Watching the Boys Part 17


Watching the Boys Part 17Watching the Boys – Part 17Leif disappeared back into the lavatory area with Jonathan followingclosely behind. I heard the sound of one of the doors unlocking and Iturned around in my seat looking back down the aisle. I could see Leifenter the small lavatory followed by Jonathan.The last few images I saw of them before the door closed was Leifleaning over the toilet, looking back over his shoulder up at Jonathan. Hehad pushed his khaki board shorts down revealing his beautiful 15-year-oldass. I briefly saw Jonathan’s left hand start to rub Leif’s bare ass thenspread open his cheeks with his thumb. Then I saw the polished metal ofthe vibrating egg break through Leif’s anal lips as the boy started to pushit out. Then quickly, the tip of the black football player’s cock cameinto view as the fathead pushed the silver egg shaped sphere back into theboy’s hole.”Fuuck meee” Leif moaned, just loud enough I could hear it over thehum of the plane noise. Just as Jonathan’s cock started to sink intoLeif’s boy pussy he glanced over, his shoulder and winked at me. Leiflooked up, making eye contact with me briefly. His mouth open gasping asJonathan closed the door.”Oooooooggaaaww….” Leif’s moan cut off as the door closed shut,followed immediately by the sound of the door lock clicking locked as thered ‘occupied’ sign popped up. A shutter went through my body as Ivisualized Jonathan’s cock plunging fully into my son’s tight ass as hismassive cock pushed that vibrating egg deeper and deeper into Leif’s colon.”You have a handsome boy sir.” I heard the male attendant say to me.I quickly turned back in my seat facing the uniformed man holding my CokeZero. My face was flushed in embarrassment having been caught watching myson be taken in the lavatory. The flight attendant put my drink down andthen leaned down and whispered.”Don’t worry sir.” He said with a smile. “I’ve seen everything overthe years on this job.” He stood back up and adjusted the growing bulge inhis pants.”I’ve also sampled my share too.” He winked at me then turned andwalked back up front to the first class galley. I took a swig from my drinkas I tried to compose myself. I felt so horny. My cock was rock hardunder my warm laptop as I queued up the next file of the video.”Pssst” I heard Daryl get my attention as I looked over at him acrossthe aisle.”Do you mind if Bryan and I watch the video with you?” He said with awide smile. “Bryan really wants to watch.” I looked past Daryl at Bryan,who looked at me with a smile and a far off dazed look in his eyes as thelump underneath the blanket kept moving over Bry’s groin area.”Sure, I don’t mind.” I smiled back knowing Bryan was being strokedunderneath the blanket. Bryan pulled on Daryl’s arm bringing him closer towhisper something in his ear. I was about to start the next video whenDaryl got my attention again.”Can you hold on, Bryan here wants to get in the right position beforeyou start?” Daryl said slightly nervously.”OK.” I replied slightly bemused by what Bryan was getting into orrather in him. Daryl nodded at Bryan giving him the signal to proceed.Bryan reached over into Daryl’s lap and unbuttoned, then unzipped themuscular football player’s pants. He then reached in with his small boysized hands and fished out Daryl’s hard cock. It was an impressive andthick eight inches and was already dripping pre-cum. Bryan used some ofthe clear goo to lube the head making it glisten. Bryan then threw off theblanket revealing he was naked from the waste down.My youngest son hoped off his seat and quickly worked his way in frontof where Daryl was sitting with his back to the man. He then hopped up,back onto Daryl’s lap with some assistance from Daryl as the man held theboy by his waist with one hand and held his smart phone in the other. Darylhad that app opened on his phone and increased the intensity of thevibrations up to 60 percent.”Uuuhhhh…huuuhh…” Bryan groaned lightly as the vibrating eggincreased inside his ass. His little boy cock was now throbbing up anddown with his heartbeat in anticipation of the football player’s imminentpenetration.Bryan was now poised over Daryl’s hard throbbing cock as the footballplayer slowly lowered the boy onto his cock with Bryan helping guide it in.They paused a split second as both man and boy lined up the cock, thenapplied pressure to Bryan’s hole.”Hhhhuuuuuughh” Bryan stifled his gasp as his hole started to stretchopen allowing the man’s hard member to enter him. I watched in amazementas my boy allowed the huge phallic shaft slowly to disappear up into him.”Ooooofuuuck little man” “uuuunnngh” Both Bryan and Daryl let out slowgroans as their bodies slowly merged at 30,000 feet. Bryan braced himselfon the armrests of Daryl’s chair as he slowly continued to lower himselfdown further and further, while also pushing that vibrating egg deeper anddeeper up into Bryan’s intestinal tract.”Uungh…mmm…huuugh…” Bryan let out little intakes of air as heslowly bottomed out on Daryl’s massive cock. I was leaking so bad as Iwatched my boy mount a cock next to me in first class. Before I knew it,Bryan was sitting completely down in Daryl’s lap.”Oooh wow, I can feel it vibrating in my tummy…” Bryan said lookingdown and feeling his upper belly. Daryl grabbed the blanket and pulled itover both of them, concealing their union. I could see the lump of Daryl’shand reach around and start to m***** my boy’s hard boy nail under theblanket, as they both got comfortable.”OK, I think Bryan is ready to watch.” Daryl gasped as they bothleaned back into the seat and pushing the power setting on the phone tofull power. Daryl made small subtle humping motions up into Bryan as hefully reclined his chair back.I regained my composure and turned my attention back to my computerscreen. My cock grew so hard in the knowledge both my boys had their assesfilled with cock while they enjoyed being fucked wildly on the plane. Itwas also nice knowing that the boys had learned to enjoy sharing theirbodies with other men and boys.I moused over the play button and tapped on it, my VLC media playerwindow screen instantly filled with the image of the interior hallway ofthe bus again.Reed was standing in the middle of the narrow passageway with Ben andJayden standing next to him. Jamal focused the camera on the three figuresas they turned their attention to the two bunks to the camera’s left side.”You ready for the next bunk?” Reed said to Ben as the muscular blackdoctor stroked his hard cock with one hand and held on to the swaying buswith the other.”Heehee yeah.” Ben lustfully giggled as he reached over and pulledback the privacy curtain on the top bunk. The scene revealed was of ablonde boy lying on his back with a mulatto looking athletic man with longcurly hair lying on top of him. Both of them were completely naked andkissing passionately. The darkly tanned man’s muscular body dwarfed theadolescent youth beneath him as they humped wildly, grinding their sweatybodies against each