Vickie goes to Vegas


I was a little shy about going back to their room but they seemed pleasant enough and Tony liked too. But then, he’d been drinking quit a bit at the black jack table. He’d been losing at the tables all night and maybe he thought that he’d just drink his way back to getting flush with the house. So there I was, sitting with a have cut boyfriend and two men that I didn’t really know from Adam but I’ll avoid the conflict and follow Tony up to the Penthouse Suite at the Venetian Hotel. To be honest, I was a little curious to know what a Penthouse Suite looked like. We had some low rent room on the second floor beside the elevator above the casino. There was constant noise with people coming and going all night long so I really wanted to know how the other half lived.

So up we went. Tony was wobbling all the way up and he sounded more and more like Foster Brooks as the night wore on. When we got to the suite it became apparent that Tim and Mark, two dudes that were with us in the casino, had a buddy up in the suit. There he was, sitting on the sofa in his briefs watching porn and sipping Jack and Coke all night! It didn’t seem to phase anyone except me! He wasn’t embarrassed and he didn’t try to hide anything, either what he was doing or how he looked. He just sat there with his feet up on the sofa as he causally rested one arm on his knee. I could see his hairy balls hanging out one side of his shorts and half an erection poking up in the middle of his underwear like a tent pole.

“Ahhhh, you fucking perv!” Mark said half joking and half laughing, “We have company!”

He straightened himself up a little, put his feet down then adjusted his briefs and cordially stood up straight but he couldn’t really hide his erection. He just smiled politely and extended his hand to Tony.

“Frank,” he said, “but my friends call me Boo.”

“Evening Boo, I’m Tony and this is my girlfriend, Joanne but everyone calls her Joey.” He replied.

I was listening but not really. The TV was still streaming some amateur porn flick with a blonde bimbo gagging on an oversized black dick. I was doing my best to ignore it but I really would have preferred that someone had turned it off, or turned it down at least.

“Have a seat Joey!” said Boo. “What’s you poison?”

Boo put and arm on Tony shoulder like they were old friends and escorted him to the bar where they were chatting it up a bit and fixing some drinks, like Foster Brooks needed another drink! I sat dead center on the sofa and crossed my legs and tugged a little at the spaghetti straps on my evening dress, pulling them up a bit in an attempt to reduce the amount of cleavage that I was showing. The dress was just too low for my liking or maybe it was because I wasn’t wearing a bra that made me a little more self-conscious, but Tony picked it for me. He dressed me up like a high end hooker. I looked down the end of my nose to see if my nipples were poking out and yes indeed, they were erect; at full attention. There wasn’t much I could do about that now, too little too late as they say. I tried to ignore then moaning in the background from the movie and take in the décor of the suit but it wasn’t working. I caught myself glancing at the TV out of the corner of my eye and then over at the men. They were more interested in me than in the movie. Mark and Tim quickly took up guard on either side of me by the time that Boo came back with our drinks.

“I don’t think that Tony is doing too good.” Says Boo with a grin as he placed my gin and ginger on the coffee table in front of me. “He’s in the bathroom with his head in the toilet.”

“Oh geez, I better see if I can help.” I said dutifully.

“Nah, he’ll be fine.” Said Mark as he caught me by the forearm and eased me back into place. “Give him a few minutes. Sit back and enjoy your drink.”

Boo pulled an armchair up to the couch then fell back into it, putting one foot on the coffee table and tossing the other foot over the armrest with his legs wide open then gave me a wink. Tim sat next to me and never added much to the chatter. He just laughed and nodded a lot. He kind of reminded me of Dopy from Snow White. He seemed harmless enough and it put me at ease to have him between me and Boo. Mark scooped up my drink from the coffee table and shoved it in my hand. Sure enough, the gin sloshed up and over the sides of the overfilled rocks glass then into my lap. I winced a little as the ice cold liquid seeped through my evening dress and trickled down between my thighs.

“Oh dear!” I exclaimed as I lifted the glass upward and outward.

“I’m so sorry!” said Mark as started pawing at the wet spot in my lap.

“Ahhh, you fucking cults!” Boo said half grinning and half laughing. “Get a bar towel Tim!”

Tim jumped up and banged his shin of the coffee table as he tried to huddle Boo’s leg.

Boo raised his voice, “Damn Tim! Relax! What a classy bunch you are!”

Odd commentary coming from a guys sitting in his briefs, I thought to myself.

