Valentine’s Day


Special thanks for Maria, without whom my grammar would be a complete disaster.


It was Valentine’s Day. I hated Valentine’s Day. Well, the celebration’s not a problem, but like every woman I love it when somebody cares about me. It’s great when I’m being pampered, when they’re kind to me and there’s some romance in the air… especially when someone is trying to seduce me in a charming way. However, nowadays this ‘festival’ isn’t about that any more; it’s just a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates or – if you’re lucky – dinner in an expensive restaurant. But these aren’t really all that enchanting either. The problem is that during this ritual, women never get to hear those simple words: ‘I love you.’ So because of this, I get up feeling sad on the 14th February.

In my heart I’ve always wanted the one who feels I’m important to him to surprise me with something that makes me smile for the rest of the year. But while I’m waiting for this to happen, I suppose I can expect to be welcomed by a bouquet of roses when I arrived home from work that day… and maybe even a card in the shape of a little heart with three special words on it.

Only one thing could be worse, a message saying: ‘I will be home late tonight, so be happy with this’. Given my current boyfriend, that sentence described our relationship. Yes, he does love me, but at times I wondered if we were together just because we’d fallen into a routine. Sometimes, I also question whether our relationship s just for him to boast to his friends that he was fucking a bombshell?

Jani was a fashion photographer who was always surrounded by girls in bikinis. And he was often asked to take photos for famous men’s magazines. So he had plenty of opportunities to see under their skimpy outfits. I could find reasons to be jealous if I wanted to; but if I showed the slightest sign of envy he would hug and kiss me…assuring me that I was the only one for him and he’d never break up with me because of anyone else. I guess I believed him.

He said he didn’t want to fuck a blonde little bimbo who wasn’t that far out of her childhood. I could have taken this as an insult because I’m only a couple of years older than his models. On the other hand, I might be angry because he thought I was only a good fuck, and nothing else. But I eventually convinced myself neither was true… it was only my mind playing tricks

Jani’s models were aged between 19 and 21, and I wasn’t much older at 23. But just the opposite to them I have wavy brown hair which falls just under my shoulders and a healthy, slim and curvy body. To most men, I was the polar opposite of an anorexic blonde. Yet I would never complain about some of the models because a few of them were gorgeous even from a woman’s point of view… especially one of them. She was on the thin side and blonde, but at the same time extremely seductive. Even so, Jani was working with these half-naked, chatty and giggling girls around him, and it felt like he was living with them more than me!

In these circumstances, and imagining only a bouquet of flowers lying on the dining table in our empty apartment that day…it made me mad. My colleagues could see I wasn’t in a very good mood. They didn’t know the reason, but probably thought it was because of a boring day in the office. In any case, they did their best to avoid me.

So, it was a pleasant surprise when Jani actually phoned me in the middle of the afternoon. He never did this. Most of the time he said he was much too busy at work. He normally looked for my name in his mobile phone’s directory when he was in the car ready to come home. And this call wasn’t much of an improvement. He sounded bored and irritable. He said briefly that he would finish early and come to pick me up. Rather put off, I had neither the energy nor enthusiasm to chat and ended the call.

I found comfort in the fact this damn ‘celebration’ was on a Friday that year. So I could rest over the weekend and forget all the shit. But Jani didn’t help. When he arrived and I jumped in to sit next to him, he just murmured “Hello” or something, and then started the engine.

I tried to get to know how his day had been, but discouraged with his one-word answers I gave up. I felt sure that Valentine’s Day would end the same way as my others. There was nothing surprising, nothing unexpected happening, nothing new. No… there’s nothing different to any other day. It sucked! I even expected the customary bouquet of roses would have been forgotten as well. I was sad because even flowers would have at least made me feel a little happier.

After a while I realized that we weren’t going our normal way home. As the minutes went by I forgot my annoyance as I was sure we were proceeding in exactly the opposite direction we should be going.

I tried to get to know where the hell we were, but Jani just murmured something. He seemed annoyed with me.

Finally, I lapsed into silence ateşli gaziantep escort and decided to let him take me wherever he wanted to. I didn’t mind what the destination was. I’d had worse Valentine Day’s than this one… if it was at all possible. And surely this was no exception?