other. The side profile of the two gave the camera aclear image of their hard cock’s rubbing up against each other betweenupward thrusts.I recognized the blonde boy as Daniel, he and his twin brother Davidwere star middle backs on the team. Both boys were very good looking, butseeing Daniel naked made my cock ache.”Paolo looks like he’s getting some.” Reed said off camera.”Wait, I think his brother is below.” I heard Ben say off camerafollowed by him leaning in and pulling back the privacy curtain to thelower bunk. Sure enough, David was in the bottom bunk. Almost in the sameexact position as his twin was in above. What was strange was that the manwith him looked identical to the man in the top bunk.”Oh shit! Paolo and Tiago are with Daniel and David! The twins arewith the twins!” Jamal said excitedly as he zoomed out, showing both thetop and bottom bunks on screen. It was uncanny. It looked like almostexact copies in the two bunks as both pairs of identical twins kissed andgroped each other.”Wow. I’ve never seen anything like it.” Ben gasped as he watched thetwo identical pairs of men and boys stroke one another as they kissed eachother. It was like watching sex in stereo.”Jayden, you take the top bunk, and Ben, you take the bottom bunk.”Reed instructed as he took the white box from Jayden’s hands and held itout in front of him.Both boys reached into the box and took out a white shard of theKryptonite, then moved into position next to their assigned bunks. Jaydenkneeling next to the bottom bunk, and Ben standing next to the top bunk.Then, as if on cue, both men sat back, hunched over each of their twinblonde boys. Grabbing them by their ankles and pushing their legs back.Causing the boys asses to arch up, exposing their tight boy holes. Thecamera captured both men in each bunk smile widely as they gazed upon thesight of those perfect boy puckers winking before them.”Que parece tão gostoso…” Paolo moaned, and then plunged his facedown into Daniel’s wide-open ass.”Ooooh wow!” Daniel gasp as Paolo jammed his tongue into the boy’shole making the young boy’s body tense up. Down in the bottom bunk, Tiagofollowed suit as he also crammed his face down into David’s young invitingass.”Ooooh gawd!” David gasped as the sensations of Tiago’s stabbingtongue drove him wild. It was an amazing sight! Jayden, Ben and Reed juststood there watching the unbelievable scene of the twin boys wildly rimmedby the older Brazilian twins at the same time in the top and bottom bunks.”Você quer o meu caralho?” Paolo grunted as he lifted his face offDaniel’s dilated hole. He then leaned forward over the boy, grabbing ahold of his rock hard cock and shaking it. Tiago repeated the same actionand words below, almost as if they rehearsed scene beforehand.”Sim, voce quer o meu grosso caralho?” Tiago grunted as he stareddeeply into the blonde boy below him while holding his smooth boy legsback.”Looks like they’re gonna get skewed by some Brazilian love sticks.”Jamal chuckled as he zoomed in quickly on the Mulatto man’s cock in the topbunk. It had to be at least eight inches long with a nice uncut head ontop. Paolo started slapping his erect Brazilian shaft onto the boy’s holebelow him. A long string of pre-cum kept the Brazilian man’s cockconnected to the boy’s clenching anus.”You want my cock?” He repeated, this time in English, with a thickBrazilian accent. Daniel finally came out of his sexual haze and slowlynodded his head yes.The camera caught the man start to slowly hump the tip of his wet cockinto Daniel’s sphincter, mixing his manly pre-cum together with his spitinto the boy’s hole. Jamal zoomed out capturing the same thing happeningin the lower bunk with David and Tiago.”Yes, you want cock?” Tiago said in broken English lustfully as hehumped the tip of his purple uncut cock head against David’s wet sphincter.David also didn’t speak, just nodded yes as both of the young blonde twinspanted heavily as they anticipated the penetration they were about toreceive.”Boys, go ahead and prep them.” I heard Jamal say off camera as hekept both bunks in the frame. Jayden and Ben didn’t move, as they stayedtransfixed on the scene before them.”Boys!” Jamal said a bit more firmly as his voice popped Jayden andBen out of their stares. Reed held out the bottle of lube as Jayden andBen presented each of their free hands. Reed then squirted some of thespecial lube onto their hands. Then the boys reached into the bunks andstarted to apply the lube to each of the men’s cocks.”Eu vou te foder tao bom.” I heard Paolo growl, staring deeply intoDaniel’s eyes as Ben stroked the lube onto the Brazilian man’s hardthrobbing cock.”Voce tem esse irmao direita.” Tiago responded in agreement with histwin as he felt Jayden’s hands smear the lube up and down his shaft.”OK, they’re ready for the rocks.” Reed said asJayden and Ben then placed the nuggets they’d been holding in theirother hand against Daniel and David’s lubed up boy holes and waited for thecommand to push in.”You ready to fly?” Paolo grunted breathlessly to Daniel as eachBrazilian man pulled out a small brown bottle of poppers. They then heldup the small glass bottles up to the noses of the bent back twins, and hadthem take deep inhales from them. The young teens gasped as the effects ofthe poppers hit them.”Now Meninos…” Paolo commanded to the waiting Jayden and Ben justas the two blonde-haired boys started to relax. Jayden and Ben started tofirmly push the white nuggets past the twin boys loosened anal muscles, anddidn’t stop until their fingers were completely buried, pushing the nuggetsas deep as they could go inside the blonde boys lubed up asses.”Uuunnnngh!” The twin boys moaned at the same time. Jayden and Benquickly removed their fingers and took a hold of the well-lubed cocks aimedat each boy’s hole. They then helped guide the hard shafts into the tightboy holes as both men pushed firmly at the same time.”Fuuuuck…uuuunnngh gaaawwwd…meeeerda sooo gaaawwdd…ooohh puuto!”The sounds coming from both the top and bottom bunks were a mixture of allfour males as the two pairs of men and boys joined. Paolo and Tiago didn’tstop until their cocks had sunk fully into the boys below them.”Aaaggh….aaaaagh….huuuh….gaaawd” Both Daniel and David gasped, amixture of sheer utter shock and lust washing across their faces as theysquirmed underneath the two muscular males. Both realizing they each hadeight inches of hard man cock buried in them.Nevertheless, it looked like they fit perfectly together in theconfined space of the bunks, each boy’s legs held back by muscularshoulders. The contrast of white sweaty skin against brown sweaty skin asthe Brazilian men ground their hips into the boys’ asses. Bumping andgrinding their hard-uncut cocks deep into the boys beneath them. Both menleaned into their boys and started aggressively kissing them, tonguesdueling, lips mashing against lips.”MMMMPPPHHH!!!” Passionate moans erupted from the bunks as eachcouple became lost in güvenilir bahis their own private moments of lust.Then Paolo