside, we need to get you warmed up.” Totally lost for words and still in a total daze I led him inside and helped him out of his coat. He was wet through. I said, “I think we need to get you out of all of this wet stuff and into a hot bath, follow me.” I led him to a bathroom, started running the bath and began to help him out of his wet things. I was uncovering a boy of about 12 (I hadn’t taken in the date of birth on the certificate), his clothes piled on the floor, he stood in a pair of flimsy, virtually worn-through briefs. I couldn’t help but stare. I was on my knees in front of him. Our eyes suddenly met, and he started to cry, no, not cry, sob, with deep gut-wrenching spasms. He was becoming overwhelmed and fell into my arms. I didn’t know anyone could cry that hard, it seemed like his whole being was being shaken to the core. I held him tight and cried also, I couldn’t help it. We stayed like that for ages and until our emotions had subsided. I looked into his eyes and said, “I had no idea you existed”, he replied, it’s taken a long time to find you, but I had to find you, please help me, I have nobody else.” That brought about another flood of tears from us both. Realising that I had forgotten the bath I reached over and turned off the taps. I put my hand into the water and found that it wasn’t too hot. I said, “Get in Luke, you’ll feel much better when you’re warmed up. Seemingly without embarrassment, he slid off his briefs and stood naked before me, I could not help but take in the sight, he was perfect. His musculature was well formed, but his was not a hard body, his nipples were darker than his skin, small and firmly pointed (probably erected because of the cold). As my eyes descended, I saw a perfectly formed two-or-so inch penis which had fortunately been spared the knife, under which two grape-sized testicles were held snugly in a smooth tight sac. He was totally hairless and just stunningly beautiful. Embarrassed by my gawping I held out my hand to him to help him into the bath, he did not seem to be concerned by his nudity or my rudeness. As he stepped into the bath, I viewed the most wonderfully sculpted firm round buttocks I had ever seen. Such a sight would have been an inspiration to Michelangelo. As he sat, I looked down and saw that my shorts were rudely tented out. My cock was hard, very hard. A panic went through me. I was shocked that I was so aroused, and more-so, aroused by my son. I wanted to get out of the room. I was about to flee when Luke said, “Please don’t go.” What could I do? I stayed on my knees hoping that my tented shorts were out of his line of sight. He interrupted my thoughts by saying, “Please would you help me, I’m so cold.” I started by washing his hair, my eyes kept going down to study his body though. I shampooed and rinsed his hair a couple of times and started washing his neck. I do not use flannels so was using my hands. His skin was so smooth, so fine, so unblemished, so perfect, I was entranced. As I washed him, I pressed my groin against the bath panel. My cock was rampant and leaking furiously. I knew that I shouldn’t be turned on, but I just could not help it. My hands washed under his arms where, again, there was no sign of any hair growth, then all the way down his torso, front and back. Getting to the water line I stopped and said that I should leave him to do the rest, but he stopped me in my tracks saying, “Please don’t go, I have never felt so good as I do now, please wash all of me, I want you to. All my life I’ve wanted this.” I was nearly overwhelmed by emotion. Without any prompting he stood up, he displayed the rest of his beauty. His penis was hard and pointing upwards. He was not embarrassed. I started by washed his buttocks, my soapy hands smoothly slid over his perfectly rounded and firm glutei maximi and into the crevice between, I deliberately glanced speedily over his anus (twice), but my fingertips still sent an image to my brain which nearly caused me to ejaculate in my shorts. I followed down soaping the backs of his legs. He turned toward me, my face was only inches from his delectably hard morsel, the skin had partially retracted and his length had reached somewhere between 3 and 4 inches, it was also thicker than before, about the thickness of the base of my thumb. I avoided washing it, concentrating on his legs. He said, “Please wash all of me.” I could not fight it, I slid my soapy hand over his hard spike and massaged it, it felt divine in my palm. He interrupted my thought by saying, “You have to pull the skin back too.” I slid his foreskin back and massaged the head, his body shuddered. I looked into his eyes and said, “Let’s get you dried and into something warm.” I pulled the plug and rinsed him down with the shower nozzle. Forgetting my `condition’, I stood up to reach for a towel. As I turned back toward him, I saw his eyes fixed upon my groin. I blushed beetroot-red and held the towel in front of me. His eyes met mine again his face was not