Visiting Niece Ch. 01


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My older sister Maria finally hung up the phone, hopefully she was feeling better now after our long talk. She had asked if I would mind helping her out by taking my niece Becky to stay with me for a few months. It sounded like Becky had been getting into some sort of trouble lately, but she didn’t go into details. In addition to that Maria had a large project to deal with at work which would require lots of traveling for the next few months.

She said that although Becky was 19 now, and restarting college in the fall, she didn’t trust her alone by herself for that long. I agreed without hesitation. My sister Maria and I had always been close and I would do anything for her. I lived on the west coast and had moved out from St. Louis right after finishing university. That had been six years ago and I had lucked out with landing a great sales job at a small software company that had been very successful and when we were bought up by a larger company it was like all of us won the lottery My stock options had not made me a multimillionaire, but I was more than financially comfortable for a 30 year old computer nerd. I still had to work for a living though, but I now had a lot more freedom.

I had seen my sister about 2 years ago when we hooked up at a family wedding for one of our cousins. I’d been home a few times for holidays, but after mom passed away, I didn’t like to go home often. Dad had left when I was little so I didn’t have any memory of him at all. Maria did though, but she didn’t talk about him much when we were young and eventually I just stopped asking.

I left home, and my mom and my sister for college I was 19 years old. I had seen them during breaks of course but when I finished I was offered a job on the west coast and took it. When we did go to that wedding 2 years ago Maria and I planned to take extra time so we could have a bit of a vacation. Becky was there and was the spitting image of her mother except about 4 inches taller. The vacation was pretty tame but all three of us had a great time. Maria had done a great job raising my niece who had become a beautiful young lady.

Maria and I talked on the phone a few more times making arrangements for Becky to move in with me for the summer. She was still kind of vague about why she didn’t trust her 19 year old daughter to stay at home on her own, but I did get the feeling there was some relationship problem involved. They packed up a couple of boxes with Becky’s stuff and shipped them out before she got on the airplane.

I was waiting for her at the airport when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I must have missed her when she walked by, but I certainly did know how I could have. “Uncle Pete, don’t you recognize me?” Becky said as she lifted the designer sun glasses off her face and gave me a big smile. She looked like a goddess, all dressed up in designer looking clothes and her makeup looked like she belonged on the cover of a fashion magazine. She leaned forward and kissed me on the lips and then gave me a big hug. Although she had a spring coat on, Seattle can still be chilly this time of year, I could feel her breasts pressed against my chest. I was in shock at how much she had changed in the two years since I had seen her.

I was sure people were staring at us, like I was some old pervert kissing a young girl. I came to my senses after she broke away from me and smiled at her, “Becky, you’ve grown up so much since the last time I saw you, you’re really a women now, not a little girl.” It occurred to me at that moment that I wasn’t even 12 years older than my niece, and she could have easily pass for 25 given the way she looked. So maybe I didn’t look like an old pervert after all.

We went and picked up her luggage, three full bags, and headed out to my home. It was about a 60 minute drive from the airport, and after we chatted and caught up for awhile, we both fell silent as we watched the scenery fly by. I thought about being a 30 year old bachelor living with this perfect looking women for several months.

I had not been in a relationship for a few months, but had never found anyone that I would care to spend the rest of my life with. For a few years after hitting it big with the software company I became a bit of a player, dating lots and hanging at clubs and such. It became old after a bit and I settled down again, dating occasionally and getting back into working for a living.

Becky was going to be a problem though, if I didn’t keep a lid on my libido. She was wearing a pretty short skirt under her rain coat which I didn’t notice until she slid into my car and the coat opened. As we drove my eyes kept wandering to her exposed knee and thigh. It truly is amazing how a little mystery and imagination can drive a guy wild when looking at a beautiful women. I had to keep reminding myself that she was my niece, and not a date.