and Tiago’s hips began slowly to rise up and down. Both menbegan slowly to fuck their eight-inch long cocks into and out of the boysbelow them. Their actions perfectly timed together, as if they knew whatthe other was doing.”Wow” Jayden moaned as both him, and Ben u*********sly started tostroke their hard boy cocks while watching the start of this amazingdouble-decker fuck fest. The adult brothers continued to increase thestrength of their fucking as they stayed lip locked with the boys. Sweatstarted to pour off them as their intensity increased.SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! The Brazilian twins’ hips were slapping fastand hard against the boys asses in both bunks. Paolo finally came up forair as he slammed down into Daniel and held it as the boy pushed his ass upagainst the man’s hips groaning like the boy bitch he had become.”Este cu doce é tao apertado.” Paolo partly groaned as stared downdeeply into Daniel’s eyes.”A bicha gosta de dar o cu’ de frango assado!” Tiago moaned in thebottom bunk as he also slammed his hips down hard and held it, grinding hishard Brazilian cock into David’s quivering boy ass. Both boys were sohorny and out of it, all they could do is nod yes. Not even understandingwhat the men were saying. They just wanted fucked.The adult brothers started up again, ramming hard into the youngertwins as Paolo and his twin brother kept a steady pace pumping their cocksinto and out of the smaller teen boys beneath them.”I think they have things well under control.” Reed said off camera.”Let them have their privacy boys” Jamal giggled from behind thecamera.Jayden and Ben closed the privacy curtains on the top and bottom bunksas the wild scenes of the two men fucking the small teen boys hiding themfrom view. The sounds of serious fucking filled the small passageway,emanating from all four of the rear bunks.”Four bunks down, four to go” Reed said to the camera as he and theboys moved forward to the next four bunks. Ben approached the bunk on thetop left and pulled back the privacy curtain. He gasped at the sightbefore.In the top bunk was another one of Jamal’s African American friends.He was a dark skinned, lean and muscular man in his twenties lying on topof a small pale white boy with red curly hair. The boy had his arms out infront of him, bracing himself against the wall of the bunk. The man hadhis fingers interlocked with the boy’s hands, keeping them in place as hemethodically fucked the ginger boy below him with his long dark shaft. Theboy had his face turned towards the camera with a look of complete ecstasyon it.I recognized the boy lying on his stomach beneath the muscular blackman as little Russell McDermott.”Huuuuunnnngh … huuuuunnnngh … huuuuunnnngh … “Russell moaned ina low boyish tone with each slow thrust. His cute, pert ass arched up inthe air as he pushed back against the black man’s thrusts.The boys and Reed watched in lust-filled silence as the hardglistening black cock piston in and out of the smaller boy’s butt. It waslike watching a slow sensual dance as the man’s hips moved hypnotically upand down as the small ginger boy pushed back.”Damn Bronte” Jamal giggled from behind the camera. “you sure lovethat boy ass.” As he panned, up and down the two joined sweaty bodies.”Fuck, little Russell here has a nice ass.” The muscular black manmumbled as he flexed his ass muscles tight. Pushing his cock completelyinto the skinny boy and holding it.”Aaaaauuuuunnnnnggghh…” The ginger boy moaned out as Bronte groundhis hips against the boy’s ass.”I got some ‘Krypto’ to help you out. Ben, go ahead and give them aboost.” Reed said as he held out the white box to the teen.Ben reached into the box and plucked out a white nugget just as Brontewas slowly pulling his throbbing cock out of Russell. I swear it made awet sucking sound as Bronte’s fat cock head finally popped free of theboy’s swollen ring.Russell’s hole didn’t close all the way, as Ben moved quickly toinsert the white rock into the boy’s gaping hole. He easily used threefingers to push the Kryptonite down deeper into Russell, causing the boymoan out again. Ben didn’t linger, quickly withdrawing his fingers,leaving the rock to dissolve deep in the boy’s bowls. Bronte wasted notime lining up, and pushing back in, his rock hard cock. Completelyburying his full eight inches in one long push until his hips mashed upagainst the boy’s small butt.”Awwwe fuuuck it…iiit buuurns!” Russell gasped as he felt the rockdissolving inside him. His body tensing up as the stinging warm sensationsthat had started deep in his ass slowly turned into an overpowering sexualurge. Suddenly, Russell felt the need to be fucked and fucked hard washover him. Like a light flipping and switching on inside him.”Uuunngghhh ggaaawd ffuuuuuck mmeeeeee!” Russell whimpered as hestarted pushing back on Bronte’s cock. Arching his ass up in the air,signaling he wanted more.”Fuck yeah boy, lets fuck.” Bronte growled into Russell’s ear as thelarge muscular black man started to fuck hard into the boy.SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!”You fucking slut! You love my cock boy DONTCHA?!” Bronte turnedinto a wild a****l as he rapidly fucked hard into the small, pale-skinnedboy pinned beneath him.SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!”Yyyeaah ooohhhh fuuuckk aaaagh!” The two were soon lost in a sea ofunrelenting passion, moaning like cats in heat in the top bunk.”Uuuuuggghhhh…” I heard a low boyish moan come from the directionfrom where Bryan and Daryl were sitting across from me. I glanced acrossthe aisle to see Bryan reclining against Daryl’s body. His eyes halfclosed as he and Daryl watched the video on my laptop. His body slowlyrising up and down under the blanket as Daryl slowly fucked Bry with hislarge cock. I also noticed a lump moving slowly over Bryan’s crotch; nodoubt, Daryl was also stroking Bry’s hard boy nail underneath.I quickly glanced back towards the lavatory door. It was still closedwith the red occupied tab still showing. Looks like Leif and Jonathanwhere still going at it in there. Thank god, there were so few peoplesitting in first class on this flight.When I looked back at my laptop screen the camera still focused on theundulating bodies in the top bunk as Bronte continued to fuck Russell withincreasing strength.”OK, Ben we’ve watched them enough.” Jamal giggled. “Let them havetheir alone time.” Ben looked back at the camera with a slightly dazedsmirk, then turned back to the bunk and pulled the privacy curtain closed.The camera tilted down, focusing on the bottom bunk.”UUUUNnnnngghhh! UUUUNnnnngghhh! UUUUNnnnngghhh!” The camera’s micclearly picked up the steady sounds of loud boyish moans and grunts comingfrom behind the curtain. The noises were almost loud enough to drown outbuilding crescendo of noises coming from the other bunks on the bus.Whatever was happening behind the curtains on the bottom bunk was prettyintense.Jayden was already on his knees next to the top bunk. A look ofanticipation written all