Used by Friend’s Fuckboys


I came out of the closet as a bisexual to my friend kaylie a while back. She has been my scout for dick pics ever since, sending me pics of her boyfriends and random guys that message her. She’s out getting good cock and I’m beating off to her exploits, wondering how these straight guys would feel about another dude getting off on their dick pics.

One weekend recently she invited me up to the town she lives in and said she had a surprise. I don’t know what I expected to be waiting for me when I got there, I hadn’t seen her in a while and I just took the opportunity for a visit. It was an hour or so drive to the town she lived in. When I got to the address I thought I was in the wrong place because there were six cars parked all out front, I wasn’t expecting a big crowd but unnoticed Kaylie’s car boxed in at the front and figured I was in the right place. I knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer. When the door swung open my jaw dropped.

Now let me tell you about my friend, we met when we worked at a car dealership together, I’m a mechanic and she was an auto detailer. She dressed down most days so you could easily pass her over when she was bent inside a car wearing a hoodie and a pony tail. But every now and then I would look at her and remember how gorgeous she was, something would be a bit different maybe she’d be wearing her glasses and I’d look at her differently. Low cut tops and bending over the body of a car was my favourite thing to watch her do. She’d be bending over waxing and I’d stop Mid sentence as I got a near full view of her amazing rack, she knew I was looking but never bothered to interrupt me. She eventually left the dealership but we kept contact outside of work. She started a new job as a loan agent. The business woman attire was a dream come true for me, the heels, skirts and low cut blouses. I had so many new fantasies about her I couldn’t keep them straight.

Well here she stood at the door in an extreme version of this business woman look, wearing impressively tall black heels, a skirt that was definitely not safe for work and a white button down blouse that wasn’t buttoned until a few inches before her tits, a black lace bra was visible with an almost impossible amount of cleavage. She was wearing glasses and a look that was very business like, as if she was my boss and I was in for it. But there was something else a hint of something to show that she was having fun with all this.

We hugged and she pulled me in the door, I stepped away from the embrace and got a better look at her. she grabbed my hand and brought it up to her right breast, I had never touched her like that before and she could see my facial expression change. She looked into my eyes and devilishly said ” that’s all you’ll be getting from me tonight”

I replied now stuttering as I do when I’m nervous, “well why am I here?”

“You’re going to like it, trust me,” she said as she instructed me to close my ataköy türbanlı escort eyes and follow her. We walked across the house and down some stairs.

As we neared the bottom of the stairs I heard surprised voices saying all kinds of thing “what the fuck is going on,” “what the fuck,” “who is that”.

Now Kaylie lead me a little further away from the voices and said now open your eyes, she was standing there without the shirt or bra that she had opened the door with on. I was totally confused at this point who were those voices, why was she topless.

She bounced her tits and said, “this is to get u hard, I can’t show you off soft now take off your clothes.”

When a girl is standing in front of you playing with her tits and tells you to do something, you do it. I took off my shorts first, my cock was fully erect before I pulled it from my jeans. Kaylie looked me up and down. Then she reached down and grabbed me by the cock and not gently, the grasp she had on me made my already swollen head swell more. It felt good, she pulled me towards her and whispered in my ear, “you told me you wanted to be used, now is your chance out there are seven guys with big throbbing cocks. They are going to turn you into a pathetic slut. And I’m going to watch them. How do you feel about that?”

I know she could feel even more blood rushing to my impossibly hard cock and feel my legs start to tremble. “Good, lets introduce you to the boys.”

Now I’m keeping my own eyes closed because I’m so nervous, we walk back into the other room and I open them. Seven sets of eyes are looking at me kaylie still guiding me with a firm grasp. “Boys I know you wanted me tonight but I brought you something better, this faggot lives to suck cock. Whether you’re gay or not he will give u the best head you’ve ever had.”

A few guys seem kinda angry as kaylie guides me toward the middle of the room and makes me get on my knees. The guys look around anxiously, seeing who will make the first move. The first guy about 5’11” says a blow jobs a blow job and walks over to me. His cock is bobbing up and down as he moves. It’s about six inches, average, circumcised, he’s nicely shaven. I take it in my hand and bring my mouth toward the tip. His cock enters my mouth and I take in the excitement of my first gay gangbang. I look up and he is breathing heavy and enjoying it, his fingers run through my hair. The guys take notice, two more come over both average, circumcised. I jerk the newcomers off with each hand while massaging my first with my tongue and lips.

Kaylie yells “there is enough of this fag to go around, Ryan you’re not sucking off one guy here.” I immediately turn to suck the one to my right and realize that there are six sets of legs and six cock bobbing around my head. The ensuing scene of homosexual lust wouldn’t be something for print, a pandemonium of slobbery cocks, in my mouth, in my ataköy ucuz escort hands, I don’t remember exactly what happened but I can picture it vividly. The guys were losing their inhibitions, cocks were touching, they were trying to put two in my mouth at the same time, I think two of them were jerking each other off.