We arrived home just as it stopped raining. We queenbet güvenilirmi got the luggage into the house and plopped the bags down in the foyer. “Let’s take off our coats and shoes here” I suggested with my back still to her,” so we don’t get the carpets wet.” I shrugged my own jacket off and turned just as Becky handed her’s to me. I grabbed it from her and turned and hung them on the hooks by the door, and slipped my shoes off. At the same time I turned back Becky put her hand on my shoulder as she bent down to pull her shoes off. I just about fainted. She had on a white blouse, nothing too fancy, but it fit like a glove, and I was looking right down the open cleavage because the top few buttons on the blouse were undone.

She struggled for a moment with the first shoe, then switched legs for the other without letting go of me. I continued to look down her blouse at the white milky skin of her tits, pushed up by a light blue lace bra that I could see the edges of. As she finished and started to straighten up, she looked up and smiled knowingly. I had been caught by my niece ogling her tits. I felt my face burn with embarrassment as I coughed and picked up two of the bags and told her to follow me.

I had three bedrooms in the house, the master where I would stay, the one which would be Becky’s, and a third which was in a different wing of the house. I had decided to put Becky in here because it had a very large closet and two chests of drawers, both large, plus a built in vanity and a love seat by the window. It also had an adjoining private bath which I thought she would prefer.

The boxes they had shipped earlier had arrived so Becky had a lot of unpacking to do. After I put down the bags I turned to her with all the resolve in the world not to stare at her tits. I succeeded only because the rest of her demanded a full scan. For the first time I saw exactly how short the skirt she had on was. Like her blouse you could tell it was expensive but not really very fancy, and it looked exquisite on her. Her legs were bare, and as smooth looking as anyone could imagine. Her naturally blond hair was piled on top of her head, leaving her long beautiful neck exposed. I looked her right in the eye after my quick scan, happy that I hadn’t even glanced at her tits, although I felt like I wanted to. I could see them in my peripheral vision though and they seemed extraordinarily huge, but maybe that was my imagination.

“This is great Uncle Pete,” she said enthusiastically, “I couldn’t keep all my stuff in my room back home so I had to keep half in your old room.” She twirled around with her arms fully extended, which gave me a chance to check out her tits. They appeared even bigger than her mothers ever were which was saying a lot.

“I can’t wait until I get everything unpacked. Plus my very own bathroom which I don’t have to go down a hall to use. This is great uncle Pete, I’m going to love staying here, you’re the best!” And with that she threw her arms around me again and gave me another hug and a big smack on the cheek. “It feels so good to be here, and to be with you again Uncle Pete, I feel really happy right now.” She let me go and proceeded into the closet and bathroom for a closer inspection.

She came back into the room clearly excited. “Could you please move the boxes over by the closet for me, most of that stuff will end up in there. I really want to get everything settled right away.”

“Okay, but aren’t you tired from your trip Rebecca?” I said, “You don’t have to do it all at once you know, there’s no hurry.”

“I would just like to get it done, then we can relax. If I get too tired I will stop, but I do need to get some things out you know. By the way do we have to change the bed sheets or anything like that?” she asked.

“No, I have a service that comes in and they take care of a lot of the chores I never got good at doing. They changed the sheets yesterday.” I explained.

“Well you won’t be needing them while I am here, I will be taking care of all your domestic needs for the next while.” She sounded just like her mother with the authority voice she was using.

“Okay, I will leave you to it then. I have dinner planned for 6:30 tonight, I thought we would eat a bit earlier than I normally do because of your time change. I will call you about 30 minutes before it’s ready. Is there anything else you need?” I asked.

“No, I’m good. I will ask if anything comes up.” and with that she turned and hefted one of the suitcases onto the loveseat and started to open the zipper. As I left the room I glanced back and looked at her long legs as she bent over the suitcase and marveled at the perfectly round ass wrapped up in the tight mini skirt.

I got dinner ready and called her at 6:15 telling her she had 30 minutes to go. She called back okay and I went back to putting the meal on. She must of had time to shower because she came out looking entirely different than before. Her hair was still a bit damp and queenbet yeni giriş hung straight down to just past her shoulders. Her makeup was done differently also, just a bit darker tone and the eye makeup was heavier than before. She had on a sleeveless light blue knit dress that I could see the outline of her underwear through, even though it matched.

