Visiting mom


Visiting momIt was my normal break from study. Every weekend while at University, during which I lived away from home. It was only on the weekends that i would make it back to my family’s houses. My parents split years back and i visit dad every other week. I think they fell out of love early and stayed together to keep me happy. In all honesty I was happy when they split. They both seemed unhappy together and we always had great times when I stayed over. In general we had all grown up. My parents had me when they were young. I guess you could say they may not have stayed together without me being born. Dad had moved on and found a new wife they live on the other side of town from my mother. I consider myself living with my mother still as i have all my stuff there with her. Dorm rooms have little storage space and I think dad might be looking for his own space with Lil. They have been together for about three years. My mother never moved on. She had a few dates but the scene had changed so she told me.Dating sites and people looking to get laid on the first date. Romance is gone she would say. She said having me was enough love in her life that she was ok with that. She was in her early forties and still quite fit. Meanwhile Lil, dads new wife was late twenties. I think that bugged her alot. She felt like she was the old model getting replaced. I would call every now and then through the week to check on her a ten minute chat or so. We had similar interests in sports and movies. I would always think of her when i was watching a game. I really liked hanging out with her. She seemed just like one of the guys. Dad on the other side. Always had a story to tell or something cool to show me. He had the latest tech all the time. He was an engineer so i understood his interest in it all. It just wasn’t my thing. I liked visiting my dad and step mum. Mainly cause Lil was a few years older than me and smoking hot, she had a light tan and went to the gym weekly. She had an ass that was to die for. She knew it. We would flirt and i would be jealous of my father fucking that fine piece of ass. Yet their place wasn’t home. Home was with my Mother. She cared for me, was genuine with her questions about my life and who i was as a person. One time i got home on a Thursday cause the Friday was off school so i thought we could watch Thursday night football together. Literally as i walk through the door she handed me a beer and we sat down to watch kickoff. She was awesome. She would always ask about which girl i liked and what will i do about it. She would always come up with a plan for me. Something that involved making a mistake in front of the girl. She said women love men to be strong yet vulnerable. I was the strong silent type. I used to play football in high school but was never going to be more than that. My goal was to get a job that paid well without having to work weekends. That simple. My mother looked over at me and said all they need to do is get to know you and you will be fine.Little did she know that i have had some experience with one night stands… just none of them meet the bench mark. The sex is great and the girls want more. They just seem boring.Mom was wearing a t shirt and briefs both light in color. They were her PJ’s no bra or panties. It was this outfit that i caught my first site of a woman’s pussy. Perfectly shaped with lips fat and inviting. A healthy stripe of hair above and none around. It looks so soft and inviting. Her lovely breast were only kept in check by her top. She works as a lawyer and is always in suits and uncomfortable clothes so i understand her need for comfy clothes. She however didn’t know i would see her snatch almost nightly. We had our own spots the couch i sat on was directly square to the tv while hers faced the other way. They made an L shape. She would always have her knees up on the couch with her which made her perfect pussy just visible. So when she watch the tv i watch her. Then once my boner got noticeable i would watch the tv until it went away. It was like i was training my cock to handle my waves of horniness. when we went to sleep I would think about her pussy and blow these big loads.While staying with my dad, I see him showing off that he has a beautiful wife, he would grab her ass and kiss her all the time, which i thought was just a normal part of their relationship however it stopped when i wasn’t around. He held her like his trophy. She was a beautiful woman and i got to know her, she grew up in a beach town and always had the sun to make her skin nice, her blonde hair seemed a bit lighter than normal blonde. i guess the sun bleached it a bit. If i wasn’t thinking of my mother. It was my step-mother. She was a huge flirt, i think she did it just to get my dad interested or competitive for her. Lil was always lovely to me, keen to be the mother in that house but