I walked in, and that’s when it hit me. The smell of sex, attacks you the moment you walk through the door, the smell of men on men, all here for thing, to get off and get other people off. The thoughts and images that flash through my mind excites me even more, the thought of being fucked hard just to please a stranger or strangers made my cock swell and ache. Begging for some release, begging me to yank down my jeans and pull out my cock out and jack off right there. The building wasn’t much to look at from the outside, just a grey, dull boring looking building, you would hardly know it was there, one of those you would just walk past and think nothing of, unless you looked a little closer and see the plaque on the wall by the black metal doors “Vikings Sauna”.

I am usually a shy, reserved, type of a guy. 24 years of age, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5’8, and slim build, my friends say I am not bad looking either and couldn’t understand why I was still single or not in a relationship. When we go out to gay clubs or whatever, its usually me that gets the attention, but me being me either didn’t notice or put people off cause I wasn’t going to “put out” after dancing with some random guy. I like to talk to guys, get to know them before I jump straight into the sack with them, and that is what turns people off about me. My friend Thom told me about this place, when I got very drunk one night and I told him how I felt, and that I would love to just give myself to anyone who said “Hello” to me, to take that big step forward, and he said that Vikings lets you do that.

“You go, you explore, you don’t need to talk, its just there for you” Thom had been a few times and said that every time was amazing and that I should defiantly try it to overcome the shyness, and that’s what I did. You see despite me shyness I have a very kinky fantasy, and that is basically to be used over and over again, but have never had the guts to do it. Tonight was going to be different, tonight I was going too used, and I was going to make sure of it.

So after prepping myself, washing, shaving all my body hair off the usual you know, I drove to Vikings, stayed in my car for an hour before getting the courage to go in. As I pressed the buzzer the doors opened and I walked in. “This is it” I thought to myself as I walked up to the counter. There was a guy there who was just a couple of years older than me and he was buff, and I mean buff, you could tell he worked out, “finally came in huh?” he said in a deep voice, I looked up at him and he motioned his head to a screen behind him, of a security camera filming the car park “its all right pal, everyone has first time nerves”. This reassurance made me feel a whole let better, and after completing the forms and paying my fee, getting a key for my locker he buzzed me through another door to his left, “Towels are on the side when you walk in, the lockers are the first door to the right. Have fun”. He said with a smile and I nodded a thank you and walked through.

I grabbed a small white towel and walked through to the lockers, it wasn’t very busy in there, so as I searched for my locker number 451, I stumbled across my first karabük escort scene of pure lust, it made my hard cock even harder, an older guy in his 40’s was standing over a younger guy, his cock pumping in and out of the younger guys mouth, his cock was 8″ long and thick, I watched for a moment seeing the cock disappear into the hungry mouth, the younger guy was frantically jacking his own cock. The older guy placed both his hands on the back of the younger guys head and started to fuck his mouth hard, grunting with every thrust. I started to stroke my cock through my jeans, god I wanted to be that guy, on my knees sucking that cock, it spurred me on so I hurried to my locker and proceeded to get undressed, my cock was hard and the small skimpy towel just barely covered it. When I finally locked my stuff away I turned to the door, reading the sign it said “welcome To Vikings”, I walked through.

I went exploring first and looked at the map of the building, This building had four floors, the ground floor had the lockers, sauna, hot tub, weight room, and a swimming pool, there was a basement, which had a dark room, an open room, and glory holes, the first floor had a lounge and bar area, and the fourth floor had private rooms and a cinema.

I didn’t know where to go. As I was standing studying the map, a guy walked passed me and squeezed my ass, and carried on walking, he stopped by a staircase and smiled, and headed down stairs. I smiled to myself, “well that’s decided” I thought and headed in the same direction. I got to the stairs and looked down; it was dark, really dark. The only light I could see was the warm glow of the faint red lights somewhere down the corridor at the bottom of the stairs. As I got down there I looked left and right, this place was a maze, there seemed to be lots of little corridors jutting off in different directions, the other guy had disappeared, I couldn’t see him anywhere.

I began walking through the corridors, my eyes trying to adjust to the moody red lighting and the dimness, when I walked into a large even dimmer room, as I stepped forward my foot hit something on the floor, I looked down and on closer inspection I noticed it was a large circular platform in the middle of the room. I sat down and felt the smooth latex finish when I saw him. The guy who squeezed my ass standing in the doorway just behind him, he must off been following me. From what I could remember from when we were upstairs, this guy was smooth, tanned and looked like he worked out a lot. His towel was draped across his left shoulder and his right hand was gently stroking his cock, giving me a full display.

“This is the open room” he said in a deep voice, and proceeded to walk towards me, due to the light of the room, I couldn’t get a clear view of his cock, it was only until it was inches away from my face, that I saw it. “Wanna try?” I wasn’t in the mood for small talk, the build up of this whole experience was too much for me to handle. I didn’t speak I just opened my mouth and let his cock gently slide in and glide over my tongue. I closed my lips around his member and began to suck him gently. karaman escort My friend obviously took that as his cue and started to draw his cock in and out of my sucking mouth, gently fucking my face.

