Very True Sexual Encounters with Strangers.


Very True Sexual Encounters with Strangers.GoT more than I bargained for on a Train JourneyFriday night meant a night out in town with my girlfriends, and as they all lived in town, it meant a short train ride for me. Being a leggy blond meant short skirts and stocking as an added attraction for men to buy me drinks, all part of the cheap night of fun and perhaps sexual pleasure if the bloke appealed.I got on and sat down in an empty seat, admittedly showing an awful lot of leg, as the hem of my short skirt sat under my bum. Don’t get me wrong, that was its sole intention, and I quite liked how my legs looked, besides, it made me feel sexy.Just before we pulled out of the station a black guy got on and made his way down the carriage towards where I was sitting, passing most of the empty seats, as the carriage was almost canlı bahis empty, and as he neared, his eyes fell on my exposed thighs, and I just sensed I was his target.I reached into my handbag and pulled out my phone and began texting no-one in particular, as a diversity tactic. Not surprisingly he did sit down opposite me, not directly opposite, and I suddenly felt a little vulnerable, as my thighs were exposed side on, with my legs crossed.He was trying to make eye contact, but I just concentrated on my supposed texting, staring into my phone as my fingers worked, then to my horror, he opened his front and brought out the biggest erection I have ever seen, and began stroking himself.I would be lying if I said my eyes did water, even not looking directly at it, it filled my peripheral vision, so I was witnessing up close bahis siteleri and personal a bloke jacking off in my presence, so close, all I needed to do was reach out and touch it.’Get up and get out of there’, that voice of safety was reverberating in my head, but I was hemmed in, and my legs were there, encouraging him with a visual imagery to enjoy.Strangely I chose to pretend to be ignorant of what he was doing and ride it out, what I did not know was we two were the only ones in the carriage, so his stroking became full on, I just had to look at him, and I did, and at the same time decide to move seats.I uncrossed my legs, and as I lifted my leg over It came into contact with his long legs, resulting in my legs being crudely open, exposing my stocking tops and thong.He did not miss that opportunity, and leant güvenilir bahis forward, pointing his erection up my short skirt and releasing a constant stream of warm semen onto my nude crotch.He jumped up still shooting semen as the train was pulling into the station, and I got a load on my mouth and face, making me recoil and land back into the seat. The train stopped and I looked around to see the emptiness of the carriage, so screaming was pointless, and semen now in my exposed labia, as my thong had no absorption cotton.I was unbelievably soaked internally and in my mouth, his acrid taste was on my tongue. Sitting as the train pulled away I saw him looking in at me, smiling, as if to say I am inside you, thank you.I wiped my face and did as best I could to clean my crotch. I paid the price for entertaining a flasher and finished up carrying his semen around inside my pussy for the remainder of the night, thankfully I was at my least fertile, and can now tell you about it.Do you think I was stupid, or just put it down to an experience?

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