I was looking down and flicking the excess gin off of my dress before it leaked through any more and hadn’t notice that Boo had plunked his half naked ass down right next to me. Tim handed him the towel. He didn’t ball it up to make it more absorbent and sponge like, the way a normal person would. He just kind of draped it over his hand and started rubbing my thigh. It was like, part blotting, part massaging and part caressing, all the way from my knee to my crotch. Before I knew it, he had hiked up my dress and was wiping the inside of my thighs.

“You’re still a bit wet.” He said.

His brow dropped, he had the devil in his eyes and he had that Cheshire Grin on his face; like the Grinch that Stole Christmas. I was frozen there for a second like I’d just poked a fork into a light socket. My knees apart and my dress now hiked like a micro skirt.

I sat with my mouth open, then swallowed hard and said, “Ohhh, that’s fine. No worries!” as I set my gin down on the table.

“I hope we didn’t ruin that dress.” Boo said as he eyed my breasts then tossed the towel on the coffee table. He curled his index finger under the spaghetti strap and ran the back of his hand the length of it; from the nap of my neck, down my chest to my armpit and then the outside of my breast. His index finger poked in as far as it could, ran over the top of my breast and brushed my nipple. He lifted Maltepe Escort the bustline with his thumb and snuck the rest of his hand in. He gently massaged my nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He slid his hand under my breast then ran his up and over my pink, hard nipple. I could feel each finger as they ran over it; index, middle, ring, pinky then back again; pinky, ring, middle and index. He continued the sequence; one, two, three, four.

“You have such a hot body.” Boo continued as he stared me in the eyes trying to judge my reaction. “Your nipples are hard.”

I tried to nudge his hand away a little with my arm. I hadn’t really notice that Tim had made his way around behind me and was gently pulling my hair back into a pony tail. As he lifted my hair, he tugged at he loose end of the bow at the back of my dress and undid it. I could feel the material under my breasts loosen as the straps dropped down. I reached up quickly to catch the bustline of my dress before my breasts were fully exposed. Mark was massaging my knee moving his hand up my inner thigh, up my skirt and moving toward home toward my crotch. So there I was, tangled up between these three guys and octopus arms grabbing everywhere.

“Okay, okay…. down boy!” I said as I tried to get up to straighten my self up a bit.

Mark had slid his hand right between my legs, leaned forward and started kissing me on the shoulder. Boo let go of my breast then eased himself back against the armrest of the sofa. He put one foot up on the cushion and slid it in behind my ass. He spread his legs wide open and started stroking himself.

“Oh come on Joey!” he said as started rubbing his raging hardon through his drawers. “You can’t be so cruel that you’d leave us like this!”

I had my arms crossed on my chest, holding up my dress, tying to conceal my breasts. Tim reached down, grabbed my wrists and unfolded my arms. My dress slid down on one side exposing a full breast.

“Oh damn! That’s just too sweet!” exclaimed Boo as he put his hand down his shorts and was tugging at his cock.

“Wait a second guys!” I said as I twisted my way out of Tim’s grip, grabbed Marks thumb to pull his hand out from under my dress and started stuffing my boob back into place.

I’ll admit it! I was a little aroused. Okay, I was a lot aroused but I’d never been slutty enough to bang three strangers. I had some kinky nights when I was alone that I’d masturbate with some pretty kinky thoughts rolling around in my head but that was it. I had no direct experience with a practical application of the concept. I was just kind of wingin’ it at the moment, trying to reason my way though it.

What would it matter? I thought to myself. I don’t know these guys. I’ll never see them again! Tony is passed out in the bathroom. I can’t go anywhere! No one will ever know except me.

It’s surprising how a glass or two of Gin can make you rationalize, irrational thoughts. I slide my way back onto the couch.

“Okay. You can watch the porn and I’ll give you a hand job.” I said to Boo.

Don’t ask me what I was thinking. Somehow I saw it working out a little differently in my head. A couple of hand jobs. That would be easy enough.

“Sweet!” said Boo as he put his thumbs In his waist band and pulled his shorts down. His cock wagged back and forth like a dogs tail when it popped out, “You go girl, I’m ready.”

