Visit to Holland


First thing in the morning I woke up and looked at you while you were still sleeping. You looked calm, peaceful and as beautiful as ever. I long to see that sight every morning and kiss your lips good morning. I didn’t want to leave the room so I tucked in closer to you, held your head and stroked your soft, plush belly and looked and smelled your hair and skin. And again it all felt so very right and the world shrunk. It ended in our little room in our little house in the countryside. After a while I got up and woke my baby up, much to her chagrin. You’re a little sleepyhead! I went downstairs and made us some breakfast. Nothing special, bread, cheese, tea, yet it felt special. It felt special to me because it was so normal. So everyday. I just went down and made breakfast for my baby. I want to do so each weekend. Bring it to bed and eat with you and make a mess in bed.

After breakfast we chilled on the couch got ready and drove towards Groningen. Of course you couldn’t fail and ask why I took an exit on the highway while everyone else went straight on, stubborn woman. You knew I was right but had to tease. It was cute. We got out and wandered through town. The main market square, shopping mall, market. I told you what we saw, you got annoyed for telling you what you can see for yourself; situation normal! In the shopping mall we got you a toiletry bag. Pink, furry and BLOND. It suits you so well, haha! We also got you a cute little coffee cup. I know, I’m seriously repeating myself but it was a lot of fun to aimlessly shop with you and that’s saying a lot since I’m generally not particularly fond of aimless shopping. I prefer goal-oriented shopping. Get in and out and go home.

With you everything is more colorful and fun. On the market we got a bunch of veggies for dinner. Actually this was to be the first meal we actually cooked together and I seriously hope that it’s not going to be the last. In fact I know it’s not. After a quick bite of fake wannabe surimi gambas we headed back to the car and drove. I decided not to go home but to show you the Afsluitdijk, which is actually an amazing feat of early 20th century engineering. It was a bit of a drive, some 120 clicks but I was with you so I didn’t care. On the way you slept, sometimes tucked into me and you fed me raspberries. The sweetest raspberries ever, straight from your hand. On the Afsluitdijk we stopped at the monument, made lewd remarks about the statue of a bent over worker and looked at the sea and felt the wind blow in our faces. We made the cutest photo ever, with you and your windswept hair and me squinting because of the wind. Yes, that’s the photo you enhanced graphically later on… We had a quick cup of truly nasty coffee (not nearly as good you morning brew) and a quick walk on the pier and started driving back. As usual you were drifting off into slumber and I had a great view of you. Peaceful and quiet.

We arrived back at the house and had some food. Ready made microwave stuff from the AH. Not bad as far as ready made meals go actually. I prepared a little reefer for later and little did I know that we were soon going to experience the most intense and exhilarating erotic experience of our lives. Holy crap. We watched some TV, cuddled had a drink and went upstairs. You and I took a shower and I waited for you in bed. I longed to feel your hands and mouth, I Etiler escort wanted to be inside of you and spill inside of you. Finally you came upstairs and we kissed and our hands wandered all over our bodies. I felt getting hard against your belly and knew that you were already moist even though I didn’t even touch you down there yet. I started fondling your soft and moist pussy and heard you moan in my ear, I know you love it when I touch you and it feels great to hear you then. Every now and again I would slide one finger into your tight little asshole and feel you cringe with pleasure. All the time I was kissing your neck, face, eyes and was listening to the wonderful sounds you were making.

I move over and kissed your breasts, so wonderfully soft and supple. I bit down on your nipple and felt a shiver and your nipple swell in my mouth. I know you enjoy it when it hurts a little. All the time I was stroking you and pushing my hand deeper inside your ass and moved down lower and kissed your chest, your belly and your thighs before I plunged my face into your crotch and drank you. You were impossibly moist already and I savored your scent and flavor while al the time feeling your body writhing with pleasure. You love it when I drink you because you know that no one with whom you’ve been before enjoys drinking you as much as I do, you know that I love staying down there for a long time and enjoying your soft lips, no, my soft lips and occasionally sliding my tongue inside of you. I moved my mouth lower and started kissing and licking your tightest and most private hole. I know you were a little uncomfortable with that at first but by now you enjoyed it and let yourself go. Every now and again I would slide my tongue ever so slightly inside your ass. It’s certainly not something I would ever consider doing to everyone but the bond I feel with you and the wish to let you feel everything I have to offer allows me to shed all inhibitions.

My mouth and face were all covered in you and your juice and all I could smell was your musky scent and feel your body move under my mouth. I moved you to the side, lowered myself so that I could still taste you and slid myself into your mouth. The warmth and moisture inside your mouth made me explode with pleasure. We kissed ourselves like that for a while until I moved back over on top of you and slid my rock hard cock inside your lips, while holding down your head. I moved in and out of your mouth, gently at first. After a while I thrust harder and deeper inside your throat. It’s amazing, the way you look, the greedy manner in which your mouth engulfs me and your thick saliva dripping from my dick on your face. I was thinking about trying out my little toy all the time. I was quite nervous getting it because I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea but on the other hand I knew that if we were to make love and be relaxed you wouldn’t mind since we both enjoy intense and interesting sex. It was a matter of the right timing and I thought that the time was OK so I suggested it. Thankfully you concurred and I covered your eyes and got it out. I made it moist with the lubricant gel and inserted some gel inside your ass.

