Wanking In The Forest – Part 3.1 – At Her Place

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I woke up the next day and in my early morning grogginess wondered if yesterday was just a dream. It was all so ‘Dear Penthouse’ (is that still a thing?) Getting caught in a secluded part of the woods by a woman while I was jerking off. To top it off she then proposed that we both meet up and do… what?The scenarios kept running through my mind. Were we going to watch each other get ourselves off? Were we going to give each other instructions on how to touch ourselves to get off? Would we have free reign to bring the other person to orgasm? She never did say what she had in mind, I guess that’s what her plan was, to keep me guessing until we met up.I had breakfast and then packed my bag for the hike. This time I was bringing some lube. I also packed a blanket and a few snacks and an extra water bottle, I guess I was trying to distract myself by thinking I was going for a picnic. I left the house, tossed the bag in the passenger seat, and drove off for my rendezvous in the woods.During the whole time driving I was asking myself, ‘What did she have in mind?’, ‘What did she look like naked?’, ‘Was this going to end up with my face on a milk carton?’ That last one almost killed my mood, but I was determined to experience this … whatever it was, so I drove on.Speaking of mood, I was pretty sure she was being honest when I asked her not to touch herself and she agreed. I wanted her to be craving it, to want it more than the day before, whatever ‘it’ was. I did the same thing and refrained from jerking off at home. I could have easily brought myself off before going to bed. I was very horny with my thoughts on what had happened the day before and what could happen today. I was looking forward to another explosive release in the forest and I was pretty sure she was too.I arrived at the parking area at about the same time as yesterday and saw that I was the only one there. I got my things together, locked the car, and headed out on the trail to the spot without waiting for her to arrive in her car.Just like yesterday, I didn’t want to ruin the mood or expectations with casual conversation. I wanted the excitement and expectation to build up as each of us walked alone to the same spot as yesterday. Each of us played out in our minds what was going to happen.When I got there I brought out the blanket and spread it out on the same rock I was sitting on yesterday. I had a snack and some water while I waited for her. It wasn’t too long before I heard escort kocaeli footsteps coming from the trail.“I don’t know if I should be glad or disappointed that you didn’t start without me,” she said as she came into view.“I didn’t know if you would show up so there was no need to start early,” I replied.“I had every intention of showing up today but I was worried that you might have backed out, worried that your face was going to wind up on a milk carton,” she said.“That’s … kind of funny,” I said.“What, the potential of me being a serial killer?” she asked.“No. On the way here I was thinking that one of the possible outcomes of today was my face ending up on a milk carton,” I told her.“Hmm. Interesting coincidence,” she answered, “Regardless, after agreeing to your demand yesterday …”“Demand!?” I said a little offended.“Okay,” She rolled her eyes as she continued, “request; I was committed to showing up. Last night I was going crazy remembering you playing with yourself.”“So, you didn’t touch yourself at home?” I asked.“No, I didn’t. It was difficult, but it was the least I could do for you after watching your show without you knowing. It took a long time to fall asleep last night,” she added.“It was never intended to be a show,” I said defensively, “It was only a show because you’re a Peeping Tom. Uh … what is the female version of the name ‘Tom’?”“Irrelevant … so …” she clapped her hands and rubbed them together, “… let us see if we can release some of this pent-up frustration, shall we?”“How do you want to do this?” I asked.“I’ve been thinking about that long and hard, pun intended,” she said playfully, “Let’s set some ground rules first.”“Okay. What do you have in mind?”“First off, no touching each other. Second, we can do our own thing but we can also direct each other to do something.”“Oh, a little dom, sub action?” I interjected.“No, not like that … well … not exactly like that,” she clarified and then continued, “Third, we have to cum together.”She paused for a moment, “That’s all I got. Is there anything you want to add?”“Wait, as a woman, who can be multiple orgasms, you’re only going to cum once?” I said.“Again, I thought about it long and hard,” her eyes drifted towards my crotch, “and again it’s the least I can do for you after watching your sh …,’ she paused a moment, “watching you,” she began again, “jerk off. Plus, it’s a bonus for me of having a big orgasm instead of a few smaller ones.”“That’s very sporting of you.”“I’m kocaeli anal yapan escort happy you think so,” she replied.