Around an hour later, we crossed a main road and Jani turned into a side street, and then another before parking in front of an imposing castle hotel. I was shocked. When I looked at him, he couldn’t hide his smile anymore. This had all been part of a plan. He’d tricked me, and to the last moment I had no idea what he was up to… but I didn’t mind.

In just a few minutes, laughing cheerfully, we entered the hotel holding hands. We had talked of how amazingly sullen we’d been. But looking back now, it seems funnier than anything else in the world. We couldn’t even finish our sentences without giggling.

The hotel was very friendly. After the wintry February weather outside, a warm atmosphere greeted us in the hall. My suspicion of his master plan was confirmed when I saw a spark of recognition in the eyes of the receptionist. She looked at Jani and said politely: “The room is all ready for you, sir.”

I was astonished when I passed through the door and looked around me…it was a whole apartment! There were rose petals everywhere, and the champagne was on the table in a bucket of ice. Soft music from well-hidden speakers flowed through the room; it was simply amazing.

Jani smiled and excused himself to visit the bathroom. He said jokingly that he had to fix his make-up. I just giggled…. then felt a bit guilty. How could I have ever been pissed off with him?

The ambience of the apartment overwhelmed me and I didn’t notice how quickly the minutes passed by until Jani returned. When I turned to greet him he took my breath away and my heart skipped a beat. The man who stood there in front of me was transformed. This was the real man with whom I’d fallen in love a long time ago. Gone were the usual jeans and T-shirt with worn-out running shoes and uncombed hair. Now he looked the same as… Oh my God, how long ago was it when we first met at that dinner?

He wore a shining white shirt with a low-key, dark tie and an expensive suit with smart casual shoes. The stubble on his chin which always aggravated my skin had disappeared, and a sprinkle of after-shave and hair-cream made him glow.

Before I could speak there was a knock on the door. “Room service!” someone called.

“Come in,” Jani answered, and a waiter brought in a candlelit dinner. If I had been lost for words earlier, now I almost swooned. I barely heard Jani tell the waiter we wouldn’t need anything more that evening.

The dinner was fabulous. Initially, we were able to control ourselves and giggled over old stories, but as time went on our feelings just ran away with us. We fed dessert intimately to each other with our little spoons. And when I asked Jani to pass me a napkin to remove whipped cream off me, he said he had a better idea.

I looked at him with questioning eyes, but he just smiled… leaned closer and began to lick the cream off my face. I laughed loudly util his lips covered mine and his tongue danced deep into my mouth. Our bodies stretched towards each other, and our hands began slowly discovering familiar places. It was a cold winter’s night outside, but the thin shirt stuck to Jani’s sweaty skin. His hand went under my top and carefully caressed my back before it went down to my butt.

I chuckled as he kissed me, helping him take off his suit. He let me go for a moment to get rid of his tie. He always hated ties but wore it especially for me knowing how much I loved him to look so smart and handsome. But now, with his tie cast across the room I began to caress his hairy chest as our lips met again.

Jani nearly tore my T-shirt off. I laughed as he lifted me up, pushed his face between my breasts and carried me to the king-sized bed. He laid me down, and more gentle than ever before he covered my body with kisses.

He was never known for his patience… but now he played with me as a cat does with a mouse. He didn’t rush anything, and it felt so wonderful. I closed my eyes and gasped as he pulled off my jeans and caressed my wet pussy through my panties with his tongue. I’d never felt like this. Jani hadn’t even taken my panties off yet and I was ready to come! It was so unlike him… he’d never done this to me before.

As the sheer pleasure of it all ran through my body I suddenly heard the sound of knocking above the soft music. I sat up. Who could this son-of-a-bitch be now? Jani had told the waiter we didn’t want anything else… and yet, he didn’t seem to be surprised. In fact, his smile showed me he was expecting a guest.

He gave me a little kiss and whispered in my ear: “I’ll be back soon.” He was calm despite his disheveled appearance when he went to open the door.

There ateşli gaziantep escort bayan was a half-wall between us, so I didn’t see the wide smile on Jani’s face as he ushered our meddlesome visitor in.