one of alarm, it was more like one of understanding and contentment. He smiled gently as I wrapped the towel around him. I grabbed a smaller towel and draped it over his head. He got the message and started drying his hair while I dried his body. I did it slowly and with care. His little rod remained hard and it being the last place for me to go I dried it and his balls very gently. I looked up to see a shaggy head of dark-blond hair atop a cherubic, pretty, face. I wanted to kiss him. I badly wanted to kiss him. His eyes stared into my very soul, I was sinking, my control was abandoning me, lust was rising; I wanted to devour him. He broke the moment by stepping out of the bath and into my embrace. He snuggled into me all wrapped up in a big towel. He buried his face into my neck as I held him tight. I savoured the moment and eventually said, “I need to get your clothes dry and we need to talk.” His reply surprised me, he said, “I don’t ever want to wear those clothes again, they are all second-hand and remind me of `her’.” I didn’t push it, I just said, “OK, but we’ll need to find you something to put on, it’s not warm enough to sit around naked.” He moved his head and looked at me and said, “I like being naked”. I replied, “So do I, very much, but it’s still a bit chilly at this time of year and this house isn’t the best insulated.” I took his hand and we headed into my bedroom. He sat on the edge of my bed, the towel still wrapped around his shoulders, his front was exposed, he was still erect. I just wanted to fall on my knees and bury my face in his groin. Getting a grip, keeping my back toward him, I lifted out a few things which he might wear, and he picked a long floppy out-of-shape jumper. In its day it had been a good one, Cashmere and Merino wool mix, lovely and soft to the touch and nice and warm. When I suggested some shorts or underpants, he shook his head gently saying that the pullover was enough. He held it to his face and took an intake of breath, and said, “It smells good, it smells of you.” I think I blushed again. He stood while I put it over his head and fed his arms through. The sleeves had to be rolled up. As I looked down, I saw that the pullover was caught on his erection. He saw what I was looking at and then I realised my front was uncovered, we both chuckled as I tugged the jumper over the protrusion. I found some old shrunken sports socks and insisted that he put them on, he seemed to like them. I made him a hot chocolate and we went through to the lounge. We sat side-by-side on the sofa and I said, “OK, tell me everything Luke, and don’t hold anything back…..” Luke then started his story: “My mother has been in and out of rehab for as long as I can remember, when she’s in a real state I end up staying with my best friend Liam, izmit sınırsız escort his parents have been really good to me. We just sort of existed from one crisis situation to the next, Social Services were watching us closely. Then she hooked up with this guy, Steve, he’s a brute, uncouth, rough, I think he’s a drug dealer. Steve hates me, calls me names and whacks me around the head for no reason at all. My mother seems to just let him do what he wants, I think he keeps her hooked on stuff. He has his friends’ round and they all get drunk or drugged up, or both. Sometimes Steve has sex with her in front of his mates, sometimes they join in. They are all so off their heads they forget about me, mostly. I usually sneak off to Liam’s before I get dragged into their party.” I interrupted, “what do you mean dragged into their party?” He went on, “Once when they were really high and doing sex things, they made me strip off and lay on top of my mother. They wanted me to put my penis into her, but it never got stiff, so they called me queer. Then one time one of the guys said, “Let’s get the little queer to suck us all off”, I ran out of the house and stayed with Liam for a couple of days. When I returned Steve hit me around the head, mother said nothing. He called me a “useless little cock-sucker” and said that I was rude to his friends who “only wanted to have a little fun.” He said, “I’ll bet you’ve been with your little boyfriend kissing and cuddling and sucking on each other’s little dicks.” I didn’t answer him, so he hit me again.” “I wondered whether to speak to the Social worker, but I thought that if I did, I’d end up in care, and that could be worse. So, I decided to run away, I spoke with Liam and warned me off doing that, saying that I had nowhere to go and I could end up in real trouble. I knew he was right, so I thought I would search through mother’s papers as see if there were any details of any relatives that I might be able to go to. I didn’t know of any; I didn’t know about you either. The only thing useful I found was my birth certificate, it gave me your name and your town of birth. So, Liam and I started using the internet to try to find you, we did eventually find your social media account and some references to your