over his face as he waited anxiously to pull backthe privacy curtain and find out what was causing all that noise.”Sounds like Rashaun is in there.” Reed chuckled.”Alright Jayden, open the curtains.” Jamal said to Jayden as hefocused on the lower bunk. Jayden grabbed a hold of the privacy curtains,then looked back at the camera, smiling. He then turned back to thecurtains and slowly pulled them open.What revealed behind was the image of an extremely dark skinned,sweaty, muscular black man with dreadlocks in his twenties. He was on hisknees, bent over a 13-year-old boy in the cramped space of the lower bunk.The athletic looking black man was holding the boy with one arm, andbracing himself against the wall of the bunk with the other as he thrusthard into the young teen beneath him in a doggie style position.His face slightly obscured by his long dreadlocks, but theunmistakable sound of his grunts mixed with the boy’s moans as he thrusthis hips hard into the boy beneath him.”HHHHHuuuugghhh! UUUUNnnnngghhh! UUUUNnnnngghhh!” The boy had hishead turned towards the camera. His eyes shut tightly with a combined lookof both pain and pleasure. His mouth wide open as he moaned out loudlywith each thrust.”UUUUNnnnngghhh! GGGGAAaaaaaawd! UUUUNnnnngghhh!”I recognized the boy. His name was Parker, and could have easily beenmistaken for a young Matt Lawrence. His long brown hair matted down bysweat as he moaned out. His pre-pubescent voice moaning with each hump fromthe man on top of him.”Fuck Rashaun!” I heard Reed say off camera. “He taking all of you!”The man named Rashaun, with the long dreads, turned his head towards thecamera smiling.”A yasso nice mon!” Rashaun replied with a wide toothy grin in athick Jamaican ascent, his gold capped teeth glistening in the darkness ofthe bunk.”Aren’t ja batty bwoy?!” The Jamaican man grunted into Parker’s ear,stressing his last statement by thrusting hard into the boy, holding hiships tightly against the boy’s butt, causing Parker to moan out loudly.”UUUUUUNNNNNGGHHH GAAAWD SOOOO FUUUUCKING BIIIG!” Parker groaned inprotest. He must not have been in too much pain. I could see his hard boycock sticking straight out, hard as a rock as it leaked pre-cum like crazyonto the sheets below.”I love fucking me some white batty bwoy ass.” Rashaun growled as hecontinued to press his hips firmly against the boy while holding thetrembling young teen tightly against him in his muscular arms.”Uuuuuuunnnnnngggghhhhhh….” Parker could only let out a longwhimper as he tried to accommodate what was no doubt a very large cockinside him. The camera having not caught a glimpse of the Jamaican’sundoubtedly huge phallus yet.”I’ve got some rock for ya Rashaun.” Reed said off camera as theimage stayed focused on the two humping bodies in the bottom bunk.”Ya, love to make dis batty bwoy fly.” Rashaun grinned widely as heslowly started to pull out of Parker. My cock got painfully hard as Iwatched inch, after thick inch, pull out of the small teen boy. The hardthick black shaft was glistening with a mixture of Parker’s ass juices andRashaun’s pre-cum.”Hhhuuuuunnnnggh….” Parker let out a long deflating groan as themassive cock finally popped free of the boy. I audibly gasped at the sightof it. It was easily ten inches long and as thick as a soda can.”Fuck…” I whispered under my breath in excited shock. Rashaun’scock was truly the stuff of legend. The camera moved in to focus on poorParker’s hole. It was so stretched out it didn’t even try to close up; itjust stayed wide open, twitching as it waited for more.Jayden’s hand came quickly into frame and easily dropped the rockinside Parker’s hole. He then easily slid three of his fingers intoParker’s well-stretched colon, pushing the rock deeper into the boy, andthen quickly pulling his fingers back. Rashaun immediately lined up hishard monster with Parker’s dilated hole, then sliding it back in with onelong push, easily burying his entire cock back up into the boy, balls deep.”Ooooohhhh gggaaaaaawwwwwdddd!!!” Parker moaned out in a long, low,guttural sound.”That’s so fucking hot…” I heard Daryl growled from across theaisle. I quickly glanced over to where they were sitting across from me.Bryan and Daryl looked so out of it, drunk with lust as they watched thevideo on my laptop.Bryan’s body slowly raising and lowering in Daryl’s lap as they slowfucked in the seat across from me. I turned my attention back to the videojust as Parker started moaning louder.”Fuuuuck! It buuurns! What did you put in my ass?!” Parkerprotested. However, Rashaun just ignored him.”Ya you be beggin fo ma cock soon bwoy.” Rashaun growled intoParker’s ear as he held the boy in place, his cock fully buried in the boyass as the rock dissolved inside him.The sweaty looking Parker groaned and squirmed under the Jamaican asthe sensations the dissolving rock where making started to feel different.The stinging started to change into strange erotic sensations runningthroughout his body. Parker suddenly started to feel hot, his ass startedto itch with the need for fucking. It was this growing, irresistiblesensation that cause the boy involuntarily to push back, his body suddenlywanting more.”Yeeesss Batty Boy!” Rashaun hissed. “You want ma cock dontcha mon?”As he started slowly to pull his cock out a few inches.”Nooooo, I need mooore!” Parker moaned as he tried to back up onRashaun’s thick rod. The black man held the boy tightly, not letting himmove.”You want ma cock batty bwoy?” Rashaun teased.”Yee…eeeesssss!” Parker begged. “Pleeeeaase…””You gonna get it all bwoy!” Rashaun grunted loudly as he thrust hiships forward, stuffing his cock completely back into Parker.”OOOOOOOHHHH FUUUUUUCK! FUUUUCK MEEEEE” Parker partly groaned andyelled at the same time. His body pushing back against the Jamaican’ships.”Fuck ya bwoy!” Rashaun grunted as he built a steady fucking rhythm.”OHHHFUCK! OHHHFUCK! OH FUUUUCK! AAAHHH! AAAHHH! AAAHHH!” Parkerwas now completely in the throws of wanting to get totally fucked byRashaun’s monster cock as the smaller teen had his ass arched up in theair, pushing back on his forearms for as much leverage as possible.”A yasso nice!” The Jamaican groaned in a more concentrated tone.”Luv fuckin ya young tourist batty boys…””Uuungh…uuungh…uuungh…uuungh…” Parker was moaning low witheach thrust.”Fuckin dem wild…” Rashaun growled between thrusts. “…on da beachback in Jamaica…” The Jamaican’s ass flexing faster with each fuck.”De parents don’t even know…” The muscular black man was nowpumping fast. “Uuuughh…how much de boys love ma cock…””Hoooogghhgwwwaadddppplleeaassffuuckkmeeeeeuuugghhuuuggghhh” Parker hadlost the ability to form words, concentrating on the new sensations comingfrom his ass as Rashaun’s inhumanly large cock rearranged the teen boy’sinsides.”Fuuuck! Take ma cock bwoy!” Rashaun snarled as he forcefully ramfucked his monster cock in türkçe bahis and out of the boy beneath him, causing wet,slurping and sucking sounds every time that huge cock of his pounded intoor out of the young