I probably looked stupid standing there with a pot in my hand staring but I couldn’t help it. “I didn’t know how much you wanted me to dress up for dinner, but I figured it wasn’t going to be too formal. I hope this is okay?” she said.

“It’s about as fancy as it ever gets around here,” I joked back, “you look lovely Rebecca.” I replied having pried my eyes off her beautiful body. I puttered in the kitchen while she poured the wine I had opened earlier in the eating area. I couldn’t help glancing at her as she walked around the table. When she turned to walk down to the other side I could tell that she had thong style panties on, that’s how easy it was to see through the knitted dress.

She did something odd through. Instead of pouring the wine she moved the place setting to the side of the table, so we would be sitting at 90 degrees instead of across from each other. She glanced my way and smiled and said she didn’t like talking across a table when there was just two. Made sense to me so I didn’t think anything of it.

We ate our dinner chatting about her mother mostly, and each having a couple of glasses of wine. With Becky sitting right beside me I was getting great looks down her cleavage, and after we finished eating she would occasionally reach over and put her hand on my thigh, like when she wanted to make a point during the conversation. A little more touching than I would normally expect, but after the wine and all it didn’t seem like a big deal.

When I asked her about college she hesitated and told me she didn’t know what she was going to do yet. I knew she had good marks at graduation from high school and her first year, so she should be able to handle the work. I didn’t want to pry but Rebecca had been an important part of my life before I moved away and I was getting the feeling this is one of the reasons her mom was hesitant to leave her on her own. I decided to get it out in the open.

“Listen Rebecca, I don’t want to cross any boundaries here but what’s the deal. Two years ago you were excited about college and now you don’t sound interested at all. Is this the reason why your mom didn’t want you on your own?”

“You’re not prying Uncle Pete,” she replied. “Mom just wanted me to take some time to think about what I wanted to do. You see I got an offer from a modeling agency a few months ago after I did some photo shoots with them. I made a lot of money just for looking the way I do. I made almost $20,000 working across four weekends, and I still have most of it in the bank except for what I spent on clothes, plus they let us keep everything we modeled, whether the photos were used or not.

“The agency said I didn’t have to decide right away, like no pressure at all, but mom was afraid that they would keep pursuing me if I didn’t get away. I understand that she wants me to stay in college because she never had the chance, but the guy at the agency told me my looks would fade quicker than they would wait. They said I had 90 days to decide, that was last week. Mom didn’t like the kind of modeling I was doing either, but I don’t know what she expected, it’s not like I’m one of those skinny fashion models you see on the runways all the time.” Indeed she wasn’t skinny.

“So what was it about the modeling your mom didn’t like?” I asked.

“Oh it was no big deal, it’s not like I was naked or anything like that. I was modeling bikinis and lingerie, that’s all. The agency specializes in it and the gig was for an on-line lingerie store. They took like 1000 photos but only a handful made it to the web site, there’s lots of other models too. Mom was pissed that I didn’t tell her what it was for until after the catalog was posted. I was 18 though, so signing the contract was legal.

Anyway, the lady that runs the agency said she had sent my portfolio to some friends in bigger agencies and several were interested, including Victoria’s Secret. I still don’t know what the big deal is. Listen Uncle Pete, after we clear the dishes we can go look them up and you can judge for yourself.” She stood up and picked up the dirty dishes and marched into the kitchen. I followed with the empty wine glasses wondering what I was getting into.

She just took over really. I don’t think I could have stopped her even if I wanted to. After she got the dinner dishes squared away and I refilled the wine, she pulled be down the hall to my den, where my home entertainment and computer stuff was set up. Remember when I said I was a bit of a nerd earlier, well it certainly showed with my technology. I had the latest and greatest of everything, including super hi resolution monitors for queenbet giriş the computer and a big screen television. Anyway, she sat down at my keyboard and moved the mouse, bringing everything to life.

