Uniting in the Forest


Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.Greg rolled over in bed looking at the alarm clock. He stared at the flashing red display reading five am. He got out the bed looking around the room, taking note of where his suit and other assorted paraphernalia needed for the day’s events. Greg made sure his bag was packed, his suit neatly folded as he got dressed in his riding gear. Setting off now he should get to the site by seven-thirty am at the latest that would give him five hours to set up for the event and the following weekend.Greg hoisted his bag onto his back strapping on his helmet as he started to cycle towards the site. He had seriously gotten into cycling wanting to maintain a good public image for his book appearances. He smiled inwardly as he thought about his bride to be, over the moon at becoming his wife today. The traffic was good at this time in the morning. No one seemed to be on the streets so he could focus on the days’ events rather than his safety. He chuckled knowing that the three people coming today would not be one bit happy with how he was thinking. Greg made good progress to the campsite even with the heavy load on his back. Arriving at the campsite he looked around the area seeing where things would look best. Slowly Greg started to peg out the spaces for the wedding, and the tents for after. Taking his time Greg erected the tents, sending Rocco a quick message requesting that he being the camping beds and other assorted items straight away. Smiling at himself he looked at the two tents and the space cleared for the fire and ceremony. As Greg dug the fire pit lining it with stones and building a stone circle around it Rocco pulled up in his truck. Both men nodded to each other as Greg continued his work and Rocco unloaded his truck. Each of them was nervous, things were going to change today. Once Rocco was unloaded he put things where they were meant to go, glad that Greg had become obsessed with making the day perfect.”Greg, you ready for this to happen?” Rocco asked as he watched Greg start to light the fire.”I am ready for this, I’m ready to spend my life with her.” Greg stood as the fire caught, brushing his hands he went and hugged Rocco. “Thank you for helping organise this.””It’s alright your almost family you know.” Rocco broke the hug. ” Right I need yo go and make sure our ladies are getting ready as well as get ready myself. You need to get ready to man.””I know and the minute you’ve gone I’ll be getting ready.” Greg chuckled. He watched Rocco leave before walking to the secluded clear stream twenty yards behind the tents. He stripped before slowly getting into the cool water. He sat on the Üsküdar Escort stream floor the water at his neck and moving slowly. The gentle movement of the water relaxed his tense muscles, tense from the stress of organising this wedding. He took his time caressing his whole body feeling all his cares and worries disappear.As he let the water wash him, Greg let his mind wander. He was lucky his beautiful bride got on so well with Rocco and Jolene. She had quickly and effortlessly integrated herself into their little close-knit group. Each person fitted into the group like a well-oiled cog. Greg smiled as he ducked his head under the water running his hands through his hair. His decision to get married in America away from hos family split their opinions. Those of his family that mattered were glad he was getting married abroad without family so there wouldn’t be any tension marring the day. Greg slowly got out of the water letting the sun warm and dry his body and he moved slowly to the campsite. He picked up the fishing rod, bait and knives Rocco had left him returning to the stream.Sitting at the edge of the water he lazily started fishing, glad Rocco had taught him how to fish the more modern way rather than the survivalist way using what’s around in nature. Watching the fish lazily swimming in the water Greg thought about the first time he saw his bride, he’d just turned eighteen and was waiting for his friends in the cheaper bar in the town. She walked into the bar wearing a skin-tight sleeveless black dress that stopped just above her knees. He watched her walk to the bar alone and made space for her which she took. Greg remembered the way she silently pulled him to her kissing him passionately, leaving him shocked. She then drank half of his drinks which Greg copied. Greg chuckled softly shaking his head, remembering that night was not appropriate for the special day that was today.Greg soon caught a couple of fish which he set about quickly gutting and descaling peeping the fish with wild herbs laying the fish on large flat stones, placing them around the fire to cook slowly. Greg made three loaves of bannock bread, flour, powdered milk, powdered egg, raisins, baking powder, brown sugar and some water and mixing it all together careful not to punch out the air from the unleavened bread, setting them in pans as next to the fire with a drizzle of dark rum over each one. Greg watched the fire as he let the food cook slowly, his mind absentmindedly rubbing his cock. As he hardened he wrapped his fingers around his shaft, his hand moving slowly twisting as he stroked himself. His Üsküdar Escort Bayan mind filled with images of his bride, the black dress she wore at their first meeting, her