Wanda Maid Mad


The takes place after Wanda Bachelor Party Game.


Wanda had mixed feelings on her wedding day. She was happy to be marrying Juile. He had been the perfect boyfriend. He treated her with the utmost respect. She always knew how special she was to him. He made her feel safe. He was an amazing lover and Wanda could tell he would be a loyal partner to the end. It wasn’t the way she planned it twenty-some weeks pregnant and dropped out of college but Julie was working his ass off to earn a living for his family and his new boss thought he had an amazing future as a bail recovery agent. He was quite good at the job. He had no fear kicking in doors or chasing down runners. He was bringing in dangerous bail jumpers without even being old enough to carry a gun. We was quickly becoming one of the most valuable members of his bosses high dollar recovery team. His young age had earned him the nickname Baby Fett. Around the office, the joke was that after the wedding Wanda would become Booby Fett.

Wanda wasn’t thrilled about the way Julie’s father had been acting. He clearly blamed Wanda for getting knocked up and pulling Julie’s attention away from boxing. Julie’s father felt like Julie was throwing away his chance to be great for a piece of tail. Wanda was about sick of Ceasar Duran.

If she wanted to hear about throwing a future and legacy away she would talk to her dad. Who had worked his ass off to get a partial scholarship and then taken out almost fifty grand in loans to pay his way through dental school so Wanda could have an open path to follow her dreams. Only to have his daughter knocked up as a teenager he could have collected welfare and drank malt liquor if he wanted a teen mom for a daughter. The only thing keeping Wanda’s father sane was the fact that he could see how good to his daughter Julie was. Wanda had been targeted for relentless and sadistic bullying and assault by very bad people and Juile had faced down actual killers to keep his daughter fairly unscathed.

Both the mothers had been amazing about the wedding though. They were the perfect support system for their kids. The moms saw how perfect Wanda and Julie were for each other. They brought out the best in the other one. Before Julie, Wanda had been trapped in her shell afraid to grow and express herself from fear of harassment and being singled out as the only black student in her school. After Julie Wanda had come alive not afraid to become who she wanted. Julie had been painfully shy. His weird personality and dedication to boxing had left almost everyone afraid to approach him. After Wanda, he at least learned how smart he was he had an amazing mind that was hidden from the world by a shell of awkwardness and scary muscles. Now he was working on a team of full-grown men who hunted men for a living. Julie was thriving as a strategic stalker of criminals matching wits with the best of criminals.

The moms were also really excited about the coming granddaughter. They both were looking forward to having a baby around. The fact that Julie had a job working long hours and Wanda was now facing the reality of working her way through school left the moms giddy with the thought of babysitting. Wanda’s mom was loving the leverage having Wanda be dependent on her would give her relationship with her headstrong daughter. Julie’s mom was excited about having a little girl to do girly things with. Julie’s father was crazy macho and stifled her efforts to teach Julie things that weren’t manly.

Wanda’s biggest worry was that Julie’s cousin Raphael was going to be his best man for the ceremony. Wanda was fuming that the last time she had seen him Raphie called her whoreish for showing off with her cousin’s in her underwear for Julie’s bachelor party. It had been Raphie’s idea in the first place. Wanda had worked her butt off and begged her cousins to help her pull the show off and then salvage it when things went bad. Then to be called a whore over a little harmless sexy fun. Like he was arap escort judging not just her and her cousin’s but also Julie for not being all uptight and possessive. Julie trusted Wanda and wasn’t scared about stray dicks. He enjoyed Wanda’s sensuality and loved witnessing others enjoy it. It was like he could see it through their eyes and he enjoyed their enjoyment. Wanda wasn’t just some sex object to him all though she was crazy sexy it was just a part of her that he got to experience as part of a whole. Julie had his limits as to what he enjoyed seeing and what set him off Wanda was pretty clear on that. Raphie had slipped Julie a cough syrup laced cocktail and his confused state of mind Julie had interpreted something Raphie did as an assault on Wanda and he had snapped into a rage on his cousin. If Julie’s friends hadn’t been of the macho and manly variety Julie would have done some serious damage to his cousin before he was pulled off. Wanda was kind of sorry that Julie had only scuffed and bruised Raphie a little bit after he called her a whore.

Wanda told her cousin’s about what Raphie had said and how mad it made her. Tanya and Diana promised to run interference for Wanda and keep Raphie away from her at the reception. Aside from the ceremony, they vowed Raphie would never get within ten feet of her again that night. Wanda was relieved.