teen’s now extremely wet and loosened hole.”Huuuunnggghh! Huuuunnggghh! Huuuunnggghh! Huuuunnggghh!” Parkerwas now a willing sexual slave to the large muscular black man as the boyfreely submitted to Rashaun’s monster cock. Pushing his arched, white assback, as he met every thrust the black Jamaican could dish out.”HHHUUUGGHHHH! HHHUUUUGGGHH! HHHUUUGGHHH!” Both man and boy were nowonly emitting low grunts and moans as the sensations of sex overpoweredboth of them.SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! There bodies thrusting togetherharder and harder.The camera panned over to Ben and Jayden. Both boys had glazed, lustfilled looks on their faces as the two naked sexual imps slowly strokedtheir rock hard boy cocks watching the pounding Parker was receiving. Itwas such a hot scene.”Nnnuuuhhhuuu” I overheard a long, low boyish moan come from thedirection where my youngest boy, Bryan and the football player weresitting. I glanced over to them and noticed the two were intenselywatching the action of Parker’s incredible fuck scene on the screen of mylaptop. The blanket they had d****d over them was moving up and down in anice steady rhythm as the muscular football player’s thick cock wasundoubtedly exploring the depths of my boy’s young, tight colon. Hismuscular arms holding my boy in place as he used the nine year old for hisown lust-filled pleasure.Bryan loved every moment of it. His mouth was slightly open as hetook small gasps of air as the thick, black meat plunged into and out ofhis sensitive ass. The forbidden copulation of man and boy hidden underthe complimentary blanket covering them.”Ooooohhh Goood Yeeesss!” My attention returned to my laptop as aprepubescent voice cried out in pleasure from the video. I glanced aroundthinking someone might have heard it, but then I realized I was wearingheadphones. The camera was now following those two cute, naked boy assesof Jayden and Ben down the middle passageway of the bus to the living areain the front. Undoubtedly the source of the scream of pleasure. Thecamera finally revealed the scene of the living room as it peered over theshoulders of Jayden and Ben.The couch that lined the left side of the living space had the twoboys I remembered from earlier in the video, Casey and Ethan. Both werereclining back, completely naked with two hot naked athletic lookingyounger men kneeling between their legs. The athlete men were giving eachyoung teen a slow sensual blowjob as they caressed the young teens’ smoothlegs.Casey and Ethan were some of the youngest boys on the team at age 13.Both of them had brown hair with that same swept aside look boys wear ittoday. In addition, their smooth frames were starting to get long andlanky as their bodies were starting their growth spurts. The two tan Latinlooking young men looked to be either 19 or 20, and both looked identical;in fact, they looked like they could be twins, and could easily be Bel-Amimodels.”I see Fabricio and Flavio have started.” Jamal chuckled from behindthe camera. Flavio popped his head up looking back at Jamal, his facecovered in spit and pre-cum, smiling at them.”Os meninos não querem ser fodida.” Flavio said to Jamal and Reed.”Oh really? I think we can change that.” Reed replied with a smirk.”What did he say?” Jayden asked inquisitively as Flavio returned hisattention back to sucking on Ethan’s cock.Reed leaned down and quietly said to the boys. “Casey and Ethan don’twant to be fucked.””Oooh.” Ben said, and then replied. “Really?!” With a look ofconfusion on his face.”Getting fucked for the first time can be scary. You both know that.”Reed added. I could see both boys thinking back to their first times intheir minds as they watched the splayed out boys on the couch beingserviced.”Maybe you and Jayden can go over there and help them out?” Reed saidwith a knowing smile as he handed Ben a strange looking glass pipe. Itlooked like a work of glass blown art with all kinds of swirling colorsmixed into the glass. It was a bubbler fully packed with weed.Jayden and Ben looked at each other and smiled wildly as their newlycorrupted minds started to turn.”I think we can help them…” Ben said, looking at the mini bong, andthen looking at Jayden”…out.” Jayden said finishing Ben’s sentence with a devilish smileas the two boys then slowly approached the couch with a fully loadedbubbler in hand and their boy cocks has hard as nails. It was interestingwatching these two boys become sexual predators stalking their prey.Casey and Ethan looked like they were completely lost in thesensations they were receiving from the hot twins. They didn’t even takenotice of Jayden and Ben sitting down next to them. The spiked Gatorade wasworking well now on both boys.”Hey guys, you enjoying it?” Ben asked with a friendly smile as bothhe and Jayden started to run one of their hands up and down each of theboys’ smooth chests. Ethan slowly turned his head to look at Ben, his eyeshalf closed in a lust filled, d**gged up daze.”Uuhhuuh…” Ethan responded with a slight grin. I swear the boylooked like he was about ready to purr.”Ever shotgun before?” Ben asked the younger boy. The thirteen yearold slowly shook his head no as he made short gasping noises each time thehot Brazilian’s tongue did something special to his overly sensitive boycock.”OK, When I lean in, open your mouth. Just inhale when I exhale.”Ben said with a reassuring smile to Ethan. Ben then proceeded to take along hit off the bubbler then quickly leaned into Ethan. The younger boyopened his mouth as Ben blew the smoke into Ethan’s mouth. Then beforeEthan knew it, Ben had his lips pressed against the inexperienced boy’slips.”MMMMppppphhhh…,” was as all Ethan could moan as he started to kissback hard against Ben’s lips. Ethan slowly pulled Ben into an embrace astheir kissing became more intense. Jayden took the bubbler out of Ben’shand as the two boys exchange the smoke back and forth as they got higherand higher, lost in their passionate kiss. Flavio watched the two boysmake out as he continued to suck on Ethan’s hardness.”You wanna try that?” Jayden asked the other boy.”Uuugh huuuhh….” Casey grunted, as he watched the two boys next tohim kiss. The camera catching the occasional glimpse of tongues duelingfollowed by wisps of smoke escaping from the corners of their mouths.”Just do what you saw Ben and Ethan do. OK?” Jayden said to Casey, asthe Casey turned and watched Jayden fire up the bowl and take a long hit.Jayden then leaned in as Casey opened his mouth to accept the smoke. Caseydidn’t even wait as he eagerly pressed his lips against Jayden’s, both boysembracing and kissing hard as they also exchanged smoke between them. Reedstepped forward and grabbed the bubbler out of Jayden’s hand to free himup.The twins kept sucking and watching the show happening above them.Ethan and Casey started hunching their hips upward, fucking their cocksinto the mouths of the twins. The four boys continuing their stroking andpawing at each other while kissing madly.”You guys better hold off on