Used By a Younger Woman Part 1

Used By a Younger Woman Part 1I was raised as a Catholic and when I was younger, I use to be very staid about sex. I lost my virginity fairly late (23), and really thought sex was the missionary position with the lights off. Things move in mysterious ways and we embark on many journeys in our life, not always knowing where the endpoint is. Although my journey of sexual pleasure started a bit late, it gained significant momentum. When I got into my 40s, my sex life evolved, and in recent years with the advent of the internet (yes once upon a time it didn’t exist), the rate of evolution has increased. I now push the boundaries, wanting new (but legal) challenges. During the last six months, I have preference for women, they are dirtier, kinkier and filthier than men, and know exactly how they are making me feel. I have gotten into BDSM. I crave big things in my cunt and I crave having my tits used. While most women want a tight cunt, I am the opposite and I have learnt that I am not alone. I have limits yes, but as long as those are respected, I will give myself over fully for use — my cunt, my tits, my asshole and my mind. If you think this is wrong, don’t bother reading further. About four months ago I started to actively look for partners and this is a story of one of those encounters. “Loosen my cunt and use my tits — only women reply, yes I am serious,” was what I put on my status on one “dating” site. Romance was not what I was after. I was inundated with responses, mostly from men who obviously didn’t read past the first part of my status, or just thought they’d try their luck anyway. I narrowed the respondents of interest down to six women, and of those two were available that week and the remaining four I put on my “future opportunities” list. I “interviewed” a young lady called Tegan, who was only 25 years of age which was more than half my age! She was slim but not overly slim — pretty and with a mischievous smile and manner. I was surprised one so young was interested in such stuff and with a much older woman, and one who carried extra weight — a BBW if you must. We met in a coffee shop on a Friday lunch time, a casual meeting, we could have been any two friends or work colleagues chatting about the office politics, or what to wear to the races. Instead, we were there to meet each other to see if we wanted to have depraved sex that Sunday. Tegan was at pains to point out that she was experienced and into quite extreme things, and I assured her that is what I wanted. We had previously exchanged what our likes, aspirations and limits were so we knew we were at least in the same ball park. I had already communicated my desire to have my cunt stretched and loosened. Tegan was the first to leave and after about 15 minutes she sent me a text saying she wanted to be “in”. I responded in the affirmative and with exuberance, and I confirmed a hotel room booking that I had already tentatively booked. What I had agreed to was to be used by this woman to offer my tits and holes to whatever here apparently depraved mind could come up with. When I got home I was so wet with anticipation of being used by someone so much younger than me, that when I went into the shower and applied the shower nozzle to my cunt, I came virtually instantly. Sunday came around and I arrived at the door of the hotel room at 2:00PM on the dot. I knocked and Tegan opened it. She was already naked, her body adorned by vivid art. Her deep firm gaze met mine. “Come in,” she said, and she closed the door behind me. On the floor were two large suitcases that had been partially emptied. My glance identified a well ordered collection of ropes, toys, “implements” and “objects”. More were arranged on the phone and coffee tables. “My luggage was very heavy, I had to get some help carrying it in,” she said mischievously as she noticed me spying the suitcases.”Undress now,” she demanded. These simple words started a tumultuous four hours of my life, sexual activity like no other. I had asked to be tested, and that I was. I wanted my rubenesque body to be a canvas for a masterpiece of depravity. I started to undress. My attire was entirely unremarkable — a simple plain and rarther demure blouse with no hint of cleavage showing and an average pair of jeans and simple flat shoes. I travelled to the hotel kaş escort by train and walked through the busy Saturday afternoon streets of the city. Nobody who saw me would have looked twice at me, and no one would ever have dreamt that I was heading off to be dominated by a woman nearly half my age. “Your tits and nipples are even bigger than expected. Lovely, but I hope they’re resilient. They are going to look different when you leave,” she commented as I unclipped my bra. Tegan straddled my waist, pinning me to the bed and just simply grabbed my big tits. My tits measured 20DD in Australian parlance, and her hands just simply sunk into them and she kneaded them deeply. Repeatedly, all ten fingers dug in deeply and my tits were pushed out to the side as her palms pushed solidly against my nipples. “Just warming them up, now to get started properly” said Tegan with a sly grin. With that she grabbed my big nipples, pinching them hard. For what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only ten minutes. Tegan’s surprisingly firm hands and strong digits, took my nipples on a journey of intense pleasurable pain. With my nipples in her pincer like grip, she pulled them upwards, nearly lifting my torso of the bed, before letting go. She held them upwards and shook them brutally, making my whole tits quiver as she did so. She pulled my nipples sideways outwards and then inwards, stretching my tits as she did. Her rhythms and actions varied but all were united by their intensity. My first moan