Veronica and Ted Really Kick it Off Pt. 02

Big Tits

Part 1

My phone on Veronica’s nightstand started vibrating at 4 in the morning. Half-asleep, I made a frantic rush to swipe the screen to turn the alarm off before it woke Veronica.

With the phone alarm successfully defeated, a rush of thoughts came to mind. Foremost among them was Veronica, who was sleeping next to me. After she had surprised me with a nuru massage last night, we had taken a shower. During that shower, she had been quite frank with me about her many sexual fantasies. And when all of that was said and done, she had donned a very sexy blue night gown…with no panties. She was, decidedly, the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. Her intellect, charm, fearless sexual energy – and her taste for risque dangers like wearing no panties – made her even more enticing.

Seeing her in her night gown last night, I had almost grabbed her, thrown her on the bed, and began to again passionately fuck her. But it was late – very late, and both of us knew it. So we had both forced ourselves to instead sleep in her bed.

Just now, I shifted my body closer to hers to spoon her. Unlike Veronica, I’d had no night clothes to wear, so I slept in her bed in the nude. When I shifted my body closer, she gave a soft, sleepy, moan and seemingly unconsciously gyrated her ass up against my crotch. I could immediately feel the soft skin of her perfect ass rubbing against my stiff cock. “Has it been erect all night?” I wondered. I was no longer a teenager capable of such feats, but…truthfully…it may have. Veronica had some sort of magic ability to drive me wild, after all… As she’d promised, Veronica had fulfilled a fantasy I didn’t even know I had. It had been the hottest night of my life.

With my cock now pushing up against Veronica’s bare flesh from under her night gown, I considered waking her with a kiss…and by sliding my cock into her. Truthfully, I could feel from the tip of my cock that she was wet. “Perhaps she was dreaming of last night?” I pondered.

I didn’t wake Veronica, though. Instead, I gave her a soft kiss on the cheek, rose from bed, and set off. The alarm clock on my phone had been set for 4 for a reason. I was going to prepare to reciprocate Veronica’s gift to me (fulfilling a fantasy I hadn’t even known I had.) Last night, she had rattled off and explained her fantasies while we showered. I had been taking mental notes.

“MMMmmmmm”, I remembered Veronica saying. “I’d loooooove to be spit-roasted. Two sexy men; one in my mouth, the other’s big cock filling me…” Her peculiar mannerism of exaggerating certain words with her Colombian accent had almost been sexier than the fact that they were showering together…

“And sex in a public place…that would be hoooot” Veronica had continued. I specifically remembered that as she had become lost in her thoughts, her hand had gripped around my soapy cock, and had started gently caressing it.

“Ooooooh…and I have a fantasy where I’m in one of those crazy sex parties with masks – like that movie – but this one has naked women wearing really risque clothes standing around small stages where men can come and “pick” their partner. Some men are single, and some are with women. But they flit about the stages, admiring the women’s beauty as they do. When they find one they really like, they ask the woman if they’d like to accompany them to a bedroom. And I’m standing on of those stages, wearing the sexiest lingerie where one of my boobs is completely bare. I look hot, but many of the men don’t pick me for some reason. But then one handsome stranger in a mask comes over, grabs me by the hand, and leads me away to a room for the hottest sex with a complete stranger I can imagine…”

I remembered deciding that I would be wildly unlikely to fulfill that specific fantasy any time soon. “All I need is to find is a discrete mansion, about 200 sex-crazed men in masks, and about another 300 similarly-open women, and coordinate it all. Maybe I can pull it off…” I had mused at the time.

I also remember thinking at the time that she had a *lot* of fantasies. I’d better get her to stop rattling them off, lest she eliminate every option I had. After all, I was going return her favor: I was going to listen to her fantasies, pretend I was going to fulfill one, and then come out of left field with a wild experience for her. At one point last night, I feared that she would list off so many fantasies that even my own vivid imagination wouldn’t be able to come up with something she hadn’t.

Gathering my clothes, I quickly dressed and bounded out. I was quiet about it all – I didn’t want to wake her. Taking one last moment to admire her in her sleep, I thought to myself “Wow. I can’t believe it. She’s…so gorgeous…” I could scarcely believe that *I* was the lucky guy who had managed to catch her notice.

Part 2

I had to prepare for the next time Veronica and I had a passionate night. I, for one, hoped that it was tonight. So, to make it happen, I had gotten canlı bahis up very early to prepare. I had to do it before class.