business, but it took us a long time to find a location and even then, it wasn’t a full address. You aren’t listed in the `phone book. So, Liam and I used his father’s family history research account to search the last census records and then the electoral roll, and that’s when we found you.” “I had been stealing cash from Steve and his friends, a little at a time, just a quid or a fiver here and there and I got together the train fare and a bit spare cash before I ran away. I had printed off a map of this town and the route to your house, but I lost it and ended up wandering the streets trying to remember the route from the train station. That’s why I got so soaked. It was lucky that you were in and not away or anything.” I said, “OK buddy, let’s take a break. Do you want to call anyone?” Luke asked if he could call Liam. I handed him the `phone and left the room. From the kitchen I overheard a few snippets, “I’m here”…. “I’m safe”,…. “He’s really lovely”,…. “Some old guy on the train wanted to suck me off in the bog, I wouldn’t have minded if he was younger”,….. “Just act dumb if they ask you”……, “No, don’t tell your `rents”… “I miss you too”…… I took a breath and considered what I’d heard, was my boy gay?, it could explain why he was so forward. After a safe gap I returned to the lounge and as I walked in, I announced that dinner would be a little while. My words caught in my throat as my eyes beheld my beautiful boy hugging his legs up to his chest and even though the pullover was over his knees, he was displaying his goodies; fuck, how was I going to resist him. I’m sure he knew what he wanted; he was very sexual for a 12-year-old. I sat by him and he didn’t cover up. I felt I had to say something. “Luke, there’s something I must tell you,…. I’m gay. I am worried about what someone, Social Services for example, might say if they knew a 12- year-old was staying with a gay man, even if it is his biological father. Not only that, but a gay man with a past, one from an unstable background, and one that was nearly taken into care himself.” Luke replied, I’d wondered if you were gay from your social media photos, there’s no smoochy ones with girls, I think I’m gay too. Please say that I can stay with you, I won’t be any trouble, I promise. You don’t have to tell Social Services.” I went on, “There’s more Luke. I must be totally honest with you. More and more I’ve found myself attracted to young boys, I’ve been fighting those feelings for a couple of years now, but I’ve never been with anyone underage. Seeing you like this and how you were in the bathroom is almost too much for me to cope with. I do not want to end up molesting you, you are my son and I want to love you like a father, not molest you like a pervert.” Luke scooted over and lent into me for a hug. I put my arms around my son and began to weep. I had a wonderful, beautiful son and was terrified of my lustful feelings. When I calmed down Luke kissed my tears away and said, “Dad, (Oh my God, he called me Dad !), I’ve been needing you all of my life, but I didn’t even know you existed. I’ve dreamed of being naked and loving with a man for some time now. I didn’t realise that it was you I was dreaming of, but once I met you, I knew straight away that it was you. I’ve been naked with Liam and his brother and we’ve played around quite a bit, it’s fun and I do love him, sort of, but it’s you I’ve been looking for. I want to be with you, please don’t reject me.” A sob escaped him. I said, “Luke, even what I did in the bathroom, the way I touched you, is enough for me to be sent to prison and for you to be taken into care. I don’t want to reject you but I’m desperately worried that if anything more happens between us, it might go too far. I don’t want to risk losing you now that you’ve found me.” Luke replied, “Dad, stop worrying, I know what happens between guys and I’ve done some of that stuff with Liam and his brother. I will not say anything about what we do or say to anyone, not even Liam. I didn’t expect you to be into boys but I’m glad you are, I want you to be into me, I’d much rather it was you that I learned from than any of Steve’s mates. If I’d hung around any longer, I’m sure I’d have been forced into sucking off his mates or even getting gang-raped by them, it was all heating up so much. Steve was evil enough to rape me himself, just to humiliate me.” I needed to clear my head, so I suggested that we had some dinner. As I got up from the sofa, I saw that he was hard again. I suggested that he came through to the kitchen so that we could eat. He sat at the table and I served up the meal. He was ravenous and cleared his plate. It made me smile. In the back of my mind though, something was haunting me, bedtime. I just knew he’d want to come into my bed, how could I stop him without him feeling hurt and rejected? I so desperately wanted our familial love to flourish, I didn’t want it to turn it into something bad. The concern must have shown on my face because Luke waved his