“Who is it Jani?” I called, annoyingly covering myself with a towel. When I stood up I heard a soft, giggling female’s voice. I froze for a moment. In the darkness of my brain, a faint light seemed to register… but I couldn’t believe it. I stepped out of the shadow with uncertainty. Despite what my foolish brain thought, I just had to see who it was.

As I said, Jani was a photographer with many beautiful girls around him every day. But he always re-assured me that he had no desire for any blonde little bitch with eggshell still on her arse. Yet he often joked with me, suggesting we bring one of the girls to our bed. At first, I rejected it outright… not because I was a prude because I’m not. I responded to him with the same answer I’d used with every guy who wanted it before: “I haven’t met a girl yet I really want to have sex with.”

But at this moment that very desirable girl was here in our hotel room! A model whom appeared so often on the cover of the magazine which gave Jani a lot of work. And, of course, he was the one nearly always taking her photos. He used to show me his work, and I have to admit I loved to see her. So much so, I insisted on meeting her, joking to him that she was the girl with whom I’m willing to sleep.

We had both laughed over it then, but it wasn’t all in jest. To me she was extremely hot. And seeing her now in front of me was much more than a surprise. My body tingled with excitement… she took my breath away.

But she seemed so young. Most of our friends said laughingly that there were a couple of erotic models who were years younger than her. And after a pause, they would add… it was still legal! This beauty looked about 18…I couldn’t imagine she was older than 20, but as she smiled at me my heart felt like it would leap out of my chest.

Her blonde hair was in a long ponytail that reached the middle of her back. Her eyelids were blue, in stark contrast to her pale skin. She was a bit smaller than me, but her stretched T-shirt and excessively small mini skirt showed off her gorgeous slim body. She was thin but definitely not anorexic. She wore high-heeled sandals, deliciously supporting her crowning glory… those amazing long legs which shone in the candlelight, making my imagination run wild.

My philosophic male friends say high heels drive them crazy, as a girl’s leg muscles stretch to balance their bodies. And because of that their legs look very slim, like the legs of a gazelle. And this brings out the hunter in all men. I always laughed at them but seeing this girl’s legs in her high-heels had a huge impact on me. She captivated me so much I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

“Honey,” Jani said, and I winced before I looked at him. “I think you remember, Esti?”

I couldn’t speak; it was an evil comment. Jani knew exactly what effect Esti had on me. I wouldn’t say that I saw her face in front of me on the nights I masturbated. I could even have managed without knowing her name or seeing her smile…but now I was astonished by the lust I felt for her. My knees shook as my eyes caressed every curve of her beautiful body.

“Hi,” Esti smiled.

I thought I would melt because of that smile. I tried to say something, but couldn’t utter a word. I didn’t need to either, as this blonde goddess stepped in front of me and pressed her lips to mine. Her tongue parted my own dry lips, holding me gently until I felt the warmth of her body penetrate my limbs. If I hadn’t been so confused I’m sure I would have come… especially after Jani’s earlier attention to my pussy.

As they said to me later, it hadn’t been hard work for Jani to convince Esti to take part in our passionate night together. What was most surprising to me was that she said it wasn’t because of Jani, but that she did it just for me. Esti joked that she had so many fans she could have a different guy in her bed every night if she wanted to… men much hotter than Jani. And she could find babes at the fashion shows, but she’d never met such a beautiful and natural girl as me! (Her words not mine).

But whether true or false I didn’t care because when she kissed me while Jani looked on, I hugged her to me and kissed her back. I could feel Jani’s erection pressing against my back, his lips nibbling my ear and neck… and I kissed Esti wildly as her hands stroked my bottom.

Esti left my lips to kiss my neck, the valley between my breasts… then my naked stomach. She pulled my panties down to my knees and pushed her face between my thighs… and as soon as her tongue moved inside my pussy, I couldn’t help but come. My legs simply collapsed, and only Jani’s fast reflexes saved me from falling. He felt the waves of pleasure pulsating through ateşli escort gaziantep my body as he held me… and after what seemed like an eternity he laid me on the bed.

Esti jumped in between my legs smiling… then she lowered her face once more to lick my wet pussy, and my body throbbed with pleasure as her tongue found my juicy clit.

Jani sat next to me and smiled, stroking my hair. I gathered enough energy to grab the back of his neck and look into his eyes.