While out making preparations, my phone came alive. “Where are you?” Veronica’s text was completed with a sad emoji.

“Sorry! I had stuff to do, so I had to leave! I didn’t want to wake you.” I fired back.

“Okay. I thought for a moment I may have scared you off…” Was Veronica playing coy, or did she actually fear that she may have somehow scared me off? It was often hard to discern such nuances from texts, I found.

“No way! Last night was fucking hot!” I made sure to fire off my reply text quickly, lest she assume her prolonged wait for a reply had some hidden meaning.

Before she responded, I fired off another text: “You’re literally the sexiest woman I’ve ever met, and last night was…holy fuck hot… So, I’m going to fulfill one of your fantasies next time we meet. I had to leave early to prepare!”

“Ooooh, okay! I thought I had scared you off! I woke up, and you were gone from my bed… So you’re going to fulfill my fantasy next time we meet? Can that be tonight? I want it to be tonight. I want to feel your hard cock again…” I had grown accustomed to her texts containing devil emojis, but this one instead came with eggplants and peaches. What a time to be alive.

As I made the preparations with the hours available to me before class, I thought to myself “Do I really to do this before class? Class is…kinda bullshit.” There. I’d managed to convince myself that I could skip class and make preparations throughout the day. The only downside, I realized, was that I would not be able to see Veronica in class that day.

Just to be on the safe side, I decided to text the class instructor. “Professor, something important came up. I won’t be able to make class today. I’m very sorry.” Calling the instructor a professor was really an exaggerated attempt at inflating their ego. The instructor did not have a PhD. Even if they did, it would have been a leadership PhD – far and away from a real one.

“That’s okay! I’ll upload slides to the class portal after class. Please just take a look over them and be prepared for class tomorrow. We do have a test.”

I almost rolled my eyes. In fact, I think I did reading that text. The slides would take 5 minutes to read through, and would be brimming with meaningless phrases and common-sense philosophies. “I’m being a cynical asshole.” I realized. “Work sent me here as a sort of reward…and I’ve already been well-rewarded…”

I always wondered if corporations rewarded employees by sending them on these sorts of excursions with a wink and a nod. They couldn’t justify literally sending employees to Tahiti – there had to be some basis of a justification. Right? No matter. I’d gotten to meet Veronica on this particular excursion. I should tone back the cynicism.

“Thank you for understanding professor.” Still, I couldn’t help but struggle to punch the word “professor” into my phone.

“Will this be all?” the cashier asked. I had been so absorbed in my thoughts and texts that I had forgotten where I was. Then I looked at the cashier, looked around the store, and felt quite embarrassed. I was in a sex store purchasing goods at 8 in the morning. For a moment, I considered telling the cashier that I don’t normally do this, or that I am from out of town… but then I decided against it. Given the optics, no story would let me save face now.

“Uummmm…yeah, that will be all.” Still no feather. This kink store didn’t have a feather. I had to get a feather. “Where in this town can I find a feather?” I wondered.

My phone screen brightened alive again – it was Veronica. “I did scare you off! You’re not in class…”

Given her previous texts, I had seen this sad-faced emoji-riddled one coming from a mile away. I had already planned my succinct response text. “No! Haha. I’m preparing for our hot date tonight!”

“Oooooh, okay! Are you still going to fulfill one of my fantasies?”

“Yes, I’m going to return the favor to the sexiest woman ever.”

“Ooookaaaay! My place? And what time?”

“Well, I was thinking my hotel tonight. 7 PM. The place is actually really nice, my company shacked me up in a 5 star resort.” Come to think of it, the resort was really nice.

“Ooooh, nice. What fantasy are you going to fulfill?” Where her recent texts had been emoji free, the emoji-stream made a comeback.

“Ooooh, you sexy lady. You really wanna know?” In truth, I loved sexting. I was gonna sext with her, but I certainly wasn’t going to give her any hints about my plans for the night.

“Yes, I need to know! I’m sitting in class, and it’s all I can think about!”

“Okay. So we’re gonna meet at my place tonight. You’re gonna bring a set of lingerie with you, and you’re gonna come into my room. You’re gonna change in my bathroom, and you’re gonna come out looking so fucking sexy.”

“Ooooh, I have just the lingerie in mind…”

“And bahis siteleri when you come out, I’m going to surprise you. My friend Bill will be waiting in bed, naked, while I sit in the chair next to the bed.”

