Wanking In The Forest – Part 3.2 – His Turn


I have no idea how long we were asleep but I started to wake up because of the feeling of her softly, slowly caressing my cock. My immediate conscious thought was, “What the hell is going on?” but I quickly remembered where I was and what we were doing before falling asleep. Now I was being woken up in a most gentle and pleasurable way.As I slowly woke up my cock became harder in her hands. She wrapped one around it and slowly moved it toward the head. When her hand had fully wrapped around it she gave it a little squeeze. I moaned softly in pleasure.“Good, you’re awake,” she said softly.I opened an eye and said, “Hi.”“Hi,” she said back to me and gave me a kiss“How long did we sleep? I asked groggily“A couple of hours,” she replied, “We were more tired than we thought. I guess a full tummy and sex will do that to you,” she addedI thought to myself, “We didn’t have sex,” but I quickly realised that penis in vagina is not the only definition of what sex was.“How are you feeling?” she asked“Like a million bucks,” I replied as I stretched a little, “How about you?” I asked in return.“I’m relaxed, rested and ready to go,” she said with a gleam in her eye.“Go where?” I asked playfully“To work,” she said with a rue smile on her lips“I thought we weren’t going to call it that?” I said to her“You’re right. I should have said ‘ready to get active’,” she answered as she ran her hand along my cock.I sighed with pleasure as she continued to play with my cock. She put both hands on it and ran them up and down. I was practically rock hard now but I was still waking up. I lay there and closed my eyes again enjoying the feeling of her playing with my cock.She held my cock at the base with one hand as she used her other hand to give the head some soft, slow, escort bursa short strokes. I could feel pleasure weld up in my chest and I had to stretch and move a little because of it. She kept her hands on my cock the whole time.She moved her hand from the base of my cock up my chest and ran her fingers through my chest hair for a while. She left her other hand on my cock, stroking it slowly and softly as she started to lightly rub one of my nipples. She tugged it a bit and moved her hand to the other one to do the same thing. She sat up, pulled the covers off us and kneeled beside me on the bed as I lay on my back.“Let me look at you,” she said as she gazed at my body.I was lying there with my cock sticking straight up. I was feeling so turned on that I grabbed my cock and started to stroke it.She swatted my hand lightly and said, “Let me take care of that for you. You don’t have to do anything except do as I say and enjoy it.”I took my hand off my cock and she replaced it with hers and started stroking slowly. She ran her other hand over my chest, through my chest hair and rubbed my nipples. I grabbed her ass with my hand and caressed it. We were both sighing with pleasure now. She stopped stroking me to move her hand down and fondle my balls. While fondling them she put her other hand on my cock head and rubbed it.“I want you in a better position,” she said.She sat cross-legged on the bed and told me to put my legs on either side of her, on top of her legs. She put both hands around the base of my cock and balls, kind of like a flesh cock ring. She massaged the area above my cock with her fingers and rubbed my taint with her thumbs. This made my eyes roll back in my head a bit from the wave of pleasure.“What bursa merkez escort was that?” I asked a bit breathlessly.“You’ve never had that done to you?” she answered.“No,” was my only reply.“Well my boy, you may be in for a treat,” she replied and continued to play with me.She moved her hands tighter around the base of my cock and balls, squeezing them which made my cock stand up straighter. As she massaged my taint my cock bobbed back and forth. She lowered her head, put her mouth on the head of my cock and kissed it.“Oh baby, that feels so good,” I said.She engulfed the head with her mouth and sucked it, making me take a deep breath. She released it with a pop and started to run her tongue around it. She put her lips on the tip and slowly moved down, opening her mouth, and eventually taking the whole head in her mouth.She slowly moved her head up off the head, back up to the tip but keeping her lips on it and then back down again. Up and down her head went, sucking my cock. She continued to massage my taint as she gave me head. My cockhead was so wet with her saliva that she was making slurping noises as she was sucking.She kept one hand around the base of my cock to keep it in place while she sucked. She took her other hand and put it around my balls again. This time she put her fingers around them like a cage. She slowly brought her fingers together, letting my balls slide through them, then she opened them up again as she moved them to encompass my balls again.She started to take more of my cock into her mouth. Little by little my shaft went further and further into her mouth. She started moving her hand on my cock up and down as she bobbed her head on my cock. She moved her hand with the bursa escort same rhythm and she twisted her hand around my shaft.The up and down with the twisting was driving me crazy. She did it slowly, teasingly, making sure that I wouldn’t cum too fast. I was moaning with pleasure and it seemed to encourage her.“That feels so good. I wish it could last forever,” I said.She released my cock from her mouth, again with a pop and said, “I don’t think you could last forever,” and quickly engulfed it again which made me spasm from the sensation.She moved her hand and head faster on my shaft, bobbing up and down. Waves of pleasure ran from my cock into my chest causing me to arch my back a bit. I was squirming a lot and I was throwing her rhythm off, so I tried to stop moving but the sensation was driving me out of my mind.After a while, she stopped stroking, taking her hand and mouth off my cock. I gasped from the sudden change in feeling and I panted a bit.“Oh please, don’t stop,” I pleaded.She grabbed my cock again and started slowly stroking the full length. My shaft was slick with her spit so it glided up and down smoothly. She leaned back and watched her hand on my cock and then watched my face as I melted in her hands from the pleasure. She had a huge grin on her face watching me and her handiwork.She sped up her stroking speed, going faster and faster, making me feel like I was getting close to cumming, then she slowed, almost stopping, and gave my shaft a quick squeeze. She started going faster again and then slowed down again. She did this a few times, each time leaving me panting, each time I was closer to cumming than before.“Oh please, make it last. Don’t make me cum yet,” I said, half-dazed from the bliss.“Your wish is my command,” She replied.She put my cockhead back in her mouth and she grabbed my ball sack around the base and pulled slightly. I was not expecting that since no one had ever done that to me. It was a bit uncomfortable at first but she was gentle enough that it didn’t hurt and turned into a feeling of pleasure.

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