The ceremony went off without a hitch. It was a little weird at how many of Julie’s guests had seen so many of the wedding party naked. Wanda hadn’t thought about that when she agreed to be a part of Julie’s bachelor party. The fact that Wanda’s cousins had gotten so wild at the party did sort of steel some of Wanda’s thunder on her big day. Wanda looked cute in her white sundress and slight baby bump. But half the groom’s side of the aisle had seen the bride’s maids topless a couple of nights ago. Wanda wasn’t the center of attention as the party attendees remembered what Diana and Tanya’s nipples looked like.

The rest of the service was uneventful. It was the typical exchanging of vows. The church cleared so the wedding party could take photos. Wanda almost got through the whole thing without having to talk to Raphie when he caught her alone out of earreach of the rest of the party. Wanda half expected for him to apologize. What he said at the bachelor party clearly hadn’t been weighing on his mind though.

“I really wish I had gotten a crack at you before my cousin.” he whispered into her ear.

Wanda wanted to cry at how he was ruining her big day. Why was he making her feel so small? Like he could just have a crack at her just like that. The only thing stopping him was Julie. Tanya saw the look on Wanda’s face and questioned her about it. When she revealed Raphie’s last comment Tanya suggested telling Julie and letting Julie wipe the floor with the rude pig. Diana had heard Raphie joking with the photographer’s assistant about Wanda wearing white while clearly pregnant. He said that they needed to get married before the color of the baby risked proving Julie wasn’t the father.

Wanda actually broke down and cried. It was supposed to be the best day of her life and for no reason, this jerk was ruining it. It was one thing for her father or Julie’s father to have an issue with the wedding they had legit concerns but Raphie had no stake in the game.

Julie saw his new wife crying and went to find out what was wrong. Wanda lied and told him it was because she was so happy she was crying tears of joy. Julie wasn’t buying it at all. He was willing to buy the explanation of pregnancy hormones. Wanda felt a little better after seeing her husbands protective streak in action. She also liked the thought of husband when she thought of Julie now. The way her husband would swoop in filled her with joy. If her cousins could keep Raphie away she would let it go. If he opened his mouth again she would let her husband handle it.

Wanda and Julie were situated at the sweetheart’s escort arap table. Julie was less than comfortable being the center of attention but he got through it. Out of the corner of her eye, Wanda saw her cousins confront Raphie. Wanda wasn’t sure what was said but the look of dread as Raphie paled when Diana pointed in Julie’s direction let Wanda know she had heard the last from Raphie that night.

What Wanda didn’t know was that the reason that she didn’t see or hear from Raphie again is that he had gotten ahold of the keys to the honeymoon suite. And managed to talk her cousin’s into joining him. He had played the sympathy card like a pro. Wanda’s cousins believed him when he said the reason he was being so horrible was that he was jealous over Wanda.

“You girls understand how wonderful she is.” he told them.

“You can see why I think I love her.” he continued.

I guess I am lashing out to mask the pain.” he confided

“It’s hard to lose something you want so bad.” he confessed

The two sisters bought it. From him. Raphie’s stunning good looks had a way of melting through a girls guard. They saw how hurt he was and wanted to comfort him. They didn’t see a problem with comforting him away from the party where he could talk and not be embarrassed about his showing feelings or expressing his emotions.

It made perfect sense when he said it.

Once they were alone he went into a convincing spiel about all the qualities that he admired in Wanda and how much he wanted those qualities in a woman for himself. The girls’ hearts melted as this Latin angel lamented how rare Wanda’s traits were. How the men in his family were taught to value strength and kindness and creativity in women. The girls mistakenly believed that because Julie obviously valued that in Wanda it must be true for the family. He then listed the ways his mother and aunts displayed those traits and the girls believed that was what was important in the Duran family. The sisters had longed to be treated the way Julie treated Wanda and when Raphie pointed out the sisters had those same qualities the seeds were planted as Raphie started pouring liquor he had pilfered from the bar somehow.

Raphie managed to casually sit between the sisters on the sofa, after he handed them their glasses. The move was so slick neith sister noticed as he spread his legs so that the pressed against their bare legs in the short sundresses they wore for the wedding ceremony. The sisters didn’t realize it but their outer thighs were warming up from the contact.

Raphie continued to pour his heart out as he turned from sister to sister as he listened to them. His hand would rest on their bare knees while he listened intently. The alcohol and contact were having a subtle effect that the girls barely noticed. They were slowly finding themselves drawn to Raphie. Both girls would have easily admitted that he was a beautiful man. He had soft features that were disarmingly pretty. He was perfectly groomed and his clothes fit perfect with not a thread out of place.