“Ooooooh, does Bill have a big, fat, cock for my wet pussy?”

“Does he…Bill is hung like a bull. Nice Italian guy in his mid 30’s. Dark hair, muscular…he’s laying in bed waiting for you, holding his erection.”

“Ooooh…I’m getting wet just thinking about it. I wonder if the instructor knows that I’m going to be soaking my chair… But what are you going to be doing?”

“I’m going to be sitting in my chair, watching. You’re gonna move to the bed…”

“…and I’m lay on the bed next to Bill, and start kissing him. With my other hand, I’m gonna admire his big cock by caressing it…” Her reply text had come back quickly. “She must be completely absorbed in her phone…”, I thought.

“I’m gonna sit and watch you two kiss. I’m gonna watch Bill strip off your pieces of lingerie, one by one…”

“Oh god! And when I’m naked, I’m gonna get on my knees, and I’m going to put Bill’s giant cock in my mouth…god it tastes so good…”

“And with Bill’s big cock in your mouth, I’m going to move to the bed. While Bill was undressing you, I also got naked. As I get next to the bed Bill moves off the bed and stands so that you can suck his fat cock while you’re on your hands and knees. With your ass pointed towards me, I stand behind you and rest my cock on your perfect ass.”

“Oh god. I want your cock in me…Oh god. I can feel your cock next to my ass. But I need it. So you put the tip of it next to my sopping wet pussy. I need it in me, so I grab it with my hand and place it next to my pussy lips that are so wet for you.”

“And I slide myself in. I start fucking you deeply from behind. You can feel every inch of my cock sliding in and out of you even while you roll your tongue over Bill’s cock in between moving your mouth up and down.”

And then, silence. Her reply text didn’t come back. First a few minutes, then several. Then an hour. I suspected that because she was in class, she likely had to stop texting. But then her reply text finally came back: “Oh god…I was so turned on I had to leave class and go home…I’m in my bed…I’m fingering myself…tell me more…”

The idea of Veronica masturbating to our shared sext was too hot. I continued where I left off. “I continue to fuck you. You can feel my thrusts growing stronger and stronger. I place a hand on your perfect ass and squeeze for grip.”

“Ooooh fuck…I can feel you fucking me so hard. It’s so good. I don’t want it to stop. You’re dick in me is so passionate I have trouble moving my mouth over Bill’s fat cock…but he places his hands on my head, and his fingers in my hair, and steadies me…”

“As I fuck you, I can see your perfect tits jiggling. Each time I thrust into you, your ass jiggles, and you moan. Watching Bill enjoy your sucking, I’m in primal ecstasy.”

“But then I get up, and lay on my back. You take my legs and place them on your shoulders. You slip your rock hard cock in my juicy pussy while I finger my clitoris. And while I suck Bill’s cock, I can look up and see his sexy body with his hard stomach…”

I never got a chance to fire off a response text. Before I could, Veronica sent another one: “Ted. I finished.”

I smiled to myself in disbelief. This beautiful woman had just masturbated to a sexting session of ours. It was undeniably hot. But it got hotter when yet another text came in.

Veronica had sent an image. Without an internet connection, my phone took a second to load it. When it loaded, it quite clearly showed the fingers of Veronica’s hand glistening in what I had to assume were the juices of her own arousal.

“Goddamn that’s fucking sexy!” I finally fired a response text back.

“7 PM your place tonight?” came her response text.



Part 3

I couldn’t believe how hard it had been to find a feather in this god-forsaken city. It was a simple feather, for fucks-sake. But I had managed to find one, and none-too-soon. 7 PM was fast arriving, and I had to shower, clean up, and make myself presentable for Veronica.

Showering in my room, my thoughts crept to sexting Veronica earlier today. It had been fucking hot. “She fucking masturbated – and showed me the picture after!” In my mind, I had said it as if I was saying to a friend in disbelief. But it was just me in the shower, talking to myself, still in disbelief. Nothing like it had ever happened to me. Not only was Veronica the sexiest woman I’d ever met, but she was *fearlessly* sexual. “I’d better make sure that I can last tonight.” I figured. So, thinking of our earlier sexting adventure, I too masturbated.