smile. His hand moved faster as he thought about her mouth sucking on his cock eagerly. Greg shut his eyes as he remembered both his bride and her maid of honour both sucking his cock only two nights ago. Both eager to show him their talents, both loving the taste of his cock and balls. Greg thought he heard a twig snap but ignored it as his actions felt too good. He needed to cum before he got ready. His mind filled with images of the maid of honour, his anal slut. He thought of her bent over ready for him to take what is his. Greg realised how lucky he was that his bride both knew and loved the arrangement he had with Rocco and the Maid of honour, Jolene. Greg heard a loud cough near him and opened his eyes. Standing before him was Jolene. She was wearing a form-fitting purple cocktail dress stopping halfway up her thighs. The edges of the dress were lined with silk embroidery in the shape of roses and carnations. Her golden hair was done in loose curls as it hung to her shoulders, her blue eyes sparkled with a joy that set his heart beating faster. She was smiling at him as she watched his hard cock in his hand.”Now I don’t think your bride would be happy with you doing this before your wedding,” Jolene winked her accent like harps falling on his ears. “At least not without help or an audience.” Greg grinned as he moved his hand off of his shaft and watched Jolene kneel between his legs. Her soft hand wrapped around his shaft stroking him slowly as she looked into his eyes.”You getting married doesn’t change things between us does it?” She spoke quietly, moving her hand faster.”It does change things for the better.” Greg pulled Jolene closer and kissed her before continuing in a whisper. “I’ll be seeing you more and Rocco will be getting his own anal slut.” He kissed Jolene’s neck before leaning back. Jolene blushed, understanding that the dreams she and Greg had had were close at hand.”Your bride is enjoying the taste of Rocco’s cock one last time before shes married, and I want the same as her.” Jolene leant down her mouth tantalisingly close to Greg’s cock head, waiting for him to say yes or no.”Then I hope he’s going to want her delicious pussy after she swallows his load, cause that’s what your getting.” Greg winked, Jolene getting the meaning of his words started to slowly lick and kiss his entire shaft. She started to stroke his shaft as she took each ball slowly into her mouth sucking them hard rolling Escort Üsküdar her tongue around each in turn. Greg gripped her hair as he groaned, her mouth working wonders on him. She pulled back allowing his balls to fall out of her mouth with a pop. She kissed up his shaft allowing her tongue to trail along him. Slowly she took his head into her mouth. She started to bob her head each downward thrust taking more of his shaft into her mouth. She locked eyes with Greg, watching his arousal. She winked as she took him fully into her mouth sticking her tongue out caressing his balls. Greg groaned as Jolene sucked harder her tongue curling around his balls. Greg’s hips bucked softly trying not to be too rough seeing as she was ready for the upcoming ceremony. Jolene pushed deeper making herself gag as she felt Greg throb in her mouth letting his first spurts of cum going straight down her throat, pulling off of him so she could taste his cum. Slowly she pulled fully off of him swallowing the last of his cum smiling before kissing him softly.Greg broke the kiss moving to one of the tents and getting out the quilt Jolene had made home for his very first visit in America. He laid it on the ground as Jolene hiked up her dress revealing she wasn’t wearing any panties. Jolene moved and led in the middle of the quilt, spreading her legs as she looked at Greg. He licked his lips in anticipation as he looked at her slowly he knelt between her open legs, his hands running over her thighs. leaning forward he kissed her belly through the dress, half wishing she was naked so he could tease her with her belly button ring. Slowly he moved his kisses to her thighs.Slowly he traced her lips with the tip of his tongue, circling her clit with each pass. He wanted to tease her, make her crave his touch. His hands ran along her legs as he focused his tongue on her clit, flicking across it in an SOS pattern, three rapid flicks followed by three long, lingering flicks and three rapid again. As the symphony of her moans increased in volume he wrapped his lips around her clit sucking it into his mouth, letting his teeth softly and gently graze her. His hands caressed her legs as his tongue flicked across her clit as it was in his mouth. He traced his fingers of his left hand along her delicious slit, tempted to fill her with his cock. Slowly he pushed three of his fingers into her tight pussy. Moving them rhythmically in his special way, his tongue moving along her slit pushing in alongside his fingers. He wriggled his tongue in time with his moving fingers, making little circles with his tongue and curling it deep in her tasty pussy. His instinctive movements had her writhing, bringing her rapidly to orgasm. She squirted, her juices filling his mouth and covering his face. He kept his actions going moving faster, wanting to make her orgasm last longer. His cock throbbed painfully, the taste of her pussy intoxicating to him.

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