the sucking. You don’t want them blowingprematurely.” Jamal chuckled off camera.Fabricio and Flavio stopped their blow jobs as they both kneeled backat the same time. The hot Brazilian twins both had wide grins on theirfaces. Their cocks now came into view, and just like their bodies, lookedidentical in size and shape. Their impressive, uncut, eight-inch cockswere both hard and the swollen. The purple heads of their twin cockspeaking out of their foreskins, dripping with pre-cum ready to claim theiru******e prizes.”São tais meninos quentes…” Fabricio said with a lust-filledgrin as both he and his brother, still kneeling, moved back and out of theway. They started slowly stoking their cocks, watching the hot sceneunfolding before them.Both Jayden and Ben continued stroking and kissing Ben’s young teammates, making their way down the two, skinny, thirteen year old bodiesuntil they both had positioned themselves in between Casey and Ethan’ssplayed out legs and the kneeling Brazilian studs. They then lowered theirmouths down, and around Ethan and Casey’s tight ball sacks and hard shafts.Kissing and licking all around the boys groins.”Uuuuuugghhh….” Both, Ethan and Casey groaned at the same time.Opening their legs wider to help Ben and Jayden have better access to theirmost sensitive areas. Ben then took Ethan’s legs, pushed them back, andstarted giving Ethan’s perineum and boy hole an intense tongue bath. Ben’shead was moving all around as he attacked Ethan’s hole.”OOOOHHHHHGAAAWWWWDDDD FUUCKTTTHAAAT FFEEELLSSSS UUUUGGGHH!” Ethangasped with excitement. His eyes tightly shut, his mouth open in shock ashe relaxed back into the couch, grabbing a hold of the back of Ben’s headand pulling it as tightly as he could against his spread open ass. Ben’sface was now mashed into Ethan’s perfectly smooth, young, upturned boy ass.His tongue jamming itself relentlessly over and over again into Ethan’sloosening hole.Both Jayden and Casey were momentarily distracted by the incrediblesexual spectacle happening right next to them. Jayden quickly snapped outof it and refocused his attention on Casey by also pushing back his legsand attacking the boy’s perineum and inexperienced sphincter.”AAAWWWWWW GGGWWWAAAADDD….” Casey’s immediate reaction was the sameas Ethan’s, moaning out loudly as Jayden’s tongue licked and stabbed atCasey’s most sensitive hole for the very first time in his short, younglife.My cock felt so hard under the warmth of my laptop as I watched thepure debauchery of two thirteen year old boys, their legs pushed back,eaten out by my older son and this other boy named Jayden. I ground myhard cock against the bottom of my computer as I leaned back in my seat.”OOOHHHHHGGGUUUUUHHHHHAAAAHHHH!!!” Ben and Jayden intensified theirrimming as the wet sounds of sucking and licking, mixed in with the moansof excitement from the boys receiving grew louder and louder. The cameracaught sight of Ethan’s dilated hole as my oldest son pulled back brieflyto look at his progress.”Yeeeeaah…” Jamal moaned from behind the camera. “Looks like Ethan’sready Ben.” Ben grinned as he admired his handy work. Ben had relaxed theboy’s sphincter enough that it looked like it was almost ready forpenetration.”Go ahead, make him your b*o.” Reed lustfully growled. Ben’s cocklooked ready for the task; it stood stiff and painfully erect, ready toslide into Ethan’s virgin hole. Ethan watched Ben with a dazed look as Bensuddenly stood up, then leaned forward, lining up his hard boy cock withEthan’s winking hole and pushed in slowly.”Hhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhh” Ethan let out a low groan as hewatched in amazement Ben’s teen cock disappear into him. Before either boyknew it, Ben had completely sunk his hard member into Ethan’s no longervirgin hole. I was shocked Ethan took it with out any pain. Ben bracedhimself over Ethan, his hands firmly planted on either side of Ethan’s bentback body. The younger boy wrapped his legs around Ben’s waist, pullinghim closer as the two boys started kissing madly.Ben immediately started fucking the thirteen-year-old boy beneath him.Their tongues dueling and mashing together as their kissing became franticwith lust.Jayden and Casey looked at each other and shared a look, a verydetermined lust filled look. Jayden leaned in and gave Casey’s asshole afew more stabs with his tongue then pulled back. Jayden then stood up andleaned forward, lining up his hard boy cock with the wincing tiny holebefore him. Casey’s hole wasn’t quite as open as Ethan’s, but Jayden’ssmaller sized cock didn’t have any trouble penetrating.”Uuuuuuuuugggggghhhhh…..” Both boys moaned out simultaneously untilJayden’s cock had sunk in completely with his hips firmly pressed againstCasey’s beautiful, smooth, upturned ass. Just like Ben and Ethan, the twoboys started kissing as Jayden fucked into the boy beneath him. Caseyintertwined his feet behind Jayden’s neck as the two boys continued kissingand fucking. The scene looked like a contortion act as both pairs of boyshumped against each other, synced up with the same undulating rhythm.Everyone watching, Jamal, Reed and the Brazilian twins, where in aweof the two pairs of teens lost in their own private worlds of lust.Fabricio and Flavio were standing right behind the teens on the couch,slowly stroking their dripping hard, uncut cocks, while watching the boysfuck.Jamal repositioned the camera so it was looking right over Fabricio’sshoulder, seeing his point of view. Ben’s knees were wide apart, so youcould see his cock fucking in and out of Ethan’s stretched hole. Thecamera and Fabricio could also see Ben’s ass crack wide open, showing histight little pink pucker too.”A bicha gosta de dar o cu’ de frango assado.” Fabricio moaned as hestroked his cock, hypnotized by Ben’s ass undulate as he fucked Ethan.I heard Fabricio mutter “Foda-se!” as he moved toward Ben and Ethan.He bent forward and buried his face between Ben’s smooth ass cheeks. WhenFabricio’s tongue connected with Ben’s hole, I saw the 14-year old studshiver and push his ass back tighter to Fabricio’s face for more. Themovement caused Ethan to moan from his position below them.Fabricio only took a couple more stabs at Ben’s ass with his tongue,and then raised up on his knees and slammed his cock balls-deep into Ben’sass. Both younger boys groaned loudly.Ben moaned “AWWWGGGWWWAAADDD! Yeeeahhh, FUCK ME!” However, all Ethancould let out was a long low moan as he felt the force of the Brazilianmounting Ben from above.”Foda-se, sim, a sua vez irmão.” Fabricio groaned to his brother.Flavio quickly moved forward on his hands and knees and gave Jayden’s ass agood quick riming before he moved into position. He didn’t give Jayden anywarning as he pushed forward in one hard thrust, burying his identical,hard güvenilir bahis siteleri eight-inch cock balls deep into Jayden.”Uuuuuuugggghhhhhh….” Both boys groaned out from Flavio’s violentinsertion as the tan muscular Brazilian immediately started hunching hiships forward, fucking Jayden and