also knew that i had my normal mother too. she also would do things that a friend would do. She would play video games with me, and kicked my but on Mario Kart and Tekken but I had her at Call of duty and Battle field. She was sporty also we would be interested in kayaking and swimming at the lake. My world was a constant reminder that Women were amazing people, it was a situation that lead me to expecting too much from the girls i would see through the week. They didn’t have the sophistication that i was used to. I have a feeling it could have been me, but i found talking to them boring and bland. The things they found interesting were short lived and they moved from thing to thing. I guess they were finding themselves out. Finding a passion isn’t easy. Friday at Mom’s place,I walked in placed my bag on the table and let out a huge sigh, the week was done. i was wrecked and need a beer. I walked to the fridge and saw mom had left a note. It read “dinner in the oven gone to get beer”.I loved where this woman’s mind was at. The exact same page as my own. A tasty pasta bake and some college ball and we were talking. Mom walked through the door talking on her phone, she was looking annoyed and frantic. She finished with i am sorry you feel that way but i don’t. Seems like a shitty week for both of us. She said to me “Fuck this i am going out”. I was a little worried so i thought lets go.We put the food in the fridge for tomorrow and got ready to head out. I wanted that beer so much that I decided to turn it into a shower beer. It went down a treat. I was ready when my mother walked out of her room. I had never seen her like this. She was looking so sensual and sexual all the colours that meant passion and emotion. Her black dress was amazing with her red lip stick and sexy stockings. She told me to stop staring at her. I could only say wow, where did this come from. She said to me, lets go get laid. She grabbed a beer for us each and we headed out the front of her place, 3 minutes of quietly sipping at our beer, i said. getting laid is the only thing to fix this then?She said it had been so long and this guy from work had been asking her out for the last month and she was getting jack of it. My response was raising my beer and saying to borrowing happiness from tomorrow. She laughed and raised her beer to mine. Lets do it she said.The taxi cab came and we just skulled the rest of our beer and chucked the empties anadolu yakası escort in the front bushes. I was turned on by this change in attitude, and felt a sadness that this beautiful woman is at times lonely and needed to love.I was keen to help her out, wing man for her and maybe see some ladies out for myself. I looked at her and thought her happiness is my priority. Nothing gets you talking to people like a Cafe Tequila shot or two, so got two to get us in the mood for a night of chaos. It was our type of place. Sports on all the channels and food with drinks, we had a table and saw a group of gents that i thought she might like, so i needed to find out what she was looking for. I asked her what is her type.She said her physical type is not quite at dad body yet. Tall short i don’t care, nice smile and not a fuckwit. i could tell she was getting more comfortable as she said that he needs to have a bigger cock than my father. To which i nearly spat out my beer. Laughing with an awkward smile saying jeez hope that doesn’t run in the family. Oh shit i hope not for your sake was her laughing reply, there are ways a guy can make up for that, two things. 1)Enthusiasm, 2) willingness to learn new things.I said in a throw away kind of way, “oh thank god”. our food came and we dug into some cheap burgers and fries. Mom asked me what i look for in partner. I said a bigger cock than my father as a joke and we both had a giggle, Someone that i can connect with physically and emotionally. “Sounds so lame” i said. her response was if only all men felt like that. That is what moms are meant to say though.3 drinks later and we found a group of people interested in the game we were watching and started to get to know each other. Every dude asked me if we were a couple, to which i would laugh and say i am her son. To which their eyes would light up like the were going to forget about talking to me and look for a chance to talk to her. All but one guy. He took the comment and was a great person to chat with. I saw he had a wedding ring so i guess he was taken and not in the running after all.I saw this guy about forty looking like he could work. He was a confident guy talking to people around the bar, could hold a conversation and knew some good stories. I asked mom if he would be a good target for our plan tonight. She said he was a bit older than she was looking for but his confidence was sexy as the time i walked back from the bar with some delicious cocktails mom was over chatting with the guy. I