Vassily’s Letter to Nika


Ohhhh…Nika!! A man at each end?? I am getting wet thinking about the scenario that happened a few days ago. I can remember myself comfortably positioned inside of you very deep… our pelvic areas have pushed up against each other and that sensation was overwhelming. I had to concentrate very hard not to pour my warm salty fluid into your groin… almost impossible to not coat your cervix with my sexual fluid. Then, before we forgot that our “visitor” was still there; you and I felt the bed move as our new found friend… so naked and so erect… climbed onto the bed beside us. I watch his extremely erect manhood position itself close to your mouth and you part your soft lips to allow the glistening head of his penis to enter you… and you greeted that rod of flesh with such vigor! There then came that moment for you to remove him from your mouth in order to kiss me… and I French kissed you so deep… and I discovered how wonderful your mouth now tastes… the flavor of a sweet woman mixed with that of a sexually excited stranger.

Then you returned to the previous attention you were giving him, you once again slowly introduce his fat swollen head to your taste buds. He gently moaned as his cock slid slowly past your teeth. I was so aroused and curious … I was only inches from him… I could smell him very much so. So I took a dare and placed the small tip of my tongue against the corner of your mouth and felt where you and him intersect… strange to feel two different types of flesh belonging to two different types of people; the woman I adore and a man that I am canlı bahis now attracted to in terms of eroticism.

You were staring into my eyes and they seemed to be telling me that you love me so much… like our love has grown more stronger by sharing the sex of a third person. Am I perverted now?? Have I lost my mind? Have I lost my soul?? I cannot help it… I was so sexually aroused; my heart was beating so fast and so intense.

You held onto his shaft more gently… I recognized that you were once again attempting to take him out of your mouth. But this time, in the back of my mind… I am suspicious that you have something different in mind. I assumed that it was because you saw the lust in my eyes and you heard my breathing becoming more intense was the reason that you pulled him out of your mouth and offered his cock to my lonely awaiting lips.

Funny that I thought this before I partook with this situation; but my thought was that this indeed was to be a very rare event. Might never happen again. So my performance was to be well planned as the moment went on… like it was a first kiss to a strange woman. But now it was to be the first kiss of something too erotic to describe. I did not open my mouth fully like you would have expected… (maybe you were surprised when I just stuck out my tongue?.).. it did not really matter what you thought, because you just wanted to watch me with this beautiful cock!

The tip of my tongue then touched the small opening of his manhood… and the flavor was immediate. Was slightly salty and was very delectable. It did bahis siteleri have a familiar flavor of a woman… but ohhhh so different! With one continuous movement, I found my tongue was now encircling his cock-head… around and around the head I went and eventually I was using the entire surface of my tongue on the velvety surface of that warm area of flesh. At the same time I heard the small gasps of excitement from your breath… I could also hear the increasing moans of delight he was emitting in that room… I could also smell the aroma of pure fornication!

Now the time came to fully complete the erotic process that is familiar to many who have performed oral sex on a male… to take the entire cock into my mouth. This was not familiar to me at all… but it seemed so natural to do. Did I discover that I am truly bisexual?? Why am I enjoying this?? Was it his existence? Was it your existence??? Was it my own hidden sexual desires?? Too many questions raced through my mind as I allowed that very hard erect penis to slide into my mouth… but I was doing it ever so slow. He was moaning so ever loud now… sometimes he seemed to softly cry.

What happened next happened seemingly fast and all fell together in perfect unison. It was not planned… it just happened. Our new friend started to shudder, erupt and climax… he was now squirting many ribbons of his warm “stuff” into my mouth!! Seemed like it came from nowhere!! Before I knew it, my mouth had filled up with his semen!! I never thought in my wildest dreams that this would cause me to orgasm… but it did!! bahis şirketleri All I could do was to open my mouth and call out your name!! “OHHH Nika!”.. I gasped as I shot a very large portion of my “white stuff” into your womb. When I opened my mouth, my calls were muffled and distorted by the large amount of white semen that had now appeared in my mouth… allot of it had dropped out onto your neck in globs!!

When I stated it happened in unison… it happened almost in perfect unison!! Because now you started to shudder and shake with your own climax! You seemed to be out of control when you grabbed the back of my head and french kissed me so deep. You were taking his fluid from my mouth into yours and you and I are now swirling our tongues together… we were feeling the thick, slippery consistency between us. I could feel allot of what he gave me draining down my throat… or was it you pushing it into me with your tongue??? Does not matter because I was so drunk with erotic lust!!

Amazing that the three of us achieved orgasm in unison. Always seemed difficult at times for a man and a woman to climax together… but here were three people having it happen at the same time. You held me close and since you did not speak to him, I was not jealous. I guess that he was part of you and I both because he had been in me as well as you. Funny that you and I shared what he gave… that we shared an erotic adventure in the form of what he produced from within his body… and you and I feasted on that! I also had the thoughts that you and I swallowed a portion of him… and he did not swallow you nor I. I guess that we did use him…huh?? End of story, Nika… did you have any erotic thoughts about that night??? Did you enjoy him more than me?? Keep this letter in a safe place. I love you. Vassily.

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