Vicky’s New Position


Another old story, early 2000s I’m guessing. Please check out my newer stories written as Robert_Anthony.

Vicky had worked for her current employer for about seven years, since she left school in fact, and over that time she had risen up through the ranks to become the M.D.s secretary. She had been given the job the previous month and had been overjoyed. Strangely, despite the enormous pay rise she had been given and the shiny, new 5 Series BMW which now sat on her drive every night, her duties didn’t really seem to merit the benefits she was reaping…

She returned her attention to her computer screen and as she looked down at her keyboard she couldn’t help admiring her new jewellery. When her first wage slip had come through she had gone straight to the jewellers and spent almost £800 on a bracelet and a ring, and that still left her more than enough money to last the month. Vicky had never known anything like it, she had cleared her credit card debts in one go and sold her old Ford to make way for the new Beemer.

Vicky’s phone rang and her boss asked her to come into his office. She walked briskly into Eric’s office and he told her to sit down. Eric asked how she was enjoying her new position and Vicky all but gushed about how happy she was; especially with the financial side of things. Eric smiled and congratulated her and they chatted for a while until Eric brought another subject up.

“Vicky… I’d like you to help me out, I have four guys flying in from ‘Hersch Electromech’ tonight and I have to give them a dinner. I’ve got to butter them up for a deal, and it could be a HUGE deal.”

“How big?” Asked Vicky.

“Millions,” stated Eric.


“Wow indeed… the dinner is going to be at my house. I’m having the food shipped in from a local restaurant so there’s no cooking to be done, we just need to ‘entertain’ them… if you get my drift.”


“So can you get there by seven-thirty do you think…?”

“Er yeah, I’ll get a taxi, no problem.”

“Great,” said Eric in conclusion. “I’ll see you later.”

Vicky got up to leave, but as she approached the door she heard Eric’s voice again.

“Oh and Vicky… make sure to wear something ‘sexy’.”

“Sorry?” Returned Vicky.

“You know, short skirt, stockings… sexy, okay?”

“Oh, right…”

Vicky opened the door and went back to her desk, she suddenly had a rather bad feeling about all this.

In the office, Eric smiled. He was sure he’d picked another winner. He’d nearly always been right before.

Throughout the day the evening played on Vicky’s mind and she found herself remembering the interview she had with Eric a couple of months ago. After boggling her mind with the enormous financial package, he had also told her that she might be required to carry out special duties on behalf of the company. Vicky had not really thought about it too much at the time as she was too eager to sign the contract.

When she got home, Vicky had a shower and chose a short black skirt from her wardrobe. To go with this she picked out a tight burgundy shirt and some black seamed stockings with black heels. With her long blond hair she looked quite stunning she thought as she looked in the mirror, and she turned and ran her hand over her tight ass.

“If he wants sexy, I’ll give him sexy,” she thought to herself.

The taxi arrived at seven and she walked through Eric’s front door at 7:25. Eric greeted her and explained that the guests would be there at 8:45. They went and sat in Eric’s huge lounge. Vicky could not believe the size of his house, it was simply massive and since he divorced his wife he had lived there alone. Eric offered to show Vicky around and every time he opened another door on another beautifully presented room Vicky felt her jaw drop.

Vicky wished she could live in a house like this. She started to mentally calculate how much mortgage she could raise off her new salary, but she knew she would still be a long way short of anything like this.

They returned to the lounge and sat down opposite each other with a glass of wine. They chatted for a while until Eric turned the conversation round to her new appointment.

“Vicky, I know why you took the job, and I’m damn sure it wasn’t for the honour of being my secretary. I know my reputation for being difficult to work for.”

Vicky didn’t know what to say, she didn’t think he was all that difficult really, but she kept quiet and let him talk all the same.

“You wanted the money, I understand that… and I think you know that you are being remarkably, in fact unrealistically well paid for what you actually have to do. And you also know you signed a contract which states the company may ask you to carry out ‘unspecified extra duties’.”

Vicky nodded slowly, wondering what this was leading up to.

“Look Vicky, I’m not going to beat around the bush here, I like to surround myself with people who get results. If you get me the results I want then you will be extremely well rewarded, indeed… avcılar elit escort what you’ve already had is just a taste of what you could have if you play your cards right.”

Vicky’s eyes widened and she licked her lips.

