VII Our Moms Youth


VII Our Moms YouthMoms how old were you and Sandy’s MomIt was a cloudy and drizzling day, so it was not a beach day at all, our Moms walk to the village to get a few things and properly have a cocktail or two at the pub. We were watching TV and I turn to Sandy and ask here how old do you thing our Moms were when they first had sex. Lind said Wow good question I have no idea Tammy, and I’ve wondered what was Gram like, lets ask them when they come back. Later on they walk in a little tipsy, but Ok. They put the stuff away and sat down with us taking off their shirts and shorts to get naked. Mom I said Sandy and I are curious about something, where did you two grow up?? You know you two are right we never did talk much about us as k**s. It was small town on the Great South Bay in Long Island New York in a town called Bay Berry Point, Girls it was cozy Lind said and a hose pretty much like this one, real cozy. Your Grand Dad work driving a big rig all over the country so he was gone a good part of the month, we always knew when he was coming home Gram would get herself all fix up and dress pretty sexy. Gawd Lin remember that time we saw Dad and Mom naked in bed, Oh my gosh we saw Dad take his big cock and put it in to Moms pussy and they stared fucking like crazy, Dad would be sucking on Mom nice tits, till they both had a big orgasm and would scream I’m Cumming. Of course we had no idea what the hell was going on, but we watch with eyeballs glued to them, Dad would go down to Moms Pussy a suck it like crazy and Mom would just going nuts until she screamed again Oh Fuck I’m Cumming. We look at each other and said what’s coning?? We did learn later of course. But Dad had one big Cock Huh?? It was a small house only two bedrooms so we always sleep together, there was no air conditioning so in the summer we all sleep nude and did things in the nude. Mom used to see us looking at her hairy trimmed pussy and Dad cock. Mom would always bath us together in the tub, which was fun. Remember sometimes Mom would get in the tub with us, yeah and you ask Mom well we get hair there too, and Mom said yes of course do you want to touch it and we said YES, YES. Mom kind of moan when we did HeeeHee I think she like it. Remember when Dad rented a house over her for a long weekend, Oh gawd that was so wonderful. Mom had bough her first two-piece bathing suit, we were all in the living room waiting for Mom so we could go to the beach and when Mom walk out Dad just went Holy Shit Wow Honey That’s Beautiful. Yeah Mom said here change got you a better one too, Dad drop his shorts and got into the new on, Wow there was Dads big cock. The beach was so wonderful and the ocean was great too. Back at the beach house Mom said there are no tubs here so you have to take shower and every time you go to the beach, come I’ll show you how. Mom took her suit off and we did too, Mom got into the shower and turn it on, come get in here girls, Wow this was wonderful, as Mom wash then she wash us it felt great getting wash like this. Dad pop in and ask if we were done Mom said Yes come get in here I’ll wash you too, Dad laugh and got in and we watch as Mom wash Dad, boy did he have smile. And saw Mom grab Dads cock and wash and stroke it, we look at each other, and as Dads cock got bigger he had a smile ear to ear. Apparently they got so engrossed into what they doing and total forgot we were still there really watching hard. Dads hand went down to Moms pussy and was stroking it as Mom was stroking Dads cock, we were just total amazed at what was going on, we could leave if we wantn’t to. Then it happen again Dad was screaming Gawd I’m Cumming, yeah how we saw what was cumming tons of halkalı escort wet cumm from Dads cock and all over Mom Wow. Tammy nudges me and we walk out. That night as we lay in bed I started to touch my self down at my pussy, gosh it felt kind of nice and as did it harder even better then I rub inside the lips oh my gawd better yet I was trashing around and I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter I couldn’t stop till all of a sudden my pussy flooded. Lind woke up and said Tammy what’s the matter I turn the light on and showed her my soaking wet pussy, she what happen. I said wet every thing here s*s and I’ll show you and I finger my sister till she was just going wild and feely the same feeling all she good say Wow Cindy that was just wonderful Geeeessss. Lind I think that the feeling Mom and Dad feel, Tammy said I think your right. The next day was kind of rainy so no beach, Mom came into our room and sat down on the bed with us and at first said Naked, we said yeah it feels better Mom, your Dad went for some groceries for me, but I wanted to talk to you two about yesterday in the shower. Mom explain there love for each other and there way of showing love to each other and that its call physical sexual love. Then I told Mom what we did last night and she kissed us both rather