Drying myself off from the shower, I saw that my phone had come alive. As suspected, it was Veronica. “I’m on my way! And I’m wearing panties, tonight. Either you or Bill bahis şirketleri are going to have to take them off tonight…” I wondered if she actually thought that Bill was going to be part of the night. Truthfully, I’d do anything to please this goddess. But, I had limited resources – there were no Bills readily available tonight.

*Knock knock knock*. “That must be Veronica. Good, she managed to get in.”

Earlier, I had to call the concierge to let them know that I was expecting company. Presumably, Veronica was able to get a card from the front-desk and use it to get in the elevator and maker her way to my room.

Opening the door, I saw the bewitching beauty of her again. A different day, a different dress. Purse hanging in hand, I quickly noted that this sleeveless black dress was just as risque as the mini dress she’d worn before, but was also much different. She looked no less hot, though. This particular dress also had a plunging neckline showing Veronica’s ample cleavage. It showed so much, in fact, that I could almost make out the barest hint of brown areola when viewed from the side.

The dress’s two drapes went almost to the floor. They hung loosely, terminating only at matching strapped black stilettos. The dress’s cuts began at around Veronica’s midriff and angled widely, showing much of the skin where her hips, thigh, and pelvis met. Standing still, the dress revealed much of the skin of this area…but when she moved just so, the dress revealed much more. As she playfully angled her thigh forward, I could see much of the skin where her between her thighs, hips, and – almost – the outermost mound of her pussy. If she’d been sporting pubic hair, it would have shown. And if she was wearing panties, I couldn’t see it.

Feeling a flush creep over me, feasting on this beautiful woman with my eyes, all I could say was “You look fucking HOT!”

Seductively placing her hands on my shoulders, she purred “Can I come in?” Saying nothing, I simply moved aside and let her enter the room. I admired the bounce of her curls; the motion of her hips as she entered.

Door closed, she spun around to face me. As she did, I was pretty sure that I caught a sideways glimpse of brown areola peeking out from under her plunging neckline. “A brave woman, wearing this dress in public”, I reflected. Veronica exuded sexual energy, but even she must have been hesitant to wear *this* in public…

With her hands on my shoulders, she gave me a quick kiss before notifying me that she was going to change in the bathroom. Presumably, whatever she was changing into was in her small purse. Given the size of the purse, whatever fabric she was about to adorn could not have been much.

Walking to the bathroom, she teasingly glanced over her shoulder. I sat on the chair adjacent the bed and admired the bouncing of her ass as she exaggerated the swaying of her hips while walking to the bathroom.

In rapid fashion, she opened the door, walked through, and locked it shut with a *click*. I ran through a checklist of the night in my mind. Thinking through it all, I felt satisfied that I was ready for her to emerge. No sooner had I ran through my mental checklist than the bathroom door opened and Veronica walked out.

I thought that her earlier dress had been hot. Walking out of the bathroom, her babydoll outfit almost made me forget about my checklist. As she walked out, she gave me a devious smile.

It was a purple babydoll made of transparent mesh. It’s bottom ended just a few inches below where her thighs met her hips. But that wasn’t what I noticed most. First and foremost, I noticed that the babydoll was tied together with a satin ribbon in the fashion of a bow. It alone held the babydoll together, and it appeared to be struggling to contain Veronica’s abundant cleavage. It also was where the fabric of either side of her babydoll converged. Under the ribbon, until the babydoll ended just a few inches below her matching sheer panties, the fabric splayed apart further and further, revealing ever more of her perfect tummy. It was also hard to not notice that the sheer fabric did almost nothing to hide her teardrop shaped breasts topped by brown areolas and nipples.

Harder yet to not notice was how little the babydoll’s matching panties hid. There were sheer enough that the folds of her pussy were clearly visible. “Fucking perfect!”, I reflected.

She was sizzling hot. Tonight, she was all mine. But I had to restrain myself. Tonight was all about her pleasure.

She playfully grabbed the ending trim of her babydoll and twirled it while she curtsied. “Do you like it?” she asked in her Colombian accent.

“Oooooh yessssss”, I said, hissing between my teeth for emphasis. “I love it. But tonight is your fantasy.”

Her shoulder length hair bouncing as she again curtsied, she asked “My fantasy? Oooh. What do I do next?”

“Next you need to lay on the bed.”

“Okay!” As instructed, she padded barefoot to the bed and laid on it. I admired her thick ass as she did. I’d never been with a woman with such a perfect bubble butt before. “I’m on the bed now! What next?” Each word oozed playful seduction. She knew how to weaponize her accent.

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