He reach up, scooping the back of my neck and pulled me closer. Leaning on my elbow, I gently curled my hand around the head of his cock and pull down the foreskin to expose the tip of his penis. He grabbed my wrist and pushed it down hard against the shaft of his cock and started humping my hand. He got me in something of a headlock and pulled my head against his stomach. He pawed the strap off of my shoulder and put his hand down my dress. He grabbed a hand full of breast, he found my nipple and tugged at it like he was milking a cow. I kissed his belly and continued to stroke his cock rhythmically. Mark was on his knees in front of the sofa. He grabbed one of my ankles and lifted my foot up onto the sofa and spread my legs. He pushed my dress up to my waist. He was kissing my inner thigh and rubbing my pussy through my panties. I could feel the cool air against my wet crotch. He worked one finger under, then a thumb and then a full hand. His thumb rubbed my upper pubic bone as he searched for my clit. I moved my hips forward and upward against his hand. He found the center of the wet spot then moved his thumb and found my clit. He circled his thumb around it, gently, in a counter clockwise motion.

Boo rotated my head as I was kissing his belly and forced my face towards his cock. He trying to line up my mouth with his cock. He pushed the back of head down as I stroked his cock. I kissed the head of his cock a few times and then down the shaft. He pulled my head upward, lining up my face with his cock again. I kissed the head again then opened my mouth. He shuddered a bit and groaned with relief and he force his cock into my mouth. I opened my mouth a little more and wrapped my lip around the head of his cock.

He’s going to cum! I was thinking. OK, better in my mouth than in my face and in my hair.

The head of his cock was like a big mushroom in my mouth. I slurped and I sucked and I stroked. My mouth filled with saliva and I let it leak out the sides of my mouth and down the shaft of his penis. I had no intention of swallowing but I thought that I’d better finish him off pretty fast before this all goes too far. Mark was kissing and rubbing. He pulled his hand out from under my panties and grabbed the elastic band of my panties at my hips. He was pulling with both hands. I closed my legs, scooched my ass up a little and he pealed them off my hips and down my legs. He pushed my leg back into place and spread my legs wide open for a full view of my neatly trimmed snatch. He worked at my clit with his thumb as he kissed my inner thigh. Tim had let go of my hair and was massaging one breast. I can’t say for sure what he was doing with he other but I’m sure I heard him pull down his zipper.

I was pretty horny by this time. Tim was groping my tits, me sucking on Boo’s cock like the town slut and Mark; well, Mark was sucking on my pussy by this time. I could feel Boo’s cock in my mouth, rock hard and beginning to pulse a little. I Maltepe Escort Bayan thought he was going to cum for sure but he grabbed me forehead and pulled me off. I’d edged him all the way to an orgasm but he wasn’t finished playing yet.

“Mark, Mark!” said Boo. “Trade places! I want to suck some pussy for a bit.”

Boo grabbed by the upper arm and turned me onto my back. He slid off the couch, shoved the coffee table out of his way as he made his way down between my legs, his cock wagging back and forth, proudly, with each step. I had one foot on the floor and the other on the sofa. I was sliding my ass around and laying flat on my back when Tim grabbed my ankle and pulled it up over the back of the couch so he could get a better view of my pussy before Boo buried his face in my crotch. There I was; my dress pulled down, my tits hangin’ out, my dress hiked up to my waist and my legs spread wide open for three strangers. Boo did have some skill though. I have to admit that. He had a tongue like Gene Simmons for gosh sakes. He opened my pussy with his thumbs, gave my cunt a firm kiss and then gently tickled my clit with the tip of his tongue, then he’d kiss it a little, suck on it for a moment and then start flicking again. I was really diggin’ it when I realized that Mark had his pants down and was poking his cock in my face. I eagerly grabbed his cock and kind of lunged at it trying to get it into my mouth before I started making too much noise. Mark kind of stumbled forward a little as I tugged. He straddled my chest, one leg on the floor and his knee at my side, and cupped the back of my head, forcing his cock in my mouth as far as I would let him. I could feel the tip of his cock against the soft pallet of my mouth. I started to gag and I had to grab his hips and push him back. I swear, I almost threw up. I never did learn how to take a full penis in my mouth let alone deep throat someone. I have an overly exaggerated gag reflex. I gag on my toothbrush for god sakes! I masturbate men with the tip of their cock in my mouth, sucking and stroking until they cum.

While I was gagging on Marks cock, I hadn’t notice that Boo had stopped flicking. He had grabbed my leg from Tim, pushed my foot up over his shoulder. He had his cock in his hand and he was rubbing the tip against my pussy. I was pretty lubed up and I was ready for cock but I wasn’t ready to fuck these guys. The agreement was a hand job! I pulled Marks cock out of my mouth and pushed him back at his hips as I tried to close my legs, pulling my knees together.