heavy and sexual and said girls that’s call masturbation and it is perfectly normal I do it my self when daddy is away and it gives you that wonderful feeling and all that juices in your pussy is cumm and Mom spelt it out. Then I ask Mom how come daddy thing gets so big and bigger. Mom said Girls that’s not a thing it a penis, prick or cock, I call it COCK and she spelt that out too and it gets big so it well go in your pussy and it all part of a mans sexual arousal, here let me show you both sit up and spread your legs wide, Mom took a finger and slid in to our pussy and went in and out, gawd that felt so good, I could feel my pussy getting wetter, then she switch to two finger Lind and I were going nuts, we both said Oh Mom please don’t stop were want to cumm, Mom didn’t stop until we both came with soaking wet pussy. Mom lean down and kissed both our pussy Wow I though I died and went to heaven what a wonderful feeling. Mom then kisses us both but a little differently, she slid her tongue into our mouth and licks inside, Oh my fucken gawd I got wet all over again. Then Mom stood up took her shirt off and drop her shorts there she stood nude and so pretty, no wonder Dad loves her. Mom said I want you both to touch my breast and to feel my pussy, gawd as we did this Mom was going a little wild say Oh Girls Pleas Don’t Stop, we didn’t Mom Pussy got wet and wetter till she had a orgasm right there with us. Wouldn’t you know it at that moment Dad walk in and Oh Geeeessss am I interrupting something here, Mom, says NO but honey get over here please as Mom is taking Dads Shorts off she said to Dad we were talking about this last night after realizing the girls saw us in a sexual position and sexual result, Dad says Ok today is that day, were Mom says yes, Lind and I not sure what’s going on were just in aught. Here we all are total nude and Mom says honey get between our daughters. Tammy Lind I want you both to touch, hold, kiss and suck daddy cock just as you saw me do Please girls, we both said enthusiastically Gosh Mom No Problem. We took Daddy cock and did what mom wanted and Geeeessss it got big and bigger then Mom came over and put all of Dads cock in her mouth on it and suck violently. I guess Mom couldn’t handle any more and sat up and put Dads cock in her pussy and they fuck until they both had an orgasm together, gawd there was cumm all over them. They istanbul escort were kissing like it was a tongue war, tongues going in and out everywhere. I really though Wow Mom and Dad really are in love with one another Wow how wonderful. Our Moms said break we need a drink and you two also for starting this I’ll make a drink for you two as well, Sandy and I look at each other and said Oh gosh thanks Mom. Sandy Mom came back with the drinks and said these two are you these are our. We knew what our Moms drank Run and Tonic, Gosh it was pretty good too. Sandy Mom said that night was total unreal how well I remember it there we were next to our parents having fucking sex, My Mom said I remember Dad slamming his big cock into Moms hairy pussy Wow what a site and we were both fingering our pussys watching Mom and Dad literary FUCKING. The next day Mom ask Dad if he’d like to walk over to the nudes beach, Dad said sure but what about the girls, Mom said honey they have seen more that nudity, Dad said I guess your right, then Mom said I’ll make us some lunch to take with us. It was a fairly good walk to the lighthouse area where we pick out a spot and laid out our blankets and took our sites off, Mom said here put some sun lotion on your selves. Ok Mom, but were going in the ocean first, gawd we look around and I said gosh Lind I’ve never seen so many naked people, Lind said me either but none compare to Mom and Dad as far as cocks and figures. It felt really wonderful swimming nude what a different feeling, water flowing through your open pussy. Mom said come over here I’ll put lotion on your backs, we love it when Mom got to do our ass cheeks, especially when she did all the way into the crack and down under to our pussys, we both shudder of course Mom said Mmmmm you like that Huh?? Mom did it again but this time she stuck her finger way up our pussy, Wow Yes. While we were eating lunch we noticed women and girls our age walking by and really looking down at Dad cock, Mom noticed it too she just smiled at them, like with a haaahaa that’s mine and not yours. Dad didn’t even notice. Dad said Honey I’m going in for a long swim, so Mom stayed on the blanket with us. All of a sudden a women came up quietly to Mom, she said please don’t be mad at me but I couldn’t help but see how well your husband is endowed, I just so curious how big does he get with a exaction, Mom smiled and said no problem I’d love to show for real, but I think other people would get up set, then Lind the out spoken one she says about this big spreading here hands out ward, the women now was in total shock seeing a young girl show her how