looked at them and thought they would be together till we left.I was happy for her, i went and looked around and found a game of pool going on so i thought i would try and shark some people since i l-have won a few pool comps while at Uni. Turns out i play better when sober, anyway it was fun shit talking with different people. I don’t really do it much, as i like to go home for the weekends.Mom came over and said finish your drink we are leaving. Mark was a few steps behind with a big smile on his face. I said I will make my own way home in about an hour or so. With a smile and a wink to m mother. She said in my ear, no i don’t want any trouble with this guy so i need you at the house. I felt like a pimp setting up my whore. Looking after her felt really nice though. During the ride home this guy was touchy feely all the way to the front door. He said to me, how about you fuck off for a bit ay buddy. It was at that point that i knew this guy just fucked up. Mom turned around and said, i need a fuck but not from a guy that treats my son like shit. Do you know that it was him that picked you out of the crowd. So take your fake ass home. He looked at my mom and said, are you seriously going to bitch out from this? Fucking prick tease. The guy was leaving so I felt no need to give my input to the interaction. So now it was down to my mother and I at our house. “Lucky we got the beer” i said trying to lighten the mood. Damn she said I felt his cock and it would have cleared some cobwebs. i stood still, mouth wide open thinking of a cock going into my mother, yet it was attached to me. She passed me a beer and took off her shoes and bra giving a sigh of relief. I went in for a foot rub, she closed her eyes and started talking about no sex aside she enjoyed being out and it wasn’t a total loss. from my vantage point i could see her sexy stockings were thigh high and lace at the top. and they were connected to her underwear. so sexy. I was going to make this foot rub last as long as i could. two minutes later she went to the toilet. I thought well that was sort lived and went and got a beer. Of all the women at that place none could hold a conversation. There were some sexy women dancing and looking like they would be physically fun. I had been there and done that. I would say i was looking for a relationship but i couldn’t find a women attractive unless there was potential for one. Gone are the days of one night stands in my opinion. When i came back from the kitchen mom was back at the same spot. I thought hmmm wouldnt it be nice of me to rub her sort feet again. “Still sore” i said as i grabbed her petite feet in these black smooth stockings. “Ahh yess” she said as her eyes closed and her head rolled back the heels and arches. I tried not to look as i thought my mother is drunk and this is taking advantage. Then i looked. Guess i am just a horny guy. The soft smooth black stocking made their way up her leg into a lace hem at mid thigh. Connected to a garter belt. Holy shit, she had removed her panties. They were over the top of the garter belt and now i could see everything. She had perfectly smooth pussy lips and just the right amount of pubic hair in a dark triangle shape. It was a breath taking site. I looked up and she was staring right at me with a smile on her face. She said “it seems like the night isnt lost after all. Looks like we might have some time for a few adventures yet.”I threw her legs down and said “your drunk”.She looked at me and said “you and i both know we havent even had enough for a hangover” she was right we had had maybe 8-10 drink in a three hour period. She was making a move. Am I your back up plan for getting laid? She told me that I was the only plan. She looked me in the eyes and said. “We are going to fuck tonight and we are going to feel good about it. I know you have been looking where you shouldnt and i have been dropping hints left and right. Going to you room and wacking off. Is not making a move. So I had to. Now take out your cock and show me what is going inside me tonight. I was frozen in shock, had i fallen alseep? Is this real… she said “i know you got a dick in there lets have at it”. She was being over the top on perpose. “The elephant has left the room. Now it seems like you still need some help. Here or my room?” My cock went rock hard and I was in. I said “neither, we are going to my room”. “That’s my boy” she said as she hopped up and walked in front of me with as much hip sway as she could. She opened the door and turned to sit on my double bed. “Is this the first girl you have brought back to your room?” She said with a playful spreading of her legs. She then stood up, unzipped her dress and it fell to the floor… there stood a woman of stunning beauty, anadolu yakası escort red lips smooth skin legs that were wrapped in black nylon stockings that were held up with a garter belt and