From behind all the action going on I hear kaylie speak and a male voice respond, I can’t discern what they are saying over the demeaning phrases being thrown my way “cocksucker, fuck this fag can suck dick, I’m gonna blow a load down this fags throat”

Suddenly Kaylie’s voice becomes louder as she instructs the studs fucking my face to step aside for the newcomer, the male voice I had made out. The cocks slip out of my hands and out of my mouth and everyone backs away. As the security of my circle of new friends gets bigger I feel vulnerable, instead of one pack using me I see six individuals, all with their own thoughts what did they think of me?

I notice in a dark corner kaylie stood beside a man. He was tall, over six feet. When he stepped forward I realized he was older than the rest, probably 40. He and kaylie stepped closer as I noticed the weapon he brandished between his legs. It was sticking straight out, probably nine inches and nearly as thick as my wrist, bigger than all the others. Perhaps the biggest difference he had from the other guys was he wasn’t circumcised.

My eyes go big and kaylie starts to talk, “how did he do boys?” A chorus of good and nods comes from the group, many of whom are obviously turned on because they have continued the party themselves stroking their own packages. I’m now staring this monster right in the eye, it’s only a few inches from my face. His head is so big and swollen with his foreskin fully forward I can see its outline. I took a second to admire this fine chunk of man in front of me, I could have stared for hours.

Out of the silence one of the now masturbating studs says suck that cock. I feel my hair being grabbed before I realize it’s kaylie, she forces me to get closer, when I open my mouth she forced me down onto it. First the head slid past my lips, then I could feel the veins of the shaft against my tongue. I opened my eyes and realized I only had half of him in my mouth and I couldn’t fit anymore. Kaylie is six inches from my face observing the action still with a firm grip on a handful of my hair. She whispers to me in a voice you’d expect a serial killer about to dismember a live victim to use, “you say you’re my friend Ryan, you want to blow a bunch of guys, I give it to you. You say you like a huge uncircumcised cock and you want to take it down your throat. Don’t embarrass me and take this fucking cock in your throat.” She turns to the group as she begins forcing my head up and down the shaft, the unnamed receiver of this head moans louder the harder she forced the back of my throat upon him. The guys ataköy üniversiteli escort are shouting out it down his throat, make him choke on it. I was so close to vomiting I broke the hold kaylie had on my hair and pulled my lips from around this large torture device. I spit on the floor kaylie looks disgusted, she slaps me and grabs me by the throat, “you can’t handle that much man can you, you little pussy, well you can’t just tap out now, guys get back in here.”

In less than a second I was again surrounded by this time seven beautiful specimens of manhood, this time the guys had no problems greedily abusing my mouth, becoming noticeably impatient for their turn. After I went through everyone once or twice, it was hard to keep count one of the guys stopped fucking my face and I felt something warm enter my mouth, “I’m cumming” I heard as three or four more blasts entered my mouth, the second me pulled out of my mouth he was gone from the circle. Before I thought if I should spit it out or consume this sweet gift he left me my mouth was full again. Semen poured down my throat and spilled out over my lips.

I realized that I still had six guys to make cum before kaylie would let me be done. I kept going, sucking whatever dick was closest to my mouth at the time, lapping up precum and dripping drool over my chin like a rabid dog. I imagined what I looked like, it was one of those situations where if your mother walked in she would instantly be ashamed at the sight, but it felt so good I don’t think I would have cared. Over the course of the next ten minutes cocks slid in and out of my mouth, the intensity of their thrusts increased and I knew they all wanted to cum as they began jerking themselves off as I blew one of their counterparts. I finished the second guy with my mouth and he dumped a small load, pulled out and was gone. The next guy gave me five harsh thrusts and I could feel the warm goo enter my mouth. I was in cum heaven, i wasn’t spitting but I had so much in my mouth it overflowed and splashed as new dicks entered and exited my mouth. When only one dick was remaining I temporarily came out of my lust induced frenzy and fear entered my eyes as I realized my nobody with the huge dick was my last master left.

He told me to open my mouth and I did, I could feel the pool of cum sloshing around that I hadn’t swallowed yet. He told me that I couldn’t finish him off until every drop of that cum in my mouth was gone, I took a big gulp and filled my stomach with warm man juice. I opened my mouth to show off my swallowing skills.

Kaylie got down to my level as I took the cock into my mouth, she took my hair again and I pulled back, I started to talk but I couldn’t get a word out as I started stuttering ” i c-c-c-ant” The full gravity of the situation hit me, I was sitting on my knees giving head to a guy I never met in front of one of my best friends, they both just watched me be used by six other men I’ve never met, word will probably spread about my sexuality.

Kaylie must see the worry in my eyes as she reaches down and grabs my cock, it is still fully erect, probably harder than I’ve ever experienced. We lock eyes and she leans in and whispers, ” you are regretting this already but you’re still hard as a rock, isn’t exhibitionism awesome?”

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