This was it, I was on my knees, a cock in my mouth fucking my face, and all I wanted now was for him to fuck me anyway possible. He started to grunt and coo, whispering things like, “Oh yeah, suck that cock” and “Such a hot dirty little mouth” I closed my eyes and carried on sucking every inch I could, my friend obviously wanted to take it up a notch and started to push his cock further into my mouth, forcing it down my throat “Yeah, take it” he grunted as his thrusts got my powerful and violent. I loved every minute, every second, every throbbing inch. It was only then I felt the towel around my waist being undone and it suddenly occurred to me, why they call this the open room, another guy had entered with out me knowing, he wanted some action too and began to guide me up onto the platform. So here I was on my hands and knees, a stallion fucking y throat, and second guy, who had just begun to explore my ass, his tongue began licking all around my ring, long strokes, short strokes and then inviting himself further, he forced his tongue into hole, he fucked my ass with his tongue and I was squirming with pleasure, his invasion made me let out a muffled moan of excitement, which made my fuckers smile and say.

“I think this bitch likes it” the thrusts into my mouth got faster and faster, he pulled his cock out just to the very tip before plunging it back in and hammering it into my throat, his balls hitting my chin with every thrust. I suddenly felt lost as the guy behind him pulled his tongue away, I needed to be filled, but it wasn’t for long, soon I felt that fantastic sensation of his cock forcing its way into my tight sphincter, he pushed and pushed and then suddenly with a pop the head of his throbbing cock was in me, and then followed that smooth ride of his hard member forcing its way deep inside me.

“Such a tight hole” he grunted as he began to withdraw and push in once more, gently and slowly building a rhythm, until he was fucking my ass as hard as the guy fucking my throat. I was in euphoria, it was heaven, then I felt other movement on the platform, two more guys had joined us, one was stroking my back and jacking of his cock right in my eye line, the other was currently stroking my chest working his hands down to my crotch, instead of gripping my cock and helping me get off, he gripped my balls and began to pull and tug on them hard. The feeling made shudder. Then with no warning the guys pulled out of me laughing and I felt someone grab my feet and pull me across the platform, I slipped onto my front and was dragged across the room.

I was grabbed by my wrists and pulled up, a guy grabbed my balls and squeezed them hard, forcing me to bend forward, it was then when my neck hit something hard, followed by my wrists. I heard a clunk sound and something clicked. I was locked a wooden frame that people call “The stocks” my head and wrists where fitted through three holes. When I finally caught kars escort my breath to protest, my mouth was filled again, and the fucking of my throat became a lot more serious. These guys where not going to go easy on me. The emptiness I felt was soon gone as a cock was filled there deep in my ass. In a matter of moments I felt the cock in mouth swell, and not long after with an all might grunt from the owner my mouth was full of hot sticky sweat tasting cum. I tried to swallow as much as I could, but some leaked out. The guys cock was withdrawn from mouth was being rubbed over my face. I moaned with pleasure. This event set everyone off and the guy who was now fucking me mercilessly came shooting his hot load deep inside, he thrust his cock hard wanting every drop of his cum in me.

It wasn’t long before I presented with another cock forcing its way into my mouth, and another forcing its way into my ass. Again I was being fucked from top to bottom, hard, and fast and what seemed like only minutes the guy behind me shot his load to join that of his friends, deep in my ass pulling out and sending one final spurt across my back. The guy in front obviously wanted to do the same so pulled his cock from hungry mouth and began to shoot his load over my face, his cum spurted and covered my cheeks, chin and mouth. I could hear all four guys cheering, and then a click and I was released from the stocks, I slowly slumped to the floor, watching my fuckers leave me all alone in the dark open room.

After a minute or two when I caught my breath I scrambled slowly for my towel which was on the platform, I got it and began to wipe face. I smiled, I felt so dirty, so excited I wanted more. I picked my self up shakily and wobbled my first steps as I head out. I was a little disorientated at first and walked down a corridor which I though was the way upstairs, however I was wrong, I saw an open door thinking it to be the exit, I went in and found it was a cubical. I thought the rest couldn’t hurt me and I sat down on a stool in the middle and closed the door.

As I sat there I heard someone next door, I looked and saw a hole in the wall, curious I peered through, and saw a man standing there stroking his cock, he obviously saw me looking and walked towards the hole, and slipped his cock through for me. I undid my towel and began to jack my self off as I jacked him to, I then took his cock into my mouth and began to suck him. I must have been doing a good job, because of the grunts and noises he was making, at point I thought he was going to knock down the wall. My cock erupted and showered my chest with my cum, it was the most intense orgasm I have ever had, not long after the cock which I was now going to town on shoot his load right across my face and into my hungry mouth.

The guy soon pulled back, and I heard him go. I sat still for a bit, exhausted. I cleaned myself up, found my way to the stairs and headed back for the lockers and the showers. I had only done the basement and I was exhausted, time for me to go, however I booked some holiday from work next week, and had nothing planned, well that was until now, I had another three floors to explore.

As I left the guy at the counter asked me if I had fun, I just smiled and nodded and he said “See here soon then” and with that I walked out of Vikings and headed for my car. I didn’t know how long I had been in there and I didn’t care, it was just pure heaven. I cant wait till next time.

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