no panties or bra. She was sensuous. She was passion and i was still wearing too many clothes. I took my shoes shirt and pants off. Not in a sexy way not in a rushed way. The kind of way that you would do every night before bed or the shower. With one exception my ridged cock made it clear that i was not doing an activity such as those. Hnmm she said as she ushered me over to where she was sitting. She said to me, “lets see how committed you are?”I pulled my briefs down and i sprung out like a jack in the box. Both my nuts and dick sat there. Both of us looking at them. “Seems like that elephant is back i said”. “You are huge” she gasped “yeah i feel bad about those small dick jokes now”.She place her left hand and the base and her right hand above with just the head still uncovered she covered it up with her mouth. This went from being a bit naked into full on blowjob. She took her top hand off and slid her mouth down a few inches as she moved her lowever hand up and down. I could feel her tongue doing circles around my mushroom. She had skills and i had some surface area that she was doing her best at covering. She told me that she was about to cum. I wasnt even anywhere near but i could see that her hand had made its way down to her pussy and was rubbing frantically. She went down as far as she could while she shuttered and moaned. She was loving my cock in her throat. She made a mmmmm-pop sound as she removed her mouth from me. She came up and kissed me on the lips and her tongue darted in and around my mouth. “Now that the first one is out of the way we can slow down and build back up yeah?” I felt so turned on, my mother was normally super chill and would go with the flow. Now she was taking control and i was loving it. I wanted to do what ever she wanted. “Show me your pussy licking skills”.I jumped at the chance to get more personal with something I had been admiring from afar. I was going to explore every inch of her. I lowered my mouth breathing softly on her skin, creating a cool breeze on her inner thigh, i could sense her warmth radiating from her delectable mound. She was fire. like a smoldering volcano churning beneath the surface.Her smell was amazing i wanted to drink it in and not stop, I needed to taste her and i couldn’t wait any longer, she was ready for me. her hands gripped the hair on the back of my head and started to move my head in a gyrating motion. I resisted, as i wanted to tease and touch gently, wanting her to beg for it, need it. “Get inside me, now!” was what she said, at that point i took it as a victory, i darted my tongue into her, between her warm slippery lips i tasted the magic that was my mother. She was nectar. I surged with vigor and passion. My tongue explored all the little contextual differences, her smooth skinned areas, the flaps of skin in and around her opening, working her clit to a slow build of pressure, my rough tongue lick by delicate lick was stimulating her. Her hips work in unison with her hands and arms to guide my efforts. I took this as a good sign. My hands were on her hips and i stopped fighting against her strong desire to hand my face on her opening and my tongue inside of her. I needed to focus my tongue on her clit so i moved my hand from her firm sexy hip and moved my finger to the edge of her. I didn’t need any lubrication for it, my finger glided into her with a guttural moan from her mouth. i could tell she was biting her lip and holding on best as she could.My primal instincts took over as i devoured her into her second orgasm. I found her g spot a few inches inside and about where my face was sitting. I could feel her building. She shook and squirmed under my touch her hands went to the bed and gripped the bed sheets her legs came together and squeezed my head away from her privates. i was so turned on by this feat, mainly cause I was causing so much pleasure for this women who i have fantasized about for years. I was fulfilling my need to please her and now i was going to make her never forget me. I let her calm down, waiting for her eyes to open, her eyes locked with mine. my huge cock was sitting in my hand at the entryway of her private area, private to most, she has been willingly sharing with me for some time. I wanted to show her, i wasn’t just doing what she wanted. I was doing what i wanted also. It was time to do what i have thought about for years, I always thought it wouldn’t happen. I rubbed the head of myself on her clit, it was still sensitive from the last orgasm of hers. I was going to dick her hard and good, but she needed to beg for the full length. Without touching her anywhere. I slowly slipped my cock inside her, the warmth surrounded me in an instant. As my head moved past her lips they gripped me like they wanted more and more. i moved past her lips an inch or two before withdrawing. I was just not completely out before sliding my cock