Vacation Fun – Chapter 2 – The Next Morning

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Vacation Fun – Chapter 2 – The Next MorningVacation Fun – Chapter 2 – The Next MorningWith the curtains closed only a little light shined through the windows, but is was more than enough for Sam’s eyes to take in every curve of Carly’s body. Carly always looks so peaceful when she’s asleeep, and now Sam could freely lay in bed and stare for as long as she wanted or till Carly woke up.Before Carly climbed into bed just a little after midnight she striped down to only her underwear, slowly Sam started tracing patterns on Carly’s bare arm basking in the moment, feeling Carly’s skin under her fingertips after so long it is like a dream come true.Carly started to stir in her sleeep as she slowly began to wake up; smiling as she felt patterns being drawn on her arm and the intense stare that was on her.“Morning sleeeping beauty,” says Sam leaning in and placing feather like kisses all over Carly’s arm up to her lips, capturing her bottom lip between her own causing Carly to let out a soft moan.When the kiss ended, Carly took Sam’s hand and intertwined their fingers, while looking into her eyes lovingly, the way Sam stares at Carly gives her butterflies in her stomach.“I missed you,” says Carly in a sad voice, and continues before Sam could say anything. “I’d be lying if I said I’m not, jealous that you and Cat are living together,” Carly confessed.“Cupcake I promise you that I do not see Cat that way and I would never cheat on you,” says Sam looking Carly straight in the eyes to prove that she is not lying. Looking deep into Cat’s eyes Carly could see nothing but love and honesty, “Melanie on the other hand has hooked up with Cat more than once,” says Sam carefully.Meanwhile at a little diner in town out looking the beach:Jade, Tori and Cat arose early and went into town for breakfast to give Sam and Carly some alone time. After eating breakfast Jade insisted that they stay and drink some more coffee, “So Cat have you and Sam ever hooked up?” Jade asks directly with no filter, causing Tori to choke on her coffee.“Cat you really don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to,” says güvenilir bahis Tori while glaring at Jade, not wanting to angry her girlfriend too much Jade just mumbles a ‘fine, whatever’.You see the reason why Jade has learned that sometimes it’s better to swallow your pride, is that one-time Tori and herself got into a huge argument about something small and they ended up not having sex for almost two weeks.“K k, I’ve never been with Sam, but I have been with her twin sister, Melanie,” says Cat like it was nothing in the world.Jade arched her brow and Tori’s mouth was pretty much on the floor from what Cat just said, Cat mistaking their silence for a sigh to continue got ready to tell them the whole story.“It was a few months ago Sam’s twin sister Melanie came to visit, Sam likes to say she doesn’t like her, but she is actually really sweet,” Cat takes a deep breath before continuing. “We spent a lot of time together since Sam didn’t want her there, being around someone so sweet and caring was nice,” Cat finishes with a smile.“Than what,” says Jade who was listening very closely, Tori didn’t say anything because she too was curious as to what happened between the two.“Well we got to know each other, when it came close to time that she had to go back I became sad,” says Cat with watery eyes.Tori reached over the table and covers Cat’s hand with her own in a supporting way.“Cat focus, what happened,” says Jade, not really being the one who lets emotions get the best of her.“One night about three days before she had to go back to college Sam went to a party, but we stayed at the apartment and watched movies…” Cat begins excitedly.Flashback:Cat and Melanie are sitting next to each other watching their third movie for the night, Sam still hadn’t come home from the party she went to hours ago, neither girl would admit it out loud but the peace and quiet was nice for a change.Cat sat and watched the screen intensely as they watched The Little Mermaid (she got to pick the movie); Melanie kept steeling glances at Cat. The way Cat’s eyes would light up at the TV screen was absolutely türkçe bahis captivating.Reaching into the popcorn bowl at the same time is what sparked the fire; the moment their hands touched their eyes met and Melanie leaned in and placed a soft but firm kiss on Cat’s lips. Feeling Cat’s lips unmoving against her own Melanie quickly pulled away blushing bright red and mutter “Sorry,” avoiding Cat’s eyes.The only reason why Cat did not kiss her back was because she was surprised; having finally registered what just happened a huge smile broke out on Cat’s face. The next thing Melanie knew the popcorn bowl flew through the air and Cat was on her kissing her like there was no tomorrow.Melanie tried her best to keep up with Cat and together they tumbled to the floor with Cat on top of Melanie. It was a struggle but broke away from Cat lips long enough to say, “Let’s take this to your bed.”“K k,” said Cat jumping up and dragging Melanie with her to the share bedroom she and Sam has, it is not the first-time Melanie has been in the room but every time it made her smile at how pink Cat’s side of the room is.Melanie was not left long with her thoughts as Cat started tugging on her clothes to get them off, Melanie could not help but laugh at Cat’s eagerness. After quite the struggle they finally got it right to get each other naked, Melanie took the lead, backing them till Cat fell on the bed.Climbing onto of Cat the two started with yet another make-out session, the temperature in the room seem to sky rocket as things became more heated. All of a sudden Cat flipped Melanie over so that she was on top.“Let’s sixty-nine,” says Cat, before Melanie could even register the words Cat turned around and got into position.Cat started lapping through Melanie’s pussy lips much like a cat drinking milk, flicking Melanie’s clit each and every time. As good as it felt Melanie knew that she needed to start repaying the favour, so she gently pushed one finger into Cat, starting with slow careful thrusts.When Cat started pushing back against her finger Melanie added another one, and started going faster güvenilir bahis siteleri and harder. Melanie cries out when Cat pushes her tongue into her, causing her to accidently curl her fingers inside of Cat, making Cat cry out in pleasure with her tongue still inside of Melanie sending the vibrations of the cry through her body.The two girls came together in waves of pleasure that just kept coming, with Cat trying her best to keep lightly lapping Melanie’s clit to prolong her pleasure. And Melanie keeps thrusting her fingers as best she can with how tightly Cat’s walls are keeping her.When Cat stops lapping, Melanie stops thrusting, both girls are breathing heavily Cat uses the last of her energy to turn back around and cuddle tightly into Melanie’s side. Melanie wraps Cat in her arms, and listens to Cat’s now even breathing; soon following her into slumber land.Sam stubbles through the door and makes her way to the bedroom, once she enters the room her mouth falls to the floor as she looks at her twin sister and roommate sleeeping naked in bed together. Now feeling very sober Sam goes back to the living room and sleeeps on the coach for the night, mentally debating wither or not to say anything about what she saw tonight, to them tomorrow.End of Flashback.“Wow,” is all Jade said; after a story like that she is speechless, Tori on the other hand really didn’t know what to say.“After that we spent every night together till she had to go back to college, we are still very good friends to the day, video chatting naked and everything,” says Cat with a smile.Back with Sam and Carly:“Did you ever tell them you saw them?” asks Carly curiously.“No, I acted like I stumbled in late that night and decided to crash on the coach,” says Sam like it was the obvious answer.“So, they still don’t know that you know that they slept together?” asks Carly a little confused.“Nope, I pretended not to notice anything, and made sure to be out of the apartment as much as possible,” answers Sam.“Aww that was actually really sweet of you,” says Carly both lovingly and teasingly.Sam gives Carly a glare but Carly just gives Sam a peck on the noise and says “Let’s go get some breakfast before you start to get grumpy.”The two went downstairs to make themselves some breakfast, purposely forgetting to put their robes on.The End

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