“Wait, wait!” I said in a breathy kind of tone. “This is going too far.”

Mark was flushed and panting like a thirsty dog. He got off of my chest with some reluctance. I worked my way back to my feet and pulled down my dress. I had stuffed my boobs back into my dress and was pulling my shoulder straps back up into place when Boo grabbed me by the waist and spun me around. My back was to him and I was facing the couch. He gave me a quick shove and I landed on the couch with my knees on the cushions and my hands on the back rest. The straps of my dress fill down and my tits popped out again. Tim grabbed my hands and stretched me forward so that my ass was in the air and my hips pressed against the back of the sofa. The air felt cold against my pussy that was wet with a mixture of saliva and vaginal lubricant. Boo flipped my dress up over my back, pulled my legs apart then started rubbing my beaver again with his finger tips. He pushing in one finger and wiggled it around a little. He pulled it out and then he tried two. He wiggled those two around searching for the G-spot. I could hear his fingers squishing around in my wet pussy. It sounded like someone had their boot stuck in the mud and was trying to pull it out; that sucking sloshing sound. I was dripping like a bitch in heat when he pulled out his fingers. I could fell the sofa rocking a little when he knelt down behind me and nudged my legs apart.

He said, “You’re ready baby! You need some cock.”

He had hold of my hip with one hand and brushed the head of his cock up and down against soft pussy lips then slowly inched his cock in, then pulled it out, inched it in, then pulled it out until I felt his hips against my ass. I winced a little at the final thrust then I groaned and opened my mouth to catch my breath like a boxer in the final rounds of a title fight. I had no idea that Tim had his pants down stroking his cock and was waiting for his chance to shovel his penis in my mouth. When I opened my eyes there was this huge cock waiting. He was huge! I swear, he could have been a porn star. He was hung like a white Mandingo. He grabbed a fist full of hair and started poking his dick in my face. I opened my mouth a bit more but I could hardly get the tip of his cock in my mouth. I was like a pig on a spit and there was nothing that I could do about it now. Tim’s cock in my mouth and Boo with both hands on my hips fucking me from behind.

“Oh damn Joey! You’re so wet! You’re gonna cum on my cock baby!” Boo bragged as he rooted away at me like an old boar.

There was that boot in the mud sucking sound again as he jammed his cock in my pussy to the hilt and then out again. The couch rocked back and forth like a porch swing. I arched my back, spread my legs as far as I could and pushed my ass up a little further to accommodate the stud. I love doggy style and he was right! I was going to cum on his cock. I could feel the familiar pulsing of my pussy gaining momentum for the waves of orgasm that would follow. He was going to cum too. I could feel him swelling up inside me as he thrust with more authority with each stroke, then the gushing started. I was glad Tim’s cock was in my mouth so I couldn’t cry out. Boo’s cock spurted white gobs of semen in my pussy as I moaned. My pussy clamped down around his cock as I ached for more. He eased his grip on my hips as he grew weak. He was my Samson and I was his Delihlah. His strength was sapped. He eased his cock out of my pussy with semen and excessive vaginal lubricant rolling out behind it. I could feel the fluid as it leaked out of me and rolled down my inner thighs leaving glistening trails behind.

I could hear the porn flick in the background while the couch swayed under the weight of one man as he made his way off and another took his place. Mark wasn’t as big as I’d hoped but he was enthusiastic. Escort Maltepe He jammed his cock into me so fast it took me by surprise. He was going at me like there was not tomorrow. He as slapping my ass and just pounding away. He wanted me to squeal. He bunch up the back of my dress, pulled me in as tight as he could then he grabbed a fist full of hair and jerked my head back. Tim cock popped out of my mouth and started massaging the head, waiting for his turn. I tried to synchronize each grunt I made with each stroke that Mark made. I pushed my ass up and out again eagerly waiting for the second load. I had braced myself against the back of the couch with my arms and I was pushing back each time he trust his cock into my cunt. I quivered with excitement when he started spirting his load inside of me. I was quite proud of myself. Delihlah had slain another Samson so quickly.

I could be a pro! I thought as I giggled to myself.