just a small amount in, she would only know my girth at the moment i was saving the length, holding it back from her like she had held this experience from me. The only parts we are touching were her sexy snatch and my throbbing cock. I wanted her to lust after my cock as i had for her pussy. I was slowly going further and further inside her. “Baby how much more cock have you got, i feel so full”I was around half way in, it must have been the thickness that was giving her that feeling. Her lips gripped around my cock as i was taking my length from her. Like they were holding onto something that they didn’t want to let go. It was so sexy. I could see this was a whole body experience as my movement made my mother shift and adjust to me. I was building up my confidence with her now, i was pushing my cock in with some force, and she was taking it all, with moans and groans of pleasure. She started to get more vocal.”Hmmm Fuck me with that cock babe, push me to my limits take what is yours and Fuck, uhh, fuck me. That is it i wanna cum on your cock. Fuck me”This was all the encouragement i needed. I started to build my rhythm. She was accepting of my width and now my length, it felt like the head of my cock was hitting something, but mother didn’t complain she infact urged me to go harder and deeper.I could feel that if i stayed at the same speed and motion i was going to cum in seconds. I asked her. “do you want me to cum yet?” her reply was primal. “I want you to fuck me with your fat cock until i cum all over it. If that means you cum in me then you cum in me. You got it? now don’t fucking stop. that cock of yours feels so amazing it is not going to take me long”.I was grinding her clit with my pubic bone at the end of my stroke. I wanted to make my mother cum and i wanted it to be together. She was begging “harder, harder” My cock was like a piston pumping in and out, in and out. Her pussy was starting to grip and i could tell her silence meant she was on her way to another orgasm.”oh fuck yeah babe i am cumming, i am cumming on your cock, don’t stop. keep me cumming on you”. I was not even seconds behind, i blurted “i am cumming” and started to push my cock deep and i started to join anadolu yakası escort her in cumming, she was still convulsing in her orgasm as i shot rope upon rope of my seed deep inside her. if felt like 30 seconds of continuous pumps of my cum deep inside of my mothers womb.I finally felt like a man. My mother looked me in the eyes and smiled. “thank you for looking after your mother”. she said. “it was my pleasure, you are beautiful and i love you”. Was my truthful reply. I looked at her and said, “i hope this is not a one off” i have fallen for you and i don’t think I could get over it i you said no to me after this, like we did something you regret.”I have grand plans for you my dear boy, yes we will fuck like mad. But i need to get you out into the real world fucking your soon to be wife. But before then, we will have alot of fun learning what type of woman you want to find. What do you think of Lil”?My mother’s question took me by surprise. “What? as in to marry, dad has done that already”. “your Father is the type of man that will move on and when he does i want you to fuck Lil to help that lovely woman feel loved and worth something, it was something that never happened for me. Your father was the last cock to enter me and i must say, you have outdone him in spades.The next weekend i made an excuse to my dad about how i couldn’t get there. I practically raced from Uni to the front door, walked through with excitement and vigour. you would have never guessed that i had done a week of study and part time work. My mother greeted me with a kinky smile. She was dressed up in a corset. and high heels. That was it. Naked basically. My cock sprang to life fastly growing to a full on pulsing erection. “I want something new tonight” she said.”You are going to be tied up, i am going to put on a show to thank you for last week, i have felt like a new woman and you are all to thank, up to my room”. she said.As I walked in there was a pile of cushions on the floor at the end of her bed frame. There were some pieces of fabric around the corner posts. “place your back to the frame and lie on the cushions”. These thick cushions were high enough to be holding me off the floor about a foot. I striped down to nothing and sat with my back to the frame and my legs out straight.”The longer you last the hotter and sexier things will become”.I was going to see how hot this was going to get. My mother started by walking over to her phone and playing some music. just something in the background to set the scene i guess.I watched her with pure lust. She was beautiful, she had wet her hair and slicked it back, and it totally worked with the red and black corset. She was taking control of me and her life.The excitement of the show