Wax On


“Babe?!” Carrie called out from the bedroom. She was sure she’d heard Derrick come in the front door. “In the kitchen, love!” She could hear the sound of bags rustling and cabinets closing. The refrigerator opened, he had been out shopping it seemed. “Babe, can you come in here for a sec?” she asked, moving her heating tools around. She had taken a personal day from work for some self-care, but at the last moment, her technician had called to cancel her appointment. “Be there in a sec!” Derrick replied, shoving the last of the reusable bags into their holding place. Carrie stared at herself in the mirror. The fresh highlights in her jet black hair had been just what she needed to liven up her face. She ran her fingers through her fresh blow out and admired the glow her skin had from the spray tan. It may be winter outside, but she looked just back from a week at the beach. She wore a simple gray tank top over a pair of yoga shorts; it was her favorite at-home lounge look. Carrie bonus veren siteler gathered her applicators and set them on the nightstand just as Derrick entered the room. “What’s up… wow,” he said, taking in her new look. “You look amazing.” She smiled and crossed the room to wrap him in a hug. They had been living together in happy new couple bliss for three months now. Having been friends and roommates for years prior, she was ready to cross a threshold that normally would be awkward to ask someone she’d known for less time. “I need your help, babe.” Carrie turned and gestured at the wax warmer and applicator sticks waiting by their bed. Derrick surveyed her makeshift salon booth, a confused look on his face.“My help?” he asked, “With the wax?”She nodded and led him to the bedside by his hand. “Yes. You know, Tatiana, right? My waxer?” Derrick nodded, still not understanding where the conversation was going. Carrie sat down on the edge of the bed, “Well, bedava bahis she had to cancel my appointment today and I was going to see if I could get you to help me out instead.”Derrick looked from the side table to Carrie and back. “You…you want me to do your eyebrows? Babe, I don’t know–”Carrie’s sudden laugh interrupted him, “Oh, God no.” She pet his hand gently, “I love you very much, but there is no way in hell I’d let you touch my brows.”Derrick casually picked up one of the wooden sticks to examine it. “Then what are we waxing?” he asked absentmindedly before pointing the stick at her. “Your mustache?”Carrie plastered a fake pout across her face, “Derrick, you know I’m very sensitive about my mustache.” The response drew laughter from him. Suddenly, a flash of recognition crossed his face. “Oh, do you mean…” Carrie spread her wides dramatically. “I mean.” Derrick immediately began shaking his head, “No, no way.” He turned to leave, but Carrie grabbed deneme bonus his hand again. “Oh, come on Derrick! Help me!” He tried to tug his arm from her firm grasp. “Babe, I can’t. I have no idea how to use this stuff,” he argued. “What if I hurt you?” he paused, thoughtfully, “Or worse – what if I hurt me?” Carrie stood and placed a hand on each of Derrick’s forearms. “That’s not going to happen,” she said in a soothing voice. “Everything here is preheated with predetermined settings.” She released one arm and started tugging the yoga shorts down inch by inch. Worry clouded Derrick’s ocean eyes, he ran a nervous hand through his sandy blonde locks. “You really want me to do this?”She nodded, plopping back down on the bed. “It’s just the sides – you know how I normally look.” Carrie laid back onto the bed, her legs falling open again.  Derrick pointed the wooden stick at her, “Okay, look. I will do this for you. Simply because I love you, but…so help me if you kick me…”Carrie waved a dismissive hand, “I’m not going to kick you,” she huffed. She pointed at the wax warming on the burner. “It’s the perfect temp, just put it on the stick and toss it on here! Cover it with the strip for a few seconds and then whapow! Fresh as a daisy.” 

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