was greeted with a stern warning, “don’t moan yet, still only the beginning, shut up and take it.”As hard as it was, I restrained myself from further vocalisation, for now. “Now, let’s do a little cunt work shall we, just an introduction you understand,” she said and I nodded in reply. Her fingers were still clamped on my tits. “You said your cunt was accommodating, well it is going to have a lot of guests today, big ones. It better be up to the challenge. I am going to turn that slit into a cavern.”With that she relinquished my nipples and got off from on top of me. She went and got some toys and some lube.”Basic warm up, this is,” she commented. Clinically, she applied lube to my cunt, her fingers diving in and exploring. “H’mmm, it is bigger than it looks. It is going to fuckin’ want to be with what I have got planned,” she remarked about my cunt. An average sized dildo was sunk into my cunt and it went in easily, after a few strokes it was quickly withdrawn and a slightly bigger one put in and then removed and then a slightly bigger one. With the third one, Tegan started to put in more effort to stretch my pussy. Sinking it in deep, before withdrawing it halfway out and pivoting it around, pushing it hard against my cunt walls and lips. “Niceties are over with. Your cunt is now open for business,” she said, as she withdrew the dildo from me. She then reached over and grabbed my nipples again, “Walk with me,” she said, and she proceeded to drag me around the room by my nipples. This time I did cry out.”Ohhh fuckkkk,” I yelled. She did a couple of laps of the room guiding me around with a vice like grip on my nipples, pulling me along by them. She stopped at the desk, pulled the wooden chair out and turned it around. Suctioned on to it was a big cone shaped dildo, a mini-fucking mountain and she gestured, “Sit on it, face the back of the chair, and fuck that dildo, get it all the way into you and then sit still.” After some positioning and shuffling I slid in and I fucked it smoothly, each time endeavouring with success to get more of it inside me. It took a couple of minutes for my cunt to fully adjust to the girth before I could sit down more or less on the now entombed plastic cone. When I sat still, Tegan lifted my tits up and placed them on and over the back of the chair. With black rope she intricately started to bind them, starting with the rope from the chair, four tight circles were tied around the base of my left breast, forcing the remaining flesh out into a firm globe, with more intricate loops, the base of my right breast was circled again, and it too became a firm globe. The other end of the rope was now secured very firmly to the other side of the chair. My breasts were secured, secured tightly, more tightly than they had ever been before.. The pressure on my tits was immense, escort kaş I could see them changing colour already, my nipples were also protruding much more than normal. “Things are going to get a bit more interesting now,” she said, as she put the camera down. She came back around to the front of me and grasped my tits, testing, feeling their unnatural firmness. “Look at me, do not take your eyes from mine. If you do I will punish you more.” “Owwww,” I yelped as she started to slap my tied tits. I bucked, but this served only to force more of the huge conical dildo into my cunt. I focussed on gazing into the eyes that blazed down from slightly above me. My tightly bound tits were subjected to rampant domination. Time seemed to stop. My poor bloated tits were squeezed and kneaded, my nipples slapped and twisted. My tits had never experienced pleasure and pain like it. I screamed with nearly every stroke, tweak or yank — a one woman cacophony. Finally she stopped, “look at your tits now,” she demanded as she stepped away from me and went to one of her hefty suitcases. I quickly gazed down to see that my tits were bulging globes, overripe to the extreme; they looked like they could burst at any minute. I knew they wouldn’t, but that’s what they looked like. They radiated a deep shade of magenta. They were on fire — pulsating from their very centre. Tegan returned to the centre of my vision, and wordlessely revealed what she held in her hands, a pair of large clamps joined by a chain. She showed me the jaws of the clamp and demonstrated the tightness of their grip. That was not all. Another chain slid along the one that connected the two clamps, dangling from it was a lead sphere. I shuddered at the site of it, but did not have long to think as first one, and then the other was applied to my already tested nipples. I yelled as the clamps made contact and closed. That sensation was nothing compared to the feelings of helpless bliss when she let go of the weight, a pendulum of extreme pleasure and pain, centred on my nipples. My nipples were pulled down and twisted as the weight arced through the air. We both watched intently, but from very different perspectives as the length of the arc slowed, the sensations for me were only marginally less intense as it did. As the arc slowed to nearly nothing, she picked up the weight and set it in motion again, only this time higher. You stood in front of me this time until the swinging weight had come to a complete stop. When it did you just stood there, a calculated pause I guessed, taking in the scene before going back into her suitcase and pulling out candles and a lighter. “I have taken the liberty of disabling the fire alarm in the room,” she said. “I am going to paint your fucking tits with hot fuckin’ wax. Your already ruined tits are going to be totally covered.”She lit the candles — four of them – a red, a green, a white and a blue one – two in each hand. I gasped with expectation before I felt the momentary sear of hot wax as the first drops landed. From