Casey at the same time. Fabricio matchedhis brother’s movements as both sexy Brazilian studs started fucked theboys in unison.”UUUUGGGHH! FUUUCKK MMMMEEEE! AAAAGHGWWAADD! FUCK MEEE HARDEER! Thelust filled boyish moans and groans from my oldest son and Jayden mixedwith the low physical grunts from the unrelenting pounding the twin studswere giving them.”OOOHHH GWWAADD SHHIITT! CUMMIIINGGGG! Ben suddenly cried out,panting heavily as his hips started thrusting hard against Ethan’s upturnedass. Fabricio helped Ben’s thrusts, as he kept fucking hard and deep intoBen’s ass, rubbing my son’s swollen prostate over and over again.”AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” Ben’s hips froze, his head tilted back, mouthopen as his orgasm washed over him. Fabricio slowed but didn’t stopfucking Ben as my boy’s hips made small contractions as he came insideEthan.”UUUUGGHHH GONNAAAA CUUUMMMM!” Jayden suddenly cried out. WatchingBen orgasm had pushed Jayden over the edge. Flavio picked up his pace offucking, stimulating Jayden’s contracting ass and prostate from inside ashe came inside Casey beneath him.The twins slowed their fucking as the two boys came down from theirsexual highs. Ethan and Casey looked sweaty and dazed as they watched theboys’ faces as they came inside them. However, their rock hard boy cocksshowed they both enjoyed it.”I think it’s time we sealed the deal boys.” Reed said moving intoframe standing between the twins.”Fabricio and Flavio will take you boys to heaven, and make you partof the group.” Reed said with a smile. The camera focused on his hand,which was holding two white nuggets of Kryptonite.Ben, Jayden and the twins took their cue and pulled their cocks out.Ben and Jayden kept the boys legs pinned back, keeping their asses exposedas they sat down on either side to Ethan and Casey. The camera showedEthan and Casey’s boy holes were now loose, wet, and wide open from thefucking they received from Ben and Jayden.Reed quickly popped a nugget into each of the boys’ wet open holes.The twins quickly stepped up, their erect cocks still wet with Ben andJayden’s ass juices as they nudged the tips of their uncut, eight inchcocks against the dilated holes of the boys.”Agora…” Fabricio said, and nodded to Flavio with a concentratedlook. The two hot young men then pushed in at the same time. At first,Ethan and Casey didn’t react to the penetration, especially since Ethan andCasey’s holes had been nicely loosened by Ben and Jayden. Each boy now hadmore than half of those two eight inch cocks in each of them. Then theKryptonite suddenly hit them.”UuuUUUGGHH! SHHITTT!” Ethan protested. “IT BUURNS BEN!””It’ll be OK Ethan. It will feel amazing in minute.” Ben saidreassuringly as he stroked Ethan’s sweat soaked hair.”OOOWWW! I’M STARTING TO BUURN TOOOOO! UUUGH!” Casey cried out as bothhe and Ethan struggled to push Fabricio and Flavio’s hips back. However,the boys were pinned down good by each of the Brazilian twins’ huge cocks,but the more Ethan and Casey struggled, the deeper each cock slippedfurther in.”AAAWWWW! AWWW GWWAADD! AWWWWWW! AWWW! GWWAADD!” The boys moans andprotests intermixed as the twins started to fuck with deep, sharp thrustsuntil they each had completely buried their thick eight inches up insideeach boys tight hole. The twins’ cocks were now stretching their tight boyholes in ways they’d never been stretched before.”IT’S IN MEEE! UUUUGGHH! FUUCK!” Ethan kept repeatedly moaning asFabricio kept his hips fully pressed against the smaller boy’s ass. Caseydidn’t say anything, he just kept gasping heavy as he and Flavio stareddeep into each other’s eyes, taking in the feeling of that thick meatinside him.”You like my cock?” Fabricio said to Ethan with a thick accent as thetwo locked eyes. Ethan didn’t say anything at first. Then Fabriciostarted to make short little thrusts with his hips, working his cock aroundinside Ethan’s well-stretched boy hole.Ethan closed his eyes and whimpered under his breath. “uuuhhhgaawdd..hhuuunngghh…””Yes…?” Fabricio said in a seductive tone as he started to makelonger thrusts into the boy beneath him. “You like…?””Uuuuuuuuuunnnnngghhh!” Ethan moaned out even louder, but now thetone in his voice had changed from pain to lust as Fabricio continued tomake long slow thrusts, pulling his cock out almost completely, then slowlypushing it back in.His brother Flavio was also doing the same with Casey, who was nowmaking small high-pitched boyish moans as Flavio’s cock bottomed out eachtime.”Você gosta do meu caralho?” Fabricio grunted in a more urgenttone as his thrusts got more and more forceful until the sounds of fleshslapping against flesh became louder and louder as he pounded his hipsagainst Ethan’s upturned ass.”Uunngh…uuungh…uuungh…” Ethan didn’t understand what Fabriciosaid, he could now only respond with low moans as he stared wide eyed atthe hot, young athlete, holding his legs back fucking him.Casey was already over the shock of Flavio fucking him as the boy nowhad wrapped his legs tightly around the other twin’s waist. Pulling Flaviotighter against him as the two got into their fucking.”You like…?” Fabricio spoke in broken English to Ethan as the twolocked eyes again. The sensations that Fabricio’s eight-inch cock wasgiving him, mixed in with the Kryptonite was overwhelming his young senses.”Ooooohhhh ggwaadd YEEESSS! FUUUCK MEEEE!” Ethan finally blurted outas he succumbed to the fantastic new sensations that was now overwhelminghim from the fucking he was receiving. Fabricio smiled at Ethan, thenleaned in and started kissing the young teen passionately. Ethan sharedback the kiss with new unbridled lust as the two got lost in theirnewfound-shared sea of lust. Flavio was also kissing and fucking Caseywith long powerful thrust on the couch next to them.SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! The sounds of Fabricio and Flavio fuckingwere now completely synchronized together, as they matched speed and rhythmwhile fucking the two boys beneath them. It truly was one of the mosterotic sights I’d seen so far.Everyone had fallen silent as they watched the two identical twinsstart really to pound Ethan and Casey at the same time. Ben and Jayden hadmoved off the couch and were now standing next to Reed. All three of themwere stroking their hard cocks watching. Ben and Jayden were surprisinglyalready hard again so shortly after cumming just a few minutes earlier inEthan and Casey.”Ah, to be young again.” I thought to myself.”MMMPH!” Fabricio suddenly grunted as he pushed forward causing Ethanto moan into Fabricio’s mouth at the same time. He then took a firm holdof Ethan as the boy wrapped his legs around the hot muscular Brazilian’swaist. He then lifted Ethan up while still fully impaled in him, movingsideways, placing himself and Ethan length wise on the left side of thecouch so he could fuck the boy easier.Flavio repeated the same action with Casey, as he also picked up andlaid Casey down on the opposite side of the long wrap around couch.Neither brother