infront of me distracted me from the concept of being tied up. She slowly swayed to the music, it was sex as fuck. Her legs and ass were toned and be shown off at the moment. My cock standing at the ready to please her in any way it can.”Different is good sometimes” She stepped forward towards me and squatted right in front of me, my view was her feet together and her knees apart. Her ass was nearly on her shoes. Her lovely bush framed her sexy pussy, and her ass cast perfect shadows. Her hands grabbed my hard cock. “hmm” she said, “this is a very nice cock indeed, Can this cock make me cum through my asshole?””we play a game now. For you to get to the next level, you need to hold off cumming long enough for me to.””oh fuck really? stop teasing me then, i am going to cum just thinking about it” was my reply.her laughter told me that was the point of her teasing. She simply spat on the head of my cock and turned around.”good luck babe” was her final remark.since my hands were tied up and my cock at full mast all i could do was watch as her spit slowly dipped down my cock. My attention was quickly diverted to her keeping her head and hands low and raising her ass, it was like a new person was infront of me. She was dropping her ass low again right in front of my face. Her asshole was the sexiest site a man could look at. Pink with little crinkles. She backed it up to my face and pushed her anus onto me, the smell was intoxicating and like a delicate perfume. I noticed more of her spit had been deposited on my cock, she was getting it nice and wet for her cute ass to ride it. she turned around again to face me, this time her legs were either side of my legs.”hmm its been more than a few years since i have had a cock in my ass, oh how i have missed it”. She talked to herself as she lowered her wanting ass onto the head of my cock. My tongue had lathered her ass slippery and her saliva had covered my cock. the next few seconds seemed like forever. she placed her ass on the head and sat there with a small amount of pressure. I was looking into her eyes and her mine, we shared a moment. it was when her smile kicked in that i knew everything was great, she sank an inch and took a inhale of breath and her ass ate my cock. she slowly sank lower and lower onto me, my cock filling her with each moment she sank lower. she pause half way and went back up to the top of my cock. “you are so big i need time to open up to you”.she said with glee. “this is the best cock i have ever known. You are going to make me very happy tonight”she lifted her eyes up and lowered down again, to half way paused moved her hips in a circle then back up.”Thats it, get used to him and then get used by him” She was talking herself through my cock being in her ass.This drove me crazy, the fact that she knew she was going to take things further and like it once her body could accommodate the huge cock inside her she was going to really enjoy it.”oh fuck you are nearly making me cum”.She was starting to lengthen her strokes on my cock now to the point that she was landing her ass cheeks on my legs, she was using me a shock adsorbtion. she placed her arms around my neck and stepped her feet forward. giving herself better support to fuck my cock. ” wow mom, you are going to make me cum in seconds””you better hold off, i am nearly there”.She really started to enjoy it now, this was the part of the game she wanted to be at as long as possible. i knew that my cock had been leaking precum in her as the slipperiness increased, she was going the full length up and down with hard strokes, and grinding her ass at the end of it, trying to get every inch out of me that she could.I was really close and she was not letting up.. I tried to hold back but her complete cunsumption of my cock was such a turn on i couldn;t stop from seeding her ass with a load.”Oh fuck me, fuck my ass with your cock””uuhh m oohhhh”That sent me to the edge and over. “fuck, i am cumming i am cumming in you arrhhhaahhhhrhrhhhg””that is it babe , fuck my ass i am cumming tooo fuck me fuck that cum out, plaster my ass hhhmmmph”She slammed down onto me as her orgasm took the strength out of her legs, she collapsed onto me with my pulsing cock still dribbling out my cum inside her.”fuck that was hard babe, i had to think of something else while your cock was in me. You would have made me cum twice if i hadn’t. What a pity you came first and lost though. Now we will have to do this again to see if you can make it to the next level”.My mother stood up and turned around her freshly creamed ass was once again pushed to my face.Lick that cum out of me, so i can fill it back up later tonight.I would not normally do this kind of thing but i my world was opening up to a lot of new things and how could i resist that perfect leaking ass…Sent from Yahoo7 Mail on Android

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