hand in front of my face saying “Dad, hello, you look so worried, what’s the matter?” I replied, “Luke, God, I’m so confused, how can I say this? I want you with me, very much so, I’ve never wanted anything more, ever. You are a beautiful boy and you are my son and I love you already, from the bottom of my heart, but I am troubled. I’ve said already what I fear. I know that for you, it’s simple, we live together, probably sleep together and have a loving sexual relationship, but life just isn’t that simple. The turmoil that has been going through my head for the last couple of years which I’ve been fighting, fancying underage boys, has just become a very real and dangerous dilemma. My heart says love you, take you into my arms and into my bed. My head screams warnings to me, `it’s only lust’, `love him like a father only, or you could lose him totally’. What do I do? Help me baby.” Luke got up and came around the table, fortunately the jumper covered his bits. He got me to push back my chair and he sat on my lap. He kissed my cheek and snuggled into me. I held him tightly. I kissed the top of his head. We stayed like that for ages, we were both running everything over in our minds. Luke was kocaeli escort bayan the first to break the silence, he said, “Dad, I love that word, Dad, I want to be happy with you and I want you to be happy with me too, for ever. I never thought anything bad about finding a special man to be my friend, and now I realise that it was you that I needed all along, but if I hadn’t found you I might have made friends with the wrong man, one that might have just used me. I can see how much it troubles you, but I don’t ever want to stop touching you and you touching me.” I thought for a while before saying, “Baby, we have to be so careful here, I want to love you for the right reasons only and if more happens it might spoil that. Also, if anyone ever found out, I would be put away and would lose you forever.” Luke looked his father in the eyes and replied, “I am not going to risk losing you, I will be very careful. I want to love you and you love me in every way possible. Had I never met you, I just know that I would have ended up doing things with other men, I wanted to. Seeing those guys, well, some of them, doing sexy stuff made me tingle inside and my willy stiffen. If Steve wasn’t there, I think I might have gone with one or two of them to experiment; I was really tempted. So, it’s better that I’m with you. We can take things slowly.” Resisting the urge to snog him I said, “You are so mature for your years, I’m prepared to give it a go, if we take things slowly and honestly say whatever we feel at all times, even if its `no’ or `stop’.” His face lit up with a beaming smile and he nodded. Then, more solemnly I said, “But we must deal with a significant potential problem, your mother. If she reports you missing, we could have trouble. We also need to think about your schooling.” Unsurprisingly, Luke already had an answer, he said, “I’ve thought about that. I will phone her from a payphone, tell her that I’m safe and that I have taken with me evidence of the abuse that I have experienced and what was going on in that house, and that if she or Steve make any trouble, I’ll take it to the police. Then I’ll tell her to tell the Social Worker that I’m staying with you for a break. They might want to speak to you though, so we might need to set something up.” Flabbergasted, I said, “My God, you’ve really thought this through haven’t you. I might need a `girlfriend’ for a while, and I think I may have the perfect candidate. What about me schooling you at home, I have time, and it would save any awkwardness in the school system. I could hire a tutor to cover the more specialist subjects.” Luke was thrilled at the idea of home-schooling, seems like he didn’t enjoy the school environment very much anyway. When I told him that I would be strict though, he just smiled. He asked me about the `girlfriend’. I said, “Dina has worked for me for a few years, she does my admin, my accounts, my tax returns, all the stuff I hate. She’s gay and firmly in the closet, she comes from a strict Islamic family and she’s desperate to keep her sexuality private, her family would never accept it, indeed it could get very nasty for her if they found out. So, having a `romance’ with her male boss, even if he wasn’t of the same faith, might be a convenient distraction for her to use. I could set up a wardrobe for her in my room and make sure there’s ladies’ stuff in the bathroom so that if we get a visit from the social it would all look kosher.” I was starting to get excited. Luke smiled and nodded his agreement, he wanted me to `phone her right away. After gathering my thoughts and calming down I did. I explained to Dina about Luke and everything he’d suffered and that if I stood any chance of keeping him, I’d need a female partner, she jumped at the chance. She even offered to marry me to keep her family off the scent, saying that they’d