Wearing my new sissy panties


Wearing my new sissy pantiesIts so much fun , i coudnt resist buying those panties after trying mom underwear last weekendI felt so nice in smooth small panties all i thought about was wearing mine once i received it from amazoneafter shaving and washing i got in them, looking at my small bubble ass in the mirror feeling so nice i had to go outsmoking weed walking in the park in my shorts , the smooth tissus rubbing agaisnt my smooth ass and making me so hornyI went home after a while and slept after looking at porn wanting something more i downloaded grndr and advertise myself as a shy white boy my hearth pounded hard in my chest when he txted me he was nearhis next text was a picture of his fat bbc in his hand , sit in a cari shook when i took my picture, bend over my bed in the cute pink panty and wait for a reply”come here sexy sissy slut i need my cock sucked”i was trembling when i said he would be my first and if it was ok with him”i will let you try, just come, i finish work and was about to smoke”’and i saw his gps position800 feet away, i was so nervous when i went out, mommy sleeping insidegetting out in panty toward my destinyi opened the big bahis firmaları ford SUV backseat door and sat down looking at the older black guy smiling passing me the spliff, music playing alone in a commercial area”hey you are a sexy boy, you never meet anyone for real””no , i …..i just downloaded this app””i work here as security, my wife dsnt know but, i love to relax with cute boy sucking my cock”i gulped at his honesty”can i see you in panty?”pulling on my short helping them fall to the floor”dont worry you know this is why you are here, get down sissy boy, dont be shy, you are cute in panty”he spread his legs , helping me on my knees on the floor ” help it out boy, its all yours for tonight””you are going to love my black cock, here yes , its big in you hand compare to your lil cock?”nodding at him shaming me, holding his cock , me pulling his jeans offall i needed was his hand behind my headhe reach at me and pull me , mouth open gulping on his cock trying to make it fit in my non experience mouth”there you go lil cock sucker, keep your mouth open on the cock, dont pull out, no just stay down boy, this is what you want””this kaçak iddaa is why you wear panty , to be cute on your knees sucking cock. yes thats it dont resist be weak , be the sissy you are inside, just wanting to be in cute panty , sucking on big cocks ”i was going crazy listening to him talking to me like this, making me alright on my knees sucking on his bbc he let me do it o my own, my head bouncing between his legs holding his bbc stroking it in my mouth, like i saw in porn”good boy, keep having fun , im gonna smoke one”he light one, and smoke looking down , calling me his sissy sluthis cock felt so ice in my mouth i knew he was right ”you gonna come back here every day to smoke weed and suck cock?”and god he took it out”yesss i will mmmmmmffff”diving toward wanting it back in”you gonna become the best cock sucker, now swallow it all babby”i look up and i was feed cum, so much i gagged but had most of itbefore walking out, belly full , happy like i little slut going home after pleasing a real guya real nice big fat cocki slept wondering about getting fuck, taken by him like a girl , my face smelling cock, i woke up from a dream of me moaning kaçak bahis on random bbc in a bed i felt so horny i txted him and he didnt reply, i was about to close my app when a guy profile name daddyMike txted memom was gone i was alone and waiting for a random older guy bbc again to teach meit was so easyhe enter my place smiling at me on a pillow in my pink panty waiting for cock”oh i was not sure you were real boy, my god your so young , walk like a dog with your ass up i want to see your beautifull pink panty”i did it, him reaching down to slap me gently rubbing my ass calling me a beautifull lil pet boywe got together to my bedroom and he close the doori ear the sound of his jean hit the floor and look back at him , already with a cock ring and a condomi was arguing i wanted to suck his cock , him now holding my waist, spitting on my hole rubbing his cock inside , poping in and outhe was smaller than my yesterday encounter, i coudnt stop him from getting in metaking my virginity so easy , so wet spitting again and again asking me to relax and take his cockass up a stranger just doing what he want with me, panty down pussy up moaning in my room , fucked good like i really needed , hurting so right, i sounded like a slut he pounded me hard on my bed , until he cum in the condom , calling me a slut , cumming in my boy cunthe left me telling me i was just a black cock slut

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