Double Penetration

My Love, I want you to sit in front of your computer and bring up a picture, a visual piece, like a pussy only not the full face and body, just knees bent and legs open. Long beautiful elegant fingers spreading the lips just lightly.

Imagine I came in and am sitting on this desk fully clothed but your chair that your in has arms so I place the toes of my high heeled black leather, ankle wrap around, pointy tips on each side of you. You sit back and smile and I lean back smiling too.

I lift my thin black silky dress and you see my panties are missing and the glistening of my wetness already noticeable. You see the tip of a black corset that the stockings are attached to also. I lift my dress up with both hands on each side up and over my head and reveal a leather corset with a waist that’s only a few inches wide and my nipples are standing tall and erect as they are jutting out of the top.

You lean up but I’m here to play with you and I use my pointy shoes to keep you where you are. I see a noticeably growing cock needing canlı bahis şirketleri out of his pants and I ask you to unzip as my lips are licking the length of my smile as you zip down and the head has made its way out of your boxers and you also have some glistening begging to be there for a good reason.

This sight turns me on all of a sudden and I ask you to lick me, you lean forward and do so, spreading my lips lightly to tweak my clit and you take it in your mouth, its jutting out for more. I just needed that electricity to hit me once and as I settle you back and I ask you to take your cock in your hand and lightly stroke.

You do but I can tell you need more this isn’t enough. I oblige by getting down and on my knees and take you fully in my mouth alternating licking from base to top, from top to base to your balls, licking the insides of where your leg meets. You like what you see as I am kneeling down, my back is cinched as tight as a few inches wide and my ass is full and inviting.

I get back up because canlı kaçak iddaa were getting too close. I have you stand and pull your pants all the way down past your knees, shoes stay on, tie still tied but shirt unbuttoned the rest of the way, and I love your skin needing to see as much as I can. I ask you to stand up and turn your back to me, standing and spreading your legs enough so that as I kneel in behind you my tongue licks up your legs, licking around your balls and up the middle to your ass, licking and swirling my tongue around your ass hole.

I pull out a vibrator and ask if I may use it on you but at this point I already have it on and it’s against your skin. My mouth has you wet just right and on low speed I run this against your balls and the middle between that and your ass hole. My other hand runs up between your legs and take a hold of your cock, stroking up and stoking down, vibrator feeling good calming and I put it next to your ass and slide the very tip in, its slender, my favorite one too.

Tip slides canlı kaçak bahis in and I lay the rest more towards the middle again watching the sensation take you to another level. Your hands are gripping the desk and your eyes are closed giving in to whatever I want to do. But I stay this way, stroking for a little while letting the buzz make you wonder what if. I stop abruptly and tell you to turn around, you do and your face is flushed, you were enjoying this and coming way to close to what you want.

I slow this down by taking you back in my mouth, I’m horny as hell and am losing a little control myself so I have you sit back down and I kneel in front of you and ask you to stroke but slow, “stroke yourself my love”. As I am kneeling in front of you and lean back on my heels as I turn the vibrator on and rub it on the outside of my clit which takes less than a second to hit orgasm, legs and knees spread open and head back, both hands spreading my pussy wanting you to see the muscles of my orgasm moving. I’m holding the vibrator until I am done and my own juices pour out.

I look at you and you are jacking off, stroking in rhythm. Your rhythm has sped up and it’s so damn sexy I go to my knees begging you to cum all over my face and chest. And yes, you certainly oblige me.

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