“Thank you!” I whispered, then pulled his face to mine and kissed him. Right then, it was all I could give to thank him for the surprise, but later I compensated him a thousand times over.

Esti still caressed my pussy with her tongue, while Jani took my bra off and sucked one of my nipples into his mouth. I closed my eyes and moaned, enjoying their soft strokes. I was so immersed in these erotic pleasures that a few minutes later I came a second time.

Then Esti decided not to torture me any longer with her masterful tongue. She sat up and just watched Jani sucking my nipples. Aroused by it all, she reached under Jani’s stomach and unbuttoned his trousers. He didn’t expect this because he let my nipple go and sat up. I understood immediately what they were up to, and as Jani’s cock jumped out I took it into my mouth. I enjoyed making him moan the same way he’d made me earlier.

During this, Esti gently caressed my back, and then I felt her push her face between the cheeks of my bottom. Soon, her warm tongue was caressing my anus. A shiver ran up my spine, from my butt to my brain. It probably went through to the cock in my mouth as well because Jani, groaning loudly, let loose his juice into my mouth.

After this, he collapsed into a chair in the corner and rubbed his cock, gazing at us.

Esti seized the opportunity and turned me on to my back. She licked my pulsating pussy again, then covered my stomach and breasts with her kisses, and finally pushed her tongue into my mouth. Our bodies melted together and moved simultaneously for several minutes. I couldn’t bear it. I pulled my lips away from hers and tore her clothes off, like the wrapping off a leg of crispy fried chicken… I wanted to devour her.

I gaped at her gorgeous breasts, then looked into her seductive eyes and pushed my tongue into her mouth, rubbing her breasts with my eager hands. She caressed my back before moving them down to my anus. I shivered again, but this time I really enjoyed it. I began to caress her remarkably taut belly, and then let my hand wander down to her pussy.

I was surprised to notice she didn’t wear panties. I thought for a moment about how she had managed to stand the cold outside in such a skimpy outfit…but when she thrust her fingers again at my rosebud and made my whole body tingle, it no longer mattered to me. I caressed her wet pussy and pushed my index finger into her with a sudden movement.

Esti moaned loudly. I pulled my finger out and pushed it back just a couple of times before the walls of her tunnel hugged it tightly as her body shook with pleasure. I hadn’t imagined it would be good enough to cause an orgasm but it did… and she loved it! She fell back drained after her orgasm and her hand dropped from my buttocks.

This was enough for Jani. The view energized him. He stepped up to me and pushed his cock directly into my ass. My scream filled the room, and my eyes filled with tears of joy. Esti caressed my face gently, than put her hands to my waist and pulled my groin to hers. Our pussies moved against each other and our pussy lips throbbed simultaneously. That brought my blood to the boil and I again felt an orgasm shake my body. It was the third time I’d climaxed.

I lay stunned next to Esti, gasping and looking up at the ceiling. I couldn’t believe that it had happened. I saw Jani at the edge of the bed, smiling as he stared into my face, eyes gleaming. Then I turned to Esti, who was also smiling at me.

I reached out to her and gently stroked her face. It wasn’t a dream…she was really here. I touched the silky skin of a live, beautiful girl, who wanted to give me so much pleasure. I felt her long neck, her slim shoulders and her unbelievably gorgeous breasts. Finally, I caressed those amazing long legs.

Her skin was so soft, and once more I became aroused. Esti seemed to realise my pussy was wet as well because her hand went on a tour. It slipped between my thighs and as her fingers entered my sheath I closed my eyes. Two delicate fingers moved in a slow fucking motion, pushing me closer and closer to yet another orgasm. But just before I could come, she stopped.

I gazed into her sparkling blue eyes with a beseeching look, but she just smiled, glancing quickly at Jani. I immediately understood what she meant and turned to the dear man responsible for all this wonderful pleasure. I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him to me, and as our bodies moved towards each other I reached for his cock, opened my thighs and pressed it into my pussy.

We fucked in front of Esti’s loving gaze. Our groins coming simultaneously as I enjoyed her staring at us. It was great that she saw us together… our pleasure-filled bodies reaching a perfect and uniformed orgasm. We lay down next to each other, gasping for breath. My weary muscles ached, but I didn’t care. There seemed to be a very, very long night ahead of us.

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