“This deal with Hersch… it’s worth millions. And I mean millions, not a couple of millon or five million, we are talking massive amounts of money here, and you could get a piece of that if you help me out tonight. I want them to sign that contract before they leave tomorrow and YOU are the key.”

Vicky looked concerned.

“I’m going to make you an offer, a ‘bet’ if you like.”

Vicky sat completely still, hanging on Eric’s every word.

“If we can get this contract signed tonight, I will give you a bonus in your next pay packet of a quarter of one percent of the contract.”

A quarter of one percent didn’t sound that great to Vicky and her face showed it.

“That’s £25,000 Vicky.”

The girl gasped and almost dropped her wine glass.

“That’s a lot of money Vicky, but in terms of this deal it’s affordable. I need this deal signed tonight and I’m willing to spend that money to make sure it is.”

“Why does it have to be tonight?”

“Because I have a strong indication from my financial analyst that the exchange rate is going to change soon and if it does it could cost me a lot more than even I’m paying you.”

“But… why don’t you just hire a couple of prostitutes, they would be so much cheaper.”

“I’ve tried that before. The clients always smell them a mile away. If I present these guys with whores they won’t even stay for dinner. It’s like an insult to them. These guys aren’t really that interested in the money, they get off on the game itself.”

“And what if I don’t want to take on your bet?” Asked Vicky as politely as she could manage, while actually feeling like telling him to take a running jump.

“Well, I guess you’d better start looking for another job. You’ll have plenty of time tomorrow after I let you go.”

“But you can’t do that, I have rights!”

“Yes you do, and you will be paid everything that I’m legally obliged to pay you. However, that won’t amount to all that much in the scheme of things and of course you’ll be needing to buy yourself a car to replace the BMW…”

Vicky was visibly fuming.

“…or if you prefer, I can phone my IT man, who right now is sitting at your desk with your computer on. By the time you get to work tomorrow morning who knows what questionable material he could have loaded on there, hmm? Maybe I won’t have to pay you anything at all…”

The colour drained from Vicky’s face.

“You bastard…”

Eric shrugged.

“I’m no bastard Vicky, I’m just a businessman who wants results… and I’m giving you an opportunity that few people get in a lifetime, I mean who gets to earn £25,000 for one night’s work? What sort of house could you buy with a deposit like that? And there’ll be more opportunities down the track, not all as big as this one, but still a lot of money.”

Vicky looked up at him, she knew exactly what he was doing, how he’d spent so long showing her his fabulous house, dangling the carrot, then threatening to snatch it away.

“Look, here’s my best offer. You play along and we get the contract signed; you get £25,000 tax paid. You play and they don’t sign, I’ll let you have your old job back… and I’ll let you keep the BMW. You tried your best, how’s that?”

“What exactly will I have to do.”

Eric took a deep breath, and looked her straight in the eye.

“Well, I’m not going to lie to you, they’re probably all going to want to fuck you… and you’re probably going to have to suck their dicks, but beyond that I don’t really know. I’ve never met these guys face to face before, I just heard through the grapevine that they really don’t like whores.”

“Are they really gross…?”

“I don’t think so, they’re all about my age… mid forties, and reasonably fit. I even hear that one of them is quite well ‘equipped’.”

Vicky almost laughed.

“Okay, well, you don’t seem to have left me much of a choice…”

“Not really, no,” confessed Eric.

Vicky went to the bathroom to check her makeup and get her head together before the visitors arrived. Meanwhile Eric called his IT man and told him to hang fire on the computer ‘update’.

The restaurant food was fantastic, as Eric knew it would be. It cost the Earth of course, but Eric didn’t care about that tonight. For her part Vicky played the perfect host, serving wine and chatting away to all of the guests throughout the meal.

After dinner, Vicky made the coffee and as they all sat around the table she began to get a little nervous. Eric told her to come and sit on his knee and he pushed his chair quite a distance from the table to give her room and also to make sure his guests would have a good view.

Everyone was relaxed from the wine, except Vicky of course, who was getting more stressed by the second. As she avcılar escort sat on Eric’s knee she looked at the four men staring at her, then lowered her eyes.

‘This is how a zebra must feel around lions,’ she thought to herself.

“So guys, what do you think of my new secretary?”

The men gave a hugely positive response and Vicky lifted her head to smile as warmly as she could manage.