She typed in the URL and brought us to an on-line retail site specializing in lingerie. On their home page was a full body shot of an middle-aged women, who was very voluptuous, and tall. The company specialized in all body types and sizes, including customizations when required. That was the essence of the banner at the top of the page. The first photo had disappeared and another faded in, this time it was Rebecca. She was standing there with her weight on one leg, in a pair of blue high heeled slippers. She was wearing a blue camisole type of garment, all one piece, with built in cups for her boobs. She looked stunning, but before I could get a better look the picture faded out and was replaced by some other model, not nearly as gorgeous as my niece.

“See, that wasn’t so bad was it.” she stated. She moved the mouse to a tab that said Bras. She clicked and the new page had a number of bras down the left side of the page, without models. Each had a brief description, sizes available, and when you clicked on the bra, it brought you to a page that showed several models of different sizes and body types modeling the selection. I kind of liked the idea that they seemed to treat everyone the same, regardless what their bodies may be like.

One of the models was Rebecca, and she clicked on herself which opened an image box where you could look at the selection from many angles. So the bra she was modeling was rose colored, with firm cups and white lace trimming the tops. The shoulder straps were wide, and the back had three hooks. The photos were good quality and not porn. She went through the three different angles and stopped on the full on front view. Even in the picture I could imagine her tit flesh jiggling like I had seen earlier in the day. “Can you see anything wrong with that?” she asked.

“Well, I don’t see anything wrong with it, but I think I understand your mothers point.” I don’t know if she heard me or not. She had clicked to another tab, this one for corsets, and picked out her photo. This was not nearly as tame as the bra set. This looked more like something you would see in an adult movie, and Rebecca played the part very well.

It was black, and shiny, like vinyl. It tied at the front and the back and was laced very tightly. Her tits were being squeezed out the top so much it was a wonder her nipples didn’t pop out. At the same time her waist was cinched tighter than I would have thought possible. The matching panty was cut very high with just enough to hide her pussy from view. She clicked the back view and not surprisingly the back was a thong that disappeared in her butt crack. I couldn’t help myself, looking at the picture and then looking at my niece. I could feel my cock stiffening up, even though I told myself it was just a picture of my niece.

“This is the one she has her panties in a knot about. I can see her point a bit, but it’s not like I’m naked you know. It wasn’t easy either, it took them over an hour to tie me up in it and although it was bearable, it sure wasn’t really comfortable. Here’s another, tell me what you think about it.” She quickly went to another page and brought up a picture of her in a long white negligee. It was stunning and very tasteful. She went through all the pictures for it, and then some more, as the set had a robe which when removed, exposed a baby doll nighty underneath, of the same material.

“Mom hasn’t seen this one yet, I skipped by it,” she told me in a lowered voice, “she would go nuts”. When she opened the pop up for for the baby doll portion I saw why she said that. You could clearly see her full breasts and nipples under the garment, although not perfectly. My cock was getting harder. “These shots took forever because the studio was kind of chilly and my nipples were always getting hard. They said they try to avoid that for these type of catalog sites. Hey I’ve got an idea, you wait here I will be right back.” She jumped up and bounded out of the room.

I sat there not really knowing what to do. I was temped to click around the site looking for more sexy pictures of my niece but didn’t want to get caught. I had my hands on my lap though and I could feel my cock swelling through the material. A few minutes ago I was trying to make my hard-on go away, now I was rubbing it through my pants. I pulled the belt out a bit and stuck my hand in to adjust it to be more comfortable. My cock is over eight inches long when hard, and pretty thick too. I usually let my meat hang down my pant leg, but it was turned a bit so I just straightened it up so it pointed to my belly. Just then Rebecca re-entered the room with the same baby doll nighty she had just showed me on line, with matching high heeled slippers. She was clearly excited.

“See Peter, this isn’t pornographic is it? She spun around and I could see the matching white thong she had on. She stopped and gave me a good long look at it from the front. “It’s like my own mother is ashamed of my body. I’ve always loved my body and I don’t see anything wrong with showing it off to others. Especially others that I love.”

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