“If there’s nothing else then, let’s get started,” I said as I took off my jacket.“I do like a man who’s eager,” she said as she started to do the same.We started from the top down. We pulled off our shirts, she had the added task of taking off her sports bra. She had an amazing set of tits. I mean, I would have been pleased with whatever they looked like but I was a lucky man that day. The size and shape were exactly what I loved seeing and I commented on them.“Those are fantastic.”“They’re a matched set,” she said, grabbing both of them and squeezing them.I sighed a bit and said, “That’s making it hard for me to obey rule number one.”“I can see it’s not only hard for you but it’s making you hard,” she said as she nodded toward my crotch, “But I guess that’s the goal.”Next came our jeans and underwear. She had trimmed public hair which I prefer more on a woman than her being fully shaved. I also trim my public hair, being fully shaved is a bit of a chore so I don’t do it, but I dislike having a full bush.I was enthralled by her trimmed pussy so I was a little startled when she said, “I see you’ve laid out a blanket for us.”“Yep,” I answered, “Might as well be comfortable. It’s not quite as warm as yesterday but I think we’ll be warm enough sitting here.”“So thoughtful,” she said.We sat beside each other, facing the sun. I was semi-erect when I sat down so I started by grabbing my cock and fondling it a little. I looked over at her and admired the shape of her breasts and her athletic body. She was truly beautiful, and the sight of her combined with my stroking made me fully erect in short order.She started by running a hand down her stomach, pausing slightly over her clit, rubbing it lightly, then cupping her crotch, completely covering her pussy. She then continuing down her inner thighs and then back up to her pussy. She ran her fingers along her lips, top to bottom to top again, pausing on her clit to rub it in a circular motion.I could feel my cock getting harder while watching her. I was stroking slowly, running my hand along the full length of my shaft, from the base to just over the tip of my cockhead and then back down to the base again.I looked up at her face and noticed that she was looking at the cock in my hand. She then looked up and into my eyes. izmit yabancı escort We stared into each other eyes for a few seconds while we played with ourselves. I adjusted my gaze down her body, I watched her breasts for a while, seeing them move slightly as she breathed, captivated by how perfect they looked.I continued down her body towards her pussy. I could see that her fingertips were wet. Seeing her wet fingers reminded me that I brought lube, so I stopped, stood up, and went to my pack to retrieve it.“Oh. That was unexpectedly sexy,” she said.“What?” I asked.“Seeing your cock bounce as you stood and walked, then watching your ass as you kneeled. Mmm. Delicious,” she said.“Anything else you want to see while I’m up?” I asked teasingly.“Now that you ask,” she said excitedly, “come and stand in front of me and keep stroking your cock like you were before.”I walked over to stand in front of her with my cock pointing directly at her face. I grabbed my cock again and as before I ran my hand from base to just over my cockhead, slowly.“Mmm, just like that,” she said.“What do you like about that?” I asked.“I love seeing your head emerge from your hand. Seeing the glans stretching as the head slowly exits your hand. Then watching it disappear into your hand again,” she paused and then added, “I guess that’s what my pussy sees when I’m fucking,” and smirked a little.“Speaking of seeing pussies, I want to see yours. Spread your legs,” I told her.She leaned back a bit, propping herself up with one arm behind her, and spreading her legs.“Wider,” I told her.She shuffled closer to the edge of the rock and spread her legs wider and leaned back again. I saw that her pussy was glistening now. She continued running her fingers along her pussy and rubbing her clit in a circular motion.Then she started to penetrate herself with one finger. She slowly moved her finger in and out. Little by little she pushed it further and further into herself until she was taking the full length of her finger. I’m sure it was a little show for me because she was watching me watch her.We continued like that for a minute or two, me stroking my cock directly at her, she was watching it and moving a finger in and out of her wet folds. I remembered that I had the lube in my hand so I stopped stroking to open the bottle and squeeze it out onto my shaft. I closed the bottle and tossed it onto the rock beside her.“I don’t need that,” she said.“Ya, I can see that,” I replied, “It wasn’t for you. I just needed to put it down where I could get to it again.”I then spread the lube all over my cock and started stroking again. The sound of the lube as I ran my hand up and down the length of my shaft made a sexy, squishing sound. She too noticed the sound and said.

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