probably accept a non-Islamic male partner much easier than a female one of any faith. She added that she thought they were beginning to have suspicions about her and that she was starting to get very worried. So, the planning began, Luke and I talked for hours about all the things we must do to make sure everything seemed legit. Then I realised the time, it was very late, we were both exhausted. Luke read my mind saying, “Can we go to bed now Dad?” We headed off to the bedroom and my heart was in a bit of a flutter. Luke was naked in a flash, his rod hard (again). He asked me which side he should take, and I pointed to the far-side. He slid into the covers while I undressed. He watched my every move. I stood naked hesitating, I was not fully hard, just semi, and rising. He read my mind and said, “It’ll be fine Dad, don’t worry.” I climbed in and my son (in the style of a limpet) attached himself to me. His hard rod poked into my thigh, his right leg was over my left, his arm lay across my chest. I turned my head and lent down a bit and kissed him softly on the lips. I said, “Let’s just sleep baby.” He yawned and nodded his agreement. He kissed me back and said, “Dad, I’m so happy I’ve found you; I love you so much.” I kissed him again and said, “I love you too baby.” I awoke gradually in the morning and in my usual state of arousal, but it felt different this time. I tried to focus my mind, running through all of yesterday’s events. As I slowly came to, I became aware of a naked body clinging to mine, my boy, my beautiful boy. I concentrated on the sensations I was feeling. His perfect skin was glued to mine, his throbbing hardness pressed into my hip. It felt good, really good. I almost felt no guilt. Then I realised that there was another sensation, a small hand holding my hardness. He was not wanking me, just holding me and I nearly ejaculated at the realisation. Not being sure whether he was awake, I said nothing. Selfishly I wanted to hold on to this moment, this marvellous sensation, for as long as I could. A couple of minutes elapsed, and the sound of a young voice brought me to my senses, it said. “Oh Daddy, it feels so nice, I’ve been holding `him’ all night, please don’t be cross with me.” As I gathered by composure I said, “Baby, it feels wonderful, I’m starting to think you can’t resist me the way I can’t resist you, it’s just my adult head and guilt getting in the way for me. It might take some time before I’m totally at ease with all this.” He replied, “I thought about sliding down the bed and kissing him, I really wanted to, he feels so good, I wanted to sleep with my face resting on him, but I stopped myself because I didn’t want to freak you out. So, I just held him and dreamed of more.” I leaned over and kissed his soft lips and said, “Thank you baby, thank you for thinking of me and how I’d feel, you’re right it probably would have freaked me out. Not that I don’t ever want you to kiss `him’ or hold `him’ but I need to take things slowly while I sort out my head; sort my conflicts out.” Boldly, Luke said, “Do you ever rub one out? Liam and I do, and we’ve done it with his older brother too, sometimes we do each other all at the same time, his brother squirts the stuff, but we don’t. It’s fun when he squirts it over us.” I said, “Slow down baby, all guys need to get relief from time to time and doing it with friends is how most guys learn. Yes, of course I need to relieve myself now and then, especially when I haven’t been with a guy for a while or get worked up about something.” Not letting the theme go, Luke said, “So do you want to do it now?” I sighed and said, “Oh baby, slow down. Yes, I want to do it now, I’m really turned on, I think I could almost shoot without touching myself, but I’m not sure I’m ready to do it in front of my son.” Luke, sensing that he was pushing too far, embarked on a different tack, changing the subject he said, “Why don’t you have any hair down there, all the other men I’ve seen naked do?” Relieved at the change of direction, I said, “I shave it son, I’ve shaved it ever since it started growing, I don’t like pubic hair, I feel so much cleaner without it.” Luke pursued the matter, “How often do you shave it Dad?” I replied, “Every day son, in the shower, it’s just part of my daily routine, I think it no different from shaving my face. And before you ask, no, I don’t like beards either.” Sensing an opportunity, Luke said, “Will you show me how you do it Dad, I like you without hair down there and when mine starts growing I’m gonna shave it too.” Chuckling a little, I thought; Like father, like son. Luke continued, “Maybe I can watch you properly if I’m in the shower with you.” Laying there with my son’s hand wrapped around my hard, dripping cock, I said, “You are a determined young man, I don’t think I’m ever going to prevent you from taking things further with me, am I? You’ve found my weakness and you know it.” ……to be continued…….

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