“I bet you all wish she was your secretary, huh?”

They all roared their agreement, laughing heartily as they drooled over her body. Vicky now realised that her short skirt had ridden up a bit and her legs were a little open, giving the men a good view of her black lacy underwear. She went to pull her skirt down and heard Eric whisper in her ear.

“Don’t be stupid Vicky, let them see.”

Vicky stopped and tried to relax, but now Eric was nuzzling the back of her neck and his hand was stroking her leg. Meanwhile the guys around the table watched intently, sensing this was the beginning of the night’s entertainment.

“Make them want you,” Eric murmured. “Remember our deal.”

Vicky pouted at the guests as best she could, while Eric began unbuttoning her top. She was getting really nervous now and she was actually starting to tremble, partly with fear but also partly with excitement.

Eric unfastened the last button and slowly peeled the woman’s shirt upon, revealing two fine breasts enveloped in an expensive black lace bra with no straps. Eric ran his hands over her breasts, teasing his clients and Vicky at the same time.

“Show the guys your breasts Vicky,” he said calmly.

Vicky reached up and pulled the bra down to release her large globes. Appreciative noises were heard around the table and Vicky felt her cheeks redden. She felt humiliated but at the same time being exposed to these four strangers was making her very wet indeed.

Eric’s fingers found her nipples and they hardened as he teased them, Vicky relaxed a little and lay back against her boss, closing her eyes a little as she enjoyed his light touches.

Eric whispered in her ear, “That’s good, now lift your skirt and show them your knickers… then rub your pussy through them.”

Vicky followed his instructions slowly, trying to appear relaxed as she did so. Her heart was pounding though and she wondered how she ever got herself into something like this.

It was now obvious to Eric that all four men were hard and probably had their cocks out under the table. He looked to the closest one, raised his eyebrow and cocked his head a little to signal that they should begin.

Alan stepped up from the table and stood in front of her, he was quite tall and his cock was already half-hard and protruding from the front of his trousers.

“Suck him,” whispered Eric.

Vicky opened her eyes and looked down at the man’s cock as it grew steadily harder. She reached forward and curled her slender fingers around his pole, gently stroking it and enjoying the feeling of his warm flesh. She leaned forward and gingerly took his cock between her lips. Alan pushed forward and closed his eyes as he felt her mouth smother his hard length. After a few moments he became a little tired of Vicky’s delicate technique and placed his hands on her head to hold her still. He fucked her mouth then, slowly at first, but gradually deeper and faster as she got used to the sensation.

The other men were standing around her now, watching as she sucked their colleagues’ cock. They all had their pricks in their hands now and were openly stroking themselves as they stared at Vicky’s red lips being violated by Alan’s meat. Vicky glanced at each in turn, where Alan’s cock was a little smaller than she expected from such a big, tall guy, Gunther and Jurgen both had slightly larger than average cocks, but it was obviously Mike who Eric had spoken off as being ‘well equipped’. Vicky stared at it, a surge of nervous excitement inside her as she watched him stroke his hand up and down its length.

Alan slipped his cock out of her mouth and was replaced first by Jurgen and then Gunther. Finally, Mike stepped up and presented his impressive stalk and Vicky moaned loudly as it filled her mouth. As she sucked him, Vicky used one hand to stroke the shaft and the other to play with his balls.

Eric was very pleased to see that Vicky was trying hard to please his guests. He hoped she secured the contract for him, she was a nice girl and he had no qualms about paying her the money if she delivered for him.

He reached beneath her as she sucked the men’s cocks and rubbed her sodden cunt through her panties, smiling as he felt how wet she was already. Eventually Mike pulled out too and Eric told her to lie on the floor.

Lying on her back she felt Jurgen move between her legs and pull her knickers to one side, he buried his face between her thighs he began licking and probing her with his tongue, he loved how wet she was and he swallowed her juices as he licked her hot slit greedily.

Then Alan removed her bra avcılar eve gelen escort and set about her breasts with his own mouth, gently teasing her nipples at first, and then biting them gently as they got harder and harder. Eric and Mike meanwhile, watched as Eric hung his cock into her mouth.

From the sidelines Mike and Gunther taunted her with comments about the way she was allowing them to use her body.

“Look at the dirty little slut, she sure loves having a cock in her mouth,” said Mike.