Then I plunged the whole length of the toy inside your ass and watched your back arch in pleasure. I started grinding it in and out of you while pumping it up to increase Beşiktaş escort its breadth. You didn’t know what was happening but you loved it. I could see it, you were smiling and huffing through your teeth. All the while I was sucking on your lips and flicking my tongue between them. I kept pumping up the toy and saw you stretch like you’ve never been stretched before. You loved being filled like this for the first time. You asked me to stop pumping because it was getting to large and I did but at the same time I started grinding that impossibly thick dildo in and out of your ass. You were breathing heavily and I saw you were on the border of pleasure and pain. I slid my fingers inside your pussy and felt that there was hardly any space, the dildo filled you up so much that it took up all of the space inside your pussy. My fingers felt the dildo through the thin walls between your warm holes. I pushed my fingers deeper inside of you and ground the toy. I sensed you were close until I saw your back arch and your entire body shake while you came powerfully. I released the pressure from the toy and removed it from your backside and slid in a finger…you were still shaking and you felt loose. I knew you were loose not only because of the toy but because you felt relaxed.

I lied next to you and inserted my hand inside. Two fingers in the back and one in your pussy. I listened to your hastened breathing and your moaning while I started pumping both your holes with my hand. Your backside felt wonderful. I have never felt someone actually get moist inside of there and have never been with anyone who enjoyed that most intimate kind of love so much. I was pumping and kissing your neck until I felt your ass contract around my fingers and heard you let out a muffled scream while your body twisted in pleasure and you came again. I allowed my hands to wander around your body and hugged you while I slipped myself into your not anymore tight hole and moved around a little. I slid in easy because you were still stretched and moist but the feeling of the widest section of my head slipping in right behind the opening was still as amazing as ever. We laid like that for a while with me moving gently inside that backside I love so much until you suggested we go downstairs.

Down there we lit up the reefer, enjoyed it in silence and cuddled on the couch until you started licking me. The long strokes of your tongue on my neck, chest and belly sent me into another world. You bit down on my nipples and bit my belly just the way I love it. And then you took me in your mouth. You started grinding your mouth on my head, which just earlier was inside your tightest hole. I felt myself drip with moisture and pushed your head deep down into my crotch…I wanted to see that thick spittle again from deep down your throat. By now my ears were buzzing and I could hear my heartbeat because of the weed and I pulled you up and kissed you and licked your face. I smelled and tasted myself on your mouth and I felt so close to you. I love you so much.!

Our hands wondered around our bodies and I felt you squeeze me and demand I get inside of you. I asked where.

‘Inside my asshole’.

It drove me mad and I kissed you and started to ask you speak to me in English rather than in our native tongue, I just dig English nastiest.

‘Come and fuck Taksim escort me in the ass’.

‘You want it, do you want to feel like a slut?’

‘Yes fuck my ass, please.’

‘Let’s go to that table.’

We moved towards the table and I pushed you face down on it and slid into your asshole in one long thrust. It was easy because you were loose and I was rockhard. I fucked your ass deep, hard and all the while you were urging me on to fuck you in the ass and to take you. I grabbed hold of your neck and hair and for a while you were all mine. It was absolutely amazing. The feeling of power you gave me was incredible but I was mostly overjoyed at the fact that you trusted me enough to relinquish all control and give yourself up. The physical sensations of me grinding that ass I love so much were amazing but the feeling you gave me by allowing yourself to be violated like that was twice as incredible and all I could think of was how much I love you and how I want to give myself up for you some time. It was brutal and tender at the same time and I have never ever felt better before. I held on to your neck and hair until I felt that I’m swelling up inside and I came and flooded your ass with my juice. I retracted and…I will never forget that moment…heard myself spill out on the floor with a splash. We went back to the couch; I covered you up with a blanket and cuddled up beside. Your entire body was still shaking. I don’t actually know if you came while I made love to you but you certainly seemed like you felt good. I hugged you, kissed your face and eyes and it was such a contrast to the rough and animalistic sex we just had before but it felt just as good. We were close, didn’t speak because we didn’t have to and just enjoyed each other’s presence. After a while I rubbed your clit with my finger and made you come twice.

We went back upstairs and I made love to your ass again. This time I pinned you down to the bed and entered behind. My belly was hitting your exposed pussy and your hands when you started rubbing it. I was pumping your backside for what seemed like a long time until I filled it again and we spilled on the bed. You felt so good. I can remember exactly how your ass feels around me and how it contracts when you feel good. Soon enough we made love again. This time I asked you to come on top of me and lower yourself onto me. I have never had anal sex with the woman on top. The view was amazing. You are absolutely beautiful and your curves come out even better when you’re on top. Your narrow waist and broad hips and that beautiful belly spilling out in front. You rode your ass on my hard cock and you spread your legs and showed yourself to me and played with yourself. Because of the angle I felt I was stretching you more and I never wanted to leave that place. I actually came but continued. You asked me whether I came and I lied and said no because I didn’t want to stop. Finally we stopped and you pulled up over me and I felt you leak out onto me and almost came again when I felt that.

We laid together both shaking with exhaustion and pleasure. The air was full of us, of our scent, the smell of passion. We hugged and kissed and everything felt so right, so amazing, and so unique. You said you loved me for the first time. I was lost for words. Happy, overjoyed and amazingly thankful. I am thankful for every moment with you and for every moment that you allow yourself to be mine and I only dream of being able to give myself fully to you someday. It was an amazing evening. The best sex I had, ever and the strongest emotional bond I have felt with a woman during sex, ever. I love you!

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