Vulgar Vision

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Hello My Dear Readers…

The Following is A Short Account narrated by A 20 Year Old Indian Boy, describing A Sensual Dream he happened to see.

I am a little concerned whether I have got The Tenses right here, but I feel I have still been able to neatly compile this Tale.

I have tried my best to make it as interesting as possible, and I really hope all of you will like the attempt.

Happy Reading!!


I Had A Vision – A Very Vulgar Vision.

It completely shook me up, but once The Initial Stigma was over, I had desperately started to wish that it happened for Real!!

I don’t know what exactly led to me having that Vision, and I don’t know what it was trying to convey either.

However, what I do know is that it featured me along with The Most Unlikeliest of Companions, in a scenario capable of besting The Wildest of Dreams I would have had until then!!

The Vision began with images of My Mom, in an extremely excited state, and unable to control her happiness, as she finally gets to be in Paris, a city that she had always wanted to visit.

Of course, she wants to immediately start roaming around the very pretty streets, and also, in a fashion similar to the other touristy women there – I do try to talk her out of it, and I am very hesitant about allowing her to implement her plans, but when she finally says it is only when My Dad is not around that she can wholeheartedly do it, I agree to her wearing Modern Hot Clothes.

I go on to tell myself that I should just not bother too much about her dressing, as it was no big deal in that big town, also going to the extent of convincing myself that it was fine to see My Mom in her Sexy Avatar, once in a while!!

Truth be told, I still did not even understand why it was only the two of us on Vacation, and why the rest of The Family was missing – But having said that, I also did not understand how we could have possibly left India without ever having Valid Passports.

Well, I guess that is why this is only a Vision – An Otherwise Impossible Event!!

Decked in A Not So Tight but Short Red Colored Dress, with Spaghetti Straps, that could be Easily Categorized as A Micro-Mini Attire, revealing an ample amount of her creamy cleavage, and almost the karataş escort whole of her toned legs, My Mom gladly paraded around Paris, not at all concerned about her huge round melons fighting to fully bring them out of the stretchable fabric, or her thick lusty thighs hardly being covered.

She looked Supremely Sexy, with the bright material decently sticking onto her curvy body, and the very mention of her garment alone being good enough to tear apart The Homely Housewife Image she decorated all these years – She had never made herself look so extremely desirable, and the fact that one could so effortlessly guess she was not wearing anything intimate underneath, only made her appearance seem even hotter!!

My Mom was tempting everybody in the surrounding to hit on her, and on a couple of instances, even made her Own Son wish he himself had not put on any underwear that day, just to allow for a more relaxed time for his straying manhood, that was clearly under a lot of pressure to explode.

I was somehow able to fortunately still keep myself under control, and proudly get back to my sane state, though only after ogling at her assets for more than hour – I soon simply continued playing the smart tour guide, and after a while, it all seemed very fine!!

So, we keep walking and walking, until we feel worn-out, but the splendid sight of The Eiffel Tower manages to regularly rejuvenate us, forcing us to keep going, and fully stop only after we had clicked a very beautiful picture in front of the wonder, that truly demanded all the attention and appreciation.

Perhaps it is because I am sure I would never have the opportunity to witness something so majestic in my real life, that I clearly remember and can confirm how thrilled I was in the Vision, and I really was on cloud nine – It was rightly all perfect, with My Mom too looking very joyful, and it was all normal, till she very adventurously jumped on me, as a few thousands carefully observed, and started to passionately kiss me on the lips, stunning me!!

I somehow manage to not let go off her, and hold her tightly, though using both my hands on her actually bare ass cheeks shook me, and when I finally gave in, and reciprocated, she karataş escort bayan smooched me with greater enthusiasm, totally forgetting it was her own offspring she was using to satisfy her Unexplainable Lust.

Maybe, I should not be using that particular word to describe the situation, because it was definitely a lot more than her exhibiting her Sexual Greed – It was understandably an after-effect of all The Romantic Deeds transpiring in Public View, all over The City of Love, that My Mom had happened to see during our stroll, and she compellingly craved to replicate it in a way only she could spell out, and she really could not be fully blamed for the outrageous move!!

By the time she ultimately stopped showering Incestual Affection on me, who was then the easiest partner she could have found, her busty boobs had gleefully popped out, and even rubbed against my jaw line, on multiple occasions, just how her ripe pussy too had brushed over my covered crotch, during The Very Sultry Open Love Making Session.

She does quickly get herself back together, looking very shy, and flushed, and though she tries to cover herself better, the fact that she wore no bra & no panties, came back to haunt her!!

Yet, not very substantially either, as she very hurriedly returns to exploring Paris, but this time, also holding my hands firmly, with the two of us resembling An Actual Couple.

I am obviously startled with the developments, but I don’t do much to bring normalcy back in play – In-fact, when My Mom halfheartedly inquired whether we should take a break from Sight-Seeing, and relax somewhere More Private, whatever she meant by that, it was I who put forward the idea of finding peace at a nearby park, instead of going all the way back to our room, whatever I too actually meant by that!!

Things amusingly get heated up pretty fast from there on…

Mom comfortably strips down to Nothing, before I even thought about the chances of asking her to, and without any additional signals from her side to indicate what exactly she was prepared for, and well before I was totally sure I even wished for it, ecstatically throwing her dress a good mile away.

She gleefully presents herself on escort karataş top of an empty bench, at a deserted corner of an unusually less crowded garden, compared to Paris Standards, putting on display for me her Perfectly Fuckable Body!!

I am really in no position to hold myself back, and I just want to commence ramming her holes, but surprisingly seeing her in the mood to erratically pose, I spare a few minutes to gloriously shoot her, with my mobile phone, as she swiftly shifted from groping her tits, to playing with her clit, to spreading her ass-cheeks wide apart, to exposing her untouched back-door, and with each passing second turning her even more raunchy.

“This Is For You, Dad!!” I would then announce, as I pull my own pants down, followed by my trunks, to allow my rock hard penis out in the open, at last, before proceeding to head closer to My Mom, and continue recording her, as she begins to lavishly Suck My Dick!!

She happily takes my cum in her mouth, not once but twice, and after which she insists to have the next load of jizz to be released only inside her leaking cunt.

I find no reason to disagree, and getting her to bend over the bench, with her butt facing me, and unimportantly removing my shirt as she gets ready, I go on to drill her from the back, entering the very hole I had come out of years ago, completing a cycle!!

The Fear of Sinning was never there, and it is further underlined when My Mom says she badly wants to see me when I do her, leading to a change in positions, as I sit on the now dirtier bench, and she goes on to ride me, looking straight into my eyes, bouncing like a possessed freak.

Her big breasts smashed against my face, every now and then, until she took extra care to make me feed on the pair, in tandem, much to the delight of either of us – We knew this was The Most Perfect Union A Mother & A Son Could Ever Have, and in-fact, we even wished there were more people watching us in the act, than the current audience we had garnered!!

My Mom heavily moans, as she finally has an earth-shattering orgasm, and I roughly groan, as I relentlessly shoot more and more semen out into the very womb I once occupied.

We both pass out with pleasure, and when we wake up, it is late at night, and it is only the two of us in the vicinity – The Clothes we had then rashly neglected had all been taken away, and just about as we come to the conclusion of simply walking back naked to our hotel, we also discuss on going for a repeat of our doing, right away, as it never was going to make a difference anymore!!


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