Unrequited Lust


So I took out one of my work colleagues from Mexico who is in town for training. I did the usual thing of taking him around the standard tourist sites and then off to have a classic local cuisine meal. Then he wanted to go dancing to a live band/clubbing. So I took him off to a whiskey bar I know of that has a kick-ass house band that plays everything from classic rock and roll all the way up to current dance standards. You never know if you are going to get The Doors, ABBA, Jon Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga, or The Killers.

So we danced through a live set, a DJ set and in the middle of the second live set, he took off for the toilet. We clearly were there together but we never touched on another in any way. I don’t hook up with any one from work and he was a bit young for me. Now during the night I had been getting the eye from a number of men in the bar and two men and walked by and had done the brush the hand over the butt come-on. One was roughly my age and not bad but the other was clearly married and on the make. Not my scene.

So as I was dancing to the latest song the band played, I suddenly felt a pair of hands reach from behind me along my waist to clasp me around the front. At the same time I could bahis firmaları feel a tall male had moved up behind me and was swaying with me to the music – with occasional light brushes – no hard grinding. We nearly immediately fell into the same rhythm – it felt easy and comfortable and sexy without being intimidating or crass.

After a short while, he gently turned me around still holding me by the waist and pulled me close dancing face to face. He was dressed in jeans and a navy checked button-down shirt. Dark framed glasses and short dark spikey hair and definitely younger than I am. The club was dark enough I couldn’t tell eye color but I would guess dark brown. Fairly fit and tall. I’m petite and while my usual preference is for tall men (6 feet plus) lately I’d been dating shorter men. Instant lust on my part – in fact I have to admit that I was a bit spellbound- a bit of an odd feeling given I generally need at least a short conversation. And he smelled really really good. I totally believe in pheromones.

We immediately got back in sync dancing and singing along with one another. I kept sneaking looks up at him but he was singing and didn’t even introduce himself. I put my hands around his waist kaçak iddaa and up towards his shoulder blades. His hands starting moving up and down my back from my waist to my shoulders and in small circles down to my lower back and top of the butt. Still no grinding but very little space between us. His hands starting moving under the edge of my tank top and both came to rest on my skin just above the top of my denim mini-skirt. But they didn’t stay there. They moved up under the tank and one came around me left side to rest against the edge of my bra/breast. In the meantime, I moved my hands around the front and up his arms to clasp him around his neck. He pulled me in closer so we were in full body contact- lightly clasped- still no heavy grinding.

But the heat between us was building. I started moving my hands up and down his arms and across the top of his chest. He nuzzled my head/hair and one arm reached up to the back of my head and brushed the hair away from my eyes and along my long pony tail. He nuzzled by forehead, but still no lip kissing but he pulled me in closer and I could feel his hard on now- he was definitely very aroused. I moved my hands down to his waist again and put them around his back kaçak bahis with my fingers into the back pockets of his jeans pulling him in even closer. I could feel my breath shortening, my nipples getting hard and I was definitely wet. The song ended and he moved away. I figured he would introduce himself, but my work colleague rocked up. I think he must have been watching me/my work colleague, since he immediately turned and headed towards the exit to the bar. I tried following him (after taking a moment to acknowledge my work colleague) but I lost him in the crowd.

I spent the rest of the set looking for him and even ventured outside the bar to the smoking area but I didn’t see him the rest of the night even though we stayed another couple of hours. I went home completely frustrated with lust, even waking up the next morning still frustrated, needing a session with B.O.B. to ease the tension. That hasn’t happened in months.

So now how to find him? Given the bar we were in he could be a tourist but I got a sense that he was local. So a Random Encounters posting? Go back next weekend and try to find him again? The sensible part of me knows it will be really difficult and he really was a bit too young for me. The lusty part of me wants to do everything possible to track him down as I want to know if the sex would be as amazing as I think it could be. Either way, I’ll be moaning the missed opportunity or moaning for him.

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