“Yeah I bet she can’t wait to have all five of our cocks inside her…” added Gunther.

The men laughed and she felt thoroughly degraded, but it only seemed to add to her excitement. She sucked harder on Eric’s cock, she’d guessed he wouldn’t stand idly by and let the guests have all the fun, but she didn’t expect him to jump in quite so quickly.

Next she felt Jurgen lift his head from between her thighs and push his torso upwards; she felt his cock slide past her underwear and ease its way into her very wet hole. Vicky moaned into Eric’s cock, sucking it even harder then letting it spring out of her mouth. She reached up and grabbed it, stroking it hard while lapping at his balls, taking each one into her mouth in turn and slavering it with her tongue.

After a few minutes she felt Jurgen speed up and then tense as he shot his first load deep inside her cunt. He pulled out and was quickly replaced by Gunther. He was a much harder fuck than Jurgen and Vicky felt her body shake as he pounded his dick into her, teasing her as he fucked her

“You love it don’t you… you love having all these cocks to yourself, you greedy little slut!”

The other guys laughed at Vicky’s humiliation and then laughed again as Gunther dumped his load in Vicky’s cunt too. Then she felt Eric pull out of her mouth and heard him tell her to get on her hands and knees. As she did so, Alan slid beneath her and she closed her mouth around his cock. He reached up to lick her clit a little, then sank back down to watch as Mike got into position behind her.

Vicky gasped as she felt Mike’s monster cock push into her from behind. Inch after inch slithered into her cum drenched hole and Vicky held her breath as he started to fuck it in and out, easing it deeper with each stroke until she finally felt his hips touch the backs of her thighs and knew she had taken the whole thing inside her. It was almost too much and she prayed he wouldn’t last too long as she didn’t know how long she could take it.

Beneath her Alan smiled as got his own personal porn show, he watched in awe as his friend and colleague rammed his huge dick into the girl and before long he felt his balls tighten and his wad explode into Vicky’s mouth. She swallowed it down and sucked his cock clean as it wilted, eventually slipping from her mouth altogether.

Eric leaned down to her and whispered that she really needed to step up her game if she wanted this to work out.

“If you want these guys to sign, you’re going to have to act sluttier, you’re being way too passive.”

Vicky shot him a vicious look, but Eric shrugged his shoulders as if to say ‘I’m only trying to help, don’t blame me.’

Vicky closed her eyes for a minute, trying to get her head around what her boss had just told her. Meanwhile Mike continued to impale her cunt with his long prick, his hands all over her ass; pulling her cheeks apart as he eyed her tiny asshole.

Vicky reached back between her legs and grabbed his balls, squeezing them and imploring him to ‘fuck me harder, I want you to shoot it in me!’

Mike responded by slamming his dick into her even harder than he had before, bucking his hips violently as he pistoned his massive length into her stretched out hole.

“C’mon,” she begged. “Give it to me, I want your fucking load right now!”

Mike lost it completely and Vicky wailed as he powered his cock as deep as it would go, right to the very back of her cunt and spurting hard inside her. He kept going until he was spent and Vicky collapsed on top of Alan, gasping for breath and sweating hard. As Mike pulled out, Vicky’s expensive panties slid back into place but they could barely contain the three loads that had already been spilled inside her and Mike, Jurgen and Gunther’s spunk slowly trickled out of her gaping pussy and down the insides of her silky smooth thighs.

Eric smiled at her and Vicky lifted herself up and moved across the carpet towards him and Jurgen, taking both their cocks in her hands and pumping them vigorously.

“You haven’t cum yet Eric, why don’t you cum on my face?”

She smiled at him as if to say ‘is that slutty enough for you or what?’

Eric wasn’t about to refuse and Vicky let go of Jurgen’s dick to concentrate on her boss’s. She grasped his meat, sucking the head and stroking him hard and fast until he grunted and pulled back, thick jets of spunk erupting from his cockhead and spattering her cheek, nose and forehead. Vicky looked up at him as she swallowed his cock as deep as she could, then sucked every last morsel of cum out of him, she was really getting into this now and she was loving the attention.

Vicky stripped off her top now and used it to wipe up some cum that had dripped onto the front of her thighs. She reached up and scraped the cum from her face onto her fingers and sucked them clean, one by one.

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