Mark eased his weight off of me. He stood up and I slumped down on the backrest of the sofa catching my breath. I could feel a light sweat on my back and a cool breeze on my pussy with my ass still in the air. I felt like a hapless wench in a medieval stockade. My ass was in the air for any and all takers. Tim strolled around behind me with his pecker in his hand. His face was beet red with anticipation and I thought he was going to cum before his got started. He came up behind me, scooped up the bar towel off of the coffee table and started moping the semen off my crotch. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up to my knees. He craned my neck around kissing and sucking face like a school boy. He had a hand full of breast in one hand and hand full of hair in the other. I reached around and grabbed his cock to get a full measure of what was to come. He was hung like a horse. He could be a model for dragon toys. He was uncircumcised and the head of cock poked out half way through the hood. His cock had a bit of a hook in it about half way down like it had been rolled up and put away wet. I tugged on it the best I could to see if I could straighten it out but, nope, it was permanent.

He pushed me onto my back then grabbed one of my legs and tossed it over the back of the sofa. I had one leg over the back of the sofa and the other on the floor. My legs were spread wide open and had my hands behind my head like to was model at a nude art class. He was a missionary man. He wanted a full view of his conquest. I put my head back, cupped booth of my breasts and pulled at my nipples with my thumb and forefinger. I closed my eyes thinking of a dragon toy that I saw on Amazon that looked like a horse cock. I felt Tim crawl up between my legs with his head down. He kissed my inner thighs, every inch, from my knee to my pussy. He hovered around there for a few minutes kissing and sucking. He was savouring every smell and taste like he was a food critic at the grand opening of an uptown restaurant. He worked his way up, slowly, from my cunt, to my tummy, to my belly button, kissing and biting lightly. He lingered at my breasts, sucking and kissing each breast and each nipple. He circled each nipple with his tongue first, pulled at them with his teeth first and then sucked then hard in his mouth, first one breast and then the other. He slid his arm around my neck and pushed his chest into mine as he arched his back, grabbed his cock and swiped it up and down the full length of my cunt. I spread my legs as far apart as I could and braced myself with both hands against he couch and held my breath.

“Tell me if it hurts.” Tim said as he gently kissed my cheek.

I nodded and closed my eyes. The biggest cock of the three and he was going to be the most gentle. Go figure! And he was. He eased his cock into me a bit at a time. If I winced a little he’d ease his way out and then back again. He watched my face for the slightest sign of discomfort as he eased his way in and out. I was soaking wet so it was just a matter of stretching my pussy out a little at a time so that he would fit it in as far as he could. Kind of like stretching out a rubber band; you stretch it out slowly then a little more and a little more until it reaches it’s limit. That was, it won’t break. By the time he was done stretching me out the full width of his cock, there was only room for half the length of his penis and that was as far as it could go. He hugged me closely, kissing my neck and humping me slowly. I grabbed at his ass and thrust my hips upward several times before I came, I came several times to be honest. I hooked my heals around his waist then I wiggled my ass back and forth humping his cock. I rolled my hips clockwise then counter clockwise. I loved every thrust and every swirl of my wet clam, clamped around his cock. It was like being a virgin again only better because I knew how to control myself and a penis.

He was going to cum. I could feel his penis jump inside of me just as he pulled his cock out. He wanted to spray all over me. He wrapped his hand around his cock as he pulled it out. I looked up to watch. It was pink and shining like he’d just pulled it out of a warm bath. He massaged the head of his cock with one hand, the other hand at the base of the shaft. He pumped his hips back and forth then spewed a load; up my pussy, up my tummy, under my chin and then over my head. I couldn’t say how far he sprayed but it was like a Super Soaker water gun shooting egg white everywhere!

When he was done, he dropped his horse cock on my belly and leaned half on my leg and half on the back of the sofa. He panted for a minute or so and smiling at me in relief.

“That was just too hot!” he puffed.

He repositioned himself at the end of the sofa, his chest still heaving and his cock wilting like summer rose. He leaned forward and grabbed the bar towel from the coffee table and handed it to me as I hoofed my leg around to sit up. I sat up straight, spread my legs and wiped off as much of the semen and vag juice as I could. I leaned back and looked up in surprise; who’s at the bar? Tony! I did a double take. There he is, propped up on the bar leaning on his elbows, holding his cell phone between his hand like a tripod and smiling like he’s James Cameron shooting an epic love story.

“Tony! What the fuck?” I shrieked.

It was a set up! He’d been there all the time. He had asked Boo if he wanted to take a run at me so he could video the whole thing. That was the only time I let him punk me like that. It wasn’t the final chapter in our love story though, or the kinkiest time either. But that’s another story for another time.

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