The kicker was that with his legs spread they were easily able to make out the line of Raphie’s manhood pressed into his leg. The sisters couldn’t help but think of Wanda’s telling them how good Julie was in bed and they made the obvious comparisons and wondered how Raphie stacked up to his cousin.

Raphie saw the question form in the girls’ minds and he knew he had them. Raphie leaned into Diana and kissed her gently on the lips. Diana melted into the couch as she realized who soft his lips were. Tanya watched her sisters reaction with a slight twinge of jealousy that was satisfied when she got her own kiss. Tanya lost herself as she thought of Raphie using those lips on other parts of her body.

Raphie returned his attention to Diana and kissed her under the ear. She listened as he softly breathed in her ear as his mouth parted on her skin. Raphie’s mouth was warm but arap escort bayan not overpowering. Her neck craned as she pressed to his lips. I slight moan escaped her mouth as the sensations hit her softly.

When he returned to Tanya she ran her hand up his leg. The low growl he made as kissed her neck vibrated across her sensitive skin. Tanya felt her sisters hand as she slid her fingers toward Raphie’s huge erection. Diana wrapped her hand around his base and Tanya fit her hand over Diana’s. The sisters twisted their hands in opposite directions causing Raphie to let out a loud moan.

He turned his attention to Diana and Tanya straddled his leg. Tanya’s knees brushed the Raphie’s nut sack. Tanya went for his belt buckle as Raphie slipped his tongue in Diana’s mouth. He took note of the wet heat that escaped Tanya’s panties as she straddled his knee.

He pulled Tanya’s sundress over her head and clamped his soft lips around her naked nipples as she sat on him in just her panties. Diana stood up and pulled her dress off as well. She put her hands on Raphie’s shoulders and pressed him so he was laying flat on the couch.

Tanya worked his pants down his firm legs and over his black socks. Diana unbuttoned his tropical shirt. She spread the open material across his bare chest. The sisters noted that Raphie lacked the big muscles of his cousin. That didn’t slow the sisters down as Tanya straddled his thighs. Raphies eyes grew wide as she slid her hand into his boxer shorts.

“Wow.” Diana remarked as her sister freed his dick from the underwear.

Raphie started to say something clever when Diana sat on his face. He worked his tongue around her panties and ran it across her slit just catching the edge of her sensitive clitoris. She pulled her panties so he had easy access to her clit.

Raphie didn’t see Tanya take off her panties but he felt as she slid her naked pussy along the length of his shaft. he was shocked at how hot Tanya’s juices were. Diana was grinding into his face with abandon as he struggled for air.

Tanya bucked into his lower body like she was trying to break the couch. Raphie was worried that she was going to miss and crack his erection across her pubic bone but couldn’t say anything as the other sister was mashing her hot pussy into his face. He felt a massive orgasm building that was causing him to gasp for breath. Raphie had never heard of autoerotic asphyxiation but the lack of oxygen was building a massive over the top explosion to build in his loins.

Diana crushed her thighs around Raphie’s head as she ground to completion Raphie thrashed under her to get air. Tanya also reached completion as she roughly contracted around his dick.

The let Raphie up just before he passed out from lack of oxygen. He was panting and shaking from his ordeal as the sister quickly dressed. They were laughing as they left the room with the completely used Raphie still recovering from the ordeal.

When they returned to the party Wanda praised them for the excellent job they had done of keeping Raphie away from her. Wanda was just about to throw the bouquet and was glad that her cousins had returned in time for the toss.

Tanya caught the bouquet Wanda had practically thrown it right to her. Julie’s boss caught the garter and the DJ announced that it was time for the garter wearing ceremony where the guy who catches the garter puts the garter on the bouquet girl. For every inch above the knee, the garter goes represents a year of happiness for the bride and groom. Tanya looked quite nervous as Julie’s boss kneeled between her legs. The crowd was encouraged to make some noise to inspire the garter man. The DJ played the “I Wanna Go Higher” drop from the Stereo MCs song as Julies boss inched the garter up Tanya’s leg. In the short sundress she was wearing Tanya was flashing quite a bit of panty to the room. Tanya gasped as the older man continued up her thigh as the rowdy guys from the bachelor party cheered well after Tanya’s embarrassed family had gone mute. Julie’s boss’s hand disappeared and the DJ announced that clearly by the distance above the knee the couple was going to live happily ever after and in many cultures Tanya and Julie’s boss would now be considered married. It as the perfect cap to a memorable wedding.

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