the four candles, a river of hot colour flowed that ensured the searing sensations were unremitting and the fused with the torment on my nipples from the clamp and lead weight. The wax continued to flow. Tegan meticulously made good on her promise, covering my tits with a thick coating of wax, a rainbow of depravity. Finally the candles burnt down. With the all the wicked attention dished out to my tits, I had nearly forgotten about the huge conical dildo that had been wedged into my cunt from the time I sat in the chair. But it was still there, god yes, but my cunt had obviously become accustomed to the plastic occupant. My eyes remained fixated on the mess that were my breasts. They were tightly bound — squeezed into orbs, nipples distended by the clamps and weights, almost completely caked in a multi-colour sea of wax.Tegan finally took the clamps off my tits. She then squeezed my tits to crack the thick coating of wax, and pieces of wax fell to the floor. Underneath it, my tits were the colour of berries. She started to untie my breasts, and the blood rushed back into them, further enhancing the fire, the deep throbbing, the extreme palpitations that I felt. “Get up and lay on the bed, lick my cunt while I use your tits some more,” she said. “Smell my wet cunt, kaş escort bayan I am going to sit on your face and you are going to make me climax. If you are too slow or I am not happy with your efforts I am going to punish you,” she added. I got off the chair slowly, the dildo vacated my cunt as I did, and I went to the bed. Tegan quickly followed, straddled my head and pushed her cunt against my mouths and lips. She proceeded to fuck my face — grinding her cunt against me, in long powerful strokes. Her hands descended to my tits again. With one hand she grabbed a tit at the base, and with the other she slapped it. Then she did the same to my other, all the while sliding her cunt along my face. I moaned into the luscious big cunt as her squeezing and slapping of my tits became even more potent. She quivered and moaned, and slammed her cunt on to my face as she came, a long extended climax. Her hands continued to maul my already thoroughly used tits, even when her orgasmic contractions subsided. She got up off me and I stayed laying on the bed, waiting for the next order, the next violation. It didn’t take long. “Open your legs right up,” she commanded. The tube of a clit pump was applied to me, and the bulb squeezed ferociously. I feel my clit sucked up into the tube, an excruciating feeling of constricted pleasure. Fingers dived into my cunt, I felt four of them go straight in, my cunt already well loosened from the big dildo from before. With my clit enclosed, I was fucked briefly with four fingers before Tegan pushed hard and forced her thumb into my snatch. I felt my cunt opening expand sharply before her fist burst in and lodged itself in my muscular channel. “Hold still cunt, you better be ready for this.” The strong fist inside me went into a frenzy. I had been fisted numerous times before, but this was so much more intense, her fist jack hammered away inside me, and with the other hand the tube on my clit was yanked and tugged this way and that. The twisting motion of the fist in my cunt was pure torment. I started to climax and my climax built rapidly, Tegan continued to fist me unwaveringly as I was overcome by my climax. I was skewered on her fist, flailing around like a hooked fish. My screams were wordless expressions — simply primeval. Finally it was over and I gasped as I slowly started to recover. Tegan eased her fist out of my hole and then we had a bit of break, and shared a glass of wine. “Lie back down darling, I want to stretch that cunt of yours some more,” said Tegan as she finished her glass of wine. After only a short break, Tegan put down her glass and looked around for some toys. She slid a standard slimline vibrator into my hungry cunt. Then she slid in another one in, and then another. The three vibes were a tight fit, but my welcoming cunt accepted them obediently. It took some effort to get the fourth one in, but Tegan pushed the first three down hard in order to to insert the fourth. “Don’t squirm,” she commanded. She picked up the fifth and placed it in the centre of the cluster. Smoothly and very forcefully she slid it in to me, and as she did, it pushed the other four firmly against the walls of her cunt. It went in surprisingly easily, five vibrators, albeit slim ones were now embedded in my cunt, and, one by one she turned them on. “Stop moving,” she demanded. An infernal buzzing emanated from my crowded cunt and filled the room, like bees around a hive. With the palm of her hand she held the buzzing cluster of vibrators still and pushed them deeper into my greedy snatch. I struggled in vain to stay still, but flailed and wailed as Tegan put the tip of a sixth vibrator squarely on her clit. “Now cum, and scream so the whole fucking hotel hears.” As my climax built, I flailed with unmitigated ferocity. The accompanying yells were a guttural crescendo. As the orgasm crashed through me Tegan did not relent, in fact, she tried to increase the torment, rubbing the vibe more viciously against her clit and she held the vibrators firmly in place. Finally she ceased the stimulation, first by removing the vibrator from my clit, and then by turning off the five still embedded in my birth canal. “Okay, spit them out of that cunt of yours,” she said. With that, she removed her palm from the cluster of vibrators and the embedded toys quickly evacuated my cunt. A little pile of still buzzing vibrators lay on the bed between my thighs, covered in pussy juice which continued to dribble out of the now empty hole.Our encounter however, was not over…….

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