missed a beat as they continued to fuck the boys who wherenow full participants in this wild scene of debauchery.”I think you boys should get comfortable.” Reed said to Ben andJayden. The camera caught Reed’s big black hands as he started to run themup and down the boys’ ass cracks. The middle finger of each hand, presseddeep in between each of those smooth boy cheeks. With each up and downstroke, the doctor was working the tips those big digits across thestretched openings of Ben and Jayden’s sphincters.”Uuuuuunnngggghhhh…” Jayden and Ben started to moan and arch theirbacks, pushing their asses against Reed’s hands. The camera fumbled a bitas Jamal was reaching for something.”Ben, you should use this with Jayden.” Jamal’s hand came into framefrom behind the camera holding a very big, dark purple double-ended dildo.It looked about 16 inches long and as thick as Jamal’s cock.”Oh yeah.” Ben smiled deviously at the huge double-ended dildo,taking it from Jamal’s hand. “You ever use something like this Jboy?””Cool! My friend Alex and I used one just like this at a friend’s.”Jayden grinned as he took hold of one end of the massive dark purple sextoy.”UUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNGGGGHH!” Both boys suddenly moaned out loudly,almost dropping the toy, as Reed completely buried two of his thick fingersdeep into both Jayden and Ben’s loose, wet holes.”Yeah I think you boys are ready.” Reed growled as he finger fuckedthe boys with his thick digits. The boys could only moan in agreement, asthey both pushed back on Reed’s fingers in eager anticipation.”Now, get on the ground and get ready.” Reed said in a commandingtone. Sliding off Reed’s, now wet fingers, both boys immediately drops totheir hands and knees, facing away from each other on the floor next to thecouch where the twins were still fucking Casey and Ethan. My son quicklybrought the purple dildo around to his ass, lining it up as Jayden took hiscue and grabbed the other end doing the same. The slowly pushed back atthe same time as the bulbous heads of the toy pushed past their ass cheeks,nudging against their boy holes.The camera shifted as Jamal got on his knees in front of Jayden, hismassive hard cock jutting out from the bottom of the frame as the tip ofhis monster touched Jayden’s soft lips. Reed had done the same with Ben,as both black men now had their raging hard cocks aimed at the boys mouths.”OK boys, its show time!” Jamal commanded as he started pushing thetip of his thick, eight-inch cock against Jayden’s mouth. The boy compliedas he opened his mouth as wide as he could to accommodate the black meat.Reed was doing the same thing as he pushed his hardness into Ben’swell-stretched mouth. While the men pushed their cocks in, Ben was holdingthe center of the purple dildo in place as it started to sink into bothboys’ asses.”Mmmmmmpppphhhhh…” A muffled moan erupted from both boys as the sextoy stretched open their holes as both ends sunk into them at the sametime. It was so erotic to watch that massive toy disappear up into thoseboys as the two black cocks snaked their way down their throats.Reed and Jamal started to face fuck the boys, working their cocksdeeper into the boys’ throats while pushing Ben and Jayden’s bodies closertogether, and forcing more of the double-ended dildo into them. The soundsof moaning and wet slurping sounds filled the bus, which mixed in with thesounds of all the fucking that was going on around them all over thetouring bus.”Fuuuck yeeeah….such gooood booysssss” Reed hissed as he and Jamalhad more than half of their massive cocks down the boys throats. The dildowas now six inches deep into both boys with only the middle six inches ofthe purple dildo now showing between their smooth teen boy cheeks.”Your daddy should be proud boy! You fucking slut!” Reed growled atBen as the muscular black man really started to fuck hard into my oldestson’s throat. Ben gagged a bit but quickly regained his composure as heswallowed the last of Reed’s cock down his throat. Jamal had also bottomedout in Jayden’s throat as the two black men pushed the boys together withtheir hips. The camera caught the last inch of that purple monsterdisappear from sight as Ben and Jayden’s ass cheeks mashed together.”FUCK YEAH! YOU’RE OUR BITCHES NOW!” Both black men sounded likesomething had taken over them as Jamal dropped the camera. The camera wasnow on the floor sideways as it showed Jamal and Reed holding each of theirboys’ heads tightly as they pounded their crotches hard against Jayden andBen’s faces. The camera occasionally catching sight of the purple dildo asthe boys’ asses pounded against each other as Reed and Jamal fucked them inmore ways than one. Then the video ended as the screen went blank.”Uuuugggghhh gwwaaadddmmmmgghh!” Suddenly I heard Bryan moan out fromacross the aisle. Daryl quickly stuck two of his fingers into my youngestboy’s mouth to stifle his moan. Seeing his older brother getting used likethat sent Bry over the edge as his little body shuddered under the blanketas wave after wave of his orgasm washed over him.”Uuuuuughhh fuuuck Bry!” Daryl said in a shocked, whispered tone.Bryan’s orgasm and contracting boy hole sent the football player over theedge as he started hunching upward, holding Bry’s body tightly as he blewhis load up into my youngest boy’s hole. Bryan turned his head to Daryland the two started to kiss hard with tongues dueling.”What a crazy video.” I thought to myself as I tried to adjust myuncomfortably hard cock. I glanced back again at Bryan and Daryl who werenow cuddling and kissing in the after glow of their mutual orgasm. I thennoticed the male flight attendant glance at us as he walked down the aisleon the other side. He adjusted the hardon in his slacks as he noticedBryan and Daryl. He knew the score with the two of them and happened underthe blanket. He looked at me and smiled knowingly as he continued to walkto the back where the lavatories where. As well as my son Leif, andJonathan.I wondered what went through the flight attendant’s mind when he sawBryan and Daryl kissing. I then heard a soft knock behind me and theflight attendant say “You require assistance sir?”I turned and saw the flight attendant standing in front of thelavatory door that Jonathan and Leif had entered earlier. The sound of thelatch unlocking quickly followed. The door opened but I couldn’t seeinside, but the look on the flight attendant’s face changed as he smiledwidely at the mysterious scene before him. The door swung wider as Darylstepped out, tucking in his shirt. Daryl moved out of the way to allow theairline attendant in. It was then that I caught sight of my son Leif, orrather his ass. His hole was wide open and ready to be filled. The flightattendant looked back at me and smiled. Then he entered the lavatory andthe lock clicked again with the occupied sign showing. I turned back in myseat, my face flush. Knowing my son was going to get fucked again.”Oh shit”

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