Subject: For The Love Of My Stepdad This story contains explicit content and sex between men and minors. If this is not your thing, Why are you here? Go ahead and click off! Please donate to so this great site can remain to be free. Everyone was running around the house, naked, getting things together. We had an appointment at the tux place at 11 AM to pick up the suits and if we didn’t leave immediately, we would miss it. We got in the car about 10. The drive to the suit rental place was an hour and a half. However Uncle Desmond was going to get us there. Once we got out the woods, dad called the rental place and told them we could possibly a little late. Fortunately, the guy said he had not appointments until 1pm, so he will move our appointment to 11:30. Since we had that taken care of that, Uncle Desmond slowed down just a bit and the ride became a little bit more smooth. We made it to the suit store in time. When we got in the guy was ready for us to try on everything with the final alterations he had made. He sent us all back to the changing area together. What did he do that for? Dad knew we were in a hurry so he made sure no fooling around went on. We made sure the suits fit, and we got on our way to the house. Mom was getting ready at the church and we were suppose to get ready at the house. The wedding was at 3 and it was already 1:15p.m. Mom had called me and dad 3 times to make sure we would be on time. Mrs. Hill called Uncle Desmond and dad a few times. We all got dressed and was back out the door to the church by 2:15pm. We got in position where we were suppose to be and waited for the party to start entering. Terrell came in first, paired with one of mom’s co-workers daughters. He looked really uncomfortable. Not sure why though. When he made it next to me, DJ was coming next. izmit escort bayan Terrell whispered to me. “She tried to kiss me and feel on me.” I was enraged! Not only was that inappropriate, she was ugly as fuck! Both of us looked down at her and her pasty white skin, yellow teeth, and thick ass eyebrows will turn any man gay! She looked at Terrell and waved and winked. We both shivered. Dad looked over at us and mouthed at us `behave!’ We straightened up, and by that time Tony was already down and Mrs. Hill too. Now everybody was standing because mom was coming in next. Dad saw her first and he got tears in his eyes. She must’ve looked beautiful. Uncle Desmond rubbed his back and I got him some tissue. I turned around and looked down the aisle and I saw my mother. My jaw dropped. She was absolutely stunning. She is wearing a form fitting ivory dress, because who are we kidding, she ain’t wearing white. Her makeup was impeccable and her jewelry was shining bright like Rihanna’s diamonds. She was vision. I started crying, and without realizing, I ran up to her and embraced her and was telling her how beautiful she was and how much I loved her and was so happy for her. Everybody was crying and some were laughing. Terrell had to come grab me and pull me off, but before we got back to our spots, he looked down at the back of the church and froze. “What’s wrong,” I asked him? “My mother.” I looked back and there she was sitting in the back. She was looking right at Terrell with what appeared to be tears in her eyes. We didn’t say anything. We didn’t want to ruin dad’s day. We did tell Desmond, DJ and Tony. They said don’t mention it. The ceremony went over with no interruptions or mistakes. Mom and dad kissed and walked back down the aisle. While they were looking, I guess dad noticed Terrell’s izmit eve gelen escort mom sitting in the back and lipped something to her and she started crying. Mom looked confused. Terrell went down the aisle and gave his mother an evil stare and went on out the door. Desmond did the same. I didn’t know her so I avoided eye contact. Everybody got in cars and drove to the reception hall. Terrell and I rode with DJ and Tony. Uncle Desmond drove the car with bridesmaids in it. Terrell was obviously upset. “Hey,” I said to him. “I can’t believe she actually showed up.” “It’s ok. As long as she didn’t cause any problems, right?” “I guess so, but after what she put me through, she dare show her face!” “I know lil cuz, but this your daddy day and we not gonna let nothing ruin it,” Tony said from the front seat. That seemed to calm him down some. We, somehow, had to keep an eye on his mom, my dad and him. Hopefully, she doesn’t come to the reception. We made to the reception hall and got out and made it inside. By the time we were all sitting down, they were about to announce mom and dad coming in. “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mr and Mrs. Dwayne Hill!” Everyone in attendance cheered as the DJ welcomed my mom and my stepdad. They made it to their seats and people started coming up to them and talking. Me, DJ and Tony, however, were on bitch ass momma duty. We scoured that reception hall and didn’t see her at all. I then went back to sit next to Terrell. “Didn’t see her anywhere. Guess she didn’t show up.” “Good! Keep her drug addict ass away from here.” Just then, mom came over to where we were and grabbed me for a dance. We went out the floor and danced around for a little bit. Dad grabbed Terrell and they came out and danced around a little too. izmit otele gelen escort We switched up and now I was dancing with dad and Terrell was dancing with my mom. Dad and I was dancing and he whispered in my ear. “You and Terrell have to have somebody stay with you tonight.” “Who?” “You’ll see when you get home. You mom and I have a hotel for tonight and we leave tomorrow for Cancun.” “I’m gonna miss you guys.” “We’re gonna miss you guys too. But keep that little ass tight. I wanna piece of that when I get back.” “You better! I wish I could give it to you right here and right now.” The night continued and everybody started leaving. Just as one of my mom’s coworkers was leaving, she came back in screaming. “Rebecca! There is some crazy woman outside with a bat swinging at people talking about something about her son!” Dad’s attitude changed. It had to be Terrell’s mom. Him and Uncle Desmond went out and Terrell, mom and myself, stood in the doorway to see. And there she was, obviously high off her ass. She had a metal bat in her hands, swinging it, while screaming `I want my son back!’ Dad ran up to her, dodged a couple swings, and grabbed her wrist. He squeezed until she dropped the bat. Uncle D came up from behind her and grabbed her. “Let me go Desmond! You bitch ass muthafucka!” “Shut up TaShauna! What do want,” dad asked her while Uncle Desmond held her. That’s when it started. Gunshots. Mom grabbed me and Terrell and pulled us inside, while DJ and Tony took cover. The gunshots lasted about 30 seconds. That was a long 30 seconds. After we didn’t hear anymore shots, we went to look back out the door and there was dad and Uncle Desmond, laid out in a pool of blood. “Call an ambulance,” one of mom’s nurse friends said, “They’re bleeding out!” “DWAYNE,” mom yelled! “DAD,” said me, Terrell, DJ, and Tony! What do you think will happen next? Email me! Thank for reading! I look forward to hearing from you. Let me know what your favorite parts are. Who your favorite characters are. Who you want to see more of. Who you want to see less of. Email me at hoo

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