Vampire’s Bane, Part 1


It was a cold Friday evening in January when Sylvia was walking to her boyfriend Bob’s condo. She was thinking about the night they finally hooked-up. Sylvia was a third year English Lit major. She met Bob the first day of the previous fall semester when she arrived for her science class that she needed for her basic education required credit. Bob was teaching the Physics 101 course that she was taking. Bob was a PhD candidate in the Physics department but when it was discovered he had a real talent for getting his students to understand even the most difficult concepts, the Physics department head asked him to teach this class. When she first entered the class, she was attracted to Bob right away. She always had a weakness for red heads and Bob’s hair was a dark coppery red. She could tell that he liked her too because he smiled at her and almost tripped over his own feet. Through the semester Sylvia would visit Bob in his office to ask questions about homework. He always got her to understand the chapters. She wouldn’t have minded if he would have put some moves on her but he always kept things professional. It was when they happened to go to the same Halloween party that they finally made a connection. Sylvia was dressed as a witch with a large witches hat and a long black silk Morticia dress with high heels. She surprised herself by not wearing any underwear. The dress just molded to her body and the material felt good the way it rubbed her b cup breasts. Her nipples were erect the entire time she wore it. She let her long blond hair hang free to her waist. Bob was wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket with jeans, leather chaps and boots. When Sylvia saw Bob it was like he sensed her looking at him. He looked at her and smiled. He got her a drink and they started talking. When the music started they started dancing with escort avcılar each other. They danced with each other all night. The only thing that happened to sour the evening was when a guy dressed as a vampire tried to cut between Sylvia and Bob and dance with Sylvia. Sylvia just jumped away from the vampire and back with Bob. Bob and the vampire traded some dark looks but nothing else happened. When the party started winding down the dj played mostly slow music. Sylvia loved the feel of Bob’s arms around her waist and she loved the way he looked at her with his very dark brown eyes. It was almost like he was looking into her. When they left the party, Sylvia was feeling very good from all alcohol she had drank. She didn’t understand Bob, he had matched her drink for drink but seemed cold sober. “Why don’t we go to my condo? It is closer than your dorms and much more private.” He had a sly smile on his face. “I thought you would never ask.” Sylvia just pulled Bob close and kissed him deeply. He responded to her kiss but she didn’t notice that he kept his eyes open the entire time. Sylvia did notice that he seemed distracted as they walked to his condo, it was like he was looking for something. When they got to his condo and he shut and locked the door he relaxed and gave her his total attention. Bob grabbed her hat and threw it over on a chair, pushed her back against the wall and kissed her very deeply. He just took control and Sylvia knew that he wasn’t going to take “No” for an answer, not that she wanted to say “No”. She was all “YES!YES!YES!” at this point. He reached up behind her with one hand and unzipped her dress with one quick movement and her dressed dropped to a puddle around her feet. Bob pulled off his jacket and shirt with movement and kissed her again. Sylvia loved the feel of his chest against escort bahcesehir her breasts as they kissed. She undid his chaps and jeans. She was surprised how easily they dropped down. Bob reached down with his left hand and pulled Sylvia’s right leg up on his shoulder leaving her pussy wide open. Sylvia could feel the head of his erect cock nudging her very wet lips. He kissed her again and pushed his cock inside of her, she was so wet that he slide into her very easily. She had never felt anything so warm. He just started pounding her with her back against the wall. She couldn’t believe how quickly all this was happening and how good it felt. She could feel the tingling starting in her clit and spreading. Bob was starting to breath very hard as he slammed his cock as deeply into her pussy as she could get it. Sylvia could tell he was getting close but that was fine with her, she was close too. Suddenly Sylvia felt a huge orgasm crash over her, she screamed with pleasure and Bob exploded in her pussy. She could feel his cum inside of her, it was very warm, almost hot. But then the feeling cooled quickly as she came down from her orgasmic high. Sylvia could barely stand but Bob caught her and held her in his arms. Bob carried her to his bedroom and put her in bed and cuddled next to her. Just before she fell asleep, Sylvia wondered how he had stepped out of his pants without undoing his boots then she fell asleep. When they woke the next morning Sylvia was surprised to see a cat sitting on a chair looking at her. He was mostly white with two brown spots on his back, a black ring tail and bright blue eyes. “I see you and Chesapeake have noticed each other, he likes to greet people. He is real party cat.” Bob was in a good mood. “So was last night a one night thing or was it more?”. “I don’t know yet. I have beylikdüzü escort never had things start so quickly. I always thought you were attractive but I never imagined things happening so fast. What are we going to do?” “Well because you are one of my students we have to keep this secret until the semester ends. Then we can go out in public. Until then, want to take a shower with me?” They went to the shower and started making out under the warm spray. Bob kissed Sylvia on the mouth and then moved to her ears. He nibbled and sucked on her ear lobes while his hands grabbed her ass and pulled her against him. He then kissed her neck, he used his teeth just hard enough not to break the skin and she could feel his tongue slipping against her skin. He then started kissing down to her breasts. She had cute b cup titties with nipples just begging to be sucked. When he started sucking her nipples she just cradled his head with her arms and let the pleasure wash through her. Bob spent the next quarter hour loving on her nipples. Finally he turned her so her back was to him, leaned her forward, spread her legs and ass cheeks and slipped his cock into her from behind. He reached around her with both of his hands, one went to her breasts and the other went to her clit. He started biting her neck and enveloped her body from behind and the pleasure started washing through her. Again, she had never felt anybody so warm. The went on for several minutes when they started cumming. Sylvia couldn’t believe how hot his cum felt in her, it almost burned but then cooled quickly. When they finally finished fooling around Sylvia realized that she had to go back to her dorm but the only clothing she had was the witches dress. Bob dug up some sweat pants and a sweat shirt of his for her to wear. When she put them on she had a couple of questions for him about some strange things she had noticed. “Bob, do you have a fever, you feel very warm. And why does your heart beat feel funny? It kind of gives a double thump when it pumps.” Bob looked surprised for a moment but then fixed her with his eyes.

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