big her Dads cock gets, Mom look at her and says yes about that big. The women was flabbergast and just oh fuck and walk away we all just laugh our selves silly. Dad came back from his swim and asks; what you girls laughing so much at. Mom said I’ll tell you later honey. We all were sitting on the blanket and Dad was serious looking at us and then at Mom, he final said you know you girl are so lucky to have your Mom as your Mom you will have beautiful body like hers and just a beautiful as well, Mom reach over and kissed Dad with here wet tongue kiss and said why thank you honey. Ten we looked at Mom real closely, of course then Mom spreads her legs so we can see her hairy wet pussy. We look at each then and felt and rub our breast, yes they were getting nicely bigger and pretty like Moms. We look at Dad both of us holding our breasts and we both said gosh thanks Dad that’s wonderful. It was getting late so we all put our suits on and walk back to Ocean Bay Park. Later during dinner Dad ask us how we like the nude beach we said it was wonderful beylikdüzü escort and that swimming nude is so different and really nice. We ask if can we go again, Dad not this time but the next time we come here yes we will. Later that night Lind and I were sitting in bed, naked of course and she reach over to feel my breast, gawd did that feel good, we both laid down and were touching each other all over, but when it cane to our pussy gawd we both when wild and could stop, unknown to us our Mom had pop in and was watching us with a big smile and sat down on the bed and said girl please don’t stop Mom just want to be with you. We went back to kissing and finger pussys, then I rolled Lind on top of me then she switch and put her mouth over my pussy and we both just stared moaning and sucking our wet pussys till we both had a mad wet flooding orgasm that we both swallowed down our mouths, after a while we sat up their is Mom naked as us finger fucking her pussy and playing with those pretty tits, she screamed Oh Fuck Yes and she had a orgasm too, she said girls please taste mommy wet pussy gawd did we ever, every drop. We snuggled up to Mom and we all fell asleep. What a morning wake up there is Dad ramming his big cock into mommy wet hungry puss; fucking Mom like crazy then they both screamed Oh Fuck Yes I Cumming. As they lay back with us we kissed and suck Mom cumm filed pussy and Dad wet hardon cock Wow what a fucking morning. That night we walk over to Ocean Beach for dinner at a nice restaurant, gawd their food is so good. As we walk in Mom recognized a couple waiting also and ask Dad isn’t that Sara and Jim, Dad oh my gawd yes, they went over and with second every one was hugging and kissing, they change plans and request two table of four. As we finally all sat down they all introduced us Mom saying these are my daughters Tammy and Lind, then Sara introduced her daughters Kelly and Sandy we were all pretty much the same age, and they were very, very pretty sexy girls with a very nice tan as we had. We all could see that our parents were engrossed in talk Mom hugging kissing Jim Dad hugging kissing Sara. We look at each other and said there more to that then meet the eye. Us were girls talking about everything and that they too were over in Ocean Bay Park and of course big mouth sister her starts in on sexual thing but surprisingly so did they, Wow we do have a lot in common nude beach, seeing Mom Dad sexually, getting caught sexually my there Mom, Wow we loved them right away. At dinners end and leaving the Dads kissed other daughters, as did the Moms. I swear Sara kissed with a little open mouth as I did to, so did Linda I found out later. We all walk back to Ocean Bay Park together parents in front us behind, boardwalk are only so wide, Linda and I holding hands, Kelly and Sandy behind us Kelly ask do you always hold hands , I said Yes why, Kelly said can we switch I said sure we love to Lind went back to Sandy and Kelly came up to me I grab her hand as she grab mime, it was a warm wet hold, gawd I really love it. As we were walking Kelly and I kept looking at one another. We turn and saw Lind and Sandy embracing and kissing, I turn to Kelly and we just held each other in a wet tongue dirty kiss. Back home before we went to bed Mom said to us I see you all you girls have something in common as does Sara and I, We just said Yes Mom, she said that’s wonderful, we‘ll be all together next time my honeys. Next day was the last day and it was the fair ride home to the mainland it was a perfect long weekend of total sexual fulfillment for Mom and Dad and us sisters.As our Moms stop talking and here we all four of us slowly playing with our pussy, our Moms says come let all go to bed for the night, to our bedroom Mom say no girsl with us tonight, Sandy and I did a quick kiss and said Ok Mom, I